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  1. When I first started my trophy hunting journey back in 2011, I did not know anything about the concept of trophies. Coming straight out of PS2 & PC gaming, trophies were new to me. Back when I started, I was playing between Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3, & COD4: Modern Warfare. During this time, I had thought that trophies were in-game rewards developers implemented onto their games. However, being somewhat partially true, I had no clue that trophies were universal for all PS3 games post 2008. Once I found this out approximately 6 months to 1 year later, something inside of me said, "How about I challenge myself to get all the trophies in the games I have & will obtain." Ever since I was successful in doing this with Mirror's Edge as my first platinum, I felt like I achieved something honorary in gaming hobby. That 1st platinum sound was something I could never forget and would love to rewind the clock to experience again. I had became so addicted that I burned myself out by 2016 & 2017. It was not until 2018 - present that I have learned that trophy hunting is something that you should do at your own pace, your own personal gain, and for your experience.
  2. 412. I think I was exactly at 400 before I started playing Sonic Transformed and Street Fighter X Tekken. However, I would like to be in the range of 275-250 by the end of this year. Hopefully that will bring my completion to 95.5-96%
  3. This is exactly how I felt with the JRPG Last Rebellion on PS3. Many people bashed it due to its complex numbered turn based system. But in actually I found it to be quite unique and gave a different spin to how most JRPG's are played overall. In addition to the combat, many people found the story to lackluster and forgettable. But for me, while I do agree it was meh, I wouldn't go as far to say it was lackluster. For the most part the story did make sense and was a bit quirky. It was just hard to feel if the story was supposed to make you feel if there was any true meaning behind it. This can also be because of its short and repetitive gameplay.
  4. After four straight days of practicing this challenge 12 hours+ each day, I finally was able to beat this sucker with a time of 31:39:46 Not the best time in the world, but I could care less. I had such an emotional feeling after beating this, but this was also a great way to snag my first platinum of 2020. Better yet a new decade As much of a pain this challenge was, I still love this game very much and was definitely one of my most favorite games of this past decade. If the trophy list remains the same for the upcoming PS4 Port, I may decide to stack this game in the near future.
  5. As a GT Fan growing up (played GT1, GT3, and GT4), I decided it was time I get back into the series after 10 years of not playing the games. Picked this up for $15 on Ebay and the game shipped earlier today. ^_^ Truly cannot wait to platinum this. Though, too bad I can't pursue the prestigious GT5 platinum due to those 2 online trophies, but at least I can still aim for another prestigious GT platinum in the future... GT Sport Platinum will be mine one day !
  6. All those Kingdom Hearts Platinums. Owning only the 1.5 HD Remix on PS3, I would love to have that set completed. Played a lot of Kingdom Hearts in my childhood with my older brother. Good times indeed.
  7. Love this thread topic idea you've formulated! Being a Ultra Rare Platinum Hunter myself, I feel the exact same way as you do. I still believe one day I can 100% my profile, but it is going to take me quite more time than intended due to college life :/ Anyways, my 10 Ultra Rare Platinums for 2020 I would like to obtain are hopefully these: (The 10 picked are a mixture of games I have started and have yet to start) 1. King of Fighters XIII - 16% 2. Vanquish - 37% 3. Far Cry 2 - 85% 4. GRID Autosport 5. F1 2010 6. F1 2011 (PS3 Version) 7. Sonic All-Stars Transformed (VITA/PS3 Versions) 8. Evil Within (PS3 Version) - 11% 9. Tera (NA Version) (might have complete by the end of 2019 ) - 82% 10. Battlefield Bad Company - 98% If not, then as long as I have the ones with online trophies complete or perhaps just having the online trophies done, then I'll be in good standing.
  8. As a GRID fan, this looks very easy and dumbed down from Autosport (still have to do this) and maybe easier than GRID 2's trophy list. Either way having no online trophies, Fernando Alonso, and it just being a GRID game = instant pick up for me. Though I do see DLC trophies coming out in the future.
  9. My last treasure was the Lost Wrathful Deity Head (Ivory). Took me exactly 34 hours after my second to last treasure Gold Incan - Inca Vessel. Both of these treasures I got from chests. Which shows that the chests should NOT be neglected at all when farming in HA. Throughout this journey, I've boosted treasures for 10-14 hrs a day (only towards the end I've slowed down a bit to about 6-7 due to getting burnout) and was only getting about 2 drops per day (this was when i was below 10 treasures). Though if I had to give any advice it would be to: 1 (perhaps the most important): CHESTS CHESTS CHESTS ALWAYS GO FOR THEM. I'LL SAY IT AGAIN IF I HAVE TO. 2. Always change up the maps (DLC maps are best from my experience) 3. Playing with different people didn't really feel like it changed much, but do it anyway. If finding new people are a problem then resort to find a solid boosting partner and grind till you drop. The treasures wont pop themselves. 4. Don't get discouraged. I came in from freshly 100% U2 (with dlc trophies from scratch) and jumped directly into U3 (also dlc from stratch) on June 18th and had people that didn't believe that I could get everything done in time saying you need 2 months minimum or longer. Well I did in less than that. To those still hunting out there, ignore the noise and focus on the grind and prove to yourself that you are committed to the grind and nothing else matters but you and that lovely 100% waiting to be displayed on your profile. Just wanna give a few shout outs to the ones that really put in the work and helped me achieve this incredible feat @pokwey - U2 @Bolet_a - U2 & U3 @bigpuff18 - U2 @PatinumNumemon - U2 & U3 @Tempestad_cl - U2 & U3 @Whyfire - U2 & U3 @GhostTypenz - U2 & U3 @loolya33 - U2 & U3 + the person I received my last treasure with / whom I did HA regularly on a daily basis with @MrHealthy - U3 (my ethernet pal) @V-Heid @CyberSeadramon - U3 (my Overseer Team) @Leo_Cam2294 - U2 & U3 (person I did most Co-Op Arena Chateau with) If i missed any of you guys i'm sorry it is 5AM here and the bed is waiting to call my name. But you know who you are. Once again, I truly am grateful for these boosters for making this possible. Haven't felt this relieved and excited about 100% a game since my first platinum and 100% ever.
  10. Too many for me to name, but if I had to choose its a tie between these two to be in my Top 5 😊
  11. Here's the link: So if anyone needs to get online trophies on it still, you going to have to work fast. (I'm one of them sadly, and in need to re-buy the game)
  12. Recently hit 108 with Grand Theft Auto IV.
  13. 781 at the moment. Would like to make it 500 or less along with 90% trophy completion or higher. Currently at 88.08%
  14. The trophy images reminds me of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard O.o