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  1. It's appears all dlc is free now however when I try to download it, it comes with an error. Has anyone done this yet? Does it work? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah I tried again today and still came with error. I don't think it is free unfortunately
  3. Just found out this is no longer attainable. What a bummer! Was gonna buy pc2 after patting pc1 but I won't be doing that now.
  4. YES! my thought exactly! It was pretty hyped up but boy it was a flop! My mate bought it luckily. but I had to endure it lol
  5. Hey, I thought this would be a good topic!! Personally its got to be people who swap teams in online games just to be on the winning team to get more points resulting in majorly unbalanced teams!!! gggrrrr...... killzone 2 really winds me up because of this anyway what makes you want to throw the controller across the room when gaming??????
  6. Wolf creek 2 is good! I watch a lot of horror movies, most big budget horrors are terrible! There are some real good ones out there but you have to look for them.
  7. Hi. Can anyone tell me if I need PS plus subscription for online co-op? Thanks!
  8. I can confirm that you can do the different ending trophies this way but the 'extreme mode' exploit does not work! However my game was updated to the latest patch. I will try removing patches and try it again sometime soon!
  9. Fuck yeah! Pisses me off the 500gb hard drive when most games install data is around the 50gb mark alone. Not been able to play destiny or Star wars bf for too long because of the massive updates....
  10. I don't really like music from that era but the soundtrack for mafia 3 is the best I've probably ever heard, it has all the classics, sometimes I don't want to get out of the car because the selection of music is that good!
  11. I'm probably about half way through now. Game was very glitchy before all the small patches, however 99% of those seem ironed out now. The music is top notch! Mission can be repetitive but the whole atmosphere of the game is done well. Its a pretty lengthy game but I would say shorter than say gta5.
  12. Got this game yesterday for a bargain at £10 used. I really liked the look of this game before it's launch but then the reviews came in and it put me off a little. Now having played it for several hours I'm really enjoying it, it's addictive like a good rpg and I think it's lack of polish in some areas make it feel original, oddly. Personally I think people who like the look of it shouldn't be put off by the reviews and give it a try. As for my game I'm playing mostly as warrior (staff) because most fights includes multiple enemies and for bosses and lone enemies I've been using the guardian.
  13. I guess it depends on the game. Some fighting games take a lot of skill that I'll never have. Lol
  14. 1.killzone 2 2. Gran turismo 5 3. Final fantasy 13
  15. Some good videos on YouTube which will help you beat him.
  16. Yes it does work and fairly common knowledge
  17. When I'm doing all endings trophy do I need to save progree as I go?
  18. UK hip hop a.k.a grime Dont hate before listening
  19. Gameplay: 10/10 Graphics & SFX/Score: 9/10 graphics are amazing imo, sound not so. Story/Characters: 8.5/10 story can be boring at times but love the character design for the most part. Enjoyment: 9/10 loving the game so far but some missions can be boring and repetitive. Technical/AI: 7/10 roach is dumb as f... . i had to reload save once or twice from getting stuck. Trophies/Value/Challenge: 8/10 trophies are ok so far. value for money is great. its too easy on normal mode imo, i hope harder diffilculties are more challenging. Final Rating: 9/10 definately one of the the best rpgs ive played. a very conservative review score from me.
  20. i can only recommend on the games ive already played but my fav's of them are.. COD- advanced war fighter (FPS) assassins creed black flag (third person) destiny (FPS) the witcher 3 wild hunt ( third person RPG) no racing games have grabbed me yet however project cars looks good.
  21. Hi! I'm wondering if there is a way of inviting someone to a match in this game? Only I want to boost the 'win a match after being knocked down twice trophy' which will take forever the normal way as everyone is shit hot at this game. Any help would be grateful! Thanks!
  22. Yakuza is a Japanese role playing, beat em up style game. It's good but lacks polish if you like them type of games but I'm sure it's not everyones cup of tea.
  23. The move is alright, I wouldn't advice using it as a dildo as you might get a electric shock or the rubber ball might end up getting stuck somewhere. It's comments like that and general hatred to try anything new that made the move become soo obsolete. Sports champions was much better with 2 controllers. On rail shooter's are shit without the move also. Although the old g-con would be better.
  25. Hi guys. Just tried loading up mass effect 3 multiplayer Today and for some reason as soon as I boot the game up or try to sign in psn it automatically signs me back out. I haven't had any problems with my other games. This is the first time I've tried to play multiplayer. Anyone had same experience??