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  1. Well, he was correctly flagged for one game, then tried to dispute it with a lie, and got 6 more flags. Probably many more where that comes from. 5 years of cheating I'd say. He is flagged for stuff he did in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  2. There's several other issues as well. Yawn, just like LBP2, which I can tell with 100% certainty that you cheated... Just hide all the games you've cheated to get back on the leaderboards. If you get another flag, you'll be permanently off the leaderboards. Lies are not appriciated.
  3. 🔥 Liar liar, flags on fire. 🔥 You got another 6 flags, and we both know it's not from your old accounts, so please don't lie and pretend like you didn't cheat. You're now permanently off the leaderboards.
  4. Dude got 5 flags btw, reports made by 3 different people and approved by 2 different people. So much for conspiracy.
  5. That "skillful" buddy didn't actually play the games, and wasn't all that "skillful" in what he actually did after all. Please don't waste our time with cheated trophy lists. The dispute feature is for people who has been wrongly flagged, you haven't. I personally gave you these flags and I know with confidence they are correct.
  6. 💩 Trophies generally don't poop. 💩 EDIT: Same lazy shit. Dude, please, we don't want cheaters on the leaderboards. You're permanently off. In case anyone wonders, he edits timestamps.
  7. For everyone with ad issues: 


  8. Yes, the Paypal message when purchasing premium membership is off when I last checked it out. It will tell you will be able to review your purchase before making the final decision. Well, you click continue and then it's automatically paid for. It never told me the amount I was paying or anything. I did this to check if there was any issues with the purchasing, because someone said they had issues. Needless to say, that is not really supposed to happen. I guess Sly fixed it after that, but that it might have had issues then.
  9. Just sync the first earning of each trophy and don't edit or use other people's saves.
  10. Nah. Isn't there a challenge in Resogun for just this? If not with just 1 life? I remember I did a lot of those. Game isn't that difficult. Had you said Master difficulty on the other hand, we'd be talking 8-9/10. Haven't played Sine Mora, but I've played games were most trophies are ultra rare and haven't found them to be that difficult.
  11. Just few owners. Maybe the game was just released? Without auto profile update enabled, people aren't getting their profiles updated and new games will have far less owners.
  12. We both know you're being dishonest at this point. You can point at others doing it that fast, and they do, but you don't meet the requirements for doing it that fast. You're not a victim, so stop pretending like it. No need to request getting removed, you can easily do that here:
  13. If anyone wonders, there is a way to get MGS2 very fast. Those who know how will also know that @Kagerismaru didn't meet the requirements for doing this. Kind of hard to see that on this site now that he has deleted his profile, but I took a look, and he hadn't met the requirements.
  14. love your signature xD 

  15. I'll lift it, but it's a yellow flag, so if I ever find anything clearly cheated, you'll get this flag again.