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  1. --Insert Cool Banner Here -- After people expressed interest in this event and its relaxed rules, I asked @jemmie if he would like to do another one for this year. He advised that he might participate, but isn't around as much as he used to be on the forum. So, with his blessing, I am going to run the thread in his stead. Here is the eloquent original opening paragraph to get you in the mood. Have you ever played a game that was super fun, yet the trophies were unbearably hard to the point where you thought the platinum was outright impossible? I certainly have. With enough practice, maybe, but in this day and age, where new games are aplenty, and many of us trophy hunters are trying to maximize our plat count, these seemingly impossible games get lost and forgotten. Well, NO LONGER! I won't bore anyone with the details, but recently, my passion for trophies has reignited, revisiting games of old that I once thought were hard. I even managed to plat Persona 4 Arena Ultimax last year, arguably my hardest plat of all time. That's when I got the idea, why not make an event out of SURPASSING YOUR LIMITS? Starting October 1st (12am GMT), I will embark on an epic, year-long journey, trying to plat some of the games I thought were impossible to plat. I encourage others to do the same, taking on old foes and sharing their progress throughout the year. Here are the rules: No judgment. And that's it! I would prefer if games had at least one trophy earned (we're trying to clear our backlogs, not expand them), but I won't be too strict on that. Enter with as many games as you want, providing dramatic commentary for each game if you wish. My list of games will follow (and hopefully a banner as I don't want to steal the original) and we can all go forward and SURPASS OUR LIMITS!!!
  2. I have another game down on my backlog: Darksiders: Warmastered Edition - 2 years, 5 months - 19.04% Going for F1 2016 and Apotheon at the moment.
  3. If @jemmie doesn't mind, I might revive/create the sequel for October. Depends on how many people would be interested in trying to Surpass Their Limits!
  4. No-one can confirm it unfortunately, that is why it is a blanket rule for everyone.
  5. We have reached the official end of this event. Next is the role call of all the completed games for the event. So, to the completed games! @jemmie - @eigen-space - @dmland12 - @Mesopithecus - @Sardavanua - @Walt the Dog - @Leon Castle - @Edunstar84 - @Surge3Beast - @Xillia - @Arctic Cress - @Giulian_Steel - @Yomako01 - @Tigerhull92 - Congrats to the 31 completed games, so many people have surpassed their limits. I hope everyone will keep pushing to finish those games they think are unfinishable.
  6. @Lagoon Aris I'm back to being an Artifex Master, once again.
  7. Here are stats as of September 3rd: @Ampplaca Original Starting PCG: 53.67% August Starting PCG: 55.52% Current PCG: 58.35% Month Increase: 2.83% Total Increase: 4.68% @ArdorTichy Original Starting PCG: 50.15% August Starting PCG: 53.48% Current PCG: 53.48% Month Increase: 0.00% Total Increase: 3.33 % @Arctic Cress Original Starting PCG: 69.95% August Starting PCG: 69.80% Current PCG: 70.57% Month Increase: 0.77% Total Increase: 0.62% @Caju_94 Original Starting PCG: 80.70% August Starting PCG: 79.23% Current PCG: 79.17% Month Increase: -0.06% Total Increase: -1.53% @Dinkus83 Original Starting PCG: 40.44% August Starting PCG: 46.32% Current PCG: 46.88% Month Increase: 0.56% Total Increase: 6.44% @Ehilmar Original Starting PCG: 58.28% August Starting PCG: 58.84% Current PCG: 58.91% Month Increase: 0.07% Total Increase: 0.63% @Fuzedog_ Original Starting PCG: 66.00% August Starting PCG: 69.57% Current PCG: 69.34% Month Increase: -0.23% Total Increase: 3.34% @gazdavis11 Original Starting PCG: 30.00% August Starting PCG: 34.17% Current PCG: 34.36% Month Increase: 0.19% Total Increase: 4.36% @HappyGuySmiley Original Starting