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  1. Half the time of the second fastest, and a quarter of the 3rd... In the top 50 we find people who spent 8 times as long as you, in a game with almost 1 million players. but yeah, definitely cheats for this game.
  2. I didn't approve this report, and have never played the game. I got absolutely no idea, and don't really see any issue.
  3. You cheated Dark Souls 3 too... I bet there's many more games. This means you're not wanted on the leaderboards anymore.
  4. I think I understood you correctly. I'm saying the people you think says the media isn't responsible for violent outbursts, doesn't do so anymore. They did 5-10 years ago. Now, these days, those same people will argue the media can cause people to be violent etc.
  5. I think what you describe is those same people 5-10 years ago, but they've changed.
  6. I'm saying what he posted is very sketchy by the nature of how it's put together. People trying to defend this just doesn't know what they're talking about IMO.
  7. Yeah, you don't need to do trial and error in Souls. I usually get through most sections of a new Souls game without dying at all, even with a boss at the end. Trial and error isn't really a thing in Souls, but those who struggle can probably do that. It shouldn't be the default.
  8. I think this way of thinking about politics isn't all that productive. It's not just "left" and "right", there's many directions and elements you may evaluate politics by. The "far" sides can be completely different items or just the different sides of the same coin.
  9. The truth is, that's not why they're hating on it. It's who the masked and violent left-wing activists reminds them of.
  10. Did you look at the link I actually gave, or? It had 6 seconds between all 3 time trial trophies. It's not a 100% completed list, so you may have missed it.
  11. Nope, not a glitch, you just used a downloaded save. Hide the game, and you'll be back on the leaderboards.
  12. Yeah, nothing wrong with the seconds apart trophies. That stuff would just be relevant if it was edited timestamps, which I don't believe it is.
  13. To all my haters, this is my work. And the flags won't be lifted, and gave you more.
  14. He does...
  15. Someone who has the exact same time between each of the time trial trophies. I did not find any cheated games on this profile.