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  1. How I love the optimism.
  2. Overall it is very long winded for a Point and Click/Hidden Object game, but the story isn't half bad. The Second and Third Act does end up being very convoluted in what items you need and where to go. More backtracking than in Metroidvanias. Trophy-wise it's not too bad, it's just having to do all the minigames and HOP in less than 2 minutes each. It's better than when it first released as it was everything in under 1 minute which was physically impossible. True Fear Pt2 doesn't seem to have trophy support right now, unless there is a patch coming sometime in the future.
  3. Everything Time Played: 4.5 hours Trophies Earned: 23/35 - 50% Items Collected: 572/1391 Completion: 62.15% - +0.15% Everything is Something. That something is very hard to explain in common terms. It defies most definitions as a game or even as an intellectual medium. One thing I can say about it is that it doesn't come close to being a game. What it does do is act like a PS2 tech demo that got bigger and somehow decided to put philosophical and existentialist questions into a game where the animals you control cartwheel instead of having a basic walk cycle. This trip inside of Everything begins with a Tutorial telling the player how to interact with the world around it. You move around as a Zebra to start with and can interact with other animals by 'singing' to them and on occasion, you will have a speech bubble that will give some (no) insight into the world and about the world you are in. Eventually, you will have the ability to move between levels delving into the microcosm and out into the vastness of space and also create clones of groups of items and 'dance' as well. One other random thing you will be able to react with is the symbol of Everything and hear an audio file of Alan Watts talking about various philosophical and intrinsic thoughts related to Life and the belief of Life. These will play out in their entirety without having to stop doing what you are doing, whatever option you choose. It took me 4 hours to finish the tutorial, you can complete it faster but the game doesn't allow you to attempt to get through the tutorial until you've traveled through all planes of existence and unlocked a fair few types of creatures and 'things' in the world and universes you find. Even then, you will have no idea how to complete the tutorial unless you've read about the Golden Gates and what they entail. This game is not a game, it's not a walking simulator, it's not a media experience. It is all these things and none of them. It defies convention, yet is constrained by all the ideas of what a game should be. There will be few people who actually like the game itself but you will be fascinated as to why the hell it even works in the small ways that it does. It's like Marmite, you will either like it, or you will feel like you want to throw up due to boredom. Take of that what you will. Next Game: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.
  4. Here are Stats as of December 2nd: @Ampplaca Original Starting PCG: 53.67% November Starting PCG: 61.34% Current PCG: 61.34% Month Increase: 0.00% Total Increase: 7.67% @ArdorTichy Original Starting PCG: 50.15% November Starting PCG: 53.56% Current PCG: 53.58% Month Increase: 0.02% Total Increase: 3.43% @Arctic Cress Original Starting PCG: 69.95% November Starting PCG: 71.77% Current PCG: 70.06% Month Increase: -1.71% Total Increase: 0.11% @Caju_94 Original Starting PCG: 80.70% November Starting PCG: 77.98% Current PCG: 78.03% Month Increase: 0.05% Total Increase: -2.67% @Dinkus83 Original Starting PCG: 40.44% November Starting PCG: 48.95% Current PCG: 50.01% Month Increase: 1.06% Total Increase: 9.57% @Ehilmar Original Starting PCG: 58.28% November Starting PCG: 59.70% Current PCG: 60.66% Month Increase: 0.96% Total Increase: 2.38% @Fuzedog_ Original Starting PCG: 66.00% November Starting PCG: 69.89% Current PCG: 70.21% Month Increase: 0.32% Total Increase: 4.21% @gazdavis11 Original Starting PCG: 30.00% November Starting PCG: 35.89% Current PCG: 36.21% Month Increase: 0.32% Total Increase: 6.21% @HappyGuySmiley Original Starting PCG: 64.64% November Starting PCG: 70.69% Current PCG: 70.69% (87.22%) Month Increase: 1.25% (16.53%) Total Increase: 6.05% (22.58%) - Brackets because of hidden games. @kingofbattle8174 Original Starting PCG: 47.50% November Starting PCG: 54.85% Current PCG: 54.44% Month Increase: -0.41% Total Increase: 6.94% @ladynadiad Original Starting PCG: 87.20% November Starting PCG: 94.14% Current PCG: 94.64% Month Increase: 0.50% Total