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  1. Yeah Resident Evil 3 (ReMake)?
  2. Im the 8th for platinum of Ghost 1.0, so I'd imagine a bunch of others for that game too. Then again, only 16 people have the plat on this site (and only 344 owners). Bit of a shame, it's a pretty good indie metroid vania. I got the platinum just over a year ago too. So still plenty of opportunity to get a sub 50 plat if you want to .
  3. Yes, #200 too Blasphemous?
  4. Nice. Just before getting this plat too . Number is 9617.
  5. Im not too familiar with G.I. Joe, but this game looks to me like a budget title to try and cash in on nostalgia. It looks to me like a PS3 borderlands ripoff, using an established franchise to sell copies.
  6. No, never. I try to make my profile look nice with certain milestones and completion percentage. Sure, not everything is great, but its mine and its honest. It contains the games I've played on PS for the last 7 years (joined late PS3). In my opinion, getting a new profile because you don't like your completion or certain milestones is just lying to yourself. Getting a specific 100th plat on that new account won't be your 100th, it would be your 100+however many plats you had on your old profile. It's not the same as your genuine 100th platinum just because your new profile says its your 100th on that one. In the end it's just a gaming profile, you don't have to make it more important than it is. Its also sort of a personal gaming journal, it's always much better if it's genuine in my opinion.
  7. I've decided to just manipulate the page using javascript and the browser's dev tools. For anyone else interested: Go to the guide you want to translate Open the browser's dev tools (usually F12). Go to the console tab. Enter the code below in the command input (not the filter). The command input is usually at the bottom, while the filter is on the top. Press enter (Don't worry, any changes you make will not be permanent. When you refresh the page everything will be reset). var game_page = $('.game-image-holder a').attr('href'); $.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: 'https://psnprofiles.com' + game_page + '?lang=en-us', dataType: 'html', success: function (response) { var trophy_page_content = $('<html />').html(response); var english_trophy_list = trophy_page_content.find('a.title').closest('td'); $('.section-holder a.title').closest('td').each(function(){ var trophy_url = $(this).find('.title').attr('href').split('/')[3]; if(trophy_url !== undefined){ var trophy_num = trophy_url.split('-')[0]; var trophy_node = english_trophy_list.find('[href*="/' + trophy_num + '-"]').closest('td'); var english_title_node = english_trophy_list.find('[href*="/' + trophy_num + '-"]'); var english_title = english_title_node.html(); var english_description = trophy_node.html().split('<br>')[1]; //Trophies var title_node = $(this).find('a.title'); $(this).text(english_description); $(this).prepend('<br/>'); $(this).prepend(title_node); title_node.html(english_title); var section_id = $(this).closest('.section-holder:not(.box)').attr('id'); var section_num = section_id.substr(16, section_id.length); //Overview $('#1-overview .icon-sprite[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); //Roadmap $('.title[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); $('.title[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').closest('.trophy').find('.small-info').html(english_description); //TOC $('#TOCList .icon-sprite').siblings('a[href*="#' + section_num + '-"]').html(english_title); } }); } }); What this does in a nutshell: Finds the game's English trophy page by looking at the link on the image on the guide page. Retrieve that page's code. Find the correct English title and description by comparing the links on the guide page, to those on the retrieved page code. Replace the old text by the English text on the trophy descriptions. Use the trophy description sections to replace the old text of the roadmap, toc and overview. Tested on 2 guides (Dead or School and I am Setsuna). So I'm fairly confident it should work on any guide as long as the linked trophy page has an English version of the trophies. It even works to translate it to another language too, as long as the language exists on the trophy list. Just change the en-us on line 5, to another language code . You can find the language code in the url after changing the trophy page's language. I've tested it on Ghost of Tsushima to Dutch and that worked fine. Obviously the descriptions of the guide that explain how to obtain the trophies will not be translated .
  8. Just came across this somewhat old topic, and remembered that the dev did get back to me eventually. I contacted him august 2019, and he replied december 2019. He said he was aware of the issue and he'd have it fixed for the next patch. Just thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested .
  9. You are correct. But there is a difference here. A trophy list from another region is really just another game as far as the logic is concerned. However if a Japanese only game gets a release in the west later, the devs can choose to translate the original list, rather than adding a new region list. If a guide was created for the game when it was Japanese only, and you get a trophy after the translation, I'm sure it will show up in the Japanese guide. My request is not for multiple region trophy lists for the same game, but rather for a single trophy list that has multiple languages (i.e. where you can change the language in the trophy list). If you can do the translation of the trophy list itself, surely it can't be too farfetched to be able to do that on the guide aswell. A lot of 1st party games in the EU also have loads of different translations (Dutch, German, French, etc.). Actually I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too hard. As you said, the guide is already linked to the trophy list, because it shows the trophies you've already earned on the guide. So if it's linked to that list and that list can translate, surely it can use the same logic to translate the guide aswell. Screenshot of what I mean:
  10. The trophies in the guides are likely linked to a trophy identifier, unless the guide was written in such a way that it actually stores the title and description statically with the guide information in the site's database. I can't imagine that is true, because that would be terrible design. Ofcourse it could be that the early versions of the guide did that and they just never got around to implementing it properly, but that would also really surprise me. It could be as simple as updating an api call to include the language when retrieving the trophy information. But this is just from my experience, and ofcourse I don't know this site's setup. I just thought it could be a nice and relatively simple addition .
  11. I was thinking of getting Dead or School because it is discounted (EU) and looks like an interesting game. So I checked out the trophy guide for it (https://psnprofiles.com/guide/9136-dead-or-school-trophy-guide). This game used to be Japanese only and the guide was also made with the Japanese trophy names. However, there are English trophy names now too, since it was released in the west. It would be nice to have the option to change the trophy names/descriptions the same way as the trophy lists do.
  12. Dead or Alive 6 probably. I've heared about it once on Youtube. Can't find the exact current data right now, but in 2019 it already had over 420 DLC packs costing nearly $700*. Edit: * This is on PC, on PS4 they seems to have bundled some of it. Edit 2: 😂 guess it was nowhere near the most
  13. Sure, the first one was good enough, just a bit short.
  14. 2078? Wow, Sony is increasing console generation span. PS9 should be somewhere around 2055 if you take an average generation of 7 years. Maybe the corona plague comes back hard and throws technology back 20 years at some point. Might also explain the 360p video 😝. But yeah, I fully expect them to keep the numbers at least untill 9. The PS10 might actually go back to PSX and complete the cycle (PSX, PS2, PS3.....PS8, PS9, PSX), probably ending the world 😂. (if we keep that 7 year generation span, I'd be 77, so it could be true for me 😕).
  15. You missed a point in my post: "The main draw for me was to try and climb a few positions higher in the rankings". Which is now impossible due to these stackers. The games I mentioned are not all games I might typically pick up, but did, because of trophy hunting. This was a good way for me to experience some other games that were easy enough to play in between some long RPG's for example to have a change of pace and wind down from the grind while still keeping up with getting some trophies. A sort of catch up mechanic after a 100+ hours platinum to bring the average back to 30-50 hours if you will. Trophy hunting as it used to be is now useless, because everyone just jump on every single cheap <1 hour platinum. In those days, we didn't call these people trophy hunters, we had another term for them. So yeah, I still just play games that I like and get all the trophies (I always did, or tried at least). But seeing how high I can get on the leaderboards with the resources available to me is no longer the fun added hobby it used to be. The Hitman list still pisses me of 😡. I have some PSN 100%'s that are much harder/time consuming than some people's platinums.