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  1. So there are wired use only? No thanks
  2. Saboteur great game but glitchy as hell. You could probably argue it was never finished the first time.
  3. I use a spreadsheet listing my backlog, time, difficulty etc. Then browse through it too pick what I feel like playing usually based on genre but sometimes I focus on older games with multiplayer aspect in case the servers get shut down.
  4. It might be worth noting there are a few games eg nhl13 that some aspects in this case the multiplayer online pass are specific to a region and will only work in the region they belong. Other seem to match make on servers in the games region so might end up being a bit laggy if its not local. So while games arent region locked some developers have put some roadblocks in place
  5. From everything i have read you cant use the same game on family share and it considers the steam and ps3 the same asuming you used the key.However if you can find someone who has finished it pending portal prof you can use family share on yours to a new account then have them do the same
  6. Definately the saboteur for me