Increase: 7.44% @Lagoon Aris Original Starting PCG: 57.61% November Starting PCG: 63.35% Current PCG: 64.59% Month Increase: 1.24% Total Increase: 6.98% @Psy-Tychist Original Starting PCG: 57.09% November Starting PCG: 61.93% Current PCG: 62.15% Month Increase: 0.22% Total Increase: 5.06% @Sofa King Original Starting PCG: 73.94% November Starting PCG: 75.91% Current PCG: 76.03% Month Increase: 0.12% Total Increase: 2.09% @Squirlruler Original Starting PCG: 76.75% November Starting PCG: 82.57% Current PCG: 82.95% Month Increase: 0.38% Total Increase: 6.20% @VASORAT13 Original Starting PCG: 35.90% November Starting PCG: 35.01% Current PCG: 34.98% Month Increase: -0.03% Total Increase: -0.92% @willythom88 Original Starting PCG: 33.30% November Starting PCG: 33.59% Current PCG: 33.81% Month Increase: 0.22% Total Increase: 0.51% @xEl_Cidx Original Starting PCG: 79.00% November Starting PCG: 83.36% Current PCG: 83.51% Month Increase: 0.15% Total Increase: 4.51% Only 1 month left to boost your Completion % before we start a new decade!
  5. In Space We Brawl Time Played: 2 hours Trophies Earned: 0/18 - 0% Challenges Completed: 5/21 Completion: 62.17% - +0.17% In Space We Brawl is an exclusively multiplayer, single-player game. This seems like an oxymoron in terms, but it is the most accurate way of explaining the game. It has no direct story mode to complete at all and all the modes you play involve 3 other players which can be bots. The only other option is to play the challenges which are the tutorials for the game, wrapped up in giving you harder and more complex tasks that may prove useful in the other modes. The game has 3 main modes inside of the Arena Mode; Gladiator, Tournament, and Championship. Each is mostly self explanatory about what they involve but they can all be tweaked if you wanted to work in teams and setting certain win condition levels or difficulty of the bots (if you don't have any friends like me). The game when started has 13 different ships to choose from for your Brawl and eight different areas to choose from, each with their own hazards and chances of powerups appearing. With each area though, you can choose the size of the arena as well; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, each of these being Small, Medium and Huge in size. So kind of like having 24 areas instead of just the original eight. Each ship has its own stats as well as a specific amount of special weapons you can mount on it too. There are supposedly more to unlock somehow, I am unsure how any progression happens in this game. When actually in a Brawl it is chaotic as all hell and very colourful. The ships are brightly lit and the arenas are evocative of the designs on the menu. Imagine Resogun if it was a cartoon and fit on one scrolling screen and you have no idea whether the colourful dots that appear are pickups or otherwise. That is my main issue with the fights that I am unsure of what I can pick up and what I can't. Damage is hard to distinguish unless there is a toggle I haven't found yet and the ships all do feel different. The ships however, all seem to feel like pushing around a biscuit through gravy, once you get moving it's fine but until then it just seems bogged down and heavy. If I had friends, this could be fun, like playing Duck Game, Towerfall or Starwhal, but the charm can't outweigh the fact that there isn't much else to the game. Unlike Duck Game which feels tight and each match moves at a brisk pace, this just slowly meanders in a confusing array of colours and dodgem style ships. It doesn't help that the trophies are all on the super grindy side (4000 alien kills, 2000 player kills, 1000 matches, 250 kills with weak weapons etc) and doing some unusual arbitrary tasks (Commit suicide 25 times, Complete 10 matches in 3 seconds etc). All in all, not a game I am inclined to continue with unless I want 18 UR trophies. Next Game: Everything
  6. Ninja Senki DX Time Played: 1 hour 30 mins Trophies Earned: 0/18 - 0% Levels Completed: 4/16 Completion: 62.10% - +0.10% Ninja Senki was an NES inspired platformer released on Steam/Windows in 2010. Six years later, a re-release was made for consoles under the additional DX name, which prompted newer enemy types, remixed music, and a new colour palette. The game is a basic platformer with all the trappings of a traditional NES game. There are short levels with meager checkpoints. A time limit on the level. Small amount of lives with no chance of getting any more. The only difference is that when losing all your lives, you start from the beginning of the level instead of being put back to the start of