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  1. No new trophies with this first DLC
  2. Thanks man !!! Just got it too. I tried to destroy the stationary weapons with allies's bomber maxed up, but except for just one lucky shoot at the end of a match, don't use it, it's a waste of time. Only use JU-88 A. Conquest & Fjell 652 are my lucky combo, in particular, that ones in area A, B, D.
  3. Hi guys, I have just a few hours on this game, but I do not understand what i have to do for this trophy. In which multiplayer mode i have to play ?? And in which circumstances i have to call the 2 reinforcements ??
  4. Thanks Buddy !!! Really Appreciated !!
  5. Yes, it's possible
  6. Pervert-Tesh Gran Turismo 5 Because 2 months, 1 week and 4 days it's not too fast for this game. First Trophy 20th Mar 2013 - Platinum 31st May 2013
  7. So now have just to wait someone to unflag me or have to do something else ?? I don't know why this happend and what to do after i open the dispute.
  8. Thanks man !! I sent him a PM 15 hrs ago, hope he will read it soon.
  9. Hi guys !! I have an issues after i had to restore my profile. I was lifetime premium member but after the restore of the profile i'm no more a premium member. What could i do to restore the premium member ?? Who have to write for it ??? Fortunately i have done a screenshot before the delete/restore profile. As you can see i was for real a lifetime premium member. Thanks for the help !!
  10. Reason: (Too Fast) never eanred that time record..
  11. Like in the video i made, the Lance is available on Suez map, so it can be used in all that map where the horse can be spawn, not just the new one. In fact the Lance is an alternative to the Sword and is only available on the horse and this option is not map based.
  12. Just play Conquest on Soissons Map, than wait near the B Spawn trying not to be to much exposed. If someone else will pick up the Trench Raider Elite Class just camp in the house and it will respawn in 4-5 min. This is the video i made: Thanks to Half_Sober for the Tip
  13. If someone don't know how to easily beat a stage, you can see my video below. This run is not perfect at 100% but almost. Stage 1 & 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Round 49 & 50
  14. I wish to know how to replicate the boss bug, but at the moment i don't know. Totally random
  15. One useful trick to do the Homerunner Trophy is to Keep the movement controller straight for all the run and use the right stick for the changes of direction. If u do that u will go at the max speed the character can go. Also you have to skip the intro because the timer start as soon as the intro start so you have to skip it. For the outro u can skip it too. Hope this helps.