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  1. I wonder if it's this game, just not split screen: And yeah, all I did was just shoot another non-moving tank 20 times for the plat. THAT'S IT. Could have died between too.
  2. I got constant saving issues. I tried to delete save etc, but maybe I shouldn't try to change settings before I've got some in-game progress to save. I haven't redownloaded the game yet, but never really experienced this before:
  3. I could have gotten a new fastest 100% time. Unfortunately I did it in two sessions. In any case, it seems the trophies are borked. You just need to finish one mission in each "board". And you can play on easy etc. The last mission was a bit tricky. Maybe I was underleveled or something, idk, but I just kept focusing on the main goal and it all worked out first try.
  4. So what did GotY edition do for me? Well, you got some strong equipment from very early on. That's it really. I think?
  5. I just did this trophy. Hint: watch the true ending or you can just go over to my youtube channel and try to find it.
  6. The JP version is dirt cheap (like 50 cent or something) compared to the EU version though, so you actually want to buy the JP version instead.
  7. I had the same issue, where it took me too many treasures to complete previous quest, so that when I was told to clean up 5 trash, I had already dug up pretty much everything. Luckily, there is an option on the map screen to reset the level.
  8. DLC has some rings IIRC? There is nothing "fast" about doing the DLCs, but it's fun!
  9. Looks good to me.
  10. I see the complete edition is on sale too. Will it help me in any way to get 100%? - WARTILE Yggdrasil Pack Battlecard 'Fire Trap' Battlecard 'Seed of Growth' World Board theme 'Yggdrasil' - WARTILE Item Pack Heirloom Axe Heirloom Shield - WARTILE HelĀ“s Nightmare
  11. Anyone who can read Japanese who can help me translate some few sentences? It's very simple stuff, but it's hand drawn, so it's difficult to use google translate etc. I guess I can try to write it out somehow, but would be easier to just have someone look at it.

  12. Gotta start with King's Field (JP) to get the full experience. šŸ˜‚ Alternatively, you could start with Wizardry 1 and go from there.
  13. How can I be added to the leaderboardĀ