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  1. #165 - Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry Unlock all trophies. Finally able to get it after rage quitting a bunch of times on certain mission trying to get the no damage bonus. It really ticks me off specially when I get hit by an attack that is quite easy to dodge. It's like, you know it is coming but reacts late.
  2. Highway to Hell Complete the game on Hell and Hell mode. Worthy of Legend Clear all missions with S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell. Devil May Cry Unlock all trophies.
  3. A bit early but Happy Birthday to Maki. To my surprise, I got 2 Limited URs lol The new one. The old one
  4. Probably a Marie 2.0 Aeon confidant. Not convinced that she is a FeMC. She's a first year while Joker is a second year and she doesn't like the Phantom's methods. Unless this is a new game, different scenario and perspective or something like that. Oh well gotta wait for April. I'll get annoyed if they do more teasers like "more information on May" after the reveal on April.
  5. Yep that long. MedFes also has been revamped btw. The latest version of the game also buffed Lockers and Healer cards.
  6. Nope. Never had anything like that. If there's anything worth mentioning regarding events, MedFes is back after a year and a half or something hiatus.
  7. tbh I also don't play much SIF nowadays either. I just login, play 2 rounds of songs with x4 lp then quit. Kinda amazed I still get into tier 2 without much effort on events. I dunno about SIF WW but it feels like the players who are tiering on SIF JP have gotten quite low.
  8. Yeah I have NoahFence added. My IGN is Dyne.
  9. So uhh.. Advance Happy Birthday to you Riko? Damn.. That triple Riko UR surprised me.
  10. Yeah it's great they added this feature. It was getting cluttered with all these Promo SSRs of Aqours and Event SSRs we've been getting.
  11. Uh I already quit playing EN SIF so I'm not really updated or following their release schedule. I just re-logged in once to use my remaining gems and try to get that limited Maki UR, which I did btw. Back on topic, I'm not surprised they released the set early, although it is quite late, they are probably just trying to match it with the season. They did a double event and double UR release before which screwed the schedule for EN so changing up some card set release isn't surprising.
  12. And I would assume that is a full team of scorers with high skill levels and almost all SIS unlocked.
  13. ^This. Satoshi pretty much said the reason for your team ending up kinda weak. Tbh, it would be best to have different teams for µ's and Aqours. A team mixed with both is not that good. Do note that there is that 10% multiplier if you use a µ's member on a µ's song, same thing applies for Aqours. If I ever go off sync, I just have a minimum of 2 members that are off and placed on position 1 and 9. I checkout the leader skills of the other units and if you are gonna do a full µ's team, there are also problems with that since it is either subunit specific or year specific so uhh.. yeah I guess you can start with having some more Printemps members since you have Honoka and Kotori idolized. Aqours imo doesn't have a problem since you have that Halloween Yohane.
  14. Just like how you got those animal cards. If there were members you weren't able to get on that special scouting box, they are also in the seal shop. I forgot the seal cost but it should be cheap iirc. Should be available on EN next year.
  15. Hmm.. Tales of the Rays JP did nothing, probably because it is celebrating its 1 year anniversary and also thanksgiving. BanG Dream JP though, all characters got a Michelle head on them. It is a mascot from one of the bands in the game. LLSIF JP did something different this year. Instead of the Alpaca's greeting you, it will be these lolis from either µ's or Aqours that greets you.