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  1. It has an RPG tag on here and looks a lot like Salt and Sanctuary mixed with Code Vein. So it will be fine for scoring points. Apologies for the quad-post but everything is up to date as of this post. @Sendai-Horatio I need a Double Point Game to fill in for Monster Hunter Sunbreak please. @serrated-banner9 I still need a Double and Triple Point Game to fill in for you. @CokeEnnyday I haven't got any games for your Double and Triple Game slots, can you let me know if you still want to be in the competition as soon as you can please. If I don't hear anything by the end of June, I'll assume you've lost interest or forgotten about this. So, @YokA_sun has exploded into the lead after finishing all the FF Pixel Remasters and @Taruta13 has jumped into third place not too far behind @Laburnski and just ahead of @SWWDevereux. @fisty123 is very quiet so far this year, very unusual indeed. Besides them, @acasser (because of 9th Dawn), @ApriIis (because of work), @kingofbattle8174 (because I am unsure why), @Lord_Bane999 (because of online shutdowns) and @serrated-banner9 (because they haven't platinumed a game since February) are the only ones to not score points as of yet. It is a long year ahead and lots of time to finish all these fun RPG's that are coming out or are already out. Keep having fun!
  2. What was the completion % at the time? If you don't remember I'll use the one I found today at 20.74%.
  3. So the calculation would look like this: 100 (base score) + (3xG, 8xS) = 34 (trophy points) - 24.04 (platinum rarity) - 15 (50% completion before event) = 94.96 points scored. 94.96 points x 3 (call out multiplier) = 284.88 + 50 (seasonal stacker) = 334.88. Hopefully that helps and congratulations for finishing up your call out!
  4. If some of them autopop, it shouldn't affect scoring it. If it is a considerable amount that autopop, then it's a slightly different manner. Currently, it should be fine. Sorry, for the late reply. You can join in the discussion here about the RPG's that everyone is playing, but the scoring competitors are locked in for the year.
  5. You can put the difficulty as easy as you want, depends on what challenge you want from the game. Some tips on the assists: Lower the braking assists a little, the game likes to force braking early when you can get away with a lot later braking. Change the dynamic racing line to through the corners, it will allow you to come up with lines you like and learn the track some more. There are some great setups available online for certain tracks, but the default settings worked just fine for me. Try and do at least 3 of the test programmes to help get resource points but also to help learn the track and how the car responds. If you need any help with the online portion, send me a message.
  6. Game 4: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight You better Leaf her alone. Current Percentage: 70.53% +0.03% Trophies Earned: 0/10 - 0% Time Played: Roughly 90 minutes Amount of cats found: 2 Momodora is a game I found when watching the Australian Youtuber Indeimaus who described it as Boobborne. Besides the blatant titty reference, the gameplay was not influenced by Bloodborne but more closely resembles a stripped down version of Megaman mixed with Salt and Sanctuary. The story that I found out in the little time I played went something like this: You play a priestess who has come to cleanse the nearby city of Karst where a curse has been infecting the land and it reached her village. To enter the city of Karst and see if she can end the curse, the priestess has to find several crests to open the seal to the source of the curse. The game itself plays like a metroidvania but has the feeling more like a platformer in the style of Megaman. Graphically, it is a very pretty pixel-art game and the sprites are all very cute and individual, it has a lot of charm in the game with very distinctive backgrounds. The first area is a forested area with imps before getting to the city of Karst which does borrow heavily from Bloodborne in design, even though they were released close together. Further areas move underground and into other dimensions such as ice and fire as well as an underground location that seems damp. All these areas feel different and have specific enemies that fit these places. You have a physical attack which can be a 3 hit combo using a maple leaf and you gain a bow early on which you can use indefinitely and it fires a lower impact shot which you can spam as well as charge up for a more powerful volley. You can roll through most attacks and you come equipped with a double jump from the start of the game. From what I have seen in the game, you gain no improvements to your attack or defence but you can find several heart containers hidden