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  1. This is my first Mass Effect game. It's decent. Definitely not worth the full price (i'm borrowing a PS4 and the game for a couple weeks) and very flawed, but there's a lot of fun to be had. The story and characters are painfully dull, and the main missions don't really have much variety to them either. Interacting with other characters feels like a chore. The combat is where the game excels though, but unfortunately the load-out and customisation menus are poorly designed and difficult to navigate. This game is a 6/10 (maybe a 7 if you're a hardcore fan). Not worth the full-price.
  2. The cardinal boss fight would be so difficult on Insanity. Also, I plan to do 2 playthroughs, i'm on Medium at the moment so if I change difficulty at some of the harder parts will it block any trophies?
  3. I have RE5 plat!
  4. No way can you do MW2 or MW3 in a day.
  5. They already did my three favourites (Last of Us, CoD 4, and GTA5), but i'd definitely buy Red Dead Redemption again.
  6. After the PS3 slim was released Sony got back on track with consistent releases and great exclusive games that the 360 could not compete with. But yeah, before around 2010 Xbox was far superior.
  7. Against Me! - The Politics Of Starving
  8. Hahaha I still haven't even upgraded to regular PS4! There's so few interesting titles available.
  9. £15.99 for Fifa 14? Nah mate.
  10. Brian Fallon released his debut solo record yesterday, and it's great!
  11. So is this like every generation in one now?!
  12. Believe it or not, that was actually me on YouTube