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  1. Hi Homestar, I also had issues with getting the dice rolls for the numbers i needed. The method i found most useful was this. The L1 button Say you need a 5 Just press L1 then close it, L1 then close it and see the sequence of the numbers if you see that for example the number 4 comes directly before the 5 Press L1 on the 4 and close it and quickly press X to get the 5 This i found was the best way to get the numbers you need. Bare in mind the numbers are random on each dice throw so youll need to use the L1 to get the sequence down. Eventually youll get the timing well enough that you can get the number you want every time. Best of luck.
  2. Well would you look at that, hats off to you. There goes the last time i belive anyone on the internet. Thanks for the detective work.
  3. It was The Kings Son (chapter 6) i replayed it twice for bow kills from behind and after the second replay the trophy popped. Out of curiousity how do you know he doesnt have the trophy, im not being sarcastic im genuinely impressed and would like to know how. In regards to the honor mission, i 100% played that mission during my natural playthrough without a doubt. It popped after i replayed it twice a long time after i completed the main story, im not complaining though lol
  4. I was playing earlier and had resigned myself to the fact that I'd need to start a new playthrough for the trophies ive missed, The 70 Gold medals and the Lending A Hand (optional honor missions completed) I had missed one of the honor missions during my playthrough and by complete accident i replayed an old honor mission (no spoilers) to help me complete a challenge. Once that mission replay was completed, suddenly the trophy Lending A Hand Popped for me, ive checked the social club and it doesnt show that ive completed all the honor missions but i do have the trophy. Now after this i went to youtube for a list of easy missions to replay for gold medals and i stumbled across this comment J Rodriguez 1 day ago "you can make different save files with over 20 gold medal until you have 4 files all with 20 gold medals in each bascally same file in different slots then just get 1 gold on the most recent autosave flie and gold rush trophy." Now ive tried this a few times and it hasnt worked for me, and i wouldnt have given it much thought had i not managed to get that Lending A Hand trophy without having met all the requirements for it. Ive tried creating 4 saves one after the other in different slots. and then loaded my autosave and completed a replay and got gold - No offect Ive also tried doing the same but playing a new mission - no effect This person may be a troll and im most likely clutching at straws but i thought id bring this to your attention and maybe one of you can debunk it or prove it and make me and many others very happy.
  5. Hi everyone, can someone let me know if PS Plus is required for the platinum trophy please.
  6. You're very welcome, I would recommend the collection though, its currently below £20 and is well worth it in terms of quantity and enjoyment.
  7. Hi people, i read through the trophy guide to see if their are any glitched trophies and saw that none were listed, but i did encounter one that prevented me from getting the Mentor Trophy. *Do not rank any assassins up to Master rank before your first Asssassin gets back from the mandatory mission hes on. *The mission is called Sentinal Part 2. *Once that mission is completed you'll notice that hes no longer "on mission" and available for selection. The glitch that happened to me, is i had 7 master assassins at one time and the Guild notice board claimed i only had 6/7.That required me to create a new save and speedrun all the way past Sentinal Part 2 then do the monotonous afk quests to fully rank out my assassins.As far as i can see online only myself and a youtuber had this issue and we both ranked up the assassins too quick for the games liking. Fingers crossed this helps someone out, i know i would have appreciated a heads up on this rare glitch.
  8. You don't need to buy everything in the carnival, just the posters.
  9. That is a great tip and thanks for the reply but sadly the number increases very slowly doing that method (at least it did for me).What i ended up doing is enter the boys dorm and break all the chairs, the poker table and the TV, then pull the fire alarm and leave the dorm.That should net you 600 points and takes only 10-15 seconds each time.Then just re-enter rinse and repeat.
  10. I had 18 rubber bands left to collect and the trophy still popped. Someone else on the forum has also confirmed this in another thread. As soon as i entered the boys dorm it popped. hope that helps.
  11. Same thing happened to me but i needed 18 more rubber bands, its very odd but i think if you have a certain amount the trophy will pop.It also happened as soon as i entered the boys dorm for me too.
  12. I've completed the game and only need two trophies, I'm at 88000 points but I need a quicker way to get them.Does anyone know a way please
  13. Are you going to new releases and finding the PS2 icon there? It should have a picture of San Andreas woman.
  14. Try and do the vigilante missions to level 12 for the body armour boost.(easier with the hunter or tank but still doable) Do the paramedics to level 12 for the max health boost. Besides that all I can offer in terms of help is crouch when shooting increases range and accuracy And familiarise yourself with weapon and armor locations for when your not close to a gun store.
  15. Wow that would suck yeah, dependent on when your last save was, but still that last mission can be a pain without the fireproof bonus.