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  1. Matic best signing of the season, bossed that midfield. As for our attack.. Great start, hope we maintain this form throughout the season. Been a while since we played this well at OT.
  2. wtf is going on? Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea all conceding 3 goals
  3. Go ahead, idc. If you've never done it, how do you know it's complicated? Who said they charge 6 times more? You're making baseless assumptions. If you've never heard of PCPartPicker, you've clearly made 0 research while building your PC. I'm finding it hard to believe you even own a gaming PC at this point. You don't need to spend ages, again if you've never used it how would you know? Hiring someone is an option, it's not necessary. I guess every Vita, PS4 game etc on play asia is stolen too, oh boyyy. Easy to make assumptions and cry that something is confusing or difficult when you've never tried it yourself
  4. I only considered the Pro as it's the latest console on the market, I could have considered the PS3 too but you would probably say that's not a fair comparision. Dunno what TV you're using but I've never had any problems in using my PC on a TV, even with a HT attached too. You can take a console if you want, idc, like I said it's personal preference. Optimization currently is way easier than what it was last gen, consoles and PC run on the same architecture now. PC needs a little extra effort to make the game run on all the different SKU's, porting from PC to console is easier than before, but console to PC requires a little extra effort which most devs aren't even putting. Some games like BF1, Destiny 2 are built from the ground up on both PC and consoles, while Arkham Knight was just a lazy port which ended up being horrible on PC. Those papers aren't accurate at all, the research is usually done based on a small group of people, I know because I did one myself. You can't equate that to an entire population. There are many different factors that affect that. Like I said, if you don't want a monitor, you can still use a TV. You'll only be limited by the refresh rate on modern TV's. You can use sites like PCPartPicker to easily see what parts are in your budget, what the power consumption is, compatibility, where to buy etc. You don't need to spend 120quid on windows, you can get it for way cheaper on other sites, I got my genuine copy for $20. "And yes, I did completely ignore that you can buy the parts and "get it built by someone" option, because you can buy a broken PS4 on eBay and have it refurbished if you like" That doesn't even make sense, in what world is that the same thing as getting a PC built yourself with new parts? The entry cost is high, no one's denying that, but it's much cheaper on the long term due to upgradability, that's all. PC Gamers don't have an ego at all, you're just generalizing based on some people, same can be said for console gamers "everyone is a 12yo who wants to bang your mom". It's not as expensive as people make it out to be, anything is confusing if you don't learn to use it, and no it's not expensive to get it built if you buy the parts. I'm gonna stop now, I think I've said enough, all down to your preference. Good day!
  5. Those articles don't speak for all people, I myself am proof for that, I've never had any problems with prolonged use. There are a lot of factors that affect that. Did you even see the specs of the monitor? I'm sorry but just comparing prices based on size is beyond stupid. And like I said, Samsung isn't the only option. You also completely ignored the part where I said you can buy the parts yourself and "get it built my someone" for a relatively cheaper price than pre-builts.
  6. 1) Agreed 2) You don't need to know computer science to build a PC, it's like putting together expensive legos. If you're really paranoid, most hardware shops assemble it for you for a pretty cheap price if you buy the components yourself. I agree parts are expensive outside the US, but the same can be said for consoles. PS4 was almost $700 at launch in my country, add another $60 for PS+, it's not a good investment for something that can be used just for games/streaming at that price. Software's like GeForce experience updates your drivers regularly, Windows 10 does the same for other hardware. You don't need to manually do it. There are plenty of sites on which you can save your PC specs and it'll tell you within seconds if your hardware is compatible and what settings/fps you can run the game. 3) "If you're going to game on PC, you're doing it because you want the high end graphics" Wrong. PC has its own exclusives too and can run older games too on one single hardware. Some people also prefer K/B for games. There's plenty of other reasons too, not because they want high end graphics (this is a minority IMO). You can easily tell the difference between 30, 45 and 60fps. Play GTA 5 on a PS4 and then play it on a PC at 60fps or higher, there's a huge difference. Not just GTA, even competitive games like R6 Siege, Overwatch etc. There's a reason PC's are used for competitive gaming. 4) I agree the DRM bit is BS, but still you're not limited in terms of quantity of games. If your old console breaks down, those older games are unplayable on newer consoles. Wanna play them? you'll have to buy a new console again, that's a pain in the ass, especially if the console is no longer in production. 5) "The refresh-rate, colour display, sharpness and brightness setting on a PC monitor are bad for your eyes after prolonged use. It causes eye strain and it's why your eyes always feel tired if you've spent more than about 30 mins reading these forums" That's not normal, I use my laptop pretty much the entire day in Uni and it hardly strains my eyes. You can always turn down the brightness to suit your eyes if they're really that sensitive. Refresh rates of a monitor don't affect your eyes at all. That's bs. All monitors are standardized at 60hz. You can get bigger monitors too Not just from Samsung, but from Asus, BenQ and LG too. At the end it's all down to preference, I use both a PC and a PS4. Prefer some games on PS4 and some on PC. But PC is easily the better investment imo, even though it's more expensive.
