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  1. You'll save some time if you get them during the first playthrough, but they are also insanely easy once you're in post game. A mission like 4-1, which was pretty tough when you first get it is an easy 1-turn map by the time you have a level 30 scout. So yeah, don't fret too much if you can't get them all the first time through. The game is pretty lenient with A ranks though, so you'll probably get a lot of them anyway even without trying. I think I only had 5 b-ranks when I finished the game.
  2. To respond to some comments here: It’s not really diner dash. You can help out at the cafe but you have employees who do the bulk of it. They’ll keep working while you go out and explore, though you do have to stop them from slacking off from time to time. For the most part, recipes are not random. Most are found in parts while exploring. That said, some do come from talking to your employees/sibling. I don’t know how or if those stack up but just make sure you talk to the employees from time to time. Bit more of a kids game than I had anticipated. I haven’t played Harvest Moon so I dunno how it compares but the sim elements are very light. Mostly focused on solving problems for Cafe/inn patrons which is just listening to their problem for a few days then cooking something for them. The rest is just exploring, gathering ingredients for the cafe, and occasionally cooking via a mini game. Based on my current progress, trophies should be pretty easy.
  3. I think you have to play all the other stories first. Then play BB and pick the options about being nice or teaming up with other franchises and the options for not trusting Rachel or Hazama. Also, for the Nu fight, say you were looking for Noel. I think it's the first option for every choice. I was able to get four different endings based on if I said I trusted Hazama and if I believed Rachel had a plan. Plus the normal ending and the cooperative ending.
  4. Most, but not all. For example, none of Makoto's were popping for me. Finally Google Translated them and her first was to play a song with an assist on, which I never woulda done, and her later ones were for using different accessories. Was able to help me focus on getting those ones.
  5. Based on the first few missions of the full game, I'd say it's similar or maybe a little easier than Dark Souls. You get a few more tools that help make it easier, like the living weapon feature. That said, you still have to take it slow and play smart. Nioh likes trying to force you to fight multiple enemies at once which is a recipe for disaster. If you're good and can pull enemies away, the game isn't too hard to get through.
  6. Mostly review copies, myself included. If you think getting a game a week early is something, don't look at my trophies for Persona 4 Dancing. I had the platinum for that a month before the game came out.
  7. There are several ways to unlock costumes and there are 15 total costumes. 1) Missions. There was one costume that unlocked in the main story and another I got in a side mission. I haven't done all the side missions so I don't know how many unlock this way 2) Dusty coins (points? i can't recall). These come from sharing photos online, either just sharing them or showing other players the location of treasure chests (which generates a mission for the other player). There are, if I recall, 3 or 4 costumes related to this. 3) I'm fairly sure one of the treasure chests I opened had a costume, but I can't recall. Most had emotes, photo items, or furniture in them. 4) I can confirm that having a save from the remaster gives you the Spy, Cat, and Maid costumes. I don't know if these are only available that way, but they unlocked for me once I had a save. (I beat the game before learning about this and decided to pop in my copy of the Remaster to try it). It does not seem like there is a way to get the costumes from having the Vita version but I didn't really dig for it. 5) Preorder. I had two extra costumes upon starting the game, and I think they were related to 'preordering' the game. I think the code Sony gave me for review included them.
  8. Damn. Now I wish my PS4 fightstick had turbo mode like my PS3 one. Would make this so much easier.
  9. Wish I knew how the skill level thing worked. I'm at 870 or so, can't seem to figure out how I can bump it up to 900.
  10. Dlc

    Wow. People are really salty....
  11. Not only that, but you can pause and choose restart from last checkpoint and also get an S on a section. In general, it seems that not making a mistake will get an S. You don't need to get perfect turns but you need to hit all notes and not crash at all.
  12. That 10 consecutive wins one looks tough. I can never do those ones.
  13. Well, the enemy's weapon was still laying there, so I assume he was dead. Couldn't tell cuz of the tall grass.
  14. I got this one even though Sam did kill someone. Right near the end, he stealth killed an enemy that wandered into the tall grass. I didn't reset fast enough and when it loaded, the enemy was still dead. Yet the trophy still popped for me once I got to the treasury. I never did get fully spotted (or I reset if I did) so maybe that had something to do with it.
  15. Nope. PS4 version has two new characters and several new modes. Looking at the list on my PS4, where they're all translated, and some of the non-hidden ones are related to the new characters.