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  1. So, what is the destruction stuff like? Seems like you can pay to lower it?
  2. // ==UserScript== // @name Puppeteer Collectible Checkboxes // @namespace PSNPPuppeteer // @version 1.00 // @description Checkboxes for collectible guide. // @author MMDE // @match* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== const trs = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll("#sections tbody tr")) .map(it => it.firstElementChild) const saveCbs = () => { const data = => it.firstElementChild.checked) localStorage.setItem('pcg', JSON.stringify(data)) } const loadCbs = () => { const data = localStorage.getItem('pcg') return JSON.parse(data) } const createCb = checked => { const cb = document.createElement("input") cb.type = "checkbox" cb.checked = checked cb.addEventListener("click", saveCbs) return cb } const cbs = loadCbs() for (var i = 0; i < trs.length; i++) { const cb = createCb(cbs !== null ? cbs[i] : false) trs[i].insertBefore(cb, trs[i].firstChild) } That should work fine.
  3. I tried, and it doesn't work anymore. It was just something I did quickly, and it would have looked different had I done it today. haha The issue is that the site has changed. I can cook together something that does work now though. But will have to be for in some few hours etc, eh, but seems rather simple to replicate it. It was basically just adding a checkbox next to each tbody entry and when you click the checkbox it would save the current state of all the boxes to the localStorage in your web browser. Whenever you load the page, it would load the current state of all the boxes and apply it to the checkboxes. document.querySelectorAll("#sections tbody tr") Should get you all the the trs, if you know how to do this yourself...
  4. If that is all, and nothing else is required, I don't see any issue with that.
  5. Let's see if I understand this correctly. You set up a DNS server, that tells Vita that the old LBP server address is localhost ( AKA, that the game contacts itself? If that is all this does, then it's pretty much already approved in terms of how it was for Saints Row as well. If it on the other hand requires some patch of the game or run CFW Vita then it will never be approved. If it requires some simulated server, I would need to review it etc.
  6. Hi there,


    Not sure if you've seen the discussion thread in relation to the Teletraan 1 trophy - the servers went offline earlier this year but they are now back up and hosted by a Transformers fan group - I'm just wanting to make sure this it not considered cheating... I'm guessing as I've seen plenty other games which have had similar done for them and there's been no issue earning the trophies but just wanting to make sure.


    This trophy in particular literally just needs a server connection to rate the weapons and that's the trophy done and it's all I need for the platinum!


    The thread can be found here:

    Thanks in advance,


  7. AND Jumping 12*20=240 240+1=241 yeah... 241 of that series alone.
  8. As for the topic of this thread, I don't think this applies to people who think games like The Jumping Food series is a problem and has played a lot of them. I actually think quite the opposite, it might mean they feel more affected and experience the problem. I'm not even sure there is any hypocrisy there, even if you realize you buying the games contribute to the problem.
  9. No, it's not very difficult at all, nor particularly subjective. It's based on average rarity of the stack. It's all in the opening post. The only subjective part would be where you set the rarity limit. It's definitely 50% or higher, and definitely 90% or lower. IMO 80% is the sweetspot.
  10. Yeah, it's for the sale, but don't wanna waste my few JP bucks on something I can't read, though this seemed interesting and on sale, and something I can't buy in my own store. There they claim that:
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't want to hide them either, I would just want the leaderboard to not count common stacks and recognize asset swaps as stacks. In other words, you can play your The Jumping Food game, and it would count on the leaderboard, but if you played like 600 of them (yes, there is about 600 of them) it would still only count once. I would prefer if you played something like Uncharted 1 on PS3 and PS4, that it counts both. Nothing subjective about it if you base it on let's say somewhere between 50 and 90% rarity. I suggested 80% as some kind of sweetspot that is hard to abuse and filters out much of the issue. What I suggest wouldn't touch your profile, it would only touch your leaderboard score.
  12. @Smashero Would you happen to know if the version you can buy in the JP store have English translation? Seems like a fun little game, but would prefer to understand what they say. 😅
  13. Exactly, that's the story of TT. 😅 I can know they have some feature, used it before, multiple times, and then just not be able to find it anymore, at least not before I've spent 30+ mins on it. Then there's all I don't know, and never will find. Also, they don't show exact second of when a trophy was earned for some strange reason, at least not as I could see.
  14. I'm not putting any blame on him for it. I'm just pointing out even the people who buy them and benefit from it wants this to stop.