the game. You start each level with 5 hits you can take from enemies, but if you fall into any of the pits like Mario it is an automatic loss of life. I liken the game to be a Gameboy version of Ninja Gaiden, platforming with difficult enemy placement. The game is very simple but it has a variety of enemy types, each of them have different move sets or ways of being killed. Over the 4 levels out of the 16 (based on the trophy guide), each level has all different enemies which is a nice touch along with a different level theme. All the music is chiptune and quite funky, it doesn't outstay its welcome considering how many times you will die on the way through each level. I have fought one boss battle so far and was quite simple, but it is early in the game so I expect that the bosses gain more attacks and are much more difficult as it goes on. Trophy wise, this game is evil for the uninitiated. You only get trophies for completing the game (3 relating to how many points you earn), beating bosses under a certain time (5 trophies) and completing challenges and Hardcore mode runs. Less than 500 tracked players have even finished the game out of the 28,500 players who have started the game. I like the game itself, but I feel that it maybe a step too far for me to complete the trophy list. Reminds me of trying to complete the Pantheon of Hallownest... Next Game: In Space We Brawl
  7. Aaru's Awakening Time Played: 1 hour Trophies Earned: 0/15 - 0% Balls Collected: 21/?? Completion: 62.10% - +0.10% Aaru's Awakening is a 2D puzzle game in a hand-drawn style. The game consists of 23 levels overall, which has 3 tutorial levels to show how the general mechanics work. Each world has 5 levels and the 5th level is a boss fight. The game itself is a very basic platformer with an unusual art style which certainly makes it stand out. The story of the game is scant at best, but the basic gist is that you play as Aaru, a ward of Dawn who is one of the four original deities who fought for centuries against his brothers Day, Dusk and Night. Gods brokered a truce between them all which allowed one of them to rule while the others rested. Night has been making plans to overthrow all the others but Dawn created Aaru to put Night back in his place and keep the peace. Aaru has 2 main mechanics at its disposal, a jump into a dash that breaks light rocks and a teleporting bouncy ball of light. Using these moves and the basic jumping to complete levels as fast as possible. Throughout the levels, there are mostly environmental hazards to avoid (falling platforms, poisonous pits, deadly sunshine, golden quicksand pools) but occasionally there are enemies that wouldn't go amiss in a Lovecraftian novel. The enemies and Aaru will die in one hit, but the game respawns you quickly, expecting that this is the normal issue you will have. The boss I fought was hard enough as you had to activate light balls on the main screen and a large one would show up and then the boss would do an attack. The attack was randomised, but as with everything in the game, you get hit, you go back to the start. I couldn't get into the game very well. I found the controls floaty but unresponsive and that the levels were designed to intentionally be awkward and not free-flowing. Design-wise for the characters and the actual backgrounds, it is quite unique and I know that the colour palettes change the further you get into the game (I've only got to the boss of Day so far) to provide more variety. I might go back to it and really try to attempt getting the Gold times, but I think it will be a while before I attempt this. Trophy-wise, all relate to getting the best times in all the levels. Only 12% of people have ever even finished the first world of the game. A good run of the game and you can finish the story in about 6 hours, but getting the gold times will take a good amount of trial and error. Next Game: Ninja Senki DX
  8. Completed Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child which involves mediums and ghosts and visions of the past and possession. Not sure if that covers Supernatural, but might have some more later in the month. Stats when joined:Platinum trophies: 136100% completed: 231Completion: 56.99%Stat changes during the year:Platinum trophies: +60100% completed: +68Completion: +5.11%
  9. So far, 2 people have met their target, several have got close or met it and dropped again. 2 people currently have gone backward from their starting position, but hopefully can make up ground back to equity. Personally, I am close to or around my target which is good as that was my aim from the start of the year.