  7. Proprietary hardware limits what a dev can do, they're limited to one specific SKU. That's the biggest flaw of consoles. You cannot compare a laptop to a full PC/Console, they use completely different hardware to reduce power consumption. GTX 900 series especially was severely dumbed down on laptops. A desktop 950 will easily outperform a PS4 in lower settings. I never referred to that persons comment, I said $500 taking into consideration a PS4 Pro costs $400 + $50-$60 for PS+. A PC will last longer if not as much a consoles typical life cycle, even if it doesn't and you did proper research, all you would need to upgrade in 3 years is the GPU. The GPU you already have will still have some resale value 3-5 years down the line, in terms of consoles, you would have to replace the entire system. What's better? A $400 console + $60 for PS+ every year and later spending another $400-500 for the latest console or $500-600 on a PC and a $150-300 (maybe more) GPU upgrade? If you're building from scratch, sure you need to buy the peripherals, but if you look out for sales and buy from various retailers and like you said, sites like ebay, you can save a lot of money. And no, you can't bring a monitor's price into this. You can still connect a PC to a TV. And no they're are not finicky, you might have used cheap cables. My HTPC has no problems with an HDMI on my Bravia, you're only mainly limited by the refresh rate. Most TV's have game mode to reduce latency and perform better for gameplay. "if you're upgrading the PC, it's not a $500 PC anymore." Same can be said when you buy a new gen console, it's not $400 anymore. I'm not making 2+2=5, wtf is that analogy? You're saying AAA devs with a nearly unlimited budget have an excuse when a game has a shitty port? Indies, I would agree (most of them run better on PC anyways) but AAA devs have no excuse. It's pure laziness and favouritism towards consoles to make more $$$$.
  8. Consoles run everything on low-medium settings, there's no special optimization on the modern consoles, they run on the same architecture as PC's. Too much customization doesn't make things tougher, also there are pre-set settings for low, medium, high etc. Set it on low-medium (what console's usually run on) and your PC will run the game way better than a console. Consoles can't even hit a stable 60fps on majority of games on those settings, a budget PC with a RX 470 or 1050ti will easily cross that mark. You don't need the best hardware to beat consoles at all. Even a $500 PC will last longer than a console and it's upgradable and does more stuff than a console. The occasional shitty ports are due to the laziness of devs, it's not hard at all to optimize games for different hardware. FFXV had issues due to the CPU on the Pro bottlenecking everything, its the same reason why Destiny 2 is gonna be locked at 30fps even though the GPU on the Pro is almost good enough.
  9. Steam prices are miles better than PSN prices even without sales, especially if you wanna buy a game on launch.
  10. That second hand market is limited to your locality, it differs everywhere. Some countries, like mine don't even have a second hand market for games due to less demand. Steam sales on the other hand are the same worldwide, for everyone.
  11. PC's aren't actually expensive though. Anyone can look at pre-builts and complain about the price. Custom DIY PC's are expensive right now only because of cryptocurrency miners buying all the GPU's, it'll die down soon and prices will come down. They're are actually much cheaper on the long run, cheaper games, can be easily upgraded and no paid online bs. Both have their own positives and negatives.
  12. I don't think I've seen that many Vita games even in a video game store. Nice collection.
  13. Looks like I won't be re-subbing when mine expires. Oh well, might as well use this as an excuse to play more SP games.
  14. You can use these threads to find more friends Welcome to PSNP
  15. Sounds like coil whine, it's pretty common in the Pro models especially on boost mode.