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  1. Yes, it is. Starting slow this year...
  2. Well, Fixture 8 will be fun indeed as I shall be at Silverstone for that weekend. Might be make or break for my season.
  3. No, you signed up, I just wanted to know what account you are using.
  4. Lookie here at all these completions. I'll have them all up later today. @SanevinI think I have fixed it, so it should be viewable now.
  5. My final update this is: Assassin's Creed: Origins - 100% Mine my Mind - 100% Lone Survivor - 100% Fez - 28% --> 38% --> 47% Word Search by POWGI - 26% Gravel - 30% Dissection - 11% White Night - 90% Oddworld: New'n'Tasty - 3% --> 100% South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS4) 0% --> 100% Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs - 0% --> 100% Overall, I completed some old stuff on my list, but didn't touch others. Including what I completed here, I finished 29 games 100% between September and March. Hope everyone reached their goals and beyond.
  6. I knew you mentioned before that you were looking in retiring from the league, but part of me was hoping that the allure of competing would keep you coming back and our rivalry can continue. Honestly, I did really enjoy our matches, even though you had the edge on me in nearly all of them. Now I have to find a new rival... Some names to add to your hitlist though: Jello - 8W - 4L FallacyUnknown - 3W - 1L stupid0089 - 1W - 1L Psy - 8W - 2L Arctic Cress - 5W - 1L microsamm - 6W - 1L
  7. My end of season post is to put up some nice stats of the season and some of the records made so far. Big congratulations to @blu3st4rdust305 for smashing the league again (I will get you one of these days) and for @NuclearManager for putting up the best fight so far in the CWC. Many props to @Lucas and to @Froopy the Temmie for making the THL sexy and fun again with all the great competitors and rivalries I hope to see continue through the seasons. Some fun stats for everyone: NuclearManager has been UNBEATEN for all league matches faced, 14-0. This is the first time anyone has completed their first two seasons without a loss. blu3st4rdust305 has an incredible 88% win rate in the league and a 100% win rate in the SEVEN CWC's they have entered. Also, they are now 28 matches unbeaten in the league, the longest streak ever (I think). @Master_Mayhem_ and @Sebastian scored the highest combined matchup with 1860.1 points, each breaking the record set by blu3 earlier in the season with over 900 points each. @UGotHitByGunner has scored the THIRD highest total points using the new League scoring (starting in S24) behind blu3's 2339.4 and Andrea's 2208.6 with 2156.1. 166 Platinum trophies were earned during fixture, over 30 higher than the previous record. @Connie became the first achiever on the game Whiskey and Zombies, but set too fast a time and in this unusual event, scored no points. The top 10 scorers for the season had over 1000 points each, the first time that has happened in the league. Next season will be the first time that @Lucas will face off against myself and blu3. I scored the highest I have ever scored in a single fixture and as a total amount of points in my 19 seasons in the THL. Hope to see you all in the new season and with even more records to be broken.
  8. Not had one against you or Meso as of yet, still have to wait on that one. You think you can pull out the big guns mister? 😎
  9. CWC Round 2 Results blu3st4rdust305 (99.8) v ApriIis (13.3) v NuclearManager (80.1) Aprilis bows out in the second round, leaving the current CWC champion and the still unbeaten assassin. Will we have another insanely high scoring final? Will @blu3st4rdust305 win an unprecedented seventh title? Will @NuclearManager have the firepower to defeat possibly the greatest THL opponent ever? CWC Final blu3st4rdust305 v NuclearManager
  10. With one match left, there is still a lot to play for in the league. Platinum League: @blu3st4rdust305 has basically sown up the league win, technically if he loses and I win by over 800 points I can win, but I think that it's a bit of a tall order. The top 3 of blu, myself and @Jello are near enough set in stone. The fight from fourth to eighth can go many ways, but @Krazy_99 has the most points and seems safe in the middle of the pack. @InfinateEternity has been relegated but there is still some fight in @FallacyUnknown. If they win their final match by quite a large margin and either @Arctic Cress, @Wdjat Prinny Doods or @xZoneHunter loses there is a slim chance of survival. Gold League: This is where the fun is happening. 