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  1. So I picked up the game for a very small price on Sunday and have to say the game is so much better than I expected. its a an improvement over the original in every aspect so far. If you played the first and at least enjoyed it, but have been sat on the fence about the second, I suggest picking it up. I've done a few Radnet challenges and have to admit, I've found them tough. I'm looking forward to having some scores to compare against, to help me improve.
  2. Loose Screw - Alucard
  3. You'll never be any years AF.
  4. Never played it, but I looked these up along with the Volibear comment, and they all sound pretty fucking badass. Much love.
  5. My penis can go through the Green Glass Door, but my balls cannot.
  6. ...I said it. Its boring, so tediously boring and repetitive. I managed to get as far as level 3 before I stopped punishing myself.* "Oh, you can't say that about Suda51, He's a genius." I hear you cry. the only thing that makes the guy a genius is that he managed to get so many people to buy a game that's newest idea is about 15 years old. The most praise I can give the game, is that its slightly bonkers in the typical Japanese appealing to a western market kind of way. Fortunately, I only rented the bastard, but as I only played 2 out of the 5 days I had it for, I still feel ripped off. Those of you that are thinking about buying it, I really would suggest that its a rental title at the most. Those of you that have mad skills will have it nailed in a couple of days... But honestly if you want something like this, and you're a PS+ subscriber download the Warhammer game, same thing, different skin, less dick jokes. *But yeah, I did get the "I swear I did it by mistake" trophy before removing it...
  7. Man... I remember when everything in this thread was pure fire.
  8. No it doesn't. I'm always here.
  9. Sorry guy's, Looks like the dev's wont even be bothering to submit it to your classification boards.
  10. Remember Driver? You know... That game years ago that had brilliant chases and your backend just flicked every where? No...? The one with all the crap sequels...? Thats the one!! I really suggest you pick up the latest version. For the first time in a long time, I've found myself giggling like a school girl with some of the chase scenes and stunts, and the shift function is more than just a gimmick, it really works. I've just played the first hour and love it. let me know when some of you have got it, I think this could also be a fun multiplayer (who would have thought it?).
  11. How mental... I've been listening to this non stop the last couple of days, and just signed in to post it... get out of my head! Instead, as its the 6th year anniversary of Guru's passing, lets have something for him. Preemo's tribute
  12. Appear Offline... About bloody time. How many fucking years have I waited for that?!
  13. Man, No love for Phife? I was expecting a few in here in the last week. Guess I'll have to represent.
  14. Time flies doesn't it? Its the latest interview. Stevieboy spent some time looking over your questions, and his interview is now below. there are some particular bits in there that is going to make some of us older gamers nostalgic. He also manages to surpass Rory's stereotypical view of the Scottish! Huge thanks to Stevie for his time and patience (AF's been a busy boy). Finally, all responses are unedited unless I've noticed a word has been missed and thrown it in. I don't want peoples responses to come across as though I've written them. Enjoy!! DanielVT wants to know some basics, What do you do for a living? At the moment I'm unemployed unfortunately, but fingers crossed that won't be the case for much longer. What are your hobbies outside of gaming? I enjoy listening to strange & unusual music as well as the occasional more mainstream stuff, basically a varied mixture. I also enjoy watching movies too, comedies and action being my favourites. I play (badly) 5 a-side football to keep fit and also enjoy socialising with my friends. Is there a Mrs Stevieboy or any Mini Stevieboys? I've never been married, but I was engaged for a few years once. We also had a daughter together. Her name is India and she is 12 years old now. Moving on to Gaming itself, We've got quite a few questions to get through: BeyondTheGrave (Who's Username sound like some 60's B-movie) wants to know: What is your first gaming memory? Playing Pong on a gaming machine I received for Xmas when I was 5. What is your Favourite Childhood game? I spent a lot of my childhood playing a large selection of games to pick just one favourite, but Back To Skool on the Spectrum was always good for a laugh. Broy knows RDR is your Favourite game from this generation, what would you like to see in a sequel? Pretty much more of the same, but I really enjoyed the treasure hunting part of it. Trying to figure out where it was buried using only a vaguely dawn picture was one of my favourite parts but was ultimately over too quickly. I was glad they added it to the Undead DLC too. So I would want much more of that in the sequel. Dark Knight Rises aka Oscar would like you to list every console / handheld you've