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  1. Good, because I think we spoke about this report, and I wasn't really totally buying it, as I had spent some time on learning what to look for when it comes to cheating in this game, and this one didn't qualify. I have however forgotten all about the reasons why, I just know what to look for.
  2. There you go, permanently off the leaderboards. Maybe you paid someone to give you these trophies or something? We won't accept these as legitimate. You can PM me if there's anything, but it's pretty clear some of the stuff on your profile has been cheated.
  3. What to do next? The rest of your trophies are very strange too. Smells like you've used some "trophy service" AKA most likely a cheater adding trophies to your profile often for payment. Well, you cheated Dark Souls 2 as well. My guess is, a lot more of the trophies on your profile is cheated and you should honestly just be deleted from the site.
  4. I was going to write a list of indicators of save file use in this case, but I rather not educate cheaters... Anyway, there's several, on top of you skipping phalanx. And in case you wanna claim a lot of exploits, I already know of those, still seems off on top of the usual starter save issue of skipping phalanx.
  5. Just stopping in to say Good Morning 🤓

    1. MMDE


      It's 00:42...

    2. Omni_Vocal


      it was 10.45am when i said that Newzealand time - have a good one 😚

  6. That username though... dude, please don't waste our time with utter bs like this.
  7. I told you, please don't waste our time with lies. Meme on popular demand.
  8. Edited timestamps, won't be lifted. And there, permanently off the leaderboards. Please don't waste our time with lies.
  9. Sounds to me you used a backed up save to sync trophies out of order / too fast. This is against the leaderboard rules. Here's what you can do to get back on the leaderboard, if you don't get your flag lifted: Also, I see you beat God of War without killing Ares??? Your Last Rebellion game was done insane fast too? https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/250-last-rebellion/Lonsdaleiter
  10. Wasn't it you who used the mod? Your trophy list doesn't look like it was some online modder.
  11. Regardless of what the report says, I can tell with certainty this was cheated. You got all titles for a character before a certain requirement for one of the titles. And you're flagged for Resident Evil Revelation, why didn't you try to dispute that? Seemed like a more interesting dispute. Closing this one, as it's a waste of time. We both know you used a downloaded save or something for this. What you can do: I'd hide all the cheated games, one more flag and you're permanently off the leaderboards.
  12. Would be nice if you wrote a trophy guide for the site too.
  13. Well, they port to multiple consoles, so it's obviously not about the trophies etc, and had they ported Lost Sea to PS4, that would have been an interesting game to make this claim about. It has 61 plat achievers.
  14. Yes, this is what I thought after someone linked me the website yesterday. It all looked like ports. In other words, none of these are actually "rat games". I remember I even saw that Lost Sea game, though only Nintendo port, but I know who actually made that game is the same company that did Rainbow Moon/Skies. I wonder if they are contracted or ask the devs to port the game.