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  1. Injustice Gods Among Us no ps4. The Ultimate Battler trophy is a pain in the ass!
  2. 1 - injustice ps4 0.15% 2 - UFC Undisputed 3 0.18% 3 - Lumo 0.69% 4 - Max Payne 3 0.72% 5 - EA Sports UFC 0.79%
  3. I would say Dragon Age 😝
  4. does anybody know if it will have trophies?
  5. It is a psn problem. In my ase alien isolation and FIFA 17 came up quite a few places. At least I'm not the only one.
  6. They really need to bring back the Onimusha games. I also would love to play and plat games like obscure, resident evil outbreak, ten bucks, the Japanese one with the girl who takes pictures at ghosts (can't remember the name). There are so many good games on ps2!
  7. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. I know that's a bad game but a Resident Evil game is a Resident Evil Game! Besides that I always saw a few similarities to Resident Evil Outbreak. I game that I really enjoyed back in the day.
  8. Very cool collection mate. Since you like to have it all in order I think you should go with something like Silent Hill 2 and 3 gd collection. Don't know if you like it but those two would look cool over there.
  9. What the hell is happening with the tomb raider mp? Every time I select ranked match and after everyone is on the loading screen the game crashes! Every fucking time! Am I the only one?
  10. Fifa world cup 2010. The only one where you actually need skill
  11. I hope so... But maybe only after the online starts
  12. The worst part is that i only need that blueprint for the trophy and therefore to plat this game. I hope they patch this shit!
  13. Yes and they don't say anything about the stun grenade blueprint. I Know this is quite a big issue between other players even with other blueprints... It's the well known "pick the blueprint and then died or restart checkpoint and it will not count and won't show it anymore on the map too"
  14. I have a similar problem but instead of the mission c2w is with the 14 mission and involves the super glitched up stun grenade blueprint! Does anybody know how to solve it? Or if theres a way of getting it in other area? or if a spaceship appears with al gore and kojima taking up the ass!!!!! Anything please thanks in advance!
  15. I might be able to get it for 10 euros... By the way after someone plat their game they immedeatily get another right?