  10. Degrees of Separation Time Played: 4 hours Trophies Earned: 5/10 - 52% Scarves Collected: 66/133 Completion: 62.04% - +0.04% Degrees of Separation is a 2D puzzle platformer like most of Moondrop's games. Considering they only have three games on their catalog and two of them have actual releases, this Norweigan developer seems to have an area they want to specialise in. I recommend looking at Amphora if you can find it on Steam. The game centres around Ember and Rime, two people somehow brought together but can never touch. This part is not explained by the narrator, although the assumption is that Ember being of Summer and heat and Rime being of Winter and cold meaning they are both opposed and can never meet in the middle. As the game progresses, you learn a little more about the world, a supposed catastrophe that is happening or has happened and a dragon which you help escape at the end of each respected world. The main mechanic of the game is that Ember and Rime affect the environment around them. This is needed to solve the puzzles to collect the scarves that are littered around each world. As with most puzzle games to progress you need to collect a certain number of scarves to open up doors in the hub world labeled as the Castle. Ember makes the background warm and summery, this makes lanterns rise with heat and water is liquid. She also seems to be able to infinitely breathe underwater which is helpful. Rime brings a cold glow to the area, making water freeze, lanterns fall and can create snowballs when rolling logs. Depending on where they stand will be where their respective powers will affect the environment. As you progress through each of the worlds, they each have a unique mechanic related to using the pair together. In the second world, they can create a bridge that is impassable but can also walk on it through thin air to reach areas high up or block vents created by heat. The third world makes whenever they come together to create an explosion which can break rocks or in puzzles use each other like a trampoline to reach higher areas. The fourth world I haven't come across a specific mechanic but their individual area of effect has shrunk to be a sphere just around themselves. That might be the mechanic but I haven't got further in the game yet. Overall the game itself is calm, there is no threat of death (even in the face of a dragon) and the puzzles can be challenging but the main issue is making sure you have the characters doing what you want them to do. I played the majority with my partner and they don't have the same dexterity with a controller as I do and it can be frustrating. When playing as both characters and switching between them, some parts can be easier but the AI is terrible at following you when requested and gets stuck often or just doesn't move to your level when requested. There also isn't a small map to help you around places you've visited so you know what you have and haven't visited which is a little annoying as the characters when moving screens seem to shift closer and further away, making the background seem more claustrophobic and difficult to navigate. Trophy-wise the game is very simple, 7 trophies for collecting all the scarves and 3 trophies for doing a very small non-sensical things in the castle. There is no trophy for completing the game, so you can collect all the scarves and get 100% without seeing the ending (a bit like Teslagrad). I will come back to this and finish the story, but it's not one that particularly sticks out overall. Next Game: Aaru's Awakening
  11. So a month has gone by and there have been some good gains in Surpassing our Limits! @RuneEyesDragon making good progress in Disgaea 5, you think that you might have the game finished by the end of the year? @willythom88 got a lot of games on your plate, you focusing on anything specific? @AuroraHistoire Super Cloudbilt looks like you just need a little bit more grind to finish it. What do you think you will focus on afterwards? @Edunstar84 Congrats on finishing Dragon Quest Builders! Taking it easy or have another on your list you're aiming for next? @jemmie Currently on hiatus at the moment? Working on coming back strong I hope @Leon Castle Congrats on finishing Code Vein, SAO Re: Hollow Fragment and SAO: Lost Song. How many of the 52 games do you hope to have finished by next year? @Together_Comic You look like you are making good progress in Superbeat: Xonic, it looks like you have all the grindy trophies left. How are you finding it? @freddie1989 / @neospoon / @iXanon What's on your agenda to work on at the moment? Saving your list for the new year? @Kevvik Well Done for getting the Platinum for LittleBigPlanet! Are you still going to be working on the DLC, or are you done with the game? Will have another stats update by the end of the month and hoping that everyone keeps pushing their limits!
