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  1. I think you got it the wrong way around. People here love games, play them so much they know exactly what they like and not. You criticize that which you love. I'm personally a huge FF fan, I made FF8 plat my 15k trophy. I'm wanting to make FF9 plat my 20k or 25k trophy. It's always been a lousy point. Fans have wanted an upgraded version, not just a remaster. Much of this game seems to have done what a lot of fans wanted, even if I'm no fan of the change to the battle system, it might have been okay if they didn't also mess with the story. They might as well just make a new game and series if they don't wanna do the original. However, this first portion is rather similar to the original game, with a lot of both good and pointless additions, though the ghost stuff and the ending kinda ruins the original story going forward.
  2. Got the last Souls platinum I missed last night. We're talking all stacks etc. :) I still haven't done Sekiro and Eternal Ring though.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice. I've only played Bloodborne. :ninja: I did just order Dark Souls 3, though. So I might be giving that a try in the future. 

    3. MMDE


      3x Demon's Souls, 2x Dark Souls, 2x Dark Souls 2, 1x Dark Souls 3. (Also done Bloodborne) :)

      @DamagingRob , I thought Dark Souls 3 was great, and even if no trophies, definitely play through the DLC too! :) 

    4. charxsetsuna


      Congrats,  I cant even beat the first boss in these games.. 

  3. Do you want it to look like you cheat? As for KZ2 in specific, go ahead, try if you dare. We know who got the trophy and not already.
  4. Another one I had nothing to do with, but seems wrong to me, so I lifted it.
  5. Won't be lifted.
  6. Even if no scratches, the disc may be bad. Could be weather, like been laying in the sun/heat for too long.
  7. I think he's right though, you gotta hide it to get back on the leaderboards. IMO, you shouldn't need to hide the game, but it shouldn't count in on any of your stats or leaderboards etc either. Ah, nvm, I see you got multiple other flags. Even if this one was lifted, you still have 3 other flags... (Dark Souls, 2x SS)
  8. What some people do is play on a local profile that is not connected to a PSN account yet. When they 100% the game, they connect their PSN account to it and sync. This is not possible with online trophies. Late sync of online trophies on PS4 is not something we generally accept. Late sync of online trophies on PS3, eh, try to not wait until right before or after the servers go down for this.
  9. A funny aspect of this is, you can't late sync online trophies.
  10. I think nobody would have an issue with expanding the story, adding more stuff and fleshing things out, even including things that makes it line up better with some of the other games in the series. The problem is the drastic changes. They're not small, they change everything. The original game even had some overlying theme, that'll just be gone now. The build-up of the main villain, gone. I don't trust Motomu Toriyama, and now it's set up for all his bs. No thanks. No, really, I don't want any of it.
  11. .

    @B1rvine Well, in this case I don't think what happens is possible. I will explain in private.
  12. @Squirlruler was this the Vita trick though?
  13. Yes, that's how this makes me feel. They can do whatever they want, but it's certainly nowhere near what I wanted. I will probably play it, eventually. Kinda gave up on Square a long time ago though. It's just not the stuff I fell in love with anymore.
  14. I would like to report someone, but can't send you a private message 👀

    1. DaivRules


      You can also message any of the three other Cheater Removers

    2. MMDE


      You can also send me a message on discord! Preferably, you can just use the report button on the site.

    3. SQUALL20X


      Ok, plz accept me on Discord (SQUALL20X#0577) 

  15. Hey, if you arent too busy can i private message you about trophy problems? you seem to know way more about it then most people, and googling isnt giving much helpful information, but i understand if you're busy.

    1. MMDE


      Try to contact me on discord! :)