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  1. Defeating Elizabeth/Theodore and Margaret is already a huge task to make it worth 6/10 for new comers. These superboss are harder than P4 Margaret and P5 Twins/Lavenza. Quite a joke tbh in terms of difficulty.
  2. Congratulations to everyone! It was really tough deciding which guides are going to get my vote since every guide is of high quality. After spending a day looking through every guide (instead of doing work stuff), here are my votes: Exceptional Trophy Guides: Elden Ring Trophy Guide written by ZOLANTON God of War Ragnarök Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 and Charizarzar Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Final Fantasy X HD - The Remaster Supplement Guide written by The_Kopite Resident Evil - Don't Stop Running | Speedrun Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Tunnel1ngEffect Exceptional DLC Guides: Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker DLC Trophy Guide written by zekunlu and MakoSOLIDER Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion DLC Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 New Author Excellence: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Characters Guide written by Seamndel Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide written by Septomor and OFFICER_OILDAB Retro Enthusiasts: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Trophy Guide written by guyblade Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trophy guide written by Meurtor Exceptional Use of Original Content: Devil May Cry 4 - Bloody Palace Guide written by UnhallowedBlood 五等分の花嫁∬ ~夏の思い出も五等分~ Trophy Guide written by LuckySIime Exceptional Use of Formatting: The King of Fighters XV Trophy Guide written by Mikel93 Spelunky Trophy Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad Guide of the Year: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 100% Walkthrough written by Argandalf_01
  3. I use remote play from time to time and I haven't encountered any timestamp issues.
  4. Congratulations to all our winners for this GOTY! Let us all keep up the great work and produce more quality guides for this year!
  5. Congrats to everyone who were nominated. Lots of great guides this year so it was hard selecting a guide. Anyway, after taking my time going through the guides, here are my top picks: Guide of the Year Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu Trophy Guide Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide by BeforeJam, LuckySlime, and ObsiEez Gameplay Guide Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate Guide by suicideyan DLC Guide Graveyard Keeper - Game of Crone DLC Trophy Guide by SquidGeneral10 Mortal Shell - TheVirtuousCycle DLC Trophy Guide by Plattitudes and GinjAJ Retro Enthusiast Disgaea D2 Trophy Guide by JNSpradlin 仮面ライダー サモンライド! Trophy Guide by soliunasm New-Age Enthusiast Genshin Impact Trophy Guide by Gr4de_04 Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content Alan Wake Remastered Trophy Guide by FIDO1337 Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Formatting Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3- Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez
  6. Might as well give it a try 10:05 after phone dies
  7. Try psdeals.net. It's what I've been using for awhile to check PS3 and Vita deals.
  8. If you are interested, you can join our discord server. There should be guys here who are willing to help and collaborate with you and help with your guide. https://discord.gg/ueS6deby
  9. Congratulations to the new members and keep up the great work guys
  10. I think players who have already played this game before can definitely get the platinum within 110 hours. I got mine in 85 hours. New comers to this game can take up at least 100 to 150 in my opinion. I think that's what I wrote in my guide. Unfortunately the site where I published that is no longer around. Oh well... Not sure what went wrong with your grinding but yeah I think you're doing something wrong. Around that time you should already be almost done with the grid and that includes filling up those blank nodes. You mean Evasion and Accuracy right? Luck affects both of those. As mentioned previously, You will need luck in order to hit the Dark Aeons. Specifically the second half. Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion and Shiva? Sure you can still hit them, might miss a few times. Yojimbo, Anima, Bahamut, Magus Sisters? Good luck even hitting them once without high luck. Unless you plan to Zanmato the superbosses, then you don't need to get those luck and fortune spheres. I think I used bribe on a specific monster for an Attribute Sphere when I got tired farming Fortune Spheres. Forgot which monster was that.
  11. By the way, did you even search and got your hands on the Sun Crest after you have defeated Yunalesca? If not. Welp R.I.P. fully upgraded Caladbolg.
  12. Basically the Ultimate Weapons of this game.
  13. Random battles: Victor. With Triple OD from Celestial Weapons, you have a full OD Gauge in 2 battles. Boss Battles/Arena/Superbosses: Comrade handsdown the best one.
  14. Just come back later when you get an equipment with a No Encounter ability. It isn't that hard anyway since there's a crater spot to farm the bolts.
  15. Congrats to the both of you. My resources which were meant for LUR Birthday Riko went to the Starlight Sailor lims. 50 Green tix and 250 lovecas got me Maki and Eli. With those two new cards, I finally got to replace my weakest Cool URs which are Wedding Eli and Initial Maki to scorers. I'm happy with this Cool team now for µ's. Just need to unlock more SIS slots.