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  1. Maybe you have a look at this playlist. There is one or more very easy and fast house/way for every trophy. At the end you can nearly sell any house to anybody if you put enough time and money into it and build what the people want. It depends on how you want to play the game.
  2. Maybe this playlist helps?
  3. I think the trophies are a little bit buggy. I got the weapon trophy after a team came back from a quest, and they donĀ“t collect a legendary weapon and the stats say i have 12 weapons. I keept all of my weapons and outfits.
  4. I need a certified item which already has the veteran status and a very rare item. Both only for the trophies. You can have it back after that. I've got: 2 uncommon antenna 6 rare crates 1 painted item 1 rare banner You can have everything if you want. I only want the 3 trophies. Send me a psn invitation. Thanks guys.