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  1. Never heard of this before.
  2. With 3 flags you're permanently off the leaderboards.
  3. To be perfectly frank, the time trials are not easy. If it plays like the original, the platinum is going to be like 7-8/10 or something IMO. It's harder than the main series Crash games. AFAIK the Oxide ghost uses a better kart, and it does really good runs using all the normal shortcuts. Maybe I suck, but Oxide on one track could take me many hours, and on certain tracks it can take a day or more. Beating N. Tropy is one thing, Oxide is often another. You do need to master the drifting, which is easy enough, but you gotta know exactly where to drive and where to drift for the most out of it. Furthermore, jumping and landing can give you boost, which is very useful in some cases, like you can beat Oxide on Tiny Arena without drifting at all, but that's a unique case with all it's bumps. A lot of where you can really purchase some time towards beating Oxide is through the bumps I feel, that along with great driving and drifting.
  4. I think this one is a bit iffy, but I'll lift it for now. And I lifted the two other people who were solely reported for this one reason. Everyone else who had it also had things like rockets in the first playthrough or difficulties too fast etc. If someone knows something I don't and strongly disagree, you can PM me about it.
  5. It seems to me he has cheated many more games.
  6. Well, you got all the upgrades, then 13 mins later you did 200 and 400 kills at the same time. 5 mins later the all types of agony bolts, 2 mins later the melee. But it very well might be a glitch. I did find some cases of this, but most of the time I also found other stuff that indicated they had cheated.
  7. Anyone wanna play Dark Souls 3 with me? I still haven't played that one 😥 After it I only miss the Dark Souls 1 PS4 remake for all the stacks of Souls platinums. Anyone wanna play?

  8. I reported people for The Evil Within because people weren't happy with so many cheaters on the leaderboard. That's what it said.
  9. I just 100% the game. The game has some serious issues, but it's very much playable. In fact, it was a bit addicting. I just wish it was actually finished, because this is a failed early access game from steam, where the devs broke up or something and yeah, they fixed some stuff, but there's still lots of issues and the game can crash, even delete your save. If you use all save slots, this shouldn't be too much of an issue, and don't press anything, especially not options button while the game is saving. Game also have an auto save, so the 3-4 times it crashed for me, I didn't lose much progress (max 5 mins or so). Game is fairly easy and you don't really need to worry about the trophies, when they pop that is. I recommend restarting the game after first starting playing it, or trophies may not appear. But yeah, game was fun and a bit addicting, just too bad it wasn't fully done. If you can get it at a low price, it's worth picking up for some few hours play.
  10. F*** IT!!! "Save data is corrupted. The save data will now be deleted." Yes, that was because I saved the game, and accidentally hit the "options" button right afterwards. EDIT: It only deleted that one save I was saving when it crashed. Luckily I made use of all the slots! So do that!! And my auto save made sure I didn't lose much progress at all.
  11. Okay, sounds like you got correctly flagged and should be off the leaderboards then.
  12. ...and there the game crashed for the first time. Still haven't got a single trophy. LOL, when I started the game, the trophy "SET SAIL" just popped as I loaded my quick save after the crash. EDIT: and now the poop deck popped.
  13. Already had my starter crew member commit suicide, but I just don't get the poop trophy... :\ I got like 10-20 poops on my ship now, no trophy popping, and it's the second ship I have more than 5 poops on.
  14. I don't get paid by PSNP... But yes, if you support the site with some few bucks you'll no longer have that, likely near non-existent, problem.
  15. Well, after you made this thread, people are going to do it with you, but most of the time, people don't care to update someone else's account. The system does it automatically once in a while, and I don't see how it affects you how accurate the stats on this web site is. Premium member's accounts gets updated way more often automatically as well. And it's no problem when you as premium user can just go and update your profile whenever you want. I'd get it'd be annoying if you could only update once a day or something, but you can update whenever. If you don't want people to see your stats, just hide the trophies on PSN. Doesn't apply to premium members.