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  1. The Spider-Man game looks fucking sick Definitely gonna be getting it. CoD WW2 looked really good as well. Sony's conference was pretty decent. GoW, Days Gone and Detroit all look pretty nice. Not really interested in Knack 2, I still haven't even played the first game yet. Overall E3 hasn't been as great as I thought it would be, only thing I'm hyped about so far are Xbox One X (never owned a Xbox till date) and the new Spider-Man game. Looking forward to Nintendo next.
  2. Xbox One X looks pretty damn amazing. I hope PUBG is only a timed exclusive on Xbox and will release on PS4 too eventually. Pretty decent conference from MS. Kinda tempted to get the One X next year, high end console with a 4K Blu Ray player at $499 is cheap af.
  3. Haven't had the problem personally, but you could try updating/reinstalling the network drivers.
  4. Sly was already told about this once in the chat by someone iirc. If no action was taken at that time, I don't expect it to change. I do understand what you're saying though, you had to prove your point. But I feel it's better if lesser people knew about it. This thread was made months ago and since then, nothing has changed. Even if the whole community agrees, at the end it's all up to Sly to make the final decision. I fully support the idea of giving us the ability to flag PS4/Vita games though, probably should have been implemented ages ago.
  5. I agree that PS4 and Vita games should be flaggable now, I also think some of the info from the original post must be deleted. It's likely many people will see this thread, this is kinda like free advertising for a software that probably shouldn't even exist, no? (You included a link to the tutorial too) Maybe PM that info to Sly/Cheater Team and keep the thread open for discussion.
  6. I tried to play this game online on Vita about an year ago and couldn't join a match with a friend no matter what. It kept sending me back to the character selection menu iirc. I tried resetting everything, using a different connection, re-installing and nothing worked. The game's MP is just shit.
  7. I just tried it through your profile, it opened the payment portal for both PayPal as well as cards correctly.
  8. Trailer doesn't show much in regards to gameplay or anything really, but looks like Ronaldo might be on the cover. Also, looks like Sony have scored a deal with EA, I hope this means FUT Legends will come to PS4 Here's some more info regarding the different editions which will be available : Edit : Looks like FUT Legends will be replaced with FUT Icons and Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima is the first one. It'll be available across all platforms too! More info here.
  9. If they provided proper evidence, it might have been lifted. OP doesn't seem bothered to do it though. Going on a "cheater, cheater" rant won't solve anything.
  10. Whatever it is, intentional or not, it's still an illegitimate trophy and can't be on the leaderboards. That's all I'm saying.. Up to grimy to decide but I think it will stay flagged, just like every other list with trophies from hacked lobbies.
  11. Also, found this : This is legit because I know people who have been affected by this. Article says PC only, but it might exist on PS3/360 too? Saw this in the article too : I'm not sure how fast the ranking up occurs in a hacked lobby, based on OP's timestamps, it might have taken about 16-20ish seconds to go from 27-100, maybe more. Either OP realised too late or just decided to let it rank him up intentionally. He did have a chance of avoiding it though, the lvl 100 atleast. I also noticed he is part of the Reddit Crew, so if he visits reddit often, he must have known about it. I'm not accusing him of hacking, nor am I saying he's completely innocent.
  12. If he directly turned off the console, the RP may have re-setted and gone back to his initial rank. It happened to me the first time I played the game, I ranked up to lvl 5, power cut occured, and next time I logged in I was on lvl 3 again. If you click 'leave GTA Online' it does a quick save and rank applies, I don't know for sure what happens if you directly close the game. I also found this : and this : It's a three year old thread though.
  13. Illegitimate trophies can't be on the leaderboard, people have been in hacked lobbies in other games too, like some of the CoD's. I don't know if those have been whitelisted, but if those aren't, how is this any different? I do believe your story because one of my friends has been affected by this on PC (Everyone in the lobby were automatically raised to lvl 250). No one's calling you a cheater, you don't have to delete your profile, your only option is to hide the game's specific trophy list if you want to look clean and be back on the leaderboards. I think it's still possible to join gaming sessions on here even if you're flagged, I think that was changed recently. Also, if people are willing to delete you from their friend list just because of a couple of trophies in one game, they probably aren't really friends in the first place, just saying..
  14. I like the idea, but in some cases people might have played the game on a different account or on Xbox, they can still contribute some info imo. Posts which contribute nothing to the process ("I think he's innocent" , "I believe him, he's my friend" etc..) should just be deleted and warning points should be issued (if its done multiple times). Just my two cents anyways
  15. I got all three games on the same account, it wasn't one per account. Should have just gotten all of them on your main via PC Store