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  1. It doesn't. Maybe more of a personal journey. Is Encouragement the wrong word, would Drive, Impetus, Persuasion or Belief be better choices? I find it hard to not finish things, even though obstacles get in the way I still would like to try finishing what I can. There may be others who share this sentiment
  2. Completed Queen's Quest 3, still back to Artifex Master. Even if the game glitched out 3 times on me.
  3. Over the Edge - The Push to Completion. Over the years, I have had many attempts at completing my backlog. It is still an ongoing process and I have tried many ways to make it seem fun and not a chore. Over time though, we get to a point in games where we feel we have done enough or realise that there is a huge grind to get to full completion. They sit on the shelf or in the digital space waiting for us to get back to them but never do. This is where I am inviting people to try and get through the tough challenges, the NG+ playthroughs, the grind and those niggly trophies that just won't pop. The idea of this thread is to push to finish the games which have been forgotten or have that one long-winded trophy left. Completion is not strictly for the Platinum but doing DLC is at the participants choice. This thread was inspired by Jem's Surpass your Limits and by the Backlog Challenges arranged by @Gretchen27 and @Paleblood. The criteria I am using for this thread is as follows: Above 70% completion of the base game if it has a Platinum. Above 60% completion for a game without a Platinum and no DLC. DLC can be entered but preferably if the game has already been Platinumed or the base game fully completed. The thread will run until the end of the year and see what happens. (Addition of games to be added)
  4. The Challenges for June Pt.2 1. Get a trophy that has the letter J - Just a Scratch - Inner World 3. Get a trophy that begins with the letter N - Ninja - Blasting Agent 9. Get a trophy from a game that is originally released in the month June or July - Bearded Brother - Blasting Agent (June 2017) 15. Get a trophy that has all the letters S U M M E R in the trophy name - I Can Hold my Breath for 10 Minutes! - Gryphon Knight Epic 17. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A K E R in the trophy name - Never Had an Enemy Like You! - Gryphon Knight Epic 18. Get a trophy from a game in the genre: Platform - Yeti - Blasting Agent 26. Get a trophy that has all the letters D I S N E Y in the trophy name - Orion is your Friend - Gryphon Knight Epic 29. Get a trophy from a Playstation Plus game - Time for Science! - Nova-111 (Feb 2016) 30. Get a trophy from a Playstation Now game - Speed Racer - Nova-111 33. Get a trophy from a game that has a soundtrack - Repulsor Shield - Blasting Agent 35. Get 2 PSNP Rare trophies - Campaign Gold & Perfect Freeflow 2.0 - Batman: Return to Arkham City (10.17% and 11.55%) 39. Get a trophy that is rated PEGI 3 or 7, or rated E for Everyone - Bomb Diggity - Nova-111 Another 12 challenges done for a total of 21.
  5. I DID IT! I finally have done the Perfect Freeflow 2.0 challenge on Batman: Return to Arkham City to get the Platinum. So after 1 year and 3 weeks, Batman: Return to Arkham City is done (well, not the DLC fully yet). Just need to go back and do the PS3 version now....
  6. Going better than expected on the game front, here's the next update: Gryphon Knight Epic (PS4) - 1% 14% Amnesia: Memories (Vita) - 1% The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PS4) - 17% Blasting Agent (PS4) - 37% 62% Nova-111 (PS4) - 5% 25% Completed the first world of Nova-111, getting a couple of miscellaneous trophies on the way. Still a very cute little puzzle type game. Completed up to Level 3 on Hard in Blasting Agent, just the latter half to go.
