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  1. Just completed the first game with my friend on normal and the trophy didn't unlock I don't remember the mode that we used but it was the one with infinite lives.
  2. If i get this i doubt that i go for platinum but if i do i would like to know whether collectibles carry over or need to be finished with one playthrough.
  3. Looks like it's only out of Japan at the moment. Checked to see what country were people that got certain trophy and both were Japanese.
  4. Oh man. I remember the original version of the race on the PC version. Good heavens, was it one of the most frustrating things to get through. Took like million tries to get it done.
  5. 10K total force could be grindy but rest sound really straightforward. The trailer doesn't exactly give good idea of what kind of game this really is but i love the artstyle.
  6. The PC version has been getting updates (just recently got one) so maybe it will be eventually be more stable but who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the original version as base and it's going to take long time to catch up with the PC version (which still might be really buggy)
  7. Strange that Commandos 2 has platinum but this one doesn't. I also wonder if this is as glitchy as Commandos 2.
  8. Maybe this would make sense if the game had constant unlocks when playing the game again and again but it doesn't so.......i guess they just want to test people's patience.
  9. Video game industry sorely needs some sort of legislation to prevent releasing broken products. I can live with the symbol censoring but i don't want to support broken release.
  10. Seems like extremly straightforward list. Essentially you just have to complete every mission. The game is supposedly pretty hard but at least you don't have any restrictions which is good. One thing i'm wary of though is that the PC version was apparently glitchy and the chances are that so is this.
  11. Boo. Fucking bullshit that there's no platinum. Well i'm still going to play it with my friends. Might have already been answered but are event trohpies those event things that you can't actually see on multiplayer?
  12. I think what happens is exactly that. Only host get's to chose dungeon number two after party does dungeon number one but the other people can still join in on playing dungeon number 2. Otherwise the lite version wouldn't make any sense.
  13. Kinda got the impression that the localization from steam version hasn't been improved. I haven't played it but from what i heard the translation quality is poor. Otherthan that i read that the game is really cheap with it's difficulty and quite often enemies suddenly just appear middle of battle and the challenge is on a level that if you don't know about enemies appearing then you are basically fucked. So i think i'll skip this one if this is true.
  14. I was house sitting for couple of days and before i left i uploaded all my save data to cloud and downloaded it and played on another PS4. Before i left i uploaded all the data again and updated my original data when i got back. What i noticed though later after i have continued that all the chapters that i played on the other PS4 had zeroes when it came to every type of collectible there was (benches and all) so seems like playing on another system is good way to mess up data.
  15. Main difference that there isn't ridicilous grind here which is starting to be trend with new warrior games.