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  1. It's possible but a bit of a grind in multiplayer, even if you boost it and use the Solo Exploit. Shame, cause I think the single player stuff is fun to complete.
  2. Have the option to buy them separately and an option to get both for cheaper. Well, ideally PS Plus would include PS Now, but that won't happen.
  3. oh no.
  4. Thank you for this. ...not much else to say, sadly.
  5. I am in agreement here. Games that are 95% single player should not have Online Exclusive Trophies. For goodness' sake, Demon's Souls on PS3 understood this and that was from 2009! But it's all a trick to get us to play the Multiplayer. That being said, thank God Monolith gave enough of a damn to patch the Trophy. I wish more companies did that.
  6. I may just wait to see if any of this works out. I haven't earned any trophies yet. Probably for the best.
  7. My sentiment as well. Superhot MCD gives a lot of fun powers and mixes up the formula, but it outstays its welcome. Like, it got to be a real endurance test by the end. And that 8 hour trophy is just - I don't know whether to be offended or impressed. Like. Geez. I love postmodern gaming. But this is quite something. I'm not even sure what the message is here? 30 minutes would have made the point well enough without causing the player to run their platform for an absurd length of time and waste a lot of electricity. I actually thought, at first, that I needed to close the game and open it again - which would have been clever in its own way, but nah. ...oh god they've probably given Kojima an idea.
  8. I hate the idea that a server could go offline before the announced time. I still have stuff to do and I thought "I'll do it early 2020". Welp. Gotta earn Lifer. but damn, I haven't got the Online Bike one yet. What a pain.
  9. Don't do this. Don't give me hope.
  10. Ah, thanks. I was actually gonna do that myself after seeing no one had done it yet, although I would have preferred not to since I might have messed up. Is it OK if I copy and paste this link for some other trophy hunters I know? I'll credit you of course.
  11. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can do what no one else can do.
  12. With the servers shutting down in August, it would be nice to have a list of every trophy effected by this. I could maybe do it myself, but I'm not as familiar with the game meaning I'd likely make mistakes and, frankly, looking at that list makes my eyes glaze over after 30 seconds.
  13. Everything looks bland yet fine EXCEPT the online. Holy hell, 1000 matches? 500 wins?! They must be really hoping for that hardcore fighting game crowd with these ones. Seems easy but time consuming.
  14. I have only platted DMC4SE and both versions of Donte's game, but this... I think it's going to be much more difficult. And I'm confident saying it's harder than the PS2 Remastered games, despite not platting them yet. But boi, does this game deserve my effort. GOTY quite easily so far. I'm at the end on DMD difficulty and I have had trials, but I have become better at the game. I have been taught by flame that Royal Guard is real good, for instance. S Ranking will be arduous, but I will see it through. Maybe.
  15. Quite frankly I'd just want a port of Klonoa 2 so I can buy it for not an absurd amount of money. No remaster or remake, just a basic port.