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  1. I guess they should rename it Access Granted then.
  2. As Parker said. I recommend you hide all games you've cheated using downloaded or edited saves etc. One more flag and you're permanently off the leaderboards.
  3. Game might be bad, but this track is amazing: ^ Homebrew NES project btw.
  4. Just a heads up though, and I think you know why I'm telling you this, and you're not in trouble yet. Even if we don't display anything other than the missing timestamp on the site, it doesn't mean the flagging team can't dig up the original ones. It seems you're genuinely sorry you lost the original timestamps, and that's good, because you should try to avoid missing timestamps! Enough missing timestamps, especially suspicious ones (earned late on your profile, or what seems to cover up cheating etc) will get you off the leaderboards again.
  5. Well, 3 stars in all 23 missions popped at the same time as 1 star in every mission and 3 stars in 15 different missions... This is typical of downloaded save file usage. Your story of the trophies popping too early is not believable at all, and you also played the game when it was far past any troublesome patch. Instead of what I assume is lying to us, you could just have hidden the game to get back on the leaderboards. You've already hidden trophies, even for another game you've cheated, and probably the rest is too, so I'm not sure why you didn't just do it here too. You only got 2 flags... This flag won't be lifted. Honestly, grab this chance to hide ALL the games you've cheated and stop cheating in the future. You may have screwed up something you didn't think was screwing up in some of the other games. If someone finds one more, you're permanently off.
  6. As B1rvine said, LBP2 was done using a downloaded save from the internet. Regardless of the source, against the leaderboard rules. My guess is, you didn't really get that saves from your friend, as you said, and you're just lying to us about all of this. This is especially apparent when you got 3 games you're flagged for, and they are so far apart. One is 2013, another is December 2014 and the third is 2019... Yeah, I'm calling bs on your story, not that it would matter at all, as you're still correctly flagged. This means you're permanently off the leaderboards with your current account. Closing the thread now.
  7. There you go, 10 flags. And you may have hidden the games now, but they were not hidden when they were reported, and we save all the reports etc in the system. You could get back by hiding the flagged games if you had 1 or 2 flagged, but you're at 10, so you won't get back on the leaderboards with your current account. Not interested in wasting more time on this, so I'll close the thread now.
  8. This. It is however possible to legitimately only miss the platinum. Not going to go into details about that though.
  9. Lies are not appreciated in dispute threads. You cheated the trophies, you got caught, get over it and move on. If you want back on the leaderboards, just hide the game:
  10. Well, he changed timestamps...
  11. I guess that's why they call it Access Denied...
  12. I gave you some more flags, so now you got 8. And please don't abuse the dispute feature and waste our time with lies. It's not appreciated.
  13. His Crash Bandicoot 3 was out of order too. And in CB2 he got 17 relics in 26 minutes... He started with beating the game in KH1 on Proud, without changing equipment or using continue. He did much the same in KH2. Anyway, he deleted his account, so I'll close this dispute now.
  14. And it would get you flagged... so, no, that's not a solution. Please don't promote cheating on this site. And no, a modded system does not allow you to delete a trophy list any more than a non-modded one. Just don't sync the trophies and then delete your local profile to delete the trophies. You can't delete the trophies that are synced and on Sony's servers.