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  1. I'm trying to make FFXIII my 100th plat but I seem to have boned myself a little with upgrading weapons and the like. I've played 100 hours of the game and only have 2 tier two weapons so far and grinding for money involves turtles.... oh the circles of pain indeed. I've agreed with @ladynadiad about the way FFXIII works out and plays. FFXIII-2 is a little better as the combat is much more streamlined but the story is still quite poor and tries too hard. FFXIII-3 is probably the odd one out as the premise is good but the execution is kind of mediocre. The ending is also something. As in something you will happy with or just go WTF.
  2. Do you have a specific farming method on the go which works?
  3. I think I have a distinct advantage over Prinny as he is stuck researching monsters. With a big sword,
  4. I have now finished XBlaze: Lost Memories and Ultratron finally. Still working on Puppeteer and Hue as well as some old PS3 games.
  5. So my original post was kind of a dump of all the games I have. Have tidied it slightly and some have strikes as they are not able to be completed. Might remove them entirely. I have failed already, but my goal is to do a massive game dump this month and clear out all the cheap/nasty games and focus on "Old" games in my list where I can. 4 games completed so far, hoping to have 12 by the end of the month.
  6. Ah yes, missed that. Counting going well though?
  7. And the winner was...!
  8. The online for it is dead, you need boosters.
  9. You still have more UR trophies or Plats than I do...
  10. Some thoughts bouncing around my head: Trophies based around concepts ('Fruit', 'Betrayal', 'Cussing') A little skit from you like 'Funniest trophy earned' or 'WTF is this game' just for something different Round Robin is split up based like a traditional sports tournament with rankings for each competitor (arbitrary I know) Each person faces someone else each week if they progress with the 'Challenge' issued at the beginning of each round until a victor is crowned. Some more will pop up somewhere, but yeah...
  11. @ShogunCroCop, I can imagine that you can choose a topic and challenge someone which then occurs in the next month with the winners being announced in the monthly update. Maybe each month a challenge can be set which can be added for that month only. I had some silly ones in my head, but that depends on whether you want serious or wacky. Maybe a round robin tournament with a set goal for each round to challenge trophy hunting? I get the impression that some of the columns won't change much at the top (Total Trophies, PSN Level, Platinums) but from 6th place and downwards there maybe some changes.
  12. @RizzleAbbey12 I don't think I can do any game for this month so I will have to use a skip and can I use this Plat image as my option: I think I might be able to drum up the ability to complete a game for this month, hopefully.