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  1. Got a new retrofit and all New Orleans ships! I also realize that there are new voice and voice lines on some ships in case you guys didn't know. You want pork buns right?
  2. It said that the release is 2019 but I'm hoping it's not a small roster. We probably gonna get mostly fan-favorite ones. Anyways, I got some new stuffs. Hmm... You look like that other Kirishima. Give her a mic and you're set but I like this one better. Yeah I'll take you. 🚔 Hoho, you're an alright retrofit umu~. Some retrofit gets a growth spurt while she got a big... fan... Thank you 🍭🚔
  3. #213 SoulCalibur VI A New Story of Swords and Souls Obtain all trophies. MORE SOULS... please. That knife is little too long and your hair color changed. Well at least it looks like you're not wearing any p- *knifed* Special thanks to goshuujin-sama for helping me online.
  4. Got 2 ships! Hoho~ I don't actually see her 'eye' problem. 🍭 Thank you. And I'm hoping to get Leroy before the next event.
  5. Dream Daddy
  6. Nope Tekken 7?
  7. 5/10 I wonder who's sillohoute is that
  8. What's you guys server btw? Anyways, I finally got all event ships. But first, retrofits! Hmm... They both wanted horseback riding with me... Who should I choose? Now the event ships! MUST PROTECC!!! Click click! BANG! Yes. You are pretty. Can I have Tanaka Rie read me a Shakespeare novel?
  9. Yes but the game is much better. Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai?
  10. inFamous
  11. #212 Soul Sacrifice Epic Tale of Sorcerers Acquired all trophies. GIVE ME SOULS!!! SACRIFICE ANYTHING!!! Also, that's one ugly armor.
  12. Winter has come and we get lots of new ships. I think I have 88 cubes and I'm very lucky enough to get every Limited Construction ships. But first, the login ship. Very rowdy. Now the limited ships. Call me Big Boss! More Riichu artworks please! Definitely one of the coolest maid I ever seen. Aaah... Megami-sama! Sexy maid... But we need that 2B skin possible! Now that I got all the Limited Construction ships, time to get the elf vampire.
  13. That avy reminded me of that mecha anime... Not the best way to put Miku in an anime in my opinion.