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  1. I was going to do some more checks, but he's removed his account now, so I guess this case is over?
  2. Meh, what you did is possible AFAIK, and you didn't even get the time consuming trophies that are way easier to cheat. Just makes no sense to me.
  3. Nah, if we can't just remove them for 3 flags, I ask for complete removal. If I find clear evidence of CFW and can't prove more than a case or two, and I don't suspect it's someone else on their account for an atypical case, I ask for it to be completely removed. Profile can't be trusted in any meaningful way then.
  4. That's the fear of time traveling, but not the traveler I think?
  5. ... case closed tbh
  6. What's the fear of time travelers called?
  7. Yeah, so many people say this unfortunately. Can't you still sync the old PS3 with LAN cable? I recommend you sync everything correctly with PS3 and PS4, and then send @Squirlruler a PM and I'll see if I'll lift any of it or not.
  8. Really? I did play it back then, same experience as now, certain things were just broken.
  9. Sure, doesn't change Ubisoft already did a lot of what this game did. Besides, Rainbow Six were just better games IMO :'D
  10. That's not true at all, and there were many, many, many more games back then. The most popular one back then was Counter-Strike 1.6, not even a discussion. Halo was even out. Other popular ones were of course Half-Life, TimeSplitters 2, Quake II, various 007 games, Unreal (Tournament), several Medal of Honor games, Metroid Prime, Wolfenstein and Doom was still popular, More importantly, Ubisoft made other FPS games before this one, more specifically see Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, which had all the stuff you said. What this game really did was just the open island stuff, which wasn't done all that good. In fact, the Rainbow Six games even had planning stage, where you could control where your other teams go and what start out gear they had. Stealth? Many missions were about getting into some location taken over by terrorists, and they usually had hostages. I remember well some levels in Rogue Spear where you were supposed to infiltrate a location undetected and bug stuff etc. I repeat, what was new about this game was the big and open island levels.
  11. Yes, or something showing you did so. I'll do you one better though, I'll lift it for now, and if we find more, it will be reapplied.
  12. I know well who it is btw... How's it going Bowser? Yeah, we removed some of your accounts recently, not all though. We wait sometimes.
  13. Hehe, no idea. Shouldn't take too long to test for anyone going for the plat though. 250k should be "super fast" then.
  14. There are other ways to do this as well, it just requires you to be a bit more clever and resourceful. I remember some awful thing in a game I thought went too fast with too many inputs. I wrote a script that actually wrote the input script as you pressed the buttons and stick on your controller. Not super useful here I guess, but the way I got all controller inputs scripted is I guess. It was related to emulating a PS4 controller, and being able to map that emulated controller to other keys, keys you could easily script. :'D Yeah, as I said, being a bit more clever and resourceful. I think this gamepad was to allow anything to act as a X360 or PS4 controller or whatever it was on PC.
  15. Hide all games you've cheated and you'll be back on the leaderboards. If you get 3 flags, you're perm off.