  7. As an ongoing dip into the void that is my backlog, I thought to do a little wrap up of what I completed in the first year of this thread. Games Completed from the Backlog: 39 (PSV) Root Letter - Completed 01/02/18 (PS4) Ultratron - Completed 04/02/18 (PS4) Doodle Kingdom - Completed 04/02/18 (PS4) The Fall - Completed 21/02/18 (PS3) Puppeteer - Completed 22/03/18 (PS4) Salt and Sanctuary - Completed 25/03/18 (PS3) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Completed 09/04/18 (PS4) Clicker Heroes - Completed 28/03/18 (PS4) South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Completed 24/04/18 (PS4) Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum - Completed 30/04/18 (PS4) Guardians of the Galaxy - Completed 04/05/18 (PS4) Back to the Future: The Game - Completed 08/05/18 (PS4) Seasons after Fall - Completed 08/05/18 (PS4) Monopoly Plus - Completed 22/05/18 (PS4) Her Majesty's Spiffing - Completed 23/05/18 (PS3) Tekken Tag Tournament HD - Completed 05/06/18 (PS3) Tekken 6 - Completed 05/06/18 (PS3) Jurassic Park: The Game - Episode 4: The Survivors - Completed 05/06/18 (PS4) Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - Completed 30/06/18 (PS4) Riptide GP2 - Completed 16/07/18 (PS3) CONTRAST - Completed 26/07/18 (PS4) Journey - Completed 09/08/18 (PS4) Blues and Bullets - Completed 10/08/18 (PS4) The World of Nubla - Completed 18/08/18 (PS4) Firewatch - Completed 18/08/18 (PS4) Dead Synchronicity - Completed 20/08/18 (PS3) Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse - Episode 1 The Penal Zone - Completed 26/08/18 (PS3) Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse - Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak - Completed 26/08/18 (PS3) Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse - Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain - Completed 26/08/18 (PS3) Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse - Episode 4: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls - Completed 26/08/18 (PS3) PooYoos: Episode 2 - Completed 26/08/18 (PS3) Sam & Max: The Devils Playhouse - Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep - Completed 28/08/18 (PS4) HIQ - Completed 28/08/18 (PSV) Sound Shapes - Completed 30/08/18 (PS4) Jazzpunk - Completed 07/09/18 (PS4) Lara Croft GO - Completed 13/09/18 (PS4) Orc Slayer - Completed 17/09/18 (PS4) The Unfinished Swan - Completed 28/11/18 (PS4) Child of Light - Completed 28/12/18 Games bought/played after Backlog: 38 (PS4) Monster Jam: Crush It! - Completed 09/02/18 (PS4) Titan Attacks! - Completed 09/02/18 (PS4) Dark Mystery - Completed 11/02/18 (PS4) Nightmares from the Deep 3 - Completed 20/02/18 (PS3) Daytona USA- Completed 20/02/18 (PS3) Frogger Returns - Completed 04/03/18 (PS4) 36 Fragments of Midnight - Completed 25/03/18 (PS4) Little Adventure on the Prairie - Completed 27/03/18 (PS4) Slyde - Completed 02/04/18 (PS4) Enigmatis 3: Shadow of Karkhala - Completed 16/04/18 (PS3) Super Hang-On - Completed 02/05/18 (PS3) Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsegumi - Completed 03/05/18 (PS4) Inksplosion - Completed 11/05/18 (PS4) Grim Legends 3: The Dark City - Completed 11/5/18 (PS3) Brave - Completed 22/05/18 (PS4) North - Completed 22/05/18 (PS4) Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends - Completed 04/07/18 (PS4) Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition - Completed 10/07/18 (PS3) Doodle God - Completed 20/07/18 (PS4) Persian Nights: Sand of Wonders - Completed 20/08/18 (PS4) Gem Smashers - Completed 27/08/18 (PSV) Doodle God - Completed 06/09/18 (PS4) NBA 2K19 Prelude - Completed 06/09/18 (PS4) Mr Massagy - Completed 07/09/18 (PS4) Hex Tunnel Touch - Completed 22/09/18 (PS4) Super Kids Racing - Completed 07/10/18 (PS4) Puzzle Showdown 4K - Completed 03/11/18 (PS4) Noir Chronicles: City of Crime - Completed 17/11/18 (PS4) Super Destronaut DX - Completed 02/12/18 (PS4) Midnight Deluxe - Completed 02/12/18 (PS4) Fullblast - Completed 03/12/18 (PS4) Jack N Jill DX - Completed 04/12/18 (PS4) Ruckus Rumble - Completed 04/12/18 (PS3) Virtua Fighter 2 - Completed 08/12/18 (PS4) Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne - Completed 09/01/19 (PS4) Tetra's Escape - Completed 12/01/19 (PS4) Devious Dungeon - Completed 13/01/19 (PS4) Guacamelee! 2 - Completed 24/01/19 Overall 39 games 100% complete from my original backlog and 38 games purchased which have also been completed. I have reset the date to the 1st of February 2019 to continue with the event moving forward.