  12. I'm always up for a return of the league. Reminds me, I need to finish collating all the old records together...
  13. I finally have my games picked out by strange random choice @voodoo_eyes. Nov 8th - Nov 11th - Degrees of Separation Nov 12th - Nov 15th - Aaru's Awakening Nov 16th - Nov 19th - Ninja Senki DX Nov 20th - Nov 23rd - In Space We Brawl Nov 24th - Nov 27th - Everything Nov 28th - Nov 30th - Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Stats at the beginning of KYC XI: Games Played: 622 Games 100%: 298 Completion %: 62.00 Trophies added: 125
  14. Here are stats as of November 6th: @Ampplaca Original Starting PCG: 53.67% October Starting PCG: 60.08% Current PCG: 61.34% Month Increase: 1.26% Total Increase: 7.67% @ArdorTichy Original Starting PCG: 50.15% October Starting PCG: 53.48% Current PCG: 53.56% Month Increase: 0.08% Total Increase: 3.41% @Arctic Cress Original Starting PCG: 69.95% October Starting PCG: 70.75% Current PCG: 71.77% Month Increase: 1.02% Total Increase: 1.82% @Caju_94 Original Starting PCG: 80.70% October Starting PCG: 78.73% Current PCG: 77.98% Month Increase: -0.75% Total Increase: -2.72% @Dinkus83 Original Starting PCG: 40.44% October Starting PCG: 48.28% Current PCG: 48.95% Month Increase: 0.67% Total Increase: 8.51% @Ehilmar Original Starting PCG: 58.28% October Starting PCG: 59.54% Current PCG: 59.70% Month Increase: 0.26% Total Increase: 1.52% @Fuzedog_ Original Starting PCG: 66.00% October Starting PCG: 69.63% Current PCG: 69.89% Month Increase: 0.26% Total Increase: 3.89% @gazdavis11 Original Starting PCG: 30.00% October Starting PCG: 35.04% Current PCG: 35.89% Month Increase: 0.85% Total Increase: 5.89% @HappyGuySmiley Original Starting PCG: 64.64% October Starting PCG: 69.44% Current PCG: 70.69% Month Increase: 1.25% Total Increase: 6.05% @kingofbattle8174 Original Starting PCG: 47.50% October Starting PCG: 54.62% Current PCG: 54.85% Month Increase: 0.23% Total Increase: 7.35% @ladynadiad Original Starting PCG: 87.20% October Starting PCG: 94.57% Current PCG: 94.14% Month Increase: -0.43% Total Increase: 6.96% @Lagoon Aris Original Starting PCG: 57.61% October Starting PCG: 63.47% Current PCG: 63.35% Month Increase: -0.12% Total Increase: 5.74% @Psy-Tychist Original Starting PCG: 57.09% October Starting PCG: 61.38% Current PCG: 61.93% Month Increase: 0.55% Total Increase: 4.84% @Sofa King Original Starting PCG: 73.94% October Starting PCG: 75.73% Current PCG: 75.91% Month Increase: 0.18% Total Increase: 1.97% @Squirlruler Original Starting PCG: 76.75% October Starting PCG: 81.94% Current PCG: 82.57% Month Increase: 0.63% Total Increase: 5.82% @VASORAT13 Original Starting PCG: 35.90% October Starting PCG: 35.05% Current PCG: 35.01% Month Increase: -0.04% Total Increase: -0.89% @willythom88 Original Starting PCG: 33.30% October Starting PCG: 33.29% Current PCG: 33.59% Month Increase: 0.30% Total Increase: 0.29% @xEl_Cidx Original Starting PCG: 79.00% October Starting PCG: 82.26% Current PCG: 83.36% Month Increase: 1.10% Total Increase: 4.36%
  15. Yay, my one trophy in Resident Evil helped!