owned and your favourite game for each. These are not in any particular order, but here goes: ZX Spectrum +2 - Dizzy (all games in the series) N64 - Diddy Kong Racing Gamecube - Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast - Soul Calibur Wii - Wii Bowling PS1 - Metal Gear Solid PS2 - Beyond Good & Evil PS3 - Red Dead Redemption Gameboy Color - Denki Blocks N-Gage (it counts, right?) - Tomb Raider DS - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Rory name drops you and tells us all how he's been on your friend list a long time (Yes Rory, we're all jealous of you!), but he would like to know, why do you install so many games to your PS3 and then leave them? is it accidental, or do you just not enjoy them? It's not accidental and I do it for a number of reasons: 1 - To check the disc works (for downloads, to see if it's installed correctly). 2 - To install the game data and any patches so when I'm ready to play it I don't have to wait. 3 - To activate the PS+ function so any future patches are automatically downloaded and installed. 4 - To install the trophy data on my profile so anyone comparing trophies with me on the PS3 or checking my profile on this website (or another inferior one ) can see exactly which games I own. To follow that up rather neatly Rowdi wants to know, how is it that you're able to find redeeming qualities in almost very game you play? What criteria do you have for choosing what games you play? I try to be a positive person and see gaming as an enjoyable experience, so if I focus on what I liked in a game then it means I've at least enjoyed something from it. Don't get me wrong though, there have been some games I've played that weren't very good, but I like to think most games have something decent to offer. It helps that I like a varied assortment of genres so I can always take something from most games I play anyway. Also, being Scottish means if I've paid money for that game then I'm gonna damn well find something to like about it. As for choosing the games I play, I seem to be really in tune to exactly what I like and dislike so just a brief description of a game is enough to let me know if I'll enjoy it or not. Even just a title and cover picture can be enough. I don't always get it right though, but I have a pretty high success rate to at least be a little bit smug about it. Parker asks, What made you choose PlayStation over the other consoles? I bought a PS1 because all my friends owned one so it made sense to do the same as I knew what a good system it was. I bought a PS2 because I was so impressed with the PS1 and it's games that it just made sense to me to stay with the brand. I preferred to stick with Sony and buy a PS3 rather than jump ship and buy a 360 because the PS3 exclusives were exactly the kind of games I would enjoy more. For example: Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, LittleBigPlanet, God Of War, inFamous etc. Although not really a factor but worth mentioning is the PS controller just felt better to use. The Xbox controller was always too chunky and annoying to use. Bullstomp brings us the inevitable PS4 question!! You're sitting in a boardroom with Kaz Hirai and he wants you to give him your opinion of best old series to re-boot for launch day on the PS4, what do you tell him? Going back a few years now, but I would love to see the Dizzy games re-booted and brought into the 21st century. Finally we're going to do a little quickfire round thats had input from Parker, Piggie, Rory, Deth, PSX, Daniel & Beyondthegrave Cats or dogs? Cats Favourite Sports Team? Football - Dundee United, Arbroath, Tottenham Hotspur & Scotland (obviously ) American Football - San Francisco 49ers Dream Job? Professional Poker Player If you could have any super power, what would it be? Immortality Favourite food? Pizza Favourite movie? Blade Runner Boxers or Briefs? Boxers Prized Possession? I dunno, I pretty much value everything I own Favourite gaming boss battle? Psycho Mantis from MGS1 MGS3 also had some good boss fights Finally, One last one from Rory... (You're such a bastard Rory!) What was your last appearance in court for?! Jury Duty (Sorry Rory, I'm a good boy honest ) So there you have it. You've all got enough info now to go and pester Stevie to find out more about him. I want to know more about the "Strange and unusual music." and get nostalgic about some of the old school games... (Dizzy Egg in particular!!). Hope you've enjoyed it and keep your eyes peeled for another interview in a couple of months... Oh... One more thing before I go... There was one question that I thought was unfair to put to Stevie or any other member for that matter... but I thought I would answer it just so Kevin doesn't feel ignored... KevinNummer1: Who is your favourite Moderator and Why? Obviously Kev, we all know why you are asking this question... you are hoping Stevie says that AF is his favourite, because of your deep, burning, (not so well) hidden love for Eburk. You feel that he should only be your favourite mod, and nobody else dare get close to him. or you will scratch their eyes out. So don't worry, I'm Everyone's favourite, Eburks all yours, and that lock of his hair I sold you is totally genuine.
