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  1. What's your 800th Platinum to be?

    1. blu3st4rdust305


      Not entirely sure yet. None of the games on my horizon have a particularly eye-catching platinum tile or name. 


      It will most likely be Creed: Rise to Glory.


      Thanks for noticing!

  2. Less than 2 hours left and the final is close, with possibly the highest score ever in a CWC...
  3. I'll remember to update this sometime... Assassin's Creed: Origins - 98% --> 100% Mine my Mind - 50% --> 96% Lone Survivor - 93% --> 100% Fez - 28% Word Search by POWGI - 26% Gravel - 30% Dissection - 11% White Night - 12% True Fear: Forsaken Souls - 94% --> 100% Completed the last trophy for Assassin's Creed Origins and also the last ending trophies for Lone Survivor. I enjoyed the shift in gameplay for AC with origins and Bayek was actually a fun and realistic protaganist. Will have to do Syndicate or Unity next. Lone Survivor is very much along the lines of a broken psychological horror with many hidden mechanics (you will see pages of what you did do at the end). Also upped my UR count by about 12 which helps. Mine my Mind, I have the platinum for, just need to perfect the DLC sheets and will be rid of the game. Should try White Night again, might need some pointers from a guide as I am a bit lost.
  4. Here are the scores for the final fixture of Season 33! Platinum League (2) Krazy_99 (165.4) v (210.6) Psy-Tychist (1) microsamm (11.5) v (13.2) UnwaveringSoul_ (2) blu3st4rdust305 (177.5) v (65.5) GTA_Darren Gold League ShogunCroCop (10.6) v (0) Ichiban_Hybrid X18JELLO18X (63.7) v (37.8) stupid0089 Arctic Cress (73.3) v (52.2) FallacyUnknown Silver League Boooda56 (0) v (89.2) xZoneHunter (1) LucasV9991 (4.6) v (0) TheScruffyton Tearbaer (0) v (166.9) man_with_wdjat Bronze League (1) OmegaFenron (91.2) v (6.2) sui_staR Obscure_Ale (0) v (0) Sptj7 freddie1989 (9.4) v (79.8) InfinateEternity
  5. Here are the scores for Fixture 9! Platinum League microsamm (0) v (63.9) Krazy_99 (3) blu3st4rdust305 (322.9) v (285.1) Psy-Tychist (4) UnwaveringSoul_ (0) v (69.8) GTA_Darren (1) Gold League stupid0089 (96.3) v (0) Ichiban_Hybrid Arctic Cress (34) v (15) ShogunCroCop X18JELLO18X (25.8) v (19.4) FallacyUnknown Silver League Boooda56 (2.5) v (0) TheScruffyton xZoneHunter (4.6) v (10.3) Tearbaer LucasV9991 (11.3) v (7) man_with_wdjat Bronze League OmegaFenron (29.7) v (0) Sptj7 freddie1989 (9.3) v (6) sui_staR Obscure_Ale (0) v (49.6) InfinateEternity
  6. @mareepx I enjoyed Gravel and I originally just installed it to get some points in a competition. I will have to reinstall it and have a proper go. @ladynadiad I haven't got my PS3 hooked up at the moment, but I enjoyed what I played of Witch and the Hundred Knight. Brothers I really should finish, I have no idea why I haven't sat down to just enjoy it yet. The POWGI game, I'm slowly working through and going to pop all the trophies at once. @Shadowlord87 Another game I have to dedicate some proper time to. Well, after AC Origins I think this could be my new Open World game. Thanks to all the recommendations!
  7. I finally have my third UR game and my second UR Plat ever finished! Lone Survivor (Vita) 100% flOw (Vita) 72% Completion Hand of Fate - 74% Completion Neon Chrome - 100% Completion flOw (PS4) - 100% Completion With Lone Survivor and other games played I have nearly doubled my UR trophy total this year alone. Maybe I can get to 100 UR trophies by the end of the year.
  8. I can't remember how many swaps I have left, but in any case, I'm going to have a little rearranging to my list. Knytt Underground - 4% Completion ➡️ Lone Survivor (Vita) 93% flOw (Vita) 72% Completion Hand of Fate - 56% Completion ➡️ 74% Neon Chrome - 100% Completion flOw (PS4) - 100% Completion So I'm changing Knytt Underground for Lone Survivor. I just have the Blue Ending and the Yellow Ending to get. Some progress in Hand of Fate, but still needing to get the Warlord cards before I can get all encounters and all cards. Will try to get all Dragon Relics and doing the Lion Prince run with some luck.
  9. I'm up to date until the start of October I believe. Once I start doing October, I will make a sweep around and check I haven't missed anything. Thank you for bearing with me, hopefully I can keep up to date from now on better than I have.
  10. Here are the scores for Fixture 8: Platinum League (2) blu3st4rdust305 (251.4) v (91.5) Krazy_99 (1) microsamm (5) v (60.4) GTA_Darren (1) UnwaveringSoul_ (2) v (35.7) Psy-Tychist Gold League ArcticCress (13.3) v (0) Ichiban_Hybrid stupid0089 (20.6) v (35.3) FallacyUnknown X18JELLO18X (46.9 v (33.9) ShogunCroCop Silver League Boooda56 (6) v (4) Tearbaer LucasV9991 (14.5) v (43.4) xZoneHunter (1) TheScruffyton (0) v (10) man_with_wdjat Bronze League OmegaFenron (36.1) v (21.8) freddie1989 Obscure_Ale (0) v (4.3) sui_staR InfinateEternity (77.6) v (0) Sptj7
  11. An actual update from me? Assassin's Creed: Origins - 50% --> 98% Mine my Mind - 49% --> 50% Lone Survivor - 30% --> 93% Fez - 28% Word Search by POWGI - 26% Gravel - 30% Dissection - 11% White Night - 12% True Fear: Forsaken Souls - 94% --> 100% I earned a trophy in Mine my Mind and will go back to it when I feel the need to get the DLC trophies. Lone Survivor is nearly finished, just trying to find a good way of getting the Blue Ending and then a quick last playththrough for the Plat. True Fear I did finish after startimg it 4 years ago, so it was nice to see that disappear off the backlog. If they bring out the last part of the trilogy, then I will see how it ends.
  12. A goal I have left for the year is to try and get under 8000 trophies unearned overall trophies and under 6500 unearned without DLC. Just need to stop playing new games...
  13. I nearly forgot to post my September game on the form. True Fear • EU All 36 Trophies 28th September 2021 • Platinum in 2 years, 6 months Wasn't planning on using this game, but I'm glad the patch worked.
  14. I'm hoping that I can make concerted improvement in my percentage before the end of the year. I already missed the boat on a lot of games multiplayer aspects that will always keep me from coming back to certain games but hopefully I can make it 3% increase by the end of the year. Any recomendations for games they enjoy that I haven't finished yet, let me know
  15. Scores for Fixture 6: Platinum League UnwaveringSoul_ (0) v (56.9) Krazy_99 (1) Psy-Tychist (88.9) v (35.9) GTA_Darren blu3st4rdust305 (81.5) v (5.6) microsamm Gold League (1) X18JELLO18X (35.3) v (0) Ichiban_Hybrid (1) ShogunCroCop (102.9) v (11.2) FallacyUnknown ArcticCress (11.5) v (4) stupid0089 Silver League Boooda56 (0) v (46) LucasV9991 (1) xZoneHunter (6) v (14.6) man_with_wdjat TheScruffyton (38) v (0) Tearbaer Bronze League OmegaFenron (17.4) v (0) Obscure_Ale InfinateEternity (37.8) v (4) sui_staR Sptj7 (0) v (49.3) freddie1989