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  1. Hi , 

    This is something really important for me, I got 3 strikes and all of them happened without my choice! It's really not my fault that going to a lobby trying to do the achievements but suddenly the hacker did all of them for me illegally. I spent a lot of time to be in this position in the leaderboard, it's unfair removing me for something I didn't attempt to do. I explained in your website how these things happened. I hope you give me a chance to get back to the leaderboard again.

    Best regards

    1. iKawamatsu


      From 2011 until now now collecting trophies because the website give me a passion so this not acceptable for me so please remove the strike from call of duty 5 only I want feel like before excited this is unfair.this not my fault I will not play multiplayer anymore give me on chance.
      Please give me a chance

    2. KaiserVendrix


      You can beg as much as you want, nothing will change. The 3 strike rule is there for a reason, people get second chances that way for a stupid mistake out of their control. Is it unfair you get punished for something you didn't do? Maybe. But at the same time, you could of done more then just syncing up hack trophies to the server. 

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