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  1. im planning to pick it up. but was wondering if the online still working
  2. My name is Jackie, People on this site call me Mugi. I love video games as much as i love my ladies. I try to keep em calm and chill like my ps4 by eating their booties like groceries. I've been on this site for a while and I enjoy it very much. I like to give a shout out to my boy SLY for holding it down, Troy from Detroit, Snake, OOOOOOOMAA!!!, this chick i met on this site name Comp she pretty chill, my super cool awesome friend Lime, and my best bud RAMON! People on the chat are pretty cool too. There not a lot to know about me cause i like staying anonymous.
  3. I own 3! Asuka Soryu, Emilia from re zero, and Rin tohsaka! You don't want these Soulja boy hands fam!
  4. i am the wee best of them all. GIVE ME YO POCKYS!
  5. give me all your pockys!

  6. I am a pc gamer and glad that sony is doing this. I do own a ps3 and ps4. But I am on my pc more through the day. I am pretty sure there are some people like me who wish everything was just all in one. some pc gamers now get to experience catherine,tlou,rachet and clank, god of wars.great thinking sony.
  7. Loving your selveria one!
  8. my new display case with led setup
  10. My little set up Specs: cpu: i7 4790k gpu: MSI r9390x 8gb ram: 16gb ddr3 1833 MHZ Hdd: 2Tb SDD: 120gb OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  11. Hello fellow PC gamers, I need a PC Case. I have a Corsair 760T full tower, but it was too big and heavy to carry around so I switch it to a Corsair Carbide Spec 02. I had to do some modification to have everything fit. Not liking the case anymore because of the clearance. I need a case that fits a 280mm Radiator and either get a new case or go back to the Corsair 760T and custom mod it to Overwatch Theme. Pc spec: i7 4790k, MSI R9390X, Tracer Ram 16gb, NXZT KRAKEN X61 liquid cooler.
  12. You sir, have one fine gaming station
  13. This Nikon camera is just beautiful! It makes the figure look way better than it looks.
  14. Who's ready for Overwatch?

    1. Wavergray


      I am! It plays great on the PS4.

  15. I want Lloyd !!!! Play arts Tifa sorry space messy. waiting for detolf case
  16. Anyone plays FFXIV Realm Reborn on Steam?

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    2. DEMON


      Play it on PC/PS4. Don't have it on steam since you kind of stuck buying it off them then.

    3. FlareXV


      There's an FFXIV retail release, damn I waited so long for it?

    4. DEMON


      Yes, there's always been a FFXIV retail release. lol

  17. Depends on what the users needs are. Laptop are good for portability,school,and work. Gaming Laptops are not the way to go as it is expensive and overheat faster compares to desktop. If your planning to on gaming with good fps and settings then your way to go is a desktop. Built over bought. if you are on a saving budget never buy from ibuypower,alienware,origin,etc. JUST BUILT IT! JUST BUILT IT!
  18. Eat more pussy!!!

    1. Vlank


      Can't fit any more in my mouth.

    2. Mugi



  19. My friends are trying to get me into cosplaying. any tips psnp?

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    2. DJROE95


      Oh god I'm a noob, no wonder people look at me wierd when I ask where it is in shops - can't even blame that one on autocorrect xD

      Although for all we know this newly discovered Talcon powder might allow time travel ha ha

    3. DJROE95


      Actually that might not be the only reason they look at me strangely ;)

    4. Superbuu3


      See I can be useful outside of making every comment sound perverted :D. On the plus side with your discovery of Talcon powder you can go back and stop yourself being so embarassing.

  20. LET EM KNOW! LET EM KNOW! Can't wait for SFV #RISEUP!
  21. did you get Steins gate the game yet? my friend won a raffle and gave me a code for it :D

    1. NotAFoxAnymore


      I'm getting it on Wednesday, I can't wait :D that's lucky!

    2. Mugi


      yep more KRISTINA! :P

  22. Just started Sword Art Online 2. Wow this gun arc is pretty neat!

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    2. Mugi


      that's all im looking foward too akira-chan. people told me sao in general the best ones are the first arcs of the seasons

    3. NotAFoxAnymore


      Yeah. The Excalibur thing right after kinda sucks in my opinion, it's only a few episodes long and doesn't really feel like it belongs there. The storyline after that is good though ^^

    4. LukeWarm115


      I agree with the first half being superior, but the second half had some good moments.

  23. yeah i seen your instagram im following it now. i only have the fate zero ones and sword art online. waiting for fate stay ubw weiss schwarz