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  1. After redoing the entire game on fastforward after losing the save, I finally have completed Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness. I did bulk of it on my Vita when on lunch at work, but the save didn't transfer to the cloud. Thus began the work of doing it all over again and getting the minigame points needed. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - 2 years and 2 weeks, 19.50% rarity.
  2. I have Harveys New Eyes for my entry. The whole of Chapter 1 (out of 3) is set in a Convent School. Also it meets these challenges: Another Event (Trophy League) Game started this month.
  3. If you are looking for some more options for Female Protagonists, see the list below:
  4. Well, I will have to do better next time @Redbeard-Rik, but congrats Plat League looks competitive this season. And congrats to @ShogunCroCop for passing 5000 trophies.
  5. Of course my first match would be against @Redbeard-Rik. Up for a fight?
  6. Of that I am glad, because I'm currently stuck away from home and I would have to throw the first fixture, but hopefully I will have time to get some points on the board when I get back. I have a crown to defend
  7. Why does this feel like getting a band back together for a reunion tour...
  8. Spam will always find a way indeed. Have you forgone. Rematch for next season Monsieur Donk?
  9. Wait, I'm sure there was someone. But I think he gave a Dragon indigestion.
  10. Trye, how would @AffectatiousDonk ever score any points otherwise?
  11. @WDB_Chaotic, these are just a couple that are on my profile. Root Letter - School Environment. Beyond Two Souls - Military Training/Teaching. Bioshock - Little Sister Academy and Orphanage. Bloodborne - Cainhurst and Research Halls Corridor Z - School Environment. Dead Space 2 - Daycare/Child's School. DiRT games - Driving School. Fallout 3 - GOAT test. FIFA games - Any with Skill games. Gal Gun - School Environment. Ghostbusters - Daycare/Child School. Guacamelee! - Wrestling School. Harveys New Eyes - Convent School. Just some options and choices.
  12. Ok, I'm all synced up. I don't think I got it, but I tried. Even after work got in the way 😝 Good match @Andrea9281, well planned out.
  13. You are saying that I actually won the Platinum League for the first time? 😲 Well @Whyfire you were right, it came sooner than expected. Good Luck to @VASORAT13, @theshywaterguy and @Andrea9281, I expect stiff competition in my third CWC