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  1. My kids have been playing games since they were 3. Still had a couple of snesses... sneses...? snes's? ... super nintendos, so I dusted one of for them to enjoy Mario, Donkey Kong Country and a whole bunch of other classic games. My 3rd is coming up to that age, and is already 'training' with his older siblings (with a disconnected controller. You know how it goes with younger siblings ). My 2nd is 6 and kicks my ass in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (not that I've play much of it, but still 😂). A game I've not seen recommended yet is Yooka Laylee and the impossible lair. Decent game that was created by some of the people that made Donkey Kong Country (and is heavily inspired by it). Great fun if you enjoy platformers. Unfortunately it only has single player, so it would be swapping controllers.
  2. Got some new ones too (for some not so new games 😋)
  3. I've started collecting steelbooks since about last year. My collection is currently in boxes since we're moving in a couple of months, so I've made a collage with Google images 😋. Once we've moved I'll be hanging them on the wall. I think I've remembered them all. I've also got The Last of us 2 and Cyberpunk coming on release Edit: Forgot my Switch one 😅
  4. Just finished this game. The biggest gripe I had with the story was that Connor can get impaled, shot in the head and run over and his memory just got transferred to another Connor. Yet anyone else getting "killed" somehow meant they were dead for good. Surely they could produce new bodies and transfer the memories to that aswell. Sure, there will be damaged parts in the memory, but the person is pretty much still there.
  5. That's a shame, but unfortunately the world we live in. I just had a look at the changes for 3 and thankfully they're not too bad. The changes made where mostly for a world wide release (3 has been translated to korean and chinese for the first time apparently). One of them is a symbol that appears somewhere that may have been offensive to some of these asian countries because they were used in WW2. The biggest changes are probably the removal of a substory and a minigame. The substory involves running away from a crossdressing man in which Kiryu has some dialogue that was deemed "not appropriate in todays standards". (e.g. calling the man "it"). The minigame involved answering questions based on Japanese general knowlegde, which most of the rest of the world will have great difficulties with. Rather than localizing this, they decided to cut it all together. Source:
  6. Finally just finishing of Kiwami 2 after a break of about a year. Already read a while ago that 3, 4 and 5 wouldn't get Kiwami releases, but there was no info about the remasters coming to the west yet. I'm so happy they decided to bring them here. And all 3 in such a short amount of time too. I already had 3, 4 and 5 ready on ps3 (the last 2 through ps+), but was hoping the PS4 remasters would be announced soon so I can just play them on PS4. Now I just have to wait for february to get the physical version.
  7. Currently 650 unearned. Considering I just broke 10k trophies, I don't think it's that bad.
  8. This is still an issue. Just got this problem myself, unfortunately the safe file I can go back to is from ages ago, so it'll probably be a new playthrough for me. Still have to do a couple of trophies anyway, but it's something to look out for. Make sure to save before the final battle and backup that save just in case. I've tried reaching out to the dev about this issue. I'm waiting for his response. Edit: No response yet, but there is a way to retry popping this trophy as described before in this thread. I'll elaborate a bit more because it was not immediately clear to me how to go about it. If you have a save near the end (regardless wheather the "you win!' in-game achievement is unlocked or not. I only had a save with it already unlocked): close the game backup your save delete your save start the game, this will initiate a cross save load. All the in-game achievements are reset, but your save games are pulled from the cross save. select continue from the main menu and finish the game It looks like your save games are stored on their cross save server (and will always be downloaded), while the in-game achievements are not. Just obtained the trophy this way.
  9. Just like everyone and their grandma, I can't wait for this game to come out 😀.
  10. I thought I tried it all, but apparently saving the eml through 1 email app is different from another one. Tried thunderbird, and now I've found it. Thanks!
  11. No code for me, checked the source of the message and there is nothing there. I do have the "more games added" mail, there's just no code below it, seems there is some sort of ruleset that only gives some people the code.
  12. Finally, after years of trying I hit that albatross in Everybody's golf on the Vita. 😁 Now I just need to get those stars.

    1. Eyjabria


      Grats and good job! Everybody's Golf is a fantastic game, my favorite on Vita.

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Ric


      Thanks 😁

  13. I have 3 kids, 4th is due in a month and never stopped trophy hunting. Just maybe not as heavily as before. Even 1 or 2 hours a day, a couple of times a week is plenty for gaming and trophy hunting. Depending on your tastes you can play whatever games you like. Longer games work even better for me. Since you now have some extra expenses like all the diapers and possibly baby milk depending on breast feeding or not. The longer a game lasts, the more money I can put aside for a new game. But if you're the kind of person that loses track of stories easily if you don't play for a bit, you might want to try something less heavy on the story.
  14. Hello and welcome! I've been eyeing the Yakuza games for a couple of years (since 4 came free with PS+) but I didn't play any until a few months after 0 came out. It quickly became one of my favourite series ever and I've platted both zero and kiwami. Now I'm waiting for the western release of kiwami 2, so I can continue the story. I've already got 3 (physical), 4 and 5 (ps+) on PS3 ready to go for when I finish Kiwami 2. So starting august 22, the rest of the year will be predominantly Yakuza for me . Just a shame that Kiwami 3 will probably take another long while to get localised after the Japanese release, so I will have to make do with the PS3 version for now. As I've been interested learning some of the language I've also been looking at maybe getting some of the Japanese versions (Ishin at least), but the import costs are just too high for me to justify spending my budget on right now. Also there are loads of different versions to import. I'd like to get the Japanese trophy set, but I'm not exactly sure if the (cheaper) Japanese Asian version is linked to this list. I'm still very new to importing games. I'm sure to keep an eye or your Twitch and Youtube channels!
  15. I made one 😬