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  1. You can play the campaign during your lague battles, it won't affect it. Anyways, just got this trophy! I'm happy Got it fast tho, only got 1 league higher.
  2. Oh man what a beginning. First Omid than Christa. WHen you finally thought you found friends it attacks you (the dog) or throw you in a barn. That pregnat woman is a bitch (literally), the rest seems okay. I think that kid may have autism. I saved that young boy because that old guy was bitten, I believe. And at the end I think it's Kenny who's still alive
  3. 1. TLoU 2. GTA V 3. Killzone: Shadow Fall 4. GoW: Ascension 5. Resogun 6. Killzone: Mercenary 7. Super Motherload (ps4) Honorablle mentions: Beyond: Two Souls, Dead Island: Riptide, Tales of Xillia, Blacklight Retribution (ps4), ratchet & Clank: Into The nexus. I haven't played games like DMC, Metal gear rising, bioshock, ni no kuni and tomb raider yet.
  4. It's annoying when you're wearing a headset though
  5. Strange you guys are having a hard time. At my chapter select it says I died 0 times at the last fight on Hard. This game is too easy in my opinion. At the end just grab one of those rocket launchers and just shoot everything that moves, especially blue shield and people that come close to the stair. Once they breach the stair go down and take cover and shoot them. When that flying thing is ready go immediately there and then shoot everything. Pretty easy imo
  6. It's in the challenge section under online games or at their official site http://shadowfall.killzone.com/profile/DamnTastic
  7. Hi all. I was trying to do the trophy 'Aiden's Apocalypse' in the chapter 'Hunted'. But for some reason I couldn't bring down the church tower... There didn't appear a circle I could interract with. Is this glitched? Am I doing something wrong? Anyone had the same problem? Thanks in advance
  8. Looks more like a tutorial, like vita's welcome park
  9. Don't listen to the reviews, beyond: two souls is amazing :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. skidmarkgn


      IGN isn't the sole "bad review" offender, they're just the highest profile offender... so far.

    3. zadorvp


      I never read reviews, so no problem :P That said, I'm not expecting everyone to like the game (opinions and taste vary), but I hope as many people as possible do ^^

      @damon: It appears Jim Sterling of Destructoid also gave it a "bad" rating (more like an average/meh rating), but that's not even surprising.

    4. CoregBlue


      i never pay attention to reviews anyway. only way to find out is by playing it yourself.

  10. Just got it and I'm loving it! screw those bad reviews
  11. great. Account reseted for the second time ...
  12. I'm not enjoying it atm. I hope R* will expand and develop GTAO in the future. Because how it is now, mehh.
  13. still can't play -.-
  14. haven't changed mine since the release of Resistance 3
  15. just saw the cutscene. But didn't get 'off the plane'