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  1. That is what I was asking about, as that's against the leaderboard rules.
  2. But why is he talking about "offline"? Did he earn trophies and not sync them, just make saves to pop faster?
  3. Trophies normally don't stop popping when you go offline, but that's the case in this game?
  4. yeah, I have no idea why this was approved. that is what was marked.
  5. Please don't use the disputes to complain about stuff. It's not a place to fight either. When you do things like that, you make it worse, for everyone. Furthermore, as I said earlier, I knew how to test it properly, and alongside work etc, I was trying to get some help to test it. Test it properly, not what you all did.
  6. ^ I guess I was right.
  7. Anyone know if it has been fixed? I see people have earned trophies, so I guess it has been?
  8. To me it looks like they just loaded a save that had enough stars, so they popped all at the same time, and then 10 mins later they killed some enemy so the 1k kills trophy popped...
  9. You just used a downloaded save.... Won't be lifted.
  10. You can tell straight off the bat what artist did the character and logo etc for this game. Yoshitaka Amano, the same legendary guy as who did for much of the older Final Fantasy games etc. Lulz at the forum saying "Eturnal the MMORPG". Pretty sure it's called "Eternal", and was at the very least a mobile game.
  11. Yeah, no. You've hidden it already, so you shouldn't have any issue now. Won't be lifted I think.
  12. @Beyondthegrave07
  13. Won't be lifted.