7 out of the 10 competitors changed positions since last fixture and there is everything to play for. @ApriIis can have the Gold title if he defeats @ShogunCroCop, who has yet to win a match and is relegated for next season; but with nothing to lose, will he go all out to salvage one last win for the season? @Mesopithecus and @Lucas both face off to see who will be promoted in a winner takes all match up in the last fixture. @Connie and @Havoc273 are scrapping to see who can finish the closest to the top, but sadly no longer up for automatic promotion. The last relegation place can be taken by any of the remaining four competitors. WIth @Boooda facing @stupid0089 and @freddie1989 facing @TheScruffyton, if TheScruffyton wins and either Boooda or stupid0089 loses, it all comes down to total points scored to see who gets the chop. Nail biting stuff at both ends of the table. Silver League: WIth Promotion and the championship in the bag, @NuclearManager is going for another unbeaten season. Will he make it 16 matches in the league unbeaten? The fight for the final promotion spot is down to the wire as well, with @UGotHitByGunner fighting with @Berendsapje and @Dzware against Elliot. Gunner has the points advantage, but Dzware has the easier match. Beer isn't going to g down without a fight, but one thing is certain about Gunner, big points are almost certain. @madbuk is near enough safe for another season in Silver, but with @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko winning against @DamagingRob in the last match, it has become very tight at the bottom of Silver. If Rob can stop the steamroller that is Anorak, he is almost guaranteed to stay in Silver. If @Elliot can overcome Dz, then he is definitely safe for another season. If Neko can overcome madbuk, total points do matter and with less than 120 points between the 3 of them, this will be close. Bronze League: The match everyone wanted has now come to pass, @Master_Mayhem_ vs @Sebastian for the Bronze title. Sebastian will have to outscore Master_Mayhem_ by over a hundred points to guarantee the championship, but it will be a high scoring affair guaranteed. @cjninja125 is looking to pounce if Sebastian is defeated, but will have to score bigger than Gunner to make sure. We shall see indeed. The remaining competitors don't really have much to fight for in this fixture excep for pride and a better finishing position. @UltraDog177 will finish eighth, but has his pride on the line to beat @Zach and claim a victory at the end of an unlucky season. Hoping for Fireworks to end Season 35!
  11. There are some tweaks, but most of the rules are still the same. See previous posts. Which account would you like to use? I've tried to answer all questions that I have seen above. The competition did start on April 1st, I'm just updating the page as I haven't had access to a computer to update very well. I'm sorry I haven't been updating or answering questions. I haven't had much access to a computer to update things very well and have been struggling irl. Hopefully everything is going to be on track and we can have a lot of fun playing RPG's again this year.
  12. Preferably, the games you believe are RPG's, keep a note of or post in the thread to show what the % is so that points can be updated accurately. You can have one PSN account to use in the event. Please let me know which one. All games count, but only the trophies earned with the Plat/100% completion will earn points. If you have a version you haven't completed, then you can play it. Points will only count for the game if it isn't autopopped, and if you are playing both two versions for example, the game you finish first will count. If this is voted for to be added, I shall add it to the Most Wanted List. If this is voted for to be added, I shall add it to the Most Wanted List.
  13. Answering questions: Autopops have been disallowed since the issue with FF7R was brought up. I do agree though, that points that are not put into the thread will not be counted, makes my life easier. The Veto rule would apply to games that you believe don't count even if the tags say that it is. On all of these, I am still keeping the usage of platinum rarity over using time as a metric for scoring. I find that using both just adds extra guesswork and there is no real solution to using timing. Callouts will be reduced to 2 games, but will be allowed to be free to give to whoever as with last year. The option of a callout shouldn't be restricted or be randomised. Stacking is still an issue. Remasters and Enhanced editions are just basically the same game with a slightly different trophy list. Main exceptions to this are Shadow of the Colossus and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But I feel that if the trophy list is fundamentally different, then the game should be allowed. I am allowing the use of voting whether a game should count as an RPG. I am still using the 3 sites as a base for whether it should count, but considering that the people playing the games will have a better idea whether it should count, that should be taken into account. If the tags on PSNP, TT and/or PST show that they are RPG, then yes. If you believe the game is definitely an RPG, then you can champion it here.