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  1. @bottle27 , it's up to you what you wanna do. I don't think the flag will be lifted, it might be white listed in the future, maybe, idk. I'm just going to close this dispute here as I don't see it leading anywhere productive. You can PM me if there's anything you wonder about though or you wanna open the dispute thread again.
  2. I think it was in jest to make them hide it before it was too late, as they didn't report the games as of yet.
  3. 3 flags and you're perm off the leaderboards, but you can hide up to 2 flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards. If you got other games you think people will flag, you may wanna hide them. It does however seem like you don't care about the leaderboards, so whatever. They might get white listed some day, but that's a lot of less common games to have had modders mess with you in. hmm
  4. I removed the name from the URL in my quote. Please do not name and shame. And as for that user, I'm not sure if cheated or not. Very strange they are missing one trophy, but it's the VITA version, so might just be someone testing "trophy folders" ("just", it's the worst kind of cheating). Ninja'd me!
  5. 3 people are flagged for that Aabs animals version. Yes, people are THAT lazy.
  6. Sly told me he hadn't before he logged out. And idk who does the styling.
  7. I was able to re-create one of the issues with android and chrome. Went here: and tried to click on the thread called LGBTQ+. It's a one-word thread title, and it was impossible to click on the title. In fact, couldn't click on the page numbers either. @Sly Ripper If no changes has been made to the actual forum code, it might just be the styling, which I know has been changed lately @BlindMango
  8. That page? Have you tried to clear browsing data? What browser do you use? Screen resolution? Blocking ads? JavaScript allowed? What version of the browser are you using?
  9. I never did either, but I've received for games I haven't played. Great stuff.
  10. Also, there was actually a way to test if he had done it legitimately or not back then, but you guys just wanted to close the dispute thread.
  11. There's definitely ways now. It's just back when the list I'm thinking about was popped, there was a glitch that would make it so your game on PS4 might pop some other game you had downloaded at the same time's trophies. In this case that was Sound Shapes popping Knack trophies. And it's well established that this was the case and that it happened back in 2014. And yeah, we don't flag glitches.
  12. If you are talking about the person I think you are, which is someone just some few positions down on my national leaderboard, then it's a glitch. Was a common issue for a very short period of time, and we know he earned the trophies back then and no obvious way to do what he did through any means of cheating back then as far as I know. In other words, the only explanation of it is the glitch, and we don't flag people for a glitch.
  13. Gets quicker each time!
  14. @viech54 Here's a quick breakdown with all the useful information to not miss anything and still get the plat as early as possible while playing offline while playing it mostly on your own:
  15. Just PM me with good info if it's not obvious, and I'll fix it.