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  1. Yeah, 3 flags and you're off, and you now got 12... You'll just be off the leaderboards, but can still use all other features the site has to offer. You can always start a new profile. Closing this.
  2. The one shot with the shield dude that makes a massive explosion, that's all you need, and it even has a shield to just defend against the blast so you take no damage. Who cares if your team mates die? And while you may think it's boring doing the same level over and over, it's what I found to be the fastest way to do it. I had already beat the game plenty of times, wouldn't be that interesting doing those parts again, just interested in getting weapon spawns as fast as possible, to get the related trophy. Doing it as fast as possible means less grind. Tactical was nice beating the game with, especially because you could employ those stationary bots or whatever, and it was also a fast character, but the shield dude with that best weapon is just OP.
  3. It's pretty obvious 10 Tons Ltd are taking a lot of inspiration and ideas from other popular and successful games, but they mostly take the best from those games and make their own twist on it. The games don't just feel as much like a quick cash-in as one would expect, pretty obvious some time and love has been put into the games.
  4. Sorry, but this won't be lifted. I understood your excuse, but you synced trophies out of order using your own save file. Yes, you say you didn't mean to because your other console died, but we don't know if this is true or not, and as such, in cases like this, we don't lift the flags. You can however hide the game to reappear on the leaderboards.
  5. If you guys really wonder if you can be automatically deleted, without Sly even touching it, then I can confirm that this happens AFAIK. The system gotta automatically detect them for specific things. Anyway, I'll close this now. Disputer can hide the game to get back on the leaderboards: You can PM me if there's something you wonder about.
  6. I'm confused as to why people put Square Enix so low? From what I saw of that they showed off some great games. Bethesda and EA on the other hand... total cringe show.
  7. March 2010? Of course there was. And it was easy to edit as well.
  8. What about GTA4? Did you run the mods yourself there?
  9. This does look like it was cheated using a downloaded save file to me.
  10. You return after almost 15 months, and the first thing you get is the trophy for beating NTA, and that before 16th colossus. This is not possible. You also do hard before normal difficulty, this is not possible either.
  11. Dispute threads is not about trying to dispute correct flags either, but people do that too, like this dude. Anyway, dude decided to dispute these flags, when it's so obvious he cheats most of his games. Total disrespect if you ask me, and it's a total waste of time. And who's being shamed? This totally anonymous "gamer" with some numbers after it. Google search turns up nothing but trophy tracking web sites. Feel so bad for him, not, but I'll close it. Was hoping they would make a response, but because of you, he won't be able to. We'll also not get to read some funny posts someone might potentially have posted at some totally generic and anonymous user's expense.
  12. totally legit brah
  13. Too bad, because they are amazing games. Knowing what kind of games you like, I see absolutely no reason for why you wouldn't love playing them. This looks like a bit more automatic, which tbh, not that big of a fan of.
  14. Just send me a PM, don't report it like you did it the last time. If I hadn't gone over the already processed reports, that person would still be on. Your report was of course declined, and nothing had been done about what you reported. I noticed that, before you posted here now, and gave them 3 flags. EDIT: just to be clear, he reported the wrong game on purpose.