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  1. Did you get the trophy?
  2. Does still work when getting the warchief trophy?
  3. I purchased both in main menu and in lobbies. I mentioned it to the person I spoke to and they replied with a “oh, well that’s bad luck ain’t it” never got a reply after that even when I had so many questions -.- the devs are ignorant and when they last live streamed I asked about it and they ignored me and so many others. Arseholes had a smirk on their faces when reading the comments I bet -.-
  4. I did and no response. When I last spoke to anyone from there I was told “it’s not a priority and isn’t game breaking so the chances of it ever being fixed are unfortunately very low”
  5. So now that it’s hidden can I be back on the leaderboards?
  6. Ah damn. I’ll hide it for now as I’m more proud of leaderboards for my entire library then one game but whenever whitelisting is a thing on psnp I’ll be sure to hide those dlc trophies. Thanks for the fast replies and actually discussing the issue with me explaining it instead of flat out ignoring it like what I was fearing when I saw the option to dispute it just because on other sites when there’s something to dispute there’s been times of no reply or opening for the discussion.
  7. Is it possible to remove the hacked trophies from the leaderboards? Trophies earned from play that are legitimately should always be allowed but not cheated or hacked trophies and that’s something I’ve always said when talking to other trophy hunters but yes I agree with you but like I said in the beginning of this reply, would it be possible to hide those dlc trophies from leaderboards? Just them so I can keep the platinum on the leadboards?
  8. I’m aware of that but I’m being punished for something that I didn’t do. There is no argument about the dlc trophies as it’s obvious that there were not earned legit but they are part of the main game list. My options are hide the game and basically loose a games platinum that im proud of earning and be back in the leaderboards or not hide it and not be in the leaderboards. I can’t hide those hacked trophies as there isn’t an option to hide certain trophies otherwise I would of but I shouldn’t be punished for something that was out of my control and I can’t prove that as it was years ago and there’s no way in hell I could find evidence. I want to be on the leaderboards and I want to have call of duty world at war on my profile cause as I’ve said before the platinum was earned and unfortunately the dlc was attached to the main list which makes this situation unfair for me being forced to do one of two things. Is there any chances to have the game unflagged?
  9. marfidude Call of Duty: World at War The only reason I have the dlc trophies done on my list is due to having a hacker back in the day give me them in a random nazi zombie lobby. You can keep the flag there as I do agree non of them were earned and as such is against what trophy hunters stand for in this hobby. I didn’t Intend to get any of the dlc to begin with but I just more wanted to explain that I didn’t want them, I didn’t go out of my way to have them pop and it’s the black sheep in my trophy list. I wish I could remember the hackers name (not that it matters) but I will say my brother who I was playing with at that time (Thebadskullteen) also got the trophies popped as well with the the games platinum which he was wasn’t even planning on getting. <br /> If I can hide the trophy list I will but I would prefer not to as I earned that platinum trophy and torn my hair out getting it and it would be but renching to have to hide it because I had someone give me instant trophies that weren’t earned nor wanted.
  10. Still nothing with the horder trophy and I did check everything every update since then. They don’t care so if it’s glitched the platinum is unobtainable!!! I just need it too for the plat so that’s a slap to my trophy list and time
  11. The trophy popped for me just after 1000 kills. I hope they patch the trophy for you guys soon cause like the guy above said in all my years of trophy hunting I’ve never seen this lack of help from a developer when it comes to trophies next to EA and army of two when they said not our issue anymore with that mask trophy
  12. So I’ve just bought the game not known of the actual trophy list (I know pretty silly especially for a mp focused game) and while I haven’t started yet I’m concerned that the platinum won’t pop. Do you need to kill players for the trophies or can I winner winner chicken dinner the plat with only bots?
  13. So regarding the two trophies “Horder and Weapon Master” they are know to be glitched and have been since launch. I just purchased all the attachments and equipment and the horder trophy never popped. I tripled checked and restarted my game a few times hoping it would magically pop but it hasn’t. Any ideas on what to do?
  14. Only 13 players have the platinum for this game and I can’t find any info on how hard this game is or if anything is glitchy trophy wise. I want to play it but would like to know if it’s worth chasing for the platinum