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  1. In case you wonder, it's like this with most of the Kemco games. One game that doesn't have this is the original Asdivine Hearts with it's endings connected to which character likes you the most. Not sure about the sequels tbh.
  2. ^ That timestamp, "the hole", the commentary.... ^ The "random loot" makes for "unique playthrough" and "changes story" (spoiler: there's no story, it's all just random nice sounding stuff...) They talk about it very early in the game too IIRC, where they cover it quite a bit too. ^ "Dear Esther", where did the name come from? Oh, it's just something random that sounded nice... ^ "Caves", you can divide caves into "pre and post Esther". Just some "highlights".
  3. Eh, seems like it is kinda what it describes itself as. A sandbox to make your own thing in. You can make some video or small game etc.
  4. In Rune Factory Oceans, you could marry what I remember as a 13 years old girl. In fact, she is the character that starts out with the highest friend/love meter towards the protagonist. Obviously this was cut outside JP. IIRC, you can still judge her in a swimming suit contest... I remember in Agarest 2, they removed the possibility to do bathroom minigames with at least one or two girls. Agarest is an RPG where you follow your characters through generations, so you kinda affect what main characters have kids etc. The bathroom mini-game has move support, which was basically just moving the controller up and down, kind of like you were fapping....... yeah, someone walked in on me playing that. o.o''' They would get less and less clothing and make sounds. Yes, this was PS3 with 16 age rating. It was linked to some trophy and they got better stats. I'm not going to show youtube vids of the scenes, for obvious reasons. In any case, some of the characters were underage, so they cut the content and the requirement of doing it with those characters outside JP.
  5. Yeah, it can be a bit brutal early on, but I beat it once without even using the eating function. Once I started eating and understood int affected how much xp you got, I started trying to take advantage of this to maximize leveling. Then I noticed it didn't ever go below 0 for speed, and you could get net positive increases. The fact you got an infinite source of income and you got stores that sells infinite amounts of equipment (their inventory is randomized at start of game), then you could really go all out on this. And it carries over to next playthrough as well, where you can give yourself back all the xp, and more.... There's no real reason in terms of difficulty you can't finish the game. Btw, the killing of all types of enemies must be done in one playthrough, and some enemies are unique to near the last part of the last dungeon etc (one enemy keeps spawning and you get no xp for killing it). In case you struggle unlocking that trophy. You can enter the last dungeon from the getgo, nothing blocking you from entering it IIRC, so it's a pretty short game if you got insane stats.
  6. If you watch my last video, you'll see the exploit in action. Basically, when you eat something, it will improve some stats and "equally" reduce other stats. The exploit is that a stat can't go below 0, so if you decide one stat that can be 0, then you can eat stuff that improves other stats at the expense of this stat. It's hard to do this "clean", as in, only affect this one stat negatively, but as long as you gain more in other stats than you lose in other stats, you're overall improving your stats at. You're basically not getting the same "equal" reduction anymore, you're net gaining. I thought speed wasn't important, and it really isn't, but you'll not move particularly fast, and you honestly don't want to move too fast, as it's impossible to navigate then. There is one stat that improves how much xp you get, namely intelligence (IIRC). You'll want to focus on this stat getting the most improvement as fast as possible. This allows you to level a LOT more. Before you even start leveling, you'll want to improve your intelligence. Pick up mushrooms (they respawn if you enter a dungeon and come back) and trade them for a shield of the lady next to the mushrooms. Bring the shield over to the face where you can trade it in for some coins. There's multiple stores in the game, but without needing to go into dungeons, there's two in the overworld (you need to go through the forest to get to the other one), hopefully one sells something that can be eaten to improve int at the expense of speed. When you start leveling, you'll gain levels like crazy. If you level a lot, then die, in your next playthrough you'll start with a lot of "points" that can be spent on improving your characters before start. Here you can actually buy weapons, and if you get some lucky roll with the weapons and rings you buy, you can start to improve int as much as you can before you do anything else. You can't eat infinite, as it will consume your "eating stamina", and that stamina won't recover in this menu. So much make sure your couple of purchases is worth as much as possible in terms of int. Then you can buy a lot of that experience item, which you can consume while in the menu to start leveling up. As soon as you can do the "int" improvement in the level up menu, you should improve it, until max. This should make you level up quite a bit. I was able to actually break the game this way by overflowing to negative stats. Several exploits.
  7. The eating has an exploit, so you can get insane stats btw.
  8. Just to give another example: ^ Those are from Aery. This is from Dreaming Canvas: You don't see it well in the Dreaming Canvas picture, but you can see it in the video, the mountains around is very similar, and yes, both a dale. Look at the trees, the "spruce" looking ones are the exact same, same with the one on the left in the Dreaming Canvas image, you can see it in the second Aery image. Both got a ponds/lakes and rivers going down to it, with those tree bridges. Similarly shaped stones, even in the water. Similar looking houses. The logs and the giant boulders laying around. Same color scheme with maybe slightly different filter. Both games had beach / desert areas, but they seemed to use slightly different looking trees or something idk.
  9. Yeah, they are pricey too, and then they pretend you get a good deal with a high discount. Also, it looks pleasing to the eye, may remind them of Flower, which I never saw the appeal in, but it's the same thing pretty much, just this one seems to be waaaay more basic. The dev can decide if it should have plat or not, so yes, those games without plat now, that's on the dev.
