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  1. 1. What exactly is DOOMs and what does it stand for? Long story short, DOOMs is a syndrome of physical conditions and personality conditions. Anyone who suffers from DOOMs has a Chiral allergy. They get a rash like skin irritation from high levels of Chiralium and also they tear a lot from the eyes. They also get extreme nightmares. Extreme cases of DOOMs can cause erratic and suicidal tendencies (Higgs Types). DOOMs occurs because of a connection with an EE. In the game it was said that some higher level of DOOMs can be found in people who were born under certain constellations. They did not explain what the acronym of DOOMs stands for. 2. How does a "voidout" happen? Was explained well above. When a human dies and the body doesn't get burned and when a BT swallows a human. 3. What precisely triggered the Death Stranding? Death Stranding was triggered by the Resurrection of Sam as an infant which violated the natural order of life and death. This caused the eventual Manhattan explosions and the intrusion of the Beach and its inhabitants onto the living world. 4. I've heard that Lou got revived at the end thanks to Amelie, is that true? It's not clear if Amelie was involved but there is a small suggestion that she was. End Game, Lou (Actually Louise) who was thought to be dead is actually alive.
  2. Hey guys. I need some F76 friends if anyone is interested in linking up at some point. I have been playing only solo so far and would like to see how it plays co-op. PSN: sethsaysstfu I have a mic
  3. Mal Rodilla-Ternera is a glitched trophy for me, Narco Road DLC
  4. Good to know! Definitely loved his beard & hair look. Thanks for this!
  5. I have played every single AC game, beyond casual play, have studied the lore, and I would say I am a hardcore AC fan. I hated every AC game after Black Flag. I must say, this is the best AC game I have played so far. Hoping they can build off of this character like they did with Ezio (and they should have done with Kenway)
  6. By any chance did you load the roster before you started your franchise? After you download it, you actually have to go to a different screen and load the roster, and then you start the franchise with the new roster. I almost messed it up on this part too, and that might be where it's messing up on for you.
  7. This worked for me. It took me about 15 minutes to do. For those that it didn't work for, did you follow all of the instructions exact?
  8. I got it doing a level 28 mission and I was on level 30. My partner was level 28.
  9. Nothing has been officially announced yet but it's safe to assume that we will see some sort of DLC in the future. It IS Far Cry and Ubi we are talking about.
  10. Hey BlindMango, Keep up the phenomenal work buddy!
  11. Resogun. No competition.
  12. It's thing like this that you do Sly that make me so proud and honored to be a member of this site. Absolutely breathtaking work. Changing the game.
  13. I was extremely excited to play this game the day it was first announced. When I first started playing it, I was disappointed in it. I didn't really start enjoying the game until I got up to Chapter 3. Finding locations is a pain in the ass in this game. Not worth the $60 I dropped into this game, but definitely a game people should give a shot when it becomes cheaper. I give it about a 6.5/10 review.
  14. Please add me guys. Need some new buddies. sethsaysstfu is my PSN
  15. Fallout 4 needs to be announced already.

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    2. REDSHIRT64


      Been waiting forever...

    3. ANTIOX_


      The one thing I hated about it was how bleak the world looked!

      I know it's supposed to but everyone except for me had a problem with killzone 2 being bleak but it's ok in fallout 3?!?

    4. USATheBigMan1991


      Sooner or later time will come