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  1. The reason, which you can see, I'm sure:
  2. This is my report, but it's probably one of the reports that wasn't meant to be approved yet, but which was by someone else. Looking at it again, this one looks correct, so I guess the reason it wasn't applied was because I wanted to find more. Did you do it or someone else?
  3. The person who approved it has lifted it.
  4. What is it you dispute about this report?
  5. Fairly certain the Sly one has edited timestamps. That's actually one of my reports that I'm fairly certain about, just wanted more before it was approved.
  6. Vita is so broken right now...
  7. And this smells like someone got CFW on their VITA and using it to cheat.
  8. I had nothing to do with this one, but seems someone has already lifted it, so I'll close this thread then. Just pm @Squirlruler if you disagree.
  9. One of them is super silly and obvious too. Just be happy this person didn't do more of your games. One more and you'd be permanently off. In fact, if you got more games done by this person, I'd recommend you hiding them. Very likely cheated and might get you that final flag. No, these won't be lifted.
  10. Not the answer I was expecting. I was genuinely interested in the answer.
  11. He is actually flagged for another game he is not disputing. I had nothing to do with this report though, but I got some memory of seeing this trophy list before. I think someone showed me on discord or something. I see no actual reason for why this report should be approved, so I lifted it.
  12. There was some that I wanted to spend more time on, either to make sure was correct, wanted to wait to give them flags, or just give more flags.
  13. A bit unrelated, but maybe you can clear it up for me. In The Evil Within, you got "You Had This Coming" before "Home Invasion", for some reason I've it written down that this is the wrong order. Could you explain?
  14. It is my report btw... and the report reason is edited timestamps. And the reason for why I reported it is likely false, and I rather not go into why, but it could however still be true though. Not sure, it's just B1rvine made a good point when I reported it the first time, and why it might be false.
  15. What I said earlier was a joke. Not sure if lost in translation or something, but I thought I made it somewhat clear. You didn't actually explain anything.