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  1. And the trophy was also buggy last year... but at that time of the year it was already fixed.
  2. After contacting Ubisoft Support, finally they don't deliver codes before the release. The code for Stick of Truth is in the box so it's a bit useless to order in the Ubisoft Shop. I suppose the only way is to buy the new one directly from the PS Store.
  3. Hey guys, I preordered the next South Park on the Ubi Store on PS4, but I didn't receive any codes for Stick of Truth. Do you know if they give it when the game is shipped ? People are already playing on it so I'm a bit confused
  4. Which trophies can you unlock when you are in 1 vs 1 with your friend ? Most of them are 4-kills related, right? I didn't really check the trophy list
  5. I reinstalled the game and before launching it, I put the Vita in airplane mode. No servers, new game!
  6. So we just have to fucking wait and hope that one day we would get a reset option ? Go to hell Sony
  7. We need to see how hard getting every runes will be. And maybe the 10th game of the Gaunlet too, but it clearly seems easier than last year. No trophies for the Pro Am mode then ? They should put some instead of MyPark
  8. Thanks pal, gonna check this.
  9. If you have a picture of is I'd appreciate because I still don't see it.
  10. Hi guys, I have a question about the map in the game.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Dark Steering for more than ten hours now.. I'm a little desperate right now. If anyone have an idea of precises places to search.. I stayed 4 hours on the place/park next to the Hideout on The Loop, it didn't work. Turned around the Merlaut and the docks for more than 5 hours and nothing appeared.
  12. You like ending the game without going on the Platinum
  13. Games I bought in 2015 : Dragon Ball Xenoverse Final Fantasy Type-0 Hotline Miami 2 Games I wanna buy in 2015 : Persona 5 Final Fantasy XIV : Heavensward Star Wars Battlefront Games I would like to buy but I'm not sure yet : The Witcher III The Elder Scrolls Online : Tamriel Unlimited Final Fantasy VII J-Stars Victory VS+ MGS V Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Starbound
  14. Thanks for the thing about the bar. I didn't know that. I'm at 85% and I will sell my two non-scottish guys then