  10. Nope. It's likely an asset flip with 4 different limited worlds you can enter and walk around in for some few minutes with some painting stands you can click on to add a screen filter. That's it. That's the entire game. Here is the 100% in 10 mins: And here's info about asset flipping, as the assets have been used in other simple (to put it nicely) games by a completely different developer...
  11. Some of you may know the concept of "asset flip". For those that doesn't, it's when a developer just buy some nice assets and puts little to no work creating a game of it, just to put it up for sale as an actual original game. Aery has become a series of games now: (Faery is something totally different, I've actually 100% that one, an RPG for PS3) I was looking at the Calm Mind game. This is the trailer from the PSN store: What do I see? Well, I recognize some of the areas, and I remember from where as well. It's from a totally different game, by a totally different developer, not related whatsoever AFAIK. Comparing the two: The forest area uses the same sprites too. Dreaming Canvas by itself is an asset flip for sure. It's just these same assets put together as 4 worlds you can visit and flip some screen filters. That's it, that's the entire game. What is this Aery game like though? It's just flying through similar asset worlds collecting some collectible. Yes, that's it. Just thought you may want to know before you buy one of these at the IMO high prices they are asking for them... It's near no work put into them, it's not original art or assets. Just stuff they bought cheap in some asset store, if they didn't pirate it or get it for free, likely randomly put together, either by hand or by some engine this comes with. Add some screen filter to create a nice mood. Add some flying mechanic and some collectibles with some simple game logic for the gameplay.
  12. Git gud, or lucky. I got so many 2nds, I cried each time. So many times. Not sure how many times I won solo, one or two times I think. I won mostly team, and I won like 6 teams that didn't count towards the 12 win trophy and some afterwards. In other words, I wasn't terrible at the game, but there's always this one really good player. Here's my tips: Don't fall behind in leveling, just find your own path where you like to grind. Learn where the chests are etc. In fact, running around from chest to chest, learning how to open them without enemies attacking you, is very useful. If the chest says 4 seconds, it has some good stuff in it, but you may need to defeat the enemies first. Try to attack as many as possible at the same time. Chests do give a lot of xp and good gear, so they are very useful. Get bonuses as much as you can, those collectible thingies. This will help a lot as the leveling starts to crawl to an end. You get bonuses for taking out enemies early in the game. Very early, if you can open some chest and get some extra advantage against an opponent, go for it, go for the kill. This do boost your attack too. If you suck at 1vs1, get good at it. Know which enemies you can usually kill or not. Notice if the other players suck or not, but even good players you can take out with enough practice. Square or triangle attack and keeping the enemy stunned is very important. Triangle attack can be countered, so square is more useful. I personally played mostly with the second character from the left on the top row in the character select screen. Some girl who did like whip attacks and got a guitar or whatever. Got some good distance attacks and close up. Not as powerful as one of the optional characters that has similar moveset, but got more defense. If you're nearing the end and got a decent level, try to keep it up, stay away from other players. Near the very end you may want to hide a bit and watch as the other players kill each other. if you part take there may always be someone who sucker punch you. To win, you may not want to let the strongest just kill everyone, that person will have a massive advantage, so maybe sucker punch the strongest while they try to kill someone else. Smoke bombs are actually useful, even normal bombs that may stun someone or disadvantage as they take out some other player who is actually weaker. Traps are almost never used and nobody expect them. If you hide in some bush, yes, hiding in bushes is very effective, even if people know you hide, you can place traps in the grass. People won't even see or expect them and just run into 'em for happy time for you. People won't care about you when you hide, even if they know you hide, as they are either hiding themselves or know you won't sucker punch them just yet. Sometimes they do want a fight though, but if you got them surprised with traps, at least you got some advantage to either attack or get away. You really want a damaged and poor player against you with full health and picked up bonuses from dead players etc against you at the end. You may want to actually have killed someone too, so if you see someone weak with little health left, kill 'em, especially if it doesn't make you a target. With enough tries, you'll get lucky, like I did. And yeah, I got second so many times. It wasn't because I hid, as I often didn't hide that much, and I was close to level 20, but my opponent was just too strong due to many kills and had full health almost etc. Improve your equipment. That blacksmith near the end is so important. Dismantle all the stuff you've picked up whenever you can, and upgrade your gear at the end. You may want to buy "legendary" from a vendor first too, before improving. Yes, use the vendors, for the traps, smoke bombs and health potions etc. The items you put on the ground to shoot you up in the air can be very useful near the end to get away from a difficult spot due to the red area being so small and doing so much damage near the end. You can try different servers btw.
  13. Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is back on sale now. It's a souls-like game, top-down, pixelated. Not played it yet, but looks great. CrossCode, imagine if top-down 2D Zelda was an RPG... Imagine if Skyrim was more realistic in terms of pretty much everything, but is way slower. Quite a lot of people like this game a lot, but I thought it was just okay, and nothing too special, though it is somewhat different in it's execution of the genre I guess. It was PS+ game long ago, if so, it's a free game for you and not a bad experience. Not overly long either, stops before it overstays it's welcome, I'd say. I've never truly gotten into it, yet anyway, but a lot of people love this game. From what I've played, it felt too luck based, but it probably is fine once you get into it.