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  1. So regarding the two trophies “Horder and Weapon Master” they are know to be glitched and have been since launch. I just purchased all the attachments and equipment and the horder trophy never popped. I tripled checked and restarted my game a few times hoping it would magically pop but it hasn’t. Any ideas on what to do?
  2. Only 13 players have the platinum for this game and I can’t find any info on how hard this game is or if anything is glitchy trophy wise. I want to play it but would like to know if it’s worth chasing for the platinum
  3. Hi, Do you still need this?

  4. I can confirm as well that the method above works.
  5. Could I get some hearts mate? I could return the favour
  6. I tried joint the clan but it needs to be approved by one of their members. I'll post something on the forums and see what I can do. Thanks mate for the help.
  7. Ah okay. Cheers mate. I still haven't found a clan to join and get the raid trophies with. Don't suppose you know of one?
  8. I don't have rise of iron so would that be needed to get this trophy?
  9. The hearts have been given to you my friends.
  10. I'm looking to get all of the online trophies and was hoping to get some help. I'm willing to help anyone in return and work together to get the platinum trophy. Hit me up on PSN marfidude and let me know you've seen this. That way I'll add you and we can get this show on the road so to say eh.
  11. I'm currently 7 hearts away from the Create Trophy and was hoping anyone reading this could help with that? I need to be hearted by 30 people so reaching 30 would be excellent help and much appreciated.
  12. If the servers come back online I'll be on there ready to help people get the platinum as well as get it myself. A great game I never got to 100%