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  1. @Sly Ripper , this is an unfortunate trend. These guys changing their username and then re-appear on the leaderboard with their new username. I know the flags probably gets applied eventually, but it should happen straight away. @TheRatchetPlayer, changing your username won't allow you back on the leaderboard. The old flags will stay, but the site currently takes a little while to apply them.
  2. He's flagged for both gtav and tlou.
  3. You got 11 flags. And I know several of the ones you mention are correct... This is not going anywhere. You can PM me if there's anything, but please don't waste my time with lies etc.
  4. Sounds like baloney to me. You got so many cases of cheated games, you either let your friend cheat quite a lot on your profile, or it's simply you who do it and there's no friend involved. Either way, it's your account and you're responsible. 3 flags and you're permanently off the leaderboards. Couldn't report this, but this is cheated too. Anyway, you still got 3 more flags, so you're permanently off the leaderboards. You can PM me if there's anything, but I don't see this going anywhere, so I'll close the thread now.
  5. I think my point was that you would do better with an opinion thread than voting on scores.
  6. As for the voting, I think my text response is worth a lot more than any number vote.
  7. Not voted, but it's honestly not that difficult. The reason for this is that you can pause the game, watch a YouTube video before the start of each level, knowing exactly what to do in each stage. Do the game legit once beforehand and this will be an easy task. You can even practice the levels you struggle with after a full speedrun attempt, as the game is rather open. It's like 4/10 difficulty, but with just some time put into it, you can easily argue it's like 3/10 in terms of doability. The reason it's not easier is because the time is pretty tight, and you got little time to screw around.
  8. Seems like OP is speaking the truth though. I've told them how to fix the issue in PM. Once they fix it, I'll lift the flag.
  9. Just hide the game and you'll be back on the leadeboards.
  10. Anyway, I'll close this now. You used your friend's or downloaded saves or whatever it is. Not allowed on the leaderboards. You can hide the games and get back on the leaderboards. If there's any more cases like this, I suggest you hide them as one more strike and you're off the leaderboards for good.
  11. They've removed themselves from the site. So I think this is over. I don't think he was wrongfully flagged at all. Like there's some small chance he had multiple PS4s and some wasn't online, and he would transfer saves back and forth, but this is still against the leaderboard rules.
  12. This is out of order too. Rang both bells before ever arriving in Lordran. In Dark Souls you start at some remote location that functions as a tutorial level with an easy boss at the end. After the boss you get flown to firelink shrine. You get the trophy after that flight. To get the bell trophies, you gotta progress from here and towards the two bells which are far apart. One is quite early after a couple of bosses, while the other is down in the poison location. Just to clear up some confusion I think. I don't think @hastobema-vita is a trophy hunter. Like he doesn't cheat for the trophies, but, at least to me, it seems he does cheat in games.
  13. I lifted MW2, as I said, it's fine.
  14. nah, those are fine actually. Rather not go into it.