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  1. Have you tried clicking the reset button and then charging? When I had used my DS4 on my PC for a while and then paired it again with my PS4, it refused to charge. Clicking the reset button and then using a mobile charger fixed it.
  2. I doubt MS even cares about having their own exclusives anymore (hence why they're getting timed exclusives like PUBG, RoTR recently etc.), X1X was probably made just so they can have that "most powerful console" tag and hopefully pick up sales (and try to drag in a few PC users too). Only way I see this is, as more healthy competition in the console industry, this will make Sony more competitive, maybe drag down the prices or offer better bundles/deals (hence more sales). The moment one company dominates the other, the consumer loses. This is the sole reason why PC's have been considered expensive, simply because AMD had been slacking and there had been no competition for Intel/Nvidia until recently, causing them to charge whatever they want for their 'better' products. Good competition is always better
  3. Why were you anticipating big annoucements then? You were so convinced Sony was going to announce something big to take momentum off Xbox, before the event. I told 'ya they won't announce/reveal anything big. MS doesn't need anything big anyways, just the marketing of their new console with the whole 4K bling and "6 teraflops" tagline will get them enough sales out of hype. They aren't even competing directly with Sony anymore. They can just market their console as a 4K Player or kinda like a HTPC too. Multi-platform titles will get them sales, since they'll run better, added to that the benefit of Backwards compatibilty. I hope sales for all 3 consoles gain momentum though (PS4/X1/Switch), it's good for the industry.
  4. I removed Bellerin and put in Danilo, changed captain from Lukaku to Kane. fml
  5. Yeah you can't upgrade an AIO as far as I know, probably best to get a new one. If you know how to build a PC / can get one built somewhere, feel free to PM me, I'll help you out with the parts. If not, get one of these pre-builts, the pricing seems to be decent : My recommendations from those : Entry Level , Sweet Spot , High End I linked these, because I'm assuming you're from the US? (Based on your PSN). Keep in mind, you can save a load of money if you build it yourself, but you won't have the privilege of one single company handling the service of your whole PC / one single warranty for the whole system.
  6. Close all possible background processes on Windows, go to task manager>Startup and disable all the unnecessary apps and restart your PC. Maybe you can get by, if you render at 1080p or lower, but those specs are still kinda poop for Vegas. Pentium is outdated and can't handle huge workloads that are put on it by VEGAS, Premiere Pro etc. Assuming you've one of the older Pentiums, it probably has only 2 cores and no hyper-threading which is a big no for rendering software's these days. I suppose a much older version of VEGAS could work fine.
  7. You can't do shit with a Pentium these days. You'll need a newer processor with atleast 4 cores, even a Core i3 struggles with rendering. Core i5/Ryzen 5 and above is the way to go. Also, how much RAM do you have and what GPU? You'll probably need a minimum of 8gigs of RAM or more depending on what resolution you're rendering at.
  8. Pretty easy list, kinda surprised there's no trophy related to the DKT's or Weekend League, that would be a good challenge
  9. Binge watched Season 1-6 at the beginning of this month, and finished S7 too, gonna be hard to wait for S8 to come out. I liked the last episode, but it wasn't outstanding like some of the rest have been. The scene with Mountain/Jaime scared the shit out of me, legit thought he was gone. Hopefully, they end the show well with S8.
  10. Another awful gameweek for me. Kane yet to score, Lukaku missing a penalty, Arsenal getting hammered. It's been an interesting week. #WengerOut is probably gonna start trending now
  11. Got a couple of these recently, changed my privacy settings for messages back to 'friends only'. Just keep blocking those accounts if you don't want to lose the ability to receive messages from randoms. I guess they're are bots? Not sure..
  12. I think MS is slowly converting the Xbox into a HTPC rather than a console itself, like skateak said they're trying to make a unified platform. I think they'll try to expand their market beyond consoles in the future, they did pretty well with the One S with a 4K Blu Ray player + support for Dolby Atmos. In terms of exclusive games, I think we'll keep seeing the occasional Halo/Forza along with timed exclusivity with 3rd party games.
  13. Matic best signing of the season, bossed that midfield. As for our attack.. Great start, hope we maintain this form throughout the season. Been a while since we played this well at OT.
  14. wtf is going on? Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea all conceding 3 goals
  15. Go ahead, idc. If you've never done it, how do you know it's complicated? Who said they charge 6 times more? You're making baseless assumptions. If you've never heard of PCPartPicker, you've clearly made 0 research while building your PC. I'm finding it hard to believe you even own a gaming PC at this point. You don't need to spend ages, again if you've never used it how would you know? Hiring someone is an option, it's not necessary. I guess every Vita, PS4 game etc on play asia is stolen too, oh boyyy. Easy to make assumptions and cry that something is confusing or difficult when you've never tried it yourself