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  1. It doesn't matter if you have some easy plats. Almost everyone has at least couple of them. But it used to be a rarity that you could seek out to boost your platinum count a bit. Now every so-called trophy hunter just buys €$£¥50,- worth of Ratalaika crap on sale and they have over 100 platinums easily. It would be better if the trophy level is tied to the rarity of a platinum, sure, that means your trophy level could go down if the rarity falls, but it would be a fairer leaderboard at least. In the end, it doesn't really matter if you think about it, it's not like they meant that much before, but I can see why it bothers people that like to play for the leader boards, but don't want to waste their time with the trivial crap.
  2. Nice! I think we got a bit stuck on the 2d with Salt and Sanctuary style
  3. Blasphemous has a couple of similarities with what you describe, also from 2019 though. Probably not it, but I thought I throw it out there
  4. Just finished 5 not long ago. That one has an insane amount of things to do even compared to other Yakuza games, but I still consider 3 to be the harder plat. This is because you need to beat the hardest difficulties in every mini game. As others have said, a lot of games like pool just end up 20% skill, 80% luck. Also, the enemy AI is incredibly defensive in this game. A lot of the combat is trying to get around the enemy blocks. I found it pretty tedious. There aren't really any missables. The guide says there are 3 missable substories, so you might want to look into those, but you should be able to clean them up just fine in Premium adventure after you beat the game (so the trophy isn't missable).
  5. It's about 5-10 hours per big mission. 2 of them are smaller and there are 2 sniper challenges that take about 3-5 hours each. I've not done the additional trophy list (the 3 missions that didn't fit in the main trophy list), and I'd say it took me about 100 hours (including replaying all of the hitman 1 missions) to 100% the main list. Going in blind for most of it and watching some video's on some of the more convoluted challenges to get the xp to get the required level for the mission. Also did some save planning to reduce preparation on challenges that had a similar setup. Think you may have the wrong Hitman 2 in mind (Silent Assassin?)
  6. :platinum: #218




    Wat a great game this is.


    I just love finding a completely unfamiliar game on sale that ends up being just an absolute blast from start to finish.


    And man... that sound track...


  7. :platinum: #217.




    Finally done, that one took a while 😂. 

  8. 530 I don't really get this change. They'd been better of using the new trophy badges in a prestige like system. Keep 1-100, but maybe tweak the experience gains -> give one of the new badges every 10 levels -> prestige, just add stars. At least then the big guys can just keep getting experience, instead of just being instantly capped again.
  9. Yeah Resident Evil 3 (ReMake)?
  10. Im the 8th for platinum of Ghost 1.0, so I'd imagine a bunch of others for that game too. Then again, only 16 people have the plat on this site (and only 344 owners). Bit of a shame, it's a pretty good indie metroid vania. I got the platinum just over a year ago too. So still plenty of opportunity to get a sub 50 plat if you want to .
  11. Yes, #200 too Blasphemous?
  12. Nice. Just before getting this plat too . Number is 9617.
  13. Im not too familiar with G.I. Joe, but this game looks to me like a budget title to try and cash in on nostalgia. It looks to me like a PS3 borderlands ripoff, using an established franchise to sell copies.
  14. No, never. I try to make my profile look nice with certain milestones and completion percentage. Sure, not everything is great, but its mine and its honest. It contains the games I've played on PS for the last 7 years (joined late PS3). In my opinion, getting a new profile because you don't like your completion or certain milestones is just lying to yourself. Getting a specific 100th plat on that new account won't be your 100th, it would be your 100+however many plats you had on your old profile. It's not the same as your genuine 100th platinum just because your new profile says its your 100th on that one. In the end it's just a gaming profile, you don't have to make it more important than it is. Its also sort of a personal gaming journal, it's always much better if it's genuine in my opinion.
  15. I've decided to just manipulate the page using javascript and the browser's dev tools. For anyone else interested: Go to the guide you want to translate Open the browser's dev tools (usually F12). Go to the console tab. Enter the code below in the command input (not the filter). The command input is usually at the bottom, while the filter is on the top. Press enter (Don't worry, any changes you make will not be permanent. When you refresh the page everything will be reset). var game_page = $('.game-image-holder a').attr('href'); $.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: 'https://psnprofiles.com' + game_page + '?lang=en-us', dataType: 'html', success: function (response) { var trophy_page_content = $('<html />').html(response); var english_trophy_list = trophy_page_content.find('a.title').closest('td'); $('.section-holder a.title').closest('td').each(function(){ var trophy_url = $(this).find('.title').attr('href').split('/')[3]; if(trophy_url !== undefined){ var trophy_num = trophy_url.split('-')[0]; var trophy_node = english_trophy_list.find('[href*="/' + trophy_num + '-"]').closest('td'); var english_title_node = english_trophy_list.find('[href*="/' + trophy_num + '-"]'); var english_title = english_title_node.html(); var english_description = trophy_node.html().split('<br>')[1]; //Trophies var title_node = $(this).find('a.title'); $(this).text(english_description); $(this).prepend('<br/>'); $(this).prepend(title_node); title_node.html(english_title); var section_id = $(this).closest('.section-holder:not(.box)').attr('id'); var section_num = section_id.substr(16, section_id.length); //Overview $('#1-overview .icon-sprite[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); //Roadmap $('.title[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); $('.title[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').closest('.trophy').find('.small-info').html(english_description); //TOC $('#TOCList .icon-sprite').siblings('a[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); } }); } }); What this does in a nutshell: Finds the game's English trophy page by looking at the link on the image on the guide page. Retrieve that page's code. Find the correct English title and description by comparing the links on the guide page, to those on the retrieved page code. Replace the old text by the English text on the trophy descriptions. Use the trophy description sections to replace the old text of the roadmap, toc and overview. Tested on 2 guides (Dead or School and I am Setsuna). So I'm fairly confident it should work on any guide as long as the linked trophy page has an English version of the trophies. It even works to translate it to another language too, as long as the language exists on the trophy list. Just change the en-us on line 5, to another language code . You can find the language code in the url after changing the trophy page's language. I've tested it on Ghost of Tsushima to Dutch and that worked fine. Obviously the descriptions of the guide that explain how to obtain the trophies will not be translated .