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  1. 4, 5 and all weapons upgraded trophies are out of order and 20 seconds apart. Never heared of that occuring, might be save import related.
  2. Pretty sure hunters hunt anything edible
  3. Finally, it's about time. Now I can finally put a start date on my Yakuza marathon. I already bought 3 on disc as it was the last one I was missing, I have 4 and 5 on PS+. Will probably buy 6 ahead of time, so once kiwami 2 comes out it'll be all Yakuza, all the time. I don't think I'll be playing much else this year starting from august 😁. Don't know how it is where you're from, but I got my copy used in a Dutch/Belgium game store for €9,98
  4. Minor spoilers All you need to know missable trophy wise is: Other than that you can just use chapter select. You can collect weapons, pods, material, money, do side stories and it will all be stored in your save file. Also, you can just buy trophies after completing the game. The story itself is pretty self explanatory too, there are waypoints to wherever you need to go. As for collectibles, I used these: https://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com/Weapons https://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com/Pods https://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com/Pod+Programs https://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com/Materials https://nierautomata.wiki.fextralife.com/Endings+Guide
  5. Your code doesn't consider trophies like New 'n' Hasty Rescue every Mudokon with an overall Best Time of 3:00:00 or less There's a 00:00 in the trophy description. I threw something together myself, fixes the little error and includes a counter for multiple results on the same page and even a snazzy progress bar. Same deal, just throw it in the console. It's not perfect, but I had fun coming up with it . var start_page = 1; var last_page = parseInt($('.pagination:first li:nth-last-child(2)').text()); var current_page = start_page; $('.title:first').after('<div class="progress_track" style="height:10px; width:100%; background-color:black;"></div>'); $('.progress_track').html('<div class="progress_bar" style="height:10px; width:1px; background-color:green;"></div>'); var interval = setInterval(function(){ $('.progress_bar').css('width', $('.progress_track').width() / last_page * current_page); $.ajax({ url: 'log?page=' + current_page, success: function(data){ var matches = $(data).find('.typo-bottom-date:contains("00:00")'); if(matches.length > 0){ console.log(matches.length + ' match(es) found at page: ' + current_page); } if(current_page < last_page){ current_page++; }else{ clearInterval(interval); $('.progress_track').remove(); } } }); }, 1000);
  6. I had to get to page 125 of my torphy log to find my first, but here it is. And another one on page 170 0.02% of my trophies are on the hour.
  7. Change the spaces King Mada Faka with a bit of imagination you'll get there
  8. I'm pretty sure at one point they made the map packs free for PS3, so they're probably already downloaded to your game.
  9. Definitely! Bacon Sandwich without sauce? What is even the point?
  10. It was correct, but only if you disregard the people who got the 100% and for one reason or another were removed from the list. Since he didn't explain his reasoning in his first post, there was no way of knowing that it was correct. The 'mistake' seemed a lot like a rounding error, so I pointed that out. Currently there's 2 versions. The first being the actual stats that are on top of the page, and the other is only counting the people on the list. The latter only works for games with extremely low completion or very new games as it doesn't go past 50. It does however show that there's a 'bug' in the system. But that's up for interpretation. It depends if the site considers the statistics of people that are removed valid or not. If they are not considered valid, the stats of the removed people need to be removed from the equation. I don't think it's daft to complain about 0,02%. If rarity is your thing you should be able to voice a problem, even if it's 'only' 0,02%. My posts weren't about that, it was about a calculation that seemed of. We're all trying to help in removing potential bugs and making the site better.
  11. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/2044-cloudberry-kingdom It says 19 (0.09%) how would you even use anything else than the 19 that stands in fornt of it? Ofcourse the math is going to fail if you use another number 😑. That's not wrong math, that's just using different numbers. And don't act so triggered, you posted 40ish minutes before me, and at that time the stats were what they are (and I can't imagine them having changed in that 40 minutes), and with those stats your math was of. You argued that the stats were of, but how is anyone trying to fix/clear the issue supposed to know you were using the numbers of any arbitrary day? Just because you can't see all the individual people with 100% in the list, doesn't mean they're not there necessarily. Maybe it counts cheaters, it could count people that removed their account, it could be people that decided to hide them after they synched the 100%. Doing a search for Cloudberry Kingdom on another site ((URL not allowed) in this case) reveals 4 people with 100%, 3 of which are on the list. The last one is Flexxar. Trying to update this account to this site gives the message "This user has been removed and cannot be tracked". I don't know the ins and outs of the sites programming, but I would guess that this site probably copies all the trophy data to it's own database as a form of caching the data. The statistics are then calculated using this locally stored data. When a user gets "removed" it's probably just flagged as inactive/banned, rather than actually being removed. The flag will remove the account from the leaderboards, but the data is still there for the calculation of statistics. In this case, either the programming of the calculations could be updated to remove the flagged accounts from the equation, or the data could be removed. Or maybe the calculations are just made up with PSN data, in which case not much can be done.
  12. 😁 😁 Maybe some substories of "the last of us" would be nice to touch on.
  13. There are 22,221 game owners and 19 '100% achievers' for Cloudberry Kingdom. 19/22,221*100 = 0.08550470275, which is 0.09 if you round it to 2 decimals. Your math is of 😋. To clarify, the site counts "players" as accounts that have at least 1 trophy in the game (I guess recent players are players that got a trophy in the last day or so). This is regardless of how many copies of the game there are.
  14. Shamefur Dispray! But seriously, why does it matter? It's your list. Most people higher on the leaderboards use padding-platinums anyway or they wouldn't be so high. Top collectors even resort to platting 100s of visual novels while skipping pretty much everything. Just make sure you have fun collecting the trophies.
  15. My 100th. Yippee Kai Yay ************