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  1. Time of day? Raining or not?
  2. I got it today with a time of 1:11:10 (I can't do it better), but I've used the trick with a dummy account (I don't know if it was because of that)
  3. I think this game is badly finished. During my gameplay I saw a lot of unfinished textures, artifacts, loading screens for nothing at anywhere, too long loading screens, some lags (this game isn't MP!) outdated graphics and I have crashed three times. Positively the worst game in the series!
  4. Despite some glitches that some people have with this game (I hadn't) an advice that I do is to focus on STICK TO YA challenge before completion the game. You will notice that to make 15 kills with boarder spikes will be very difficult, the opportunities and the way to do a boarder spike kill will be very rare with the cleared map. I think the best opportunities is during convoy missions so focus on this challenge. At the end of the game my map was nearly to clear, all first and second missions were finished and I had about 30 non repetitive challenges to complete, almost all of then was very easy but STICK TO YA!
  5. Anyone has the same issue? Getting all the 4 GnoMADs and in the sepent tome no message to get the scythes and no trophy pops... Glitch confirmed? Any solution?
  6. PLAY THE GAME! ENJOY IT! FEEL THE STORY! Do you remember that time no games have trophies or attachments? The game isn't hard and not so long. Probably you will need 2.5 playthroughs for platinum.
  7. To anyone who is curious to know the glitch...
  8. In my opinion Going Commando is the best in the series. I had no luck, the solution was in start a new game. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. The first method it is impossible, I don't have a previous save before the glitch. I did I little research and I found out one or two cases, apparently if you enter in debug mode and disable the weapon and buy again it works but I think this works only in first playthrough. I will try the other 3 methods and I will post here if it works.
  10. I was at last level of my first playthrough and I got a glitch in 2 of my weapons, Holo Shield Glove and Rift Inducer, the icons in weapons menu were changed with a white square and a yellow "R" and their names were changed. When I select one of these weapons the game crash. I can't get the trophy "Omega Man" and the Platinum. Someone else got this glitch? Is there a solution besides to start a new game? I tried to use debug mode to disable these weapons but I have started my second playthrough and when I buy a Mega version of these weapons they still disabled, usind debug mode again the weapons still glitched.
  11. I got these, thanks. I found out where I missed! In that part that exist a hole in the wall, near 2 fruits, there are 5 confetti before you go up to get the hidden present.
  12. I can't find all confetti in Grocer's Barn level. Say it have 175 confetti and I could find only 170. I played the level dozen of times and I can't find. Info: I didn't finish the game yet, it could be something after finish the game? What is the last icon on the bar at level selection? It is like a door or something.
  13. I did in first try, the funny part of it is that the crusher didn't smashes the gadgetbots when down but when up! All gadgetbots walked a little on the crusher and hit on the roof.
  14. Why the most difficult trophy has 0.03% and Platinum 0.07% It is possible to get Platinum without get all the trophies? I think it has something wrong with statistics!
  15. It's seen to be impossible but I replayed chamber 1.1 and I got it. Very strange!