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  1. Well the Dyed in Red was replace with Z Force and I didn't get Akatsuki but at least I got Shoukaku-nee. Btw, did you guys repeated the missions of Z Force? I got all the rewards instantly like 2 Bulin or a SR BB Main gun. These 'soft' sisters has great skills but I'm not gonna replace the fox sisters... yet, Also I got new ones and no new retrofit for me but one is brewing... kinda. "Big" Cruiser More twintails please... Cleve-bro, a tomboyish girl in love.
  2. Should play some horror themed music
  3. I finally got Zuikaku. I wanna get Shoukaku and Akatsuki but the event is about to end... Oh well I I didn't get these two but I'm excited for the next event. As much as I like twintails, I like this one better. And then more retrofit... HMS Ajax HMS Ajax(Retrofit) Anyone wanna lick her feet? Because I'm not gonna go it.
  4. I got a new one. I've been trying to get her but I gave up on it but suddenly I got her while getting some gems. Geez... You've kept your onee-chan waiting. Also, I brought another promise ring and I already know who I wanna marry... I wanna say something I find interesting btw... There's a "big" difference between her default skin and her wedding dress. You guys know what I mean right? Also, I'm a little disappointed that there's no change on her voice lines(yellow vertical line 'Expressions' btw). Unlike Belfast, who's my first married ship, some of her lines have change. Oh well. At least she has one of the best voice line of any ship. Belfast saying 'darling'.
  5. In my opinion, it's best to use it on your strongest ship because if you're married to a ship, it will increase all base stats except speed by 9%. 12% increase if your ship has a Affection of 200. Also in my opinion, use it on a ship that has wedding dress(because it's a pretty dress ). Only a few ships, mostly SR ships, has a wedding dress. But it's up to you.
  6. Akashi's sidequest is long and tough. I'm at the 2nd quest, Construct 10 ships, because the first one hurt for me. Well at least it's not a limited quest. I'm still trying to get Shoukaku, Zuikaku and blueprints. Speaking of blueprints, I got another Retrofit. HMS Cygnet HMS Cygnet(Retrofit) This girl gets 4 things, a swimsuit, a tight clothes and fish and chips. Aren't you getting a lot? I have another retrofit brewing but the blueprints...
  7. You don't say
  8. Yup. Your turn.
  9. Congrats on the Puyo plat.
  10. Maybe should change from Iris Heart to a different big-chested anime girl.
  11. Eliza from Tekken 7
  12. Has a lot of unique avy
  13. No. I'm at 79.7% completion but I'm trying to get everyone. I'm talking about the Collection. You know when get stars on some group of ships, you get rewards. One of those rewards are ships and I got all those ships in the collection for now I guess. I feel like Ayanami is the hardest and best one.