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  1. If anyone has a code to share, I'd be very thankful.
  2. Even having never played a Hitman game before, and trying to figure out the controls as I did the online trophies (and being pretty bad at it), it still took less than an hour. Very very easy. I'm glad I saw this thread so I could take care of this from my backlog, in case the online servers don't come back up.
  3. Paris by The 1975
  4. It's nice of you to do this. Please add my name.
  5. I already feel that, especially in the past year, $50 is a lot of money for what I personally get out of it. I can't see myself paying $70. I just renewed my membership so I'm good until next summer, but I think I'll pay for another 2-3 years prior to the price increase. I really haven't been happy with the monthly games for a while now, and that was the draw for me when I originally subscribed, but I like playing Destiny and having access to online features in other PS4 games so I guess I have to keep my Plus membership. I know I'll still be a Playstation gamer 3 years from now so I might as well add a few years to my membership while it's cheaper. I hope Sony will justify the extra cost in a way that adds value to Plus instead of just excusing it by mentioning that the economy's changed.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I won't be getting it for a while - my new job has basically eliminated my free time - but I'm still excited to finally be able to play and finish Indigo Prophecy after so many years.
  7. It's pretty cool of you to do this. Thanks!
  8. I'm really excited for this! I had a PS2 demo disc that included Indigo Prophecy and I still remember how I felt playing it for the first time. It was like nothing I had come across before. Years later I bought it for PC but didn't get very far - my motherboard broke and I haven't had a gaming PC since. It'll be great to finally play it all the way through!
  9. Going by my trophy list only, it would be Sly Cooper, with the trilogy plus the two versions of Thieves in Time. (5 games) Looking at games I own that include trophies, some of which I haven't begun playing yet, it would be the Devil May Cry series with the trilogy, DmC, and DMC4 SE for PS4, plus the original DMC4 which didn't have trophies. (6 games)