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  1. At the half way stage, there is a considerable gap opening up for @blu3st4rdust305 over @xZoneHunter with an estimated 189 points to zero. Will xZone deny blu3st4r his 100% record in the CWC? 12 hours to go...
  2. I always aim to complete a backlog game a month, but not any joy this year. Although I did finish LEGO Batman 2 on the Vita. Hopefully I can finish the Performance Tests on Transistor for a double month completion. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes All 32 Trophies 26th July 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 1 month VITA S RANK 6916 100% 24.70%
  3. Well balls, I knew that @blu3st4rdust305 might be sandbagging but I didn't know by how much Maybe another year, might I might make it. 4 CWC, no wins. Good Luck to everyone else!
  4. Thats the end of the first fixture of the CWC. Everybody competing ( @blu3st4rdust305, @Ichiban-Hybrid, @xZoneHunter ), sync up and scores should be posted at 2am BST, 3am GMT, 4AM in Belgium and 9pm CST. Unless I fall asleep and it'll be sometime after that. 😴
  5. @Tearbaer, @xZoneHunter you both killed it this season. I know it's early, but I think we have our CWC competitors. Platinum - @blu3st4rdust305 Gold - Psy-Tychist Silver - @Ichiban-Hybrid Bronze - @xZoneHunter @ShogunCroCop will confirm later today, but the CWC will start in 6 hours. Good Luck to everyone competing!
  6. Yes, I will check those that are classed as Turn Based and add points as necessary.
  7. No! I was looking forward to these bouts that would become legendary. Keep swinging and come join the hard hitters
  8. @Laburnski I can see you really have an explanation After checking PST and TT, TT has this weird term called Turn Based as a genre. From my understanding, Turn Based is a mechanic in games and not a type of game to be defined. Also, nearly all the games in the Turn Based genre also share RPG or Action-RPG as another genre. Therefore, if Turn Based is a genre on TT it is classed as an RPG. I'll update the scores when I have access to the internet properly.
  9. One day, I hope to get close to this goal. Right now, getting under 8000 trophies is first. And still difficult.
  10. Fixture 9 Scores: Platinum League microsamm (60.8) v (6) X18JELLO18X Arctic Cress (53.1) v (23.8) Wavergray blu3st4rdust305 (70.6) v (7.3) Krazy_99 Gold League Psy-Tychist (21.2) v (0) ShogunCroCop stupid0089 (32) v (57.5) GTA_Darren (1) Boooda (15) v (0) theshywaterguy Silver League FallacyUnknown (9.6) v (48.6) Flex_Da_Brent OmegaFenron (22.4) v (8.1) odie8391 (1) Ichiban-Hybrid (38) v (0) TheScruffyton Bronze League Obscure_Ale (2.3) v (247.3) Wdjat (2) xZoneHunter (245.6) v (9.6) freddie1989 Sptj7 (0) v (116) Tearbaer (2) Let's have a good Final Fixture!
  11. @Kishnabe Slay the Spire and it's DLC aren't classed as RPG on TT and PST. @Laburnski 13 Sentinels isn't classed as an RPG on any of the sites. @Leon Castle The minus points would be -10 for Genshin Impact. Based on my calculations the score for Genshin Impact's Base Game would be 71.13 if all trophies are completed and the rarest trophy is 6.87%. I'm nearly updated with all the scores soon, hopefully I will have more time soon. DLC is separate from all other calculations. If you have a Call Out or Double or Triple game with DLC, the DLC is calculated based on the trophies earned only.
  12. Well I just updated my Plat list with all 27, how many 100 Non-Plats do I have... #A King's TaleBeyond EyesClicker Heroes (UR)Dead Space Ignition Expand FlOw (UR)Gone HomeHell Yeah!InsideJourneyKung Fu RabbitLara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (UR)MachinariumNeon Chrome (UR)One Eyed Kutkh Papo & Yo Q Race the Sun (UR)Skylar and Plux: The Adventure on Clover IslandThe FallUltratronValiant HeartsWhispering WillowsXeodrifter (UR) Y Z
  13. I enjoyed Toren, however short it actually is. I don't know 2 of those games, but the rest I have waiting to be played. I would have joines in, but my games are all being saved for other competitions at the moment. Haven't popped a Plat since 16th June...
  14. I might as well see how many I have on here: # - 11-11 Memories Retold A - Alice: Madness Returns B - Batman Arkham Asylum C - Control D - Dead Nation E - Everything F - Final Fantasy XIII-2 G - Guacamelee! STCE H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - InFamous 2 J - Jazzpunk K - Knee Deep L - L.A Noire M - Murdered: Soul Suspect N - N.E.R.O O - Ord. P - Puppeteer Q - Queen's Quest 4: Sacred Truce R - Resident Evil 5 S - Salt and Sanctuary T - The Sexy Brutale U - Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception V - Volume W - Wolfenstein: The New Order X - X-Blaze Lost: Memories Y - Yesterday Origins Z - Zero Time Dilemma 27/27 Updated and complete.
  15. I have been slacking a bit on updating the scores, but hopefully will have all updates done by the weekend and all questions answered. I blame having a baby and getting ready for its arrival