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  1. I'll PM you what to do!
  2. The problem seems to be that you beat the epilogue before the main story.
  3. Because you're obviously not interested in disputing anymore, and instead wants to be banned or something. I don't care, I'll just close the thread now, and whenever someone googles your username, they will likely find this thread and see how you behaved over getting caught cheating trophies...
  4. If anyone wonders, because I screwed this one up too, and it must have been before the "00" save I made, then the scene 35 is for The Burdened trophy. I think to access it you need to be in the correct supplement state or whatever. So I guess I took a supplement more than I was supposed to earlier in the game or something.
  5. You can hide up to 2 flagged games and still appear on the leaderboards. You're burning bridges atm. Remember, you aren't getting these flags out of nowhere. They are approved by a cheater removal team member. You said you co-op'd before 1-1 was finished, this you can't do. You said you leveled up before 1-1 was completed, this you certainly can't do either. Maiden in Black won't even talk to you before you've killed Phalanx, not even in NG+ etc. You get co-op items from the monk in nexus after 1-1.
  6. That I got no idea about, but I checked the Kong Kong PSN store, and couldn't find the game. That is the version I'm talking about. Notice it says Chinese and English. That version has the Asian trophy list. I know, because I got that exact version. Doesn't seem play-asia still have it. I get it, you want digital to get it soon, right? How do you tell the difference between the versions? NA is released by Atlus. EU is released by Bandai Namco. Asian is released by Sony (Sony Japan or Asia or something). I think Korean version has English too.게임/1?gameContentType=games&query=souls Couldn't find it there either, but maybe it's under something other than "souls". ^ There it doesn't even mention any digital Asian version.
  7. What you want is the Chinese version! It has English voice and text. The text differs a little bit here and there between NA/EU and the Chinese version, but mostly the same or similar, same voices etc.
  8. @Sergen Just put a little note about it being a disputed requirement or whatever, that what you say seems to work, but some has reported not needing to do this.
  9. Closed. You can go discuss it in the other dispute thread.
  10. If anyone needs help with the Getaway trophy. Here's my playthrough of that: Read the description of the video for a text walkthrough.
  11. The flag is actually from 2015. Yeah, I don't think this will be lifted. You can hide up to 2 flagged games. I recommend you hide all you've cheated, else you might find yourself getting more flags at some point and be permanently taken off the leaderboards.
  12. You don't need to be in NG+ for Maiden in Black, trust me, you don't. There's a glitch to drop boss souls... This is how you get the platinum in one playthrough exact. @the_surviver007 the reason you're flagged is because you summoned before Phalanx in NG. You claiming you did is a lie. You can't co-op before 1-1 is beat. You can't level up before you beat 1-1. Hence, why you're flagged.
  13. 😂 Yeah, I think downloaded save or something. The strange thing is that I don't find a whole lot of other stuff on his account, and there's plenty he could have cheated and nothing seems to even have been attempted. Maybe this was the first and he stopped after this... idk Anyway, earned all the trophies at the same time years after the servers went down.
  14. What you can do:
  15. What you can do: