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  1. @Eternal_Rach Reverie doesn't qualify for points. It's rather weird as PSNP says it is an RPG, yet the other two sites say it is Action Adventure. Majority rules on this occasion. Everyones points are now up to date as of yesterday. That has been changed in the spreadsheet. I am assuming you wanted to change Final Fantasy VII Remake? Some big shakers and movers this month as @Warpedsavior and @Laburnski jumped several places with Warpedsavior now over 1000 points. The only person without any points now (besides me) is @willythom88 but I'm sure they'll get on the board soon. @Jens still leads and there is only 100 points between 5th and 9th places. Any games that everyone is looking forward to this year?
  2. It's a difficult nut to crack because I know that there will be exceptions to the rule. Hard and fast rule is that stacking (either different region stacks or different system stacks) will only score points with the first game played. Remakes and Remasters will also only count for one of the games (eg Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VII Remake) when played. Games where there is additional content added, but the trophy lists are exactly the same, only one game will count (eg Atelier Shallie DX/Plus). With games like The Caligula Overdose, Soul Sacrifice, Persona 5 and even Atelier Meruru which share the same name but with different lists, only one version will count going forward to save confusion. Games like these are basically stacks but with extra content to give more to the experience, still with the same game underneath it all. This will be in effect from now and be reflected in the OP. Any points scored for these games will not be retroactively removed. @fisty123 as much as the newer version of Genshin Impact comes with a Plat, the original on PS4 was the first stack you have played so only this one will count score-wise. @Laburnski Does the Genshin Impact DLC all pop at the same time normally? I haven't played the game so have no idea what is involved with the DLC and whether the trophies relate to things that can be done in game before the trophies are released. Will hopefully have everything updated later today.
  3. Fixture 6 Results: Platinum League microsamm (201.4) v (117.3) X18JELLO18X (1) (1) blu3st4rdust305 (57.7) v (44.1) Psy-Tychist UnwaveringSoul_ (14.9) v (0) iSkyIa Gold League dawnofthedead34 (0) v (10.2) GTA_Darren Arctic Cress (19.2) v (40.6) Krazy_99 (1) FallacyUnknown (17.8) v (38.2) Boooda Silver League freddie1989 (0) v (24.3) theshywaterguy ShogunCroCop (27.2) v (12.5) Sptj7 Ichiban-Hybrid (11.8) v (14.5) stupid0089 Bronze League me3lingual (2.3) v (38.6) odie8391 Flex_Da_Brent (123.6) v (11.5) TheScruffyton ZachTheProdigy- (26.4) v (0) OmegaFenron
  4. I'm going to make a change. Knytt Underground - 4% Completion Batman: Arkham City (PS3) - 76% Completion ➡️ flOw (Vita) 72% Completion Hand of Fate - 56% Completion Neon Chrome - 52% Completion 100% flOw (PS4) - 100% Completion I'll come back to Batman when I hook up my PS3 again. With this, I might make it out of Tier 1.
  5. I was looking into it myself. I've never played the games so I don't know what differences there are or not. The only way I based it was that the trophy requirements, although similar in some respects, are different overall. The Atelier series has the same trophy list with the same names (haven't checked Neptunia series) so only one version will count. I checked the Caligula games, and it is the same vein as Soul Sacrifice. The trophies are similar but there are different requirements. I will check through them and make sure, but the Caligula games should both count if you complete them.
  6. Anyone had issues or the beat way to get Real Musor? I feel like I'm missing something to give me the opportunity to sleep in the dumpster. I have sold everything and bought everything so that I have less than 10 réal but come to past midnight Kim won't go to bed and come 2am the clock stops but nothing will happen. I can't go and pay for a room because i have no money but I can't sell anything to make anymore money. The dumpster is open and the only thing I haven't tried is internalising Hobobcop to see if that makes a difference. Any ideas?
