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  1. Did your coop partner had any problem with unlocking the trophy or was it just on your side? Anyways, the screens and rest of the list looks fine. You might got hit by a rare bug that was prone to the pc version where several ppl had also problems with triggering the achievement after killing Wicked K.
  2. Ikr, I'm so stoked for the album to drop!
  3. Regarding GoW: You must have beaten the story far enough to enter Muspel/Niflheim to perform the final upgrade
  4. Offline coop uses the hosts savefile only, so you you can't store cores or anything else since you technically use no own savegame (as p2 you are playing the hosts progress of Strife/War) Online Coop uses your own save file so yes, the core gets stored, but the kill would also register (and the core only drops if killed). By the time you got the trophy the game was already patched up to 1.02 and buggy stuff was more related to world glitching.. the biggest mess was the hitreg for the snakes trophy which got resolved in 1.03.
  5. No Terror-Lab itself isn't, but the horde maps Undead Wood (which you popped), Caged Fear, Final Departure and Graveyard Shift are free content updates.
  6. ^ this, v3.0 is a blast
  7. Already confirmed that only the PS5 version will be included @PSPlus Footnote 2 at the promo picture reads: "PS5 Console Only. Benefit not applicable for Maquette on PS4."
  8. Corpo as 1st
  9. Got the same problem, looks like the latest patch broke it somehow.. You can replay the last mission anyway. *edit* Replaying solved it. Let them do all the work, none got stuck & as they got on the balloon it popped.
  10. Inspired by "Grave of the Fireflies" - one of the saddest animes