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  1. Uber Single or Dating/Married?
  2. Maple syrup. Panamerican/European/Asian Gold Medal or Olympics Bronze Medal?
  3. Mafia 2 was great, really hoping Mafia 3 come soon, what a great news!!!!
  4. David Guetta
  5. Nothing good at all! So sad...where's the good games?!
  6. Any football game, I only need one month playing as Messi and get his monthly earnings!
  7. The fact is, without any competition, consoles and games will be less edgy. Every drop of competition is needed for us gamers get the very best, and what we deserve. Lets hope none of them seases to exist in any gamer area!
  8. Just got home, was outside playing with my son, perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon!
  9. Short haired girls! Do you prefer a very beautiful girl with an awful personality, golddigger, shallow OR an ugly girl with great personality, worships you, dont care about money?
  10. The Strokes
  11. Paninis and Churros
  12. Sound Shapes, it was only 4 bucks and an easy plat!
  13. Led Zeppelin
  14. Yellowcard
  15. U2