  7. You need the headless FALN figurine from Roys Pawn shop, needs an Interfacing check of 8 I think to get the figurine for 50 cents. I don't know what other steps are needed, i know i went through all the dialogue in the church relating to Dolores Dei. You have the dream when you get to the island in the tower where the generator is. If Kim is with you, he'll say when you interact with the mattress that you should sleep. When you do, you wake up and Kim isn't there. You go outside, your voices will tell you to go across the water where the chain is and the scene plays out when you tall to the woman. The option to offer a figurine will come up in dialogue.
  8. @ShogunCroCop I don't think it's a problem. @TheScruffyton Just in future, if you're having problems syncing, just post here and ww can count when it gets fixed
  9. Patch 1.3 is supposed to fix the armour bug and the church and pigs bugs too. No date on it yet though, so no-one will have those until then.
  10. @fisty123 @TenebraZero On here it is classed as Adventure and on others it's classed as Action or Adventure, so not going to count for points for this event. Still looks like a fun game to play in general though.
  11. I really enjoyed the game and the soundtrack. Surprised by Queen Latifah narrating it, but thats all cool. I just seem to suck at rhythm games in general
  12. Well, as it says RPG on PSNP and TT, majority says it will count. Although playing it, it's tenuous at best. Its a CCG with Action-RPG elements, but I'm not the one submitting the genres. No, it has to have a minimum of 3 games to count as a series. What makes Soul Sacrifice Delta different from the original? @Eternal_Rach Good to get on the board. I know that Mugen Souls is stupidly long to complete, congrats will be due when you finish it.
  13. Points count from the 1st of April. If you have a semi completed game that counts, the points for the trophies earned will be added to your total. There is a list of games on the site which you can check if they count (has to have a total of 2000 points and upwards).
  14. Well, as you have replied and I apologise for not getting back sooner, you can join the competition I will add you at the next update. Like those who have replied in the thread, it's classed as an Action or Adventure game with some RPG type elements. I've seen it being played and I liken it to Hand of Fate which is more of a dungeon crawler collectible card game. Sadly, from what I have read, it's more a strategy game than anything else, so it can't be classed as an RPG. I know someone asked about the Watch Dogs series and they are all classed as Open World Action games, a lot like the newer Far Cry games, or even the GTA series. Everyone should be updated by the end of the day.
  15. Sci-Fi Anime with some fighting involved Trophies Earned: 5/43 Percent Complete: 7% Completion Percentage: 65.93% + 0.11% Fighting Matches Completed: 0 This was a little unusual as I never got into the actual fighting so much. As such, this will be quite a small review and a little disappointing overall. Guilty Gear has been going on for a while now, celebrating 20 years in the EU market as of last year but I've never played any of the series before. The style is very much like Skullgirls or the BlazBlue series with hand drawn sprites with intricate movements in the traditional anime-style. Very pretty to look at and visually a feast for the eyes, the characters and the movements are smooth and interesting. That unfortunately is all I know on it. I played the tutorial to get a base understanding of how to play, but unfortunately it isn't really in depth enough for me to come away from it with any great confidence that I would even complete the story mode, let alone compete online. I never finished the tutorial, because it doesn't give you a great deal of instruction on how to perform base combos with the instructed buttons. It just implies that you can create combos enough to complete each section, but with no direct guidance. I started the Story Mode, but I didn't get to any fighting as of yet. I saw about 10 or so minutes of cutscenes without any indication there would be any combat and haven't gone back to it enough to see how much further I need to go to get into a match. Trophy-wise, this will be a pain to complete. There are so many online trophies and there was literally no-one online. I stayed in the lobby for over ten minutes waiting for just one person to show up with no joy at all. I made coffee and a sandwich with not even a flicker of online connectivity. This will be a slog to get anywhere close to completion for me. Overall, I only have superficial information about the game, mostly on how it looks and sounds. From the little I've seen, it has an interesting backstory and style with some great background tunes. Will have to try more of the game later on. Last Game: Persona 5