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  1. Hi everyone i kinda got this idea from another forum member's thread that sorta failed some people took a dislike to his choice of words Anyway which platinum do you respect the most when you see it on another member's list the platinum can also be on your list too For example me i see gt5 on someone's list and i think wow racing god everytime i see it because i have it my self so i know exactly what they went through to unlock the platinum I fully understand that gt5 is only the top one from the racing games genre and there are a shedload of uber hard platinum's out there The likes of gta, skyrim, final fantasy, rockband etc, so gran turismo 5 is my choice what platinum's out there make you guys stare at your screens in amazement wether you own them or not ?
  2. I was just wondering how many games have you completed to a 100% retail or psn game mine is currently 42 games out of 72 although i do have quite a big backlog because of ps+ games i have still not added them to my profile yet lol how about you lot ?
  3. Hi all thought this would be a good idea for bragging rights basically set the order filter on your psn profile home page to order last played ( which its already on by default ) You can move games that are getting in the way by earning another trophy for said game so it will move to the top of your list Me i have 19 S ranks in a row although it would be more like 30+ if i could 3 or 4 more games out of the way gta4 dlc being one of them Platinums without dlc do count along with 100% psn games and retail games with dlc also count, i used the search function and could not find anything related to it so this post should be ok hopefully
  4. Hi guys just wondering when you first played the sony playstation either ps1, ps2 or ps3 also the first game you played For me it was the ps1 when i was around 12 or 13 i cannot quite remember but i went to help my dad on a plumbing job for a friend of the family When we got there i noticted the guy's son was playing the ps1 my eyes lit up ( my current console at the time was a sega mega drive 2 ) he was playing die hard trilogy driving the yellow taxi squishing random civilian's on the pavements it was sorta like an early gta I sat quite contented all afternoon playing the game with bernard's son passing the pad around my dad was trying to get me to help with the job but luckily for me bernard helped my dad on the job leaving me free to play the game basically bernard said to my dad leave him to play the new toy i will help you on the plumbing job instead (what a nice guy eh ?) This was my first experience with playstation and i have been a die hard fan ( pardon the pun ) of the consoles ever since needless to say i sooned saved up to get my own playstation after playing the console at that job Anyone is free to reply to the thread and share your experience's wether you joined the sony franchise in the ps1,ps2 or ps3 era although i would prefer it if the older generation of gamer's shared there stories Anyway guys and girls there is my story whats yours ?
  5. Hi all just finished gtaV career mode to a 100% thought it would be a good idea to have club for this due to the amount of work involved for this single trophy it took me 87 hour's for this trophy so anyone else in the 100% club yet ? I cant prove i have the trophy right now as the site's update profile section is currently undergoing maintenance but i will update asap
  6. GtaV was my most recent platinum
  7. Hi all not been around the forum's for a while i have been too busy grinding out gtaV recently i just got the platinum trophy a few hours ago I know quite a few people have the platinum but im just curious if any other active forum member's have the los santos legend trophy major respect to anyone in the club it was a killer grind indeed
  8. GTAV platinum is now my most satisfying platinum it used to be gran turismo 5 but not anymore
  9. Just got the gtaV platinum trophy omg what a grind that was but well worth it 0.33 % ultra rare

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  10. I found this on another site thought it was quite funny "With Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games is looking to bring the heart of the playstation 3 experience to a living, offline world, with zero players. Just what you choose to do in that world is up to the server stability. The game combines a persistent and continually expanding world, full of error messages. With a wide array of redesigned mechanics and a huge range of both structured and unstructured error messages for you to read. After you fly into Los Santos, you're introduced a race with zero opportunities for earning money and spending time with any of your friends Having bad experences, and getting into trouble. You can run around on your own, run around some more and run around a little bit more, or band together and form a lonely ego crew. Then tackle a bug, rob a pet, or compete in classic release day issues."
  11. Hi all just recently finished gtaV story mode ( dont worry no spoiler's ) im currently working on the 100 % trophy im currently at 75 % still a long way to go just trying to get it done before the online launches just curious what % the rest of you are currently at in the grind for the 100 % trophy I apologise in advance to forum member's who are fed up with seeing gta topics
  12. All offline trophies done for me 65% on the trophy bar just the online trophies now then the real grind can start for all of us
  13. Just finished everything the offline portion of the game has to offer only the online trophies for platinum can not wait to get started updated my profile but the trophies are not showing up yet oh well nevermind
  14. Welcome to the site good luck mate
  15. Just one offline trophy left in gtaV the one for 70 gold medals all i can say is KIFFLOM !!!!



      Kiffom! Good luck getting 70 medals :D


    2. A12
  16. cheers bro never thought of that so i can prove it
  17. Just fully completed the game and got the 100% trophy took 87 hours just got the stunt jump trophy 200 million trophy and the 70 gold's trophy then its just online for me just starting a crew and already got around 10 members from my old COD clan
  18. them fly under's are a pain on the last one and cant find it anywhere
  19. gta5 story mode finished now comes the grind for a 100%

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      Don't worry to much about the grind you have got another 4 to 5 years until the next GTA.

    2. andyb712
  20. Hi all just spent two and half hours in the queues at the local GAME shop in preston got home half hour for installing the 8.5 gb played the first mission and all i can say is wow forget GOTY i say GOTD instead can't wait for the multi and just a big thanks to rockstar for all your hard work Been a die hard gta fan since day 1 this game has the best visuals and frame rate by far anyone agree with me thoughts ? When i say game of the decade i mean for this genre i fully understand the other titles in the different genre's being in the same league as the gtaV for example final fantasy etc
  21. When i made this post only 56 user's had the game according to this site no wonder i got flamed much like my avatar on the left
  22. My mistake guy's its inevitable that some american's were bound to get a little bit butthurt over this thread it suck's that the game is not yet released in usa but its not often we are first to recieve a game it was never my intention to rub it in that the uk has the game i didnt even consider the timezone difference
  23. Thanks for your comments nice to hear your opinion and at least you didnt flame me for having my opinion thanks dude
  24. Of course you are is that not the whole point of the forum's in general maybe next time i could do a persona is game of the decade thread for you would that suit you better ? Its only because of the major improvements to the handling model for vehicle's the combat mechanics the major visual's improvement gta4 looked dark and miserable gta5 looks warm clean and inviting frame rate is really stable for me at least oh and then there is the dlc what fruits is that going to add The map is insanly huge i just spent half an hour on a cargo train and didnt even cover a quarter of the map and like others have said the online side will seal the deal few games will ever have as much replay value
  25. And why is that i have played all the gta's since day one the original game with the cossie's and countash's gta2, gta london, done san andreas 100% twice once with cheats once without, played gta3, recently got the plat for gta 4, and i also played vice city religiously so i know the gta franchise like the back of my hand so i think i am entitled to my opinion Its my opinion not a fact and im pretty sure gta4 stood up to the test of time or did it not ? game of the decade but if you want to be a smart alec go ahead