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  1. I don't think the reports against her are correct... And she gets a lot of reports because she intentionally plans trophies. She does as much progress against all trophies before popping any, that way your overall completion time is very low, because it only counts from your first pop until the platinum pops, not from when you actually started the game. And because she does this, people think it's off that she gets trophies "too fast" in certain games, like getting 100 hours trophy only some few minutes or hours after starting the game. I do however suspect she might not do everything by the book, meaning, she doesn't sync the first earned trophy, so that if she accidentally earn a trophy, she deletes the profile (and the trophies) and tries again with a backed up save.
  2. C for cheater.
  3. Someone sent me this link and was wondering is it true if mods are unflagging people on some games despite autopoping.


    i was hoping if it was ok i could get same treatment if not then its your choice but i have seen people complaining that mods have been letting some people of flags despite being reported.

    1. Parker


      Mods don't unflag people, that is up to the Dispute team. 

  4. 3? Looked like 4 to me, and I gave him 2 more, so that's 6...
  5. UAE-WAHDAWI has 4 flags, which means you are permanently off the leaderboards.
  6. I think this should be lifted, so I lifted it. Change my mind!
  7. Yes, if your console has never been online, it will happen.
  8. We don't want accounts with a lot of missing timestamps on the leaderboards.
  9. Seems your flag has been lifted by someone, and I don't see any other issues, so I guess this case is over...
  10. I might actually get it now!
  11. As I remember it, it wasn't super easy. It's like medium difficulty.
  12. There's game over in boss battles.
  13. Well, I'm telling you this is not the worst of the stuff I've played for PS4, and I had to restart several of the levels in this game. One level I think I had to restart 3 or 4 times. Some of the switches just stopped working, or some arrow wall just wouldn't go down. I remember one wall I struggled with, first the button stopped working to open it. Second time I got past it but something else messed up later, and on the third playthrough of that level I noticed there was some urn I could jump on and then just jump over the wall (not intended). Silly garbage. If anyone wants to see what drove me insane: first time trying to get past the arrow wall second time trying to get past the arrow wall and I just jump over, the puzzle with the lights right afterwards makes no sense either. me trying to show and explain the bad ledge hanging still same level, and notice the wall at the end of the path, it's supposed to go down when you kill the enemies there I spend several minutes trying to figure out if there's something I've missed, because I didn't really know if the gate was supposed to be opened by me killing the enemies there... I try to look for any playthroughs online, can't find any... then I try to use this one ability to get past, but I actually end up going through a wall and eventually end up off-screen etc... third time I know I can just jump past the first bs then I get to the previous place I got stuck, and let's see if I fare any better this time... this section made me feel like the worst platform player ever Just to put the icing on the cake, I couldn't press X during the conversation at the end of the level (had to press touch pad) At some point I get to a gate you just enter when you walk into it, which is fine, but I walk around for a good while before I understand the path to get further in the level is actually to jump over this massive door opening. How do you know you're supposed to jump up at the end of the path here, and the part right afterwards, where I open a door, get past the door, fight some enemies, can somehow go back through the closed door, but when I go back it locks forever, and I feel stuck, nowhere to go. Notice how I jump near the machine at the very left many many times. Somehow in the end it took me up and I tried not to think any more of it. It didn't seem to work anywhere else. If anyone wonders how to kill the last boss, here's how:
  14. Nah, there's far worse, you just haven't played 'em.
  15. You also cheated MW2. And I see you transferred the cheated GTA5 progress on PS3 to PS4...