  15. Did I fucking die?! Why did nobody tell me that I died?!! Jesus... fuck... This is big!
  16. I've got to say, I really wasnt expecting that ending, loved it but wasnt expecting it... So maybe a sequel starring Kelso as the lead character...?
  17. I've not given this thread any love in ages...
  18. Guess I've broken mine too. It was my aim to not read any more pointless threads...
  19. Yeah I'm gonna let you finish, Despite it being a re-release of an older album, PRhyme's self titled Deluxe Edition, Just the 4 more songs were better than anything else released this year. I honestly cant pick a favourite song off the album, and I cant remember the last time I picked up an album that made me feel that. I'm playing this track a lot in particular at the moment.
  20. Now its "Brother" is it?! I didn't find that island Brother, I built that island! For You!!! We built that island...Pizzolia, the "Besta Plaze Fora Pieza Pizza" off the West Coast of Chatboxia. We were happy, finally the endless warring had stopped, but you could never rid yourself of that deep passion for making things dead, brother. That is why Princess Tia Tequila wanted to be with me, you cared so little, you never could remember her name, never mind her love for all things shaped like frogs. After that night, when my Brother died and Rory re-emerged I had no choice to duel with you. I was the only one who had the potential power to end your reign... Yes I failed.... It cost me everything. Tia. My Sega Genesis, and my original 8-bit NES. YOU DON'T TAKE THOSE THINGS FROM SOMEONE RORY! Although I couldn't stop you Rory, I knew the battle had weakened you, so much so that I could retreat, heal and learn everything about your original plan. I was so blind Rory, but now I see... You were never my Brother, and now you shall pay for ruining my sweet systems, oh and totally killing that hot chick, whose name I've now forgotten. One last thing... I won Streets of Rage. I always win Streets of Rage... Brother.
  21. I always knew that someone, someday would rumble my genius plan. However it wasn't until around December 2012 I realised it was you Rory. For 237 - 238 years now? We've danced this merry dance, where we've used these oblivious mortals as pawns... It was supposed to be forever... Then you decided to tell everyone and everything changed, The Great and Powerful Rory... the one they called Saviour in the homeland. Ha, a sick cruel joke at best. They know we exist, and it can never be like it was Rory. You were the chosen one, it was said that you would bring balance to the Internet... But not like this Rory... Not at this cost...
  22. Meh, I've not been expecting anything from this film, and the trailer doesn't change it. Looks like the same story we've all seen / read before but in better ways. However with Duncan Jones at the helm I hope to be proven wrong.
  23. Beats1 so far, is pretty awesomesauce and seems to be what is generating a lot of the buzz for Apple Music. However as this part of the service isn't what generates the cash, I expect it to degrade to the dog shit standard, that is the rest of Apple Music pretty rapidly. I refuse to support a company that wants us all to be sheep, using the same devices locked to what Apple wants us to use. Without going on a rant about it, Fuck Apple, seriously. Love, Hugs & being the 5th member of the Fantastic Four Uncle AF xoxo
  24. I so want to reply with "Your Mum", but the truth is, she made me a pretty mean breakfast after, so we'll go with that.