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  1. Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium is now out
  2. Splitgate trophy list is finally out
  3. Zaccaria Pinball. Only 1,950 players despite being a free game. Ultra rare trophies aren’t that bad if you know the exploit.
  4. I played the game today and it popped. Don’t know what I did wrong, but it popped
  5. I rewinded the game but the “If I could turn back time” trophy didn’t pop. Anyone else have this glitch?
  6. Onigirl for PS4
  7. New season is out and the all seasons trophy is now accessible
  8. Nope, online was shut off in 2018.
  9. Test Drive Unlimited 2. Got the game back in 2011, played it again during quarantine, but the servers are down.
  10. 4/27 Should be 5 if it were not for those blast shards!
  11. You need a staples easy button for this game
  12. Pokemon is REALLY jumping the shark.
  13. Ratchet and clank:FFA No tank you
  14. 35.9% Would be higher if I didn't have 0% on battlefield: bad company
  15. Black ops 2