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  1. Hopefully it’ll work for you this time, I’ve too much of a backlog at the moment to spend another 20 hours on this game
  2. Nope, I’ve tried playing it a few times since to see if it’ll unlock but no luck. I’m going to have to play the whole game again unfortunately.
  3. The whole game is glitchy. Very little testing done before release it seems. I’ve had the purple star with Current Rank written over it glitch. Have also been stuck inside super build houses and experienced terrible lag. It feels as bad to play as Lego Worlds does.
  4. Nope, no earlier saves, just the same save on the cloud and PS4. Am just going to leave it until there’s an update (hopefully). its just annoying when it’s literally the last thing to do for the Plat.
  5. Am so annoyed, I’m stuck on 99.9%, the Minigame Master challenge is stuck at 8/9. The Hexagon Blitz minigame in Xander will not register for me on the list after I win! I’ve alreasy collected the gold brick for completing it. Now, Hexagon Blitz only lets me play 1 round as opposed to 3 which, when I win, gives me money and tells me to go away! i seriously can’t go through a new play through especially being so close to 100%. A Google search would suggest I’m the only one having this glitch!
  6. I just had the same issue, I couldn't find the Demonic Symbol 4/5 in the tomb due to being unable to interact with the pile at the back. Eventually found it in the chapel which is across from the boarding house. i think the walkthrough guide may be wrong here.
  7. Finally popped for me after 38k kills, didn't power down the vita or anything, was just playing the odd game in between playing Need For Speed. Always played from Level 20 onwards. I think what has happened with this trophy and the grunt zapper one is that the developers have mixed up the kill count. Instead of 1000 tanks and 5000 grunts it's the other way around, 5000 tanks and 1000 grunts. It certainly felt like I destroyed about 5000 tanks!
  8. Got the Grunt Zapper last nite by playing the Levels 1 - 10 and then dying. Stats had just over 10k Aliens killed. Just need the Tank one now and I'll be done.
  9. The guide suggests doing it at Gracea 3 (or however it's spelt), it's the third choice on the list, it contains green hornets and slow scorpions. I got it last night there on my first go after failing miserably on the other levels.
  10. Always happy to help!
  11. Going by that image you put up it looks like you haven't fully upgraded the max ammo on the 2nd gun and you have upgraded the max fire rate on the last gun. The word "Max" should be pink when it's fully upgraded.
  12. I got all the Protoplasm trophies for the Factory, the Orchard and the Mines. It says on my save file that the 20 protoplasms have been collected. However the above achievement didn't pop! Is there anyone out there that can advice me on what's wrong?
  13. If it's any help, I used this guide It had every one of them except the Wynken head one that I was on about earlier in 1-3. Also it is required to reach a checkpoint in the level in order for it to save. Plus you must watch what the puppets do after you R2 them. A couple of dodgy ones I found was riding on snakes back, you've to wait for about a min or so and in the background on the sand there's a puppet to R2. The other was the puppet trying to save himself and friend from the big fish that eats them, can't think of level, it had frogs in it Also if you have watched the puppets on the moon bear king fight and carried on and bet the moon bear king and finished the curtain (7-3), you don't have to do that level again. The trophy will pop on whatever the last scene that you discover is on. For me it popped on Act 1 Curtain 3, so it other words it dosnt have to be done in order
  14. Yeah it's the coins one you've to get, hope ya get it now, it was an annoying enough trophy for me. The game should have had checklists for both the puppets and the hundredsparkles trophies, they have the checklists for everything else
  15. Is that on the graveyard act that you're talkin about? If it is then yeah, you've to get green on the wheel of fortune for one of the puppets to appear. If it dosn't land on green then you've to restart the act