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  1. Kinda got the impression that the localization from steam version hasn't been improved. I haven't played it but from what i heard the translation quality is poor. Otherthan that i read that the game is really cheap with it's difficulty and quite often enemies suddenly just appear middle of battle and the challenge is on a level that if you don't know about enemies appearing then you are basically fucked. So i think i'll skip this one if this is true.
  2. I was house sitting for couple of days and before i left i uploaded all my save data to cloud and downloaded it and played on another PS4. Before i left i uploaded all the data again and updated my original data when i got back. What i noticed though later after i have continued that all the chapters that i played on the other PS4 had zeroes when it came to every type of collectible there was (benches and all) so seems like playing on another system is good way to mess up data.
  3. Main difference that there isn't ridicilous grind here which is starting to be trend with new warrior games.
  4. Checked today and my system was set to UK english and changing to US english solved the issue.
  5. Well that's strange. The back say's it has english subtitles so it has to be Asian English release. I guess i'll try to change US english if i can see if it that works. Thanks a lot.
  6. So i got the game from library today and what they had was an import copy that was suppose to have English subtitles but i didn't see option to change to them anywhere and i did try everything on settings. So do you have to download the subtitles from asian store or how the hell do you change to English?
  7. I wonder whether DLC mission badges will count towards 90 (i'm assuming that they will have badges) BTW. I don't know if you actually have to only complete the last challenge or whether the trophy can be buggy in a goodway but i got it after only doing four of the five missions. The last one i did was the one with the cart.
  8. Sucks but at least the online still works with people that don't have the DLC.
  9. Does this only happens when one of the players doesn't have the DLC or is the online broken now?
  10. Seems like the PC version is technically wise at least shady so that's not very promising. Probably will stick with Nobunaga games.
  11. Well at least he he didn't just say "thoughts?"
  12. Cool. I actually prefer it to be easier than the other souls games. I think the actual from software titles have been getting too though and i gave upon of Sekiro simply because i didn't feel like it was worth the stress it was causing. The mood and the combat is what i like about souls games. I wouldn't call combat in souls games tight btw. They too have problems of enemies tracing you with the air attacks and striking through other enemies.
  13. So anny opinnions on where this game ranks on difficulty line. Is it on the same level as first dark souls or is the game kicking your head like Sekiro and Bloodborne (when it comes to bosses)
  14. Seems like pretty annoying and bothersome list. I guess you can "auto get" the alignment ones because you can choose the alignment when you are creating characters but playing with one character and playing on the highest difficulty are probably pain. Though there's the easy difficulty for solo playthrough but it would be boring playthrough. Anyways. I probably still will get the game when it get's heavily discounted. The PC version cost's nothing on sales so the console price is ridicilous.
  15. Does the game support voice chat? my friend cant use the party chat.