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  1. Dude, please don't try to sell some 3 people playing on your account at the same time story. This was simply someone with a mod menu who popped your trophies. Anyway, you can hide up to 2 flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards.
  2. And the reason given:
  3. That's the one I linked to, as an example of what I think is a mod menu. Certainly not save file use and it doesn't look typical CFW to me. Looks like the trophies popped normal PS3 speed, but way too many at the same time. It's not save file because it's not just the spec ops stars. I think that is what a mod menu popped trophy list looks like.
  4. I'm skipping the missing timestamps, here's the rest of the list. This is definitely not save file use, and it's not the typical CFW either.
  5. The clunky controls bothered me from start to end. What do I mean by clunky controls? Well, it would take almost a second to really move the way I wanted. This makes for horrible aiming resulting in always being frustrated it takes too long to look in another direction and often find yourself having to aim the other way again afterwards. The artsy comment isn't exactly honest quoting, because this is what I've said: So it's not that I don't like "artsy games", but rather that when their sole purpose is to be pretentious artsy games that barely give you any gameplay or just downright poor gameplay, I don't think the gameplay aspect of the games are any good. And if the artsy stuff is poor too, like in this case, I'll call it out on that as well. Journey is definitely a much better game than this one. Virginia is actually a pretty bad game IMO, and so this thread is me telling that opinion to others.
  6. You can hide up to and including two games to appear on the leaderboards again.
  7. I know it's hard for you guys to see when it's not ordered correctly by date.
  8. You can hide up to and including 2 flagged games, so when you only had those two flagged, you could have hidden them, earn another trophy in any game, synced to PSN and updated your profile here for it to take effect. You now got 3 flags, so then you're permanently off the leaderboards. You can however use all other features the site has to offer, you're just not on the leaderboard anymore.
  9. If I don't understand it? haha... Have fun, but maybe you're better at interpreting it and got it right? And the alien stuff was hinted at from the beginning of the game, by the kid that was using the hideout and was missing or whatever. My comment about the few lines of text wasn't a summary, it was pretty much the main story line. The constant hard cuts, going back and forth in time and the dream sequences or whatever, it doesn't make for a better movie in any way. It's just confusing to the viewer, trying to add another layer to your story by simply making it harder to understand using such brute methods. Haha, it's you guys who feel the need to defend the games. Sometimes my posts are glowing recommendations, other times it's not. Simple as that. Be happy you haven't read what I think about Enslaved: A Journey, urgh I mean Odyssey to the West, the game that was supposed to be a movie, but they didn't get enough money for it so they made it a game instead...
  10. It'd just be to check my own list too TBH, I made sure to max out at all times as well. So quick and easy to do so IMO. It must be after Instrument of Change I think, and personally I had like 1-2 mins between each, except for one that was 29 seconds or something. Renkiin did it after Instrument of Change. Anyway, the KH this thread is about is cheated. I think both Batman I mentioned are too.
  11. The thing is, leveling in FFXIII is a bit differently than in many games. It's a bit like FFX, just way more dumbed down. You save up exp, and then you spend it to level up. Even if you spend it almost straight away this can happen, because each character will pop independently. Besides, I'm not sure they will all pop at the same time if you load up a save with them maxed out. I was thinking more about all accessories long before Long Gui and all the stones missions and some other stuff. Might be possible, but just seemed off to me. The leveling is fine as long as it's not too early in the story line. I think you can max out certain jobs with certain characters before you beat the game too, but after you beat the game, they can all max out all jobs.
  12. Thanks. I just lifted the flag. Hope it wasn't too much trouble for you. I don't care too much about this game to be frank because of all the modders. Besides, you have no other flag.
  13. They actually told me what I just said.
  14. In FF13-1 the maxing of roles is locked off until late game, but is that the case in FF13-2. I can't remember.
  15. @Pariah_Dark What is your other account that you boosted with? Also, I know this game is known for costing a lot to 100%, so I find it strange you'd boost with another account.