  8. Just downloaded all the games, so time to get to work. Gryphon Knight Epic (PS4) - 1% Amnesia: Memories (Vita) - 1% The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PS4) - 17% Blasting Agent (PS4) - 10% ➡️ 37% Nova-111 (PS4) - 5% Finally beat the boss of level 4 of Blasting Agent but Level 5 glitched on me, so no trophy for that yet. Hopefully be finished later today.
  9. Ah, so you're doing the traditional way to get the trophy. That's cool. I'm just stuck on doing Perfect Freeflow 2.0 and the Plat will finally be mine.
  10. Liking the variety in your choices of games, I think I am being far too trophy whore in my approach. Hollow Knight is one of my favourite games of recent years and I am still disappointed in myself that I haven't finished the Colosseum of the Fool (that comes a lot later). Just a couple of quick tips without spoilers: For starting out, always pay attention to Cornifers humming, he may not be accessible in some places immediately, but his maps are very helpful. Alongside this, buy the Wayward Compass to help with exploring, unless you like to memorise every place you need to go Try out new charms, find fun combinations that work for the way you like to play. Watch out for Jellyfish in Fog Canyon, they will be the death of you. Remember that Sly is a greedy bug, but he has many things you really need to progress the story and make you stronger. If you find a Simple Key, go to the right of Dirtmouth and unlock the door to find Confessor JiJi. She will bring your shade back if you feed her Rancid Eggs. Hopefully, it wasn't unwarranted this advice and you enjoy Hollow Knight to the fullest.
  11. It may have been addressed, but how is Arkham City coming along?
  12. I am back to Artifex Master after completing Modern Tales.
  13. I thought I should try this somewhat, so I have a list of challenges completed so far. The Challenges for June 6. Get a trophy that has at least 3 words in the trophy name that contain the letter E - Chapter 3: The Abandoned Dynasty - Inner World 10. Get a trophy that has exactly 1 letter F in the trophy name - Windfall - Inner World 11. Get a trophy that has all the letters C R A S H in the trophy name - Schnapps-Dealer - Inner World 14. Get a trophy that has all the letter C A N C E R in the trophy name - Chapter 2: The Secret Place in the Root Forest - Inner World 16. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A R I O in the trophy name - Master of Stirring - Inner World 19. Get a trophy that has all the letters F E S T I V A L in the trophy name - Chapter 1: The Quest for the Silver Fosfos - Inner World 24. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A R V E L in the trophy name - Campaign Silver - Batman; Return to Arkham City 32. Get a trophy where the first letter in the trophy name matches the second letter in your PSN username - Suicide - Inner World 36. Get a PSNP Very rare or Ultra rare trophy - Perfect Knight - Day 2 - Batman; Return to Arkham City
  14. It is mental indeed, but enjoy the fiddling about. You will get trophies without trying on some parts.
  15. @MarkusT1992 I completed the story for Uncharted 4 for May, so a silver rank please. In April can I use a skip and have LEGO Batman 3 used in its space. Hopefully, I will have Batman: Return to Arkham City as the HC one for June. Stats when joined:Platinum trophies: 136100% completed: 231Completion: 56.99%Stat changes during the year:Platinum trophies: +27100% completed: +35Completion: +2.64%