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  1. Yeah, this is typical downloaded save file use.
  2. I don't think this is accurate. Let's say there's a trophy for completing last song in story. This song wouldn't be unlocked before last song in the story, so then you'd be getting them out of order. Also, First Photo and Half of the Photos would likely trigger when you unlocked a new photo. While it's true that the trophies don't unlock retroactively, like getting a specific score on a song needs to be done again and not just have a save file that has done it, but things like collectibles will likely pop as you trigger them. Maybe we just explained the same thing, whatever, just want to be clear! These are the marked trophies:
  3. I'm sure @Potent_Delusions is happy you're suggesting we give him a flag.
  4. I see there's a referral variable in that url.
  5. Ah yes, I still remember you're in the same spot dude. People didn't agree when I decided I might lift your flag to allow you back on the leaderboards if you keep BO2 hidden. And if anyone wonders, 2 of his games are like BO2. Both WaW and BO2.
  6. Because you used a downloaded save. And who says they aren't going to get flagged? I think you've been mislead.
  7. Well, he can't. He also cheated LBP2 and MW2... MW2 was just a couple of months before BO2.
  8. Anyone wanna see the rest of my private messages to Roughdawg4? Unfortunately, I can't share his side, as that'd be a pretty douche move a lot of you would find as a reason to hate me more, and there's something about laws etc. yawn And when I say it's a thing a lot of you seem to have accepted, I'm referring to RD himself. Just so we're clear about that! I want to quote one line by RD at this point, because it's so funny to me after all I've learned today: "I run a successful site and I pride myself about not being apart of drama. Me removing myself from the leaderboard is leaving to not be a part of drama."
  9. I know for a fact the save file stores stuff like 10 wins in each of the 7 modes and having won 10 matches in each mode. This has been tested, it's also advertised on a certain web site. They don't advertise the 30 days in a row, but I suspect this also does, but gotta set it up correctly and play on the correct day. It's affected by your local clock, so unless the servers gets that data instead of using it's own, which sounds stupid AF, I think that too is saved in the save file.
  10. If you wonder what the reason Roughdawg4 gave last, and made me lift the flag while I was going to test, was, then it was simply that he would get one kill, then enough opponents leave so the match would end and he'd win it. That's it. I got no idea if this works, it might, and it will be tested. This is why he was lifted right away too, until it could be tested and shown to be wrong. What it would have to do is not register for the server that you just played a game, but still save as a win in the local save file. Plausible I'd say, luckily, the servers are still up! A bit irrelevant and can just be a coincidence, but what I did find while I compared PViddy and RD4 was that RD4 had completed the game twice or something, while PViddy did it on hardest difficulty etc on first try. Meanwhile PViddy was watching the end credits to it's end, RD4 did the same. Both also got 10 wins in each 7 modes and 10 wins in each map at the same time, which is possible, but it's what happens when you use a downloaded save too. Both also had the a win per day 30 days a row just minutes before the 10 wins in each modes etc trophies. Also, one would get the most time consuming online trophies, then the other player. Perfectly fine if they were boosting. I'm just wondering if one of them did for both or if any save file transfer? Meh, I don't know, and so this is dismissed. I just want to know if the reason RD4 gave is correct or not.
  11. Meh, RD overreacted deluxe. Started to attack Hakoom, then me, then PSNP, and was trash talking elsewhere at the same time as he told me in PM how much pride he takes in staying above drama. It's why he posted this after all. There's also apparently other stuff happening behind the scenes that I wasn't too aware of, and RD, I didn't know about any of that before now, but it's fitting a lot of pieces for me. @Roughdawg4 , I want you to know that I have nothing to do with that drama. Hence the reply to my status update, it was to clarify that portion of it, and how that had nothing to do with it. I can only explain your irrational overreaction if I consider that part of the drama, and you thinking I or that report was involved. I guess I'm more involved than I thought though. You may say I learned a lot today.
  12. For clarity, I'm going to post ALL my messages to Roughdawg4 before he removed himself: You can all judge for yourself.
  13. This is a lie. I admitted I knew Hakoom had broken the leaderboard rules by taking with him a save file with progress he had made at his friend's place back home without syncing a single trophy he had popped at his friend's place. It's long ago and people wasn't as aware about it. I always feel terrible about giving people flags I don't really think they deserve due to it not being an attempt to be cheat or get fastest times by being shady etc. So what I made very clear to you in the PM is that I simply haven't processed the report yet. One of about 100 in the report queue, and to those wondering thinking that is many. I process hundreds every week. I know it's hard to believe I have feelings. You know who has declined all reports towards you since mid 2017? Me! Except for this one, and if you think Hakoom or anyone else had anything to do with that, they didn't. It was someone I trust, that isn't a "big name" in the community at all. Someone who did me a favor to make sure we catch more trophy editing cheaters in the future, and avoid flagging legit users etc.
  14. I'm just going to post it here, to avoid drama and to clear up what has happened. Someone reported Roughdawg4. Not surprising, he's literally at the top of the leaderboard with second most trophies. He's the most likely to get flagged. I go above and beyond to try to figure out if the report is correct. We run tests to check if we're missing something. Nothing from what we test seems to work. I try to reach out to him, but difficult when he has made it impossible to PM him etc. So I finally decide to approve the flag. He sends me a PM just an hour later, I explain the situation, and he gives a plausible explanation. I tell him I'll test it, and that I'll lift the flag meanwhile. He gets mad and deletes his account. Yes, I lifted the flag, and he deletes himself. He goes onto trying to guilt me to feel bad about any of this. I tell him to point out where I went wrong. He instead goes on to talk about other users, then starts to attack me, then start to spread lies and major shit about me and the site elsewhere, meanwhile telling me how much pride he takes in staying above drama.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Omar


      Talk about escalating out of nowhere......if they were confident in their innocent they would make it as easy as possible for people to investigate and find out there's nothing to flag anybody over, or at least that's what I would do in such a situation. That digging was probably going to find something out lol 


      I don't know much about the whole thing but I think you have proceeded accordingly and your attitude towards them does not warrant their reaction AT ALL.

    3. MMDE


      Yeah, they are probably innocent in this case, at least when it comes to what was initially found to be signs of foul play, but the truth behind the quick escalation might just be that he thought I was in on some big conspiracy. I wasn't, but I learned about a whole lot of drama afterwards that makes me understand why he thought I might be. I still got no hate towards him.

    4. Omar


      If that is the case and they are innocent, they should have taken it better, in my honest opinion. Allow for investigation and when it's shown that trophies are legit, then stay on your number 2 spot proud and free from suspicion. I find the whole thing to be rather extreme....

  15. Nope. Disputes where two people at the same time has been claimed has either been considered and the flags stick (for reasons I've explained earlier about linearity) or lifted (like the case of LBPK). Nothing has changed.