PCG: 64.64% August Starting PCG: 68.04% Current PCG: 68.41% Month Increase: 0.38% Total Increase: 3.77% @kingofbattle8174 Original Starting PCG: 47.50% August Starting PCG: 54.20% Current PCG: 54.94% Month Increase: 0.74% Total Increase: 7.44% @ladynadiad Original Starting PCG: 87.20% August Starting PCG: 93.00% Current PCG: 93.79% Month Increase: 0.79% Total Increase: 6.59% @Lagoon Aris Original Starting PCG: 57.61% August Starting PCG: 61.89% Current PCG: 63.13% Month Increase: 1.24% Total Increase: 5.52% @Psy-Tychist Original Starting PCG: 57.09% August Starting PCG: 60.84% Current PCG: 61.19% Month Increase: 0.35 % Total Increase: 4.10% @Sofa King Original Starting PCG: 73.94% August Starting PCG: 75.28% Current PCG: 75.59% Month Increase: 0.31% Total Increase: 1.65% @Squirlruler Original Starting PCG: 76.75% August Starting PCG: 82.27% Current PCG: 82.29% Month Increase: 0.02% Total Increase: 5.54% @VASORAT13 Original Starting PCG: 35.90% August Starting PCG: 36.08% Current PCG: 35.42% Month Increase: -0.66% Total Increase: -0.48% @willythom88 Original Starting PCG: 33.30% August Starting PCG: 33.46% Current PCG: 32.95% Month Increase: -0.51% Total Increase: -0.35% @xEl_Cidx Original Starting PCG: 79.00% August Starting PCG: 81.29% Current PCG: 82.02% Month Increase: 0.73% Total Increase: 3.02%
  8. Updating my stats for the month: Stats when joined:Platinum trophies: 136100% completed: 231Completion: 56.99%Stat changes during the year:Platinum trophies: +49100% completed: +57Completion: +4.03% I also completed Goodbye Deponia for the new months theme and fits the HC requirement too.
  9. Sorry to here that bud. Would you like me to update in your stead, or you happy to let it go til October? In any case, we'll be here for when you get back.
  10. I concede to @AvengedEvil, I don't think I can get 27 Platinums in 3 days
  11. I have 2 games I think that fits this months theme. Pyre Played for KYCX (Another Event) Many animal type companions including a Demon, a Fish-Knight, a Dog and a Bog-Witch. And a Tree-Man. (HC) Battle Chasers: Nightwar No extra challenges completed for this, just outside on many options.
  12. No competition this time @grimydawg, or is that for next time.
  13. A little update on games completed so far: Backlog Games: (PS4) Color Guardians - Completed 01/02/19 (PS3) Minecraft Story Mode: Season One - Completed 16/02/19 (PS3) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal - Completed 18/02/19 (PS3) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay - Completed 18/02/19 (PS3) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan - Completed 19/02/19 (PS3) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial & Execution of Guybrush - Completed 19/02/19 (PS3) Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God - Completed 19/02/19 (PS4) Bridge Constructor - Completed 11/03/19 (PS4) LEGO Marvel Superheroes - Completed 18/03/19 (PS4) Deponia - Completed 25/03/19 (PS4) Chaos on Deponia - Completed 01/04/19 (PS4) Yesterday Origins - Completed 06/05/19 (PS4) Adam's Venture: Origins - Completed 07/05/19 (PSV) Jack N' Jill DX - Completed 20/05/19 (PS4) The Inner World - Completed 06/06/19 (PS4) Batman: Return to Arkham City - Completed 10/06/19 (PS4) Ratchet & Clank - Completed 18/06/19 (PS4) Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Completed 17/08/19 So, completed one more from the backlog..... and 15 other games between that point.
  14. Update Post for Previous KYC Events: KYC 3.0 Flame Over ➡️ 24% Grim Fandango Remastered ➡️ 100% Nom Nom Galaxy ➡️ 1% OlliOlli ➡️ 5% Resident Evil (PS4) ➡️ 4% Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones ➡️ 15% The Swapper ➡️ 100% The Swindle ➡️ 9% Titan Souls ➡️ 20% XCOM: Enemy Unknown ➡️ 0% KYC: CYOA Oddworld New'N'Tasty ➡️ 7% CastleStorm ➡️ 0% de Blob 2 ➡️ 0% Sonic Adventure ➡️ 0% Ether One ➡️ 0% Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 ➡️ 0% Kinetica ➡️ 0% Styx: Master of Shadows ➡️ 0%