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  1. Prinny!!! Still kicking it i see ;)

    1. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Lol yeah. Been a while, how have you been?

    2. vjuchen


      It's pretty busy for me the last years!

  2. thank you @wecon1 i added it, haha.. years later
  3. #53 Ether One - Validation This was my first PS4 game that I played on my PS4. I think it was boring all together. After you understand how exactly the puzzles work, you automatically run through the game without thinking. The story was okay and the end was a little bit surprising and sad. I like the fact, that they try to make people to understand the situation of people with this problem. So, altogether you need to like this game in order to enjoy it. But give it a try, hiding trophies is much easier now #54 Dust: an Elysian Tail - Mithrarin My second game on the PS4 and I have to say that I enjoyed it lots. The graphic design, the music, the story, the gameplay... It was great to play and challenging too. I did use the option to let someone else play the game to get 4 of the challenges done and I have to say thank you to zajac9999 again for helping me. I have to admit that he's way better in platforming games than I am. I would recommend it! That's the third part of my platinums I got lately... I just split them up to cheer myself up a bit, because I can't play at all atm
  4. Hey there again, second post of my plats I got lately # 51 Fallout 3 - Platinum Trophy My boyfriend kept on nagging that i should already play that game, even though i didn't really wanted to! I've started it and have played it on my vacation nearly every day nonstop. The story was awesome, the atmosphere too and the gameplay is exactly like skyrim so i hadn't much to worry about by fighting the deathclaws or other mutants. It's Skyrim with guns So i did actually like it a lot and now i have someone always nagging me that he was right and i was wrong, that's not better than before, but whatever! Great game and I would highly recommend it to rpg fans, give it a try even if you don't like post apocalyptic games.. And I've heard a lot of bad things about the game itself, like problems of crashes, also my bf told me that I should save a lot because of freezes, but tbh I hadn't had a single freeze in the entire game and i played everything, even the dlc with one playthrough. So i dunno if i'm just surprisingly lucky or if i did something no one else did? I do know that i play in a very slow way, looking on everything and picking up everything what's a bit interesting (one reason why i find almost every collectible by myself without guide *waving to zajac* ) Thanks a lot to everyone who helped me with advices on getting the good / neutral and bad lvl up trophies in one playthrough. # 52 Fallout: New Vegas - Platinum Trophy Same for this like above... still need to do the trophies from one dlc but my savefile got deleted ....so I will do that later on this year... That's it for now, 7 to go, they are coming soon..
  5. Hey there, haven't posted here for a while but would like to share my plats I've got # 49 Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment - Perfectionist The gameplay was okay but nothing special. The story was good and I had fun playing it. # 50 Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns - Eternal Light Yes I do LOVE the Final Fantasy series a lot. Final Fantasy XIII alltogether have been very good and I was so looking forward to play this game. I had it for quite a while in my gameshelf (yes yes, my books just needed to move into the basement for my games...) and wanted to play it so badly and now I did it, yay I would highly recommend this game to any FFXIII fan! That's it for now, will leave my other plats here soon
  6. playing games and studying are things which doesn't really go well with each other ... ^-^

