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  1. 10k? I was wondering why it wasn't unlocking, but it says 100k on PSN.
  2. I lifted the Batman one. Game is well known for those glitches, and so, even if it is strange, it shouldn't be flagged like that. The FIFA 14 one is correct?
  3. Anyone else experienced anything similar?
  4. You're the one who brought up YouTube in two of your messages, nobody else.
  5. You are not a youtuber? I seem to remember otherwise...
  6. You got yet another flag for Bioshock. (They got flag for Tales of Berseria, Bullet Girls Phantasia, Sakura Wars, Star Ocean: TLHR)
  7. The Mad Max report was correct? (DS3 was 3 months prior) Honestly, if you had a prior account removed for cheating too, and this one has already been caught cheating. I don't care about this dispute. In my eyes you're at more than 3 flags.
  8. You should hide all the cheated games is what I said.
  9. Doesn't happen through modded lobbies, and we don't care who did it. You've already hidden it, so you should be back on the leaderboards soon.
  10. Yes, hide all the games you cheated and you'll be back on the leaderboards. And, yes, I mean all.
  11. Batman, won't be lifted. Fuel, won't be lifted.
  12. I wouldn't use these services. There's no real guarantee they are legit and you may end up with cheated trophies or a lost account, and then you're out of luck.
  13. I tried to send you a pm, but apparently, you can't send them to you.


    You commented on my Star Ocean guide some time ago. In fact, I wanted to change the difficulty there (too high), as well as the time estimate (a bit too low) for some time, but never knew how to do it. Someone told me you could adjust guide settings.


    in any case, thanks for bringing my attention to it.

    1. MMDE


      Go to your guide, and there should be a "edit guide" button near the upper right, right next to where it says "x comments".

  14. This is as generic of a "space ship" shoot 'em up as you get. It's however not in space, it's like 1942 or whatever those original shmups were called, top down military fighter airplane whatever. You just gotta make it through 20 levels. You got plenty of lives, and you get many as you go. Very little chance of dying unless you suck or go for it. Game takes less than 30 minutes to beat, like 25 or something. Should you get it? It's an okay, though, perhaps a bit too easy, gentle ride. Turn your brain off, just some simple shmup. Remember to get it for cheap! Full playthrough:
  15. AFAIK someone goes through the games before they're "published" on the site. Often fixing typos etc and adding background image.