around which will increase your maximum health and you can find and buy charms and items which would have passive effects as well as activatable effects. I've only found 2 of these so far, but I expect that there will be many more. The game has 3 difficulties to start with, Easy, Normal and Hard and beating Hard will give you the final difficulty, Insane. Each difficulty will give you a different pool of health to start with and Hard has a paltry amount which would mean dying in less than 3 hits in the beginning. Even starting on Normal, the enemies are no slouches and you are not hand-held through the tutorial area and boss. I died more times to the imps that I did to the first boss. I found out a little secret about the bosses in the game after beating the first one, if you beat them without taking damage, you get an item from them. I've only defeated the one boss but I assume that the others will drop some fun things when I get to them. Trophy wise, you have to do nearly everything in the game to actually get trophies with only two miscellaneous trophies able to be completed before the endgame. At least 3 playthroughs will be required to get the 10 trophies with the hardest being probably completing it on Insane difficulty and completing the game without dying. Truly something I will struggle with, but the game is cute and interesting, so hopefully that will drive the completion onwards. Overall the game is fun and easy to play with some difficulty to everything that you come across, whether than is the basic enemies, the platforming or the bosses. It is not a game for the faint of heart and takes the difficulty and playstyle of Hollow Knight and mixes it with Blasphemous. If that sounds like fun, give this a whirl. Next Game: Superhot
  7. Game 3: The Midnight Sanctuary Death never solved anything. Current Percentage: 70.53% +0.03% Trophies Earned: 11/11 - 100% Time Played: Roughly 5 hours. Poisonous Mushrooms offered: 14 The Midnight Sanctuary is a completely story driven game with no missable trophies. The company CAVYHOUSE has made one other game in The Sealed Ampoule which uses the same Art Style but seemingly this has a gameplay loop. You 'play' as Hamomoru Tachibana, a pastor who is brought to the village of Daiusu with the hopes of modernising and bringing visitors and tourists to the quiet village. There is a lot of talk about the fact that the village is Christian and that is somewhat of an oddity. After looking it up, Christian villages were not deemed trustworthy in Japan and were very few and far between. This factor seems to be much more evident early in the story, but peters out quite quickly and isn't mentioned again until the end. As you progress, you go around various places in the village, such as the Well, the Back Street and the Library and talk to the locals. In the process Hamomoru comes to the conclusion that the 'Saint' that they worship here would be a great draw for tourists and bring trade through the village. I won't spoil the story because it is genuinely a little creepy and has a fun little mystery to it, but revelations keep coming after Day 3 until the final Day that she stays in the village. It is a very unusual game to look at, the sprites are very PS1/2 era ideas and overly shiny. The backgrounds are bare and very basic in what they are and show and remind me of some of the Yarzoe games I played from the old Playstation magazine demos. All of the main characters are voice acted (in Japanese) as well as most of the spare cast (all named Villager X with the X being any letter within the alphabet), which is a nice touch but a little odd that they couldn't think of naming most of the village. The most striking part of the game is what the villagers look like. The sprite is the same for every one, but they are black. What stands out the most is that the robes they wear are the static image above and when they move, the image doesn't move but the villagers have different parts of the image depending on where they are on the screen. It is very disorientating to start with, but you just accept this style choice as meaningful by the Developer for some reason. You do no movement what so ever, you only choose to go to different places and hear what dialogue is relevant to the time and day. In the corner of the screen is a Note which is quite interesting as it shows the differing values and goals that the main characters and villagers are in tune with at that moment. At the advent of most days, there is a poem or lyric that has relevance to the twists that occur during that day. One day, the note was just full of hearts for some reason, I took a screenshot because it was just weird in my opinion. Along with these notes and lyrics, a song started randomly about halfway through the game which looked like an edgy music video from the early 2000's with lyrics in-keeping with the twist you found just found out Midnight Sanctuary is a Visual Novel in the non-traditional sense but tells a story which is quite compelling to read and tackles a lot of mature themes within the narrative. The game also doesn't shy away from the macabre and the ending is sincerely sad. If this was written as a graphic novel, the story would be a great read. As a video game however, the style choices don't sit well with me and the lack of any real gameplay choices make it quite a boring playthrough. I would recommend this as a stand alone story but as a game it falls quite short of enjoyment. Next Game: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