  7. Hello, after seeing that no one, except for Doc and Clawz, really cares about wether the season starts or not I came to the deciscion that I will either suspend the league until the start of 2016 or will give it up completely. So I really ask you guys to answer to this. With no reaction at all it feels like no one cares and is just "part of it for good" (dunno if this says what i want to say but i hope so). I really thought about this toroughly and it would be good if the answer of you all would be "suspend until start of 2016" (would be the 3rd of january), because I am happy to compete with you guys, even if I do really bad lately because I didn't had time at all (I work 6 days a week atm nearly 12 hours a day with driving to and from my workplace... and some other stuff which I don't want to write in an public forum) and I am happy to see you guys fighting over the first place. I do like it very much to count the scores and do something I like so I would be sad if it comes to and end, but I ask myself what I am doing if no one seems to care at all. I'm kinda waiting for your responses. Greetings..
  8. hello guys! I'm back.... I'm truly sorry that I made you worry Volta. I seriuously can't tell you guys what happened but all that matters is that I'm back isn't it? If you want, then next season can start at sunday or could have been started last sunday, you decide (without me participating though), let me know until saturday
  9. Scores Season 12 Week 3: Gregorymany - 877 ReimiSaionji9742 - 675 man_with_wdjat - 560 Precision-Playy - 284 Hemiak - 264 Aexzia - 240 LucasV9991 - 183 zajac9999 - 147 HcG-_Clawz - 106 BeautifulTorment - 98 DocVoltacon - 60 allenbird - 30 vjuchen - 12 Zanzarro - 0 Ranking Season 12 Week 3: ReimiSaionji9742 - 41 zajac9999 - 31 Gregorymany - 30 Aexzia - 28 / Hemiak - 28 / man_with_wdjat - 28 Precision-Playy - 27 BeautifulTorment - 24 HcG-_Clawz - 22 LucasV9991 - 18 DocVoltacon - 16 Zanzarro - 9 allenbird - 7 vjuchen - 6 I've done this with pen&paper and my mobile phone, will check this up later again, but i think it's correct!
  10. ... i got some surprising guests today to celebrate my birthday (it was yesterday though) so sorry! can't update the scores today, it's already 22:15 and need to go to work tomorrow really early. so i will update in my break between 12 and 1 pm my time
  11. I'm happy, 'cause I've got a ps4 as a present from my dad :D

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    2. Angel


      I got my PS4 from my dad as well as a birthday present, hope you enjoy your PS4!

    3. vjuchen


      Oh yea... It was a birthday present *-* but thanks guys! Any recommondation which game I should try out first? :D

    4. Satoshi Ookami
  12. prinny should post them but wait a minute i copy from my messages man_with_wdjat- 70 Hemiak- 12 Aexzia-0 ReimiSaionji9742- 40 goodnight
  13. the deathclaws are a joke in fallout 3. thought that in new vegas too after getting the t51b armor and just died like a noob when i first saw them in the quarry junction i have to say that i watched my boyfriend playing fallout 3 and that he had problems right from the start even with the goat test bug and his game crashed lots that's why i haven't started it for over a year but i did and i had absolutely no problems. the only thing what happened to me was a freeze when i was teleported to the alien ship. but after reloading 5 times it worked. but that was all. but i am already used to bethesda games so i do know if the cache is to full it just starts lagging. i am currently playing fallout new vegas and i have to restart my ps3 all 1-2 hours to refresh the cache. in new vegas you have to fast travel much more and go through more loading screens. it's 4 to get into your appartement in the lucky 38 and that's just crazy. so i believe that's a weekpoint but it is still so much fun to play!(i had much worse problems with skyrim!)
  14. Scores Season 12 Week 2: ReimiSaionji9742 - 728 zajac9999 - 692 Hemiak - 619 HcG-_Clawz - 537 BeautifulTorment - 461 LucasV9991 - 303 Gregorymany - 239 Aexzia - 210 Precision-Playy - 163 DocVoltacon - 69 Zanzarro - 62 man_with_wdjat - 29 allenbird - 9 vjuchen - 0 Ranking Season 12 Week 2: ReimiSaionji9742 - 28 zajac9999 - 24 Aexzia - 19 / BeautifulTorment - 19 Hemiak - 18 Precision-Playy - 16 / Gregorymany - 16 / man_with_wdjat - 16 / HcG-_Clawz - 16 DocVoltacon - 12 LucasV9991 - 10 Zanzarro - 8 vjuchen - 4 / allenbird - 4 @Doc: no not yet still have to go through a lot, and I'm busy with studying and work, all to that I am ill again because our weather changed from 28 degree to 7 with rain so suddenly so i can't really focus on the game and still need to do the caravan card game 30 times... don't know how to do (and no I don't like to use guides so want to find out by myself )