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  1. Same situation with the german store.. they removed both the Network Pass and the Left Behind DLC - only the Standalone DLC is available as of now.. hope they fix that mess.
  2. Slant is just there for clickbait and trash reviews tbh.. They gave Ni No Kuni II a 5/10, Sekiro a 4/10, Wolfenstein II a 3/10 - Zelda BotW a 6/10 and Xenoblades 2 a 4/10 >
  3. Ubisoft will also donate 500k for the restoration, something that should be mentioned too:
  4. As already posted above it's bundled within ACIII:
  6. @HusKyCode image for Carolina Parakeet unknown_1 is Legendary White Bison unknown_4 is Legendary Fox unknown_5 is Legendary Elk and bottom row is Legendary Big Horn Ram
  7. Did you read the quotes above the post? Igni said he found one in New Austin. But I get your point: As long as there's no video or screenshot of it, it might be risky to leave Guarma w/o it
  8. @SugmaBaws Doesn't matter what the compendium says, the cuban land crab is also native to Guerma but can be found on the mainland - so try your luck at Thieves Landing, New Austin if you have access to it
  9. @RowdyHanger For snakes it's hard to say, most of them are found in shallow waters/marsh regions, to quote on another site see the spoiler and check the guide page: For Hereford Bull you might check this location: @NaseemJohn American Shepard - you mean Australian? Check Guthrie Farm west of Emerald Ranch, NH Laborador Retriever - same as above (Guthrie Farm) - might share a spawnpoint, so you gotta look out Border Collie - try and check Downes Farm southwest of Valentine or Larned Sod southeast under the H of New Hanover Poodle - found one in St. Denis, came from north side/swamp nearby, crossed a small stone bridge and was in a backyard of a bigger house which had a poodle Mutt - mostly common dog, check smaller towns or the poorer parts of St. Denis Bloodhound - can't remember at all, try checking common farms around The Heartlands Husky & Rufus should be Epilouge dogs afaik, maybe someone else can clarify. found a video of a poodle in Rhodes (east side):
  10. @Aicalo Out of that list you only need the 3 parrots, the 4 snakes and the Booby - all other pigs can be found on the mainland (even the crab!) Old Spot Pig can be found on farms and even towns across New Hanover - you might check Downes Ranch for it:
  11. Just check the shelves and buy them directly from there, saves time with the catalogue.
  12. Just ninja'd your map to add that you can find cuban land crabs, all 3 sea gull variants and green iguanas down here (can't remember now but I think the turtle was there too) (you can either go there by boat or if you can't find one swim (use the smaller island above as starting point, so you wont drown - I had 8/8 stamina to get over there safely):
  13. If it's the cougar from the side mission you're safe (cause its not the legendary one), since all legendaries are auto studied after skinning them.
  14. Found it in the Bayou near Lagras. It was a lootable object not an animal at all. Guess in english it's something like "Crayfish hole", it has the same sparkling effect like a plant @ eagle eye and can't be looted if you have too many crayfish baits - so just throw one away @Erkawest Dunno if you already know but the user kierrin_1994 (his profile is removed here on request but you can check the other "site") has gotten the "Skin Deep" trophy and states he got it w/o the snakes from Guarma. He's also trying to get Zoologist w/o Guarma, but needs more time.
  15. 119 studied (if that means R1'd) - excluding 6 legendaries 49 skinned (including 2 legendaries) - w/o plucked or collected/picked up birds/critters some animals aren't 100% yet (missed "tracked" and merino sheep shows known but tracker is 0%)