  8. This does seem interesting and in line with what I have wanted to do this year which is clear up my backlog and reduce the number of games just sat on my Library. Quick questions: 1. Is there a limit to the types of games you can put on your list? For example do games that are Shovelware count towards points or are they ignored? 2. When posting a list you can only put games that are below 33% completion to begin with or is that flexible? 3. With games that are unstarted and not on the profile, do they all have to be declared before completion or can they be completed and just added on after? I'll start with 10 games to begin with that I will begin in June, currently I have no WiFi and no working TV, so it will have to start in June. 1. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle - 25% 2. Creaks - 18% 3. Captain Cat - 18% 4. Super Exploding Zoo - 25% 5. Remothered: Tormented Fathers - 9% 6. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - 9% 7. Underland: The Climb - 10% 8. Sokocat Combo - 12% 9. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition - 31% 10. The Dark Prophecy - 0%
  9. Apologies for being absent for the last week, I have been very busy with my final assignment and currently the Internet is cut off. I will answer questions when I the Internet is reconnected because using my phone is hard to keep track of everything. By the end of May can anyone who is changing their x2 and x3 games from Sunbreak please post in the thread or DM me. @ApriIis I haven't forgotten your DM also.
  10. After checking my 2022 entry and only being two squares off of a full Bingo, I had to try again.
  11. No worries, sometimes you just need an extra pair of eyes to see those easy bits I really want to play Edith Finch sometime, I just have to get some backlog off first. Well as long as you have a couple flying characters, doing the overworld shouldn't be an issue. There are 9 panels that give you all the bits to find in the overworld, bar the collectible missions. The guide on here is nice and thorough to help you too. I will always ask this though; Any reason you haven't finished up the Arkham games?
  12. Yes, the Word Search game is a massive grind. Best to do maybe 3 or 4 wordsearches in a session and just repeat each day or so. I need to finish mine, but I have no Vita at the moment. Some other games that can really boost your completion: LEGO DC Super Villains: As you've completed the story, you should have all the abilities you need to clear the overworld. Intersperse that with the occasional mission to get to 100% and it will take no time at all. If you have all the DLC, each mission takes an hour each max. 10hrs. What Remains of Edith Finch: It seems like you only have misc trophies really left and shouldn't take too long to clear up the 100%. 3hrs. AC: Origins DLC: Some cleanup on what you've started will not take long at all. Probably take longer to download it than to complete the bits you've started. 2hrs.
  13. I know the game ended, but I'm just seeing how much I did eventually finish for this year: B1 - Resident Evil 3 (PS4) B2 - Long Live the Queen B3 - ××× B4 - Hollow Knight B5 - Nexoria - Dungeon Rogue Heroes I1 - xxx I2 - Forgotten Anne (Denmark) I3 - Anna's Quest I4 - Omensight I5 - Deliver us the Moon N1 - Devastator N2 - Bloodborne N3 - Disco Elysium N4 - Cuccchi N5 - The Sorrowvirus G1 - Oddworld New 'n' Tasty G2 - South Park: The Stick of Truth G3 - Nex Machina G4 - Lego DC Super Villains G5 - Sayonara Wild Hearts O1 - Escape Sequence O2 - Bioshock O3 - Garou: Mark of the Wolves (1999) O4 - Spiritfarer O5 - Cat Quest 2 Well, 3 Bingo's and only 2 undone squares is a good year I do think.
  14. It is on the spreadsheet in the OP.
  15. I will say this about Disco Elysium, when playing the game and doing skill checks, don't worry when they fail. There is so much fun and wacky dialogue in this game, just try doing what you think would be funniest and you'll be surprised by the outcome. I really hope you enjoy it. As a side note, my TV is currently busted so I have no idea when I will get to my next games. When I do, I'll post them if I can.