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  1. Well done man! Sorry I haven't checked back in for a bit, good to see you managed to complete it! Congratulations!
  2. Home stretch then, well done! Still some annoying ones to go (El Fuerte's 3 1-frame links in a row comes to mind), but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle after the ones you've done .
  3. Unfortunately, this is just one of those trials with strict timing (like they aren't all ). I'm sure you've probably found a video already, but just in case:
  4. You can always try remapping some buttons for easier access, like this guy:
  5. It looks like pretty much the same combo as Ibuki's, with probably just some timing differences. Don't rush the combo and break it apart. Forget about HK > LK for a bit and just try to get the timing of the LP into Burst Time. I remember this one being a bit easier than Ibuki's, so you should be able to do it . You can try adding a crouching medium punch. Something like HK > LK > LP [MP] PPP. That should make the combo a bit easier.
  6. Well done! On to the next! No one should be looking down on you. No one is good from the start. It's impressive that you stick with it and even more so that you manage to complete it. The trophy isn't <2% for nothing .
  7. My general appraoch with trial trophies
  8. To get the high jump aswell, make sure to extend that second QCF a bit upward MK KKK. But if they both connected, I'm sure that you already did, just be aware of it . Good luck!
  9. Just one more little detail I noticed in the video (pause video at 19 seconds). There is an additional before the MK in the Hashinsho motion. So you might have to add it in the Hashinsho []MK KKK Other than that, just keep going at it. You can do it. Take breaks when you need to .
  10. I made an edit regarding Kazekiri. Make sure you're not moving forward before starting your move
  11. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll all try to keep helping out until it clicks . Buffering is not that special. It just means a move or motion (like QCF) is remembered, even if you do something else, as long as you stay in the timeframe of the move. Like Hashinso . You can add a MK in the middle [MK] and it won't break your first QCF (it is still buffered). So even if you don't perform in that exact order, the first QCF will still be there when you enter the second QCF after MK as long as you are quick enough. KKK = Hashinsho MK KKK = MK -> Hashinsho Maybe practise MK KKK a bit to see if you can get the MK and then the Hashinsho come out. Edit: If a Kazekiri keeps coming out, you might be pressing forward before starting your QCF. MK - is not a move for Ibuki (I think? If it is, you might need to delay your MK input just a little bit). MK - is Kazekiri
  12. This challenge is all about the buffering of moves. If you watch closely at the inputs, you see that the MK is done after a QCF. So the input should be a little like Cr LK, Cr LP, LK, , MK, , KKK Optionally, you can extend the 2nd QCF to . It shouldn't make that much of a difference, its still a high jump. I'll break it down a bit, so maybe you can understand the concept: Cr LK, Cr LP, LK - I think this part should be easy enough. The Hashinsho input is KKK High Jump input is or (or any other variation of down and up) So take the Hashinsho KKK. Use the second to buffer the high jump and add a to the end of the Hashinsho to complete it. You end up with: [][] KKK You can also use your MK while buffering the Hashinsho. So add it into the move: [MK] KKK This whole move should be done fluently, but don't rush it.
  13. Just to try and clarify a bit more. There's basically a high jump hidden in the input >>. The down en the up forward (marked with the >) together make the high jump if that makes sense.
  14. It's been a while that I played this, but I think that you just have to flick the stick down and then quickly up. If done correctly, Ibuki should jump higher. You can also use up forward or up back to jump for a high jump forward/backward. I remember struggling with this concept aswell, it's was one of the harder things for me until it clicked. Especially since you also have to use it as a cancel if I remember correctly. You don't see the Hashinsho for that reason, but Hashinsho won't come out without the high jump cancel. I think you just need to be very quick on the stick to perform it.
  15. Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate