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  1. Its been a long time since i left you, without a strong rhyme to step to...
  2. Loose Screw - Alucard
  3. You'll never be any years AF.
  4. Never played it, but I looked these up along with the Volibear comment, and they all sound pretty fucking badass. Much love.
  5. My penis can go through the Green Glass Door, but my balls cannot.
  6. Man... I remember when everything in this thread was pure fire.
  7. No it doesn't. I'm always here.
  8. How mental... I've been listening to this non stop the last couple of days, and just signed in to post it... get out of my head! Instead, as its the 6th year anniversary of Guru's passing, lets have something for him. Preemo's tribute
  9. Appear Offline... About bloody time. How many fucking years have I waited for that?!
  10. Man, No love for Phife? I was expecting a few in here in the last week. Guess I'll have to represent.
  11. Did I fucking die?! Why did nobody tell me that I died?!! Jesus... fuck... This is big!
  12. I've not given this thread any love in ages...
  13. Happy new year bae.

  14. Guess I've broken mine too. It was my aim to not read any more pointless threads...
  15. AF, I need you to come back =(