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  1. Oh, trust me - I've got a spreed sheet tracking my trophy progress. It's even weighted by ease and age of the game. I already have many hours into it and would rather spend my time getting trophies. For my to add the breakdown of the throphies per the 81 games I have, I could half way beat many games (and get several trophies as well). I want to be able to sort games by their trophy count - how many golds, silver, or bronze in the game. I would be happy if that sort could be added or an "export" button...
  2. I tried a search to see if I was missing this, but I would like a feature that would export the trophy data to an Excel spreadsheet. I like this site since it appeals to my analytical side. However, I would like to do some custom sorting in my own spreadsheets. Is that hard to implement? Would anybody else find this helpful? Maybe I'm too used to Quickbooks that can export any and everything.
  3. I'n going to say that I'm pretty sure that as long as the company is going strong that the servers will stay up. As long as the servers are up, companies will still make money off of the DLCs - 2 or 3 DLC will probally pay for the domain for the year. From what I've noticed, servers mainly shut down from companies closing, merging, or getting bought out.
  4. After each of the Fast and the Furious movies came out, the media reported major street racing - along with the crashes/deaths and increase of crime. They were a few years that school/underground fighting movies were popular - and that's what we saw happening. Even after that football movie years ago, kids laid down in the middle of busy streets mimicing the movie stunt. Many people are "Monky see, Monkey do". My nephews act out many things they have seen in games as almost all kids I've encountered.
  5. I just reached the Bunker and hit the level 50 cap on TVHM. Since I figured that I didn't want to "waste" XP, I installed the DLC. I'm a little unhappy with what I noticed - I looked through all the available missions and noticed that the XP reward is now more than 50% less than before. I'm not sure if it's the DLC or hitting level 50, but that's lame. Well, I guess that's more than zero XP if I didn't install the DLC...
  6. Wildlife Preserve during main story (but not completed) with "Doctor's Orders" active - Found Jenkins on the first try in a cardboard box in the "loot" room.
  7. First of all, I love the game. However, the weapon level and rarity system is getting to me. I can never decides and choose between a weapon with high damage vs. low accuracy vs. elemental damage, etc. - but I know that is a core part of the game to make it my playing style. What's getting me is stuff like this: just spent a key on the chest and got a (purple) level 43 rifle that has 2729 damage. But in my inventory, I have a green level 36 rifle with (higher) 3143 damage. What gives? I am even using the +5% loot relic and have only gotten 5 orange items the whole game (currently TVH level 43). This one was a major let down: On the first DLC, I beat the end boss and got to the vault. There was 1 purple item and 5 blues - with nothing better than what I had!!! I would like good loot and I don't think the point of the game is to grind and use exploits to get them. I'm assuming it's not since they have patched out most of the exploits...