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  1. Here's a video of it registering, using the same technique: And here's another two of it not registering: I can consistently make the jump, and sometimes the gap will register, but most of the time it doesn't. Edit: Embeds aren't working, links below: Registered https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310023922419732480 Got it this time, for some reason - https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310032388462960640 F in Chat (these hurt me) https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310035723685371906 https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310035297237979137 Unregistered https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310024737326850048 https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310027078138572802 Another one not registering - https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310029685401808896 A~nd another - https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310033515032043521 https://twitter.com/why_hime/status/1310039563755294722 I think you get the picture. The gap is buggy as hell, and I've got enough evidence of me clearing it frequently enough for y'all to know it's not a skill problem. Really hope they patch it. The Feed Me!! one is just as bad, and I have videos of me clearing that without proccing the gap, too. The halfpipe grinds were buggy, too, but they were easier to hit so it wasn't as much of an annoyance. Such a pain in the ass.
  2. Nope. Two more examples for you:
  3. There's a locked location on the town map, near the Opera House and the Subway Line, but I can't see any way to unlock it. None of the locations seem to have any place from which I can access it. Has anybody managed to get to it? EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. Turns out I just didn't use the gate in the Sewer location, near the Gargoyle demon shop.
  4. Disappointed there's no trophy for getting S rank on all stages on Hard or Classic mode. How am I supposed to wave my manufactured e-penis around now?
  5. Celestia, Kyouko, and Sayaka. No, I don't have a type. Why would you say that?
  6. I camp out in front of the Iron King, or wherever there are bosses in orange-bordered locations. The amount of times I've done a goof and ended up rolling off the edge of the boss arena haunts my dreams.
  7. Gnawed Leaf, Pinking Shears, The Peeper, Placenta. Walk into a regular room and wait. Peeper kills everything. Hit L2 in a boss room and wait. Isaac's body kills everything. If I ever lost any HP, all I needed was to wait for Placenta to regen me. I had to actually stop the strat after the Depths because it was making everything boringly easy.
  8. I dunno. The concept was cool, and it was a nice little call-back, but the game itself was horrendously short, and the recycled enemy designs were disappointing. If I didn't get this for the free monthly games, I'd be pretty annoyed. I would never recommend this to anyone for more than £1~3. Just isn't enough content.
  9. Defiled Chalice was more frustrating than anything in Ihyll. Watch Dog of the Wonky Hitboxes took me 22 minutes to beat, and a lot of Amygdala's attacks one-shotted me in the latter half of the fight, so that was about 9 tries, too. To contrast, I beat Yharnam on the second try, having never fought her before.
  10. The aiming on the crossbow is ridiculous. I've hit headshots that didn't count as headshots, but a bolt that goes directly through the chest counts as one. What?
  11. Yeah, the PS4 version isn't great in comparison to the other From games either, but there seems to be at least a little more precision and a little less phantom hitboxes. The inhuman NPC tracking isn't as much a problem in SotFS when you can at least dodge reliably, but for some reason I'm pressing the buttons and it's only registering my command a few seconds after, ending in some embarrassing deaths that honestly should never have happened. I know it's not my controller, because the original Dark Souls had played great, and I only switched the discs yesterday. It's very telling that I'm actually finding SotFS much easier because these issues aren't as glaring, despite it being ostensibly made harder by including more enemies and changing the locations around.
  12. The other spiders are on the map, just not visible. If you run around and kill them off first, she can't summon any more when she teleports. My strategy was to just spam bolt paper and slam her arachnid arse with my charged axe R2. It helped keep the other spiders away and did hilarious amounts of damage.
  13. Coming back to this from recently having platted Dark Souls, playing SotFS, and having done several run-throughs of Bloodborne, the DaS2 controls on PS3 seem to be absolutely appalling. I'm often getting 2~5 second delays between button input and my actual character reacting, and at times the enemies seem to be teleporting across the floor with how much FPS lag is going on (had a particularly bad case of this with the Heide Knight in the Forest of Fallen Giants, when I had no issue decimating a group of them in Heide's Tower of Flame in SotFS). The gameplay seems clunky and unresponsive, and imo it's almost gamebreaking. I'm getting through the game anyway, obviously, but there's a distinct lack of fluidity in even the most basic movements, like walking, which make it more of a chore than enjoyable to play through. It feels like I'm playing a slideshow at times. I dunno if it's just more noticeable because I've come straight into this from the other more polished games, but I wondered if I'm the only one who felt this way?
  14. Really enjoyed the art direction and the cultural insights, and thought it was cool how it incorporated the spiritual beliefs of the Inupiaq people into the gameplay. I especially enjoyed the drawn cutscenes. However, a lot of the mechanics seem really annoying in practice, and I've had way too many game-breaking bugs. I've had to throw bolas several times at ice walls and they haven't broken until the third or so throw, which has ended up killing me several times in chase scenes, and actually aiming the bolas seems to be surprisingly difficult on PS4. The sensitivity of the analogue stick makes it unreliable in a pinch, and I can't find an option to change it.
  15. You don't need to do any Expert Trials to get this trophy (I didn't). Meroe gets automatically liberated, and all you need to do is enter it.