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  1. Proof? Even the blueprints relating to or even mentioning Roon I can't find it. If you're talking about the one in WW1, that's a different one especially the armament. Also, she said it herself. How about your favorite ships? There's a good chance she may or may not have a skin. Yeah gems you get in-game are limited. Your other way of getting gems is compensations or from a cat nya. The full dock space will start to annoy you some day.
  2. Well no one's forcing you to buy skins but I do recommend buying Dock Expansion or Oath Ring since they are beneficial gameplay-wise. First of all, all of the Priority Ships are World of Warships collaboration if you don't know. Sovetskaya Rossiya was never in WoWs. Second of all, Priority Ships were just plans and never constructed as far as I know.
  3. Persona 5: Royal
  4. 8/10 Looks pretty cool
  5. Whew... Good thing we're just getting the Sandy retrofit item event next maintenance. I still need to recover some cubes before the baguette event. At the meantime, new ships!!! Umu, the Machinegun Loli. Only one left for me. PLEDGE. TO. PROTECT.
  6. I'm no expert but I can also help you out. Btw, are you playing for the waifus? Playing the game seriously? Or both? I've been using Centaur and Jean Bart a lot so here's what I think of them: Centaur Jean Bart It's good but can your oil handle it? SSR uses more oil. I have 4 problems in my opinion: Fleet 1: The left most of your vanguard takes the most damage, aka that's Bremerton and she's a glass cannon. Switch her the Prinz Eugen, a tank. The one in the middle takes the least damage. Fleet 2: There's no Destroyers, Tirpitz and Sirius. The more Destroyers means less likely to get ambushed(Story Mode) and more move tiles(Events) but they have least HP and relies on Torps on there damage so it's best to balance it out. More on Tirpitz and Sirius below. And I'll just give my quick opinion on your ships in your fleets: Fleet 1: Kaga(BB): Never used her but I heard she's a good BB but not Top Tier. Best paired with Akagi Hood: Her Barrage absolutely melts enemies with the added increase reload on your Main Fleet in every barrage Intrepid: Never used her but only heard she's a good CV but not Top Tier Bremerton: Awesome gunboat but a glass cannon Prinz Eugen: Pure Tank, below average when attacking Z46: Never used her, very good ship but again not Top Tier Fleet 2: Warspite: Good but not that good but when she gets retrofitted, absolute beast when dealing damage at a single target Tosa: Never used her, very good ship but again not Top Tier? Tirpitz: It's very best to pair her with Bismarck, If you don't have Bismarck, make her in the middle. Her damage is not that good when she's not in the middle Takao: Solid CA(Heavy Cruiser) Sirius: She buffs CV and CVL and also the more CV and/or CVL on your fleet, the more powerful Sirius will be Atago: Another solid CA but it's very best to equip her guns that has HE ammo This are all my opinions and feel free to ask more help.
  7. Btw, there's 100 ships in the Light Construction. You're chances of getting that one ship let alone an SSR ship is pretty low. So you wanna take that chance of getting that permanent ship? We're on a baguette(Jean Bart) event and also getting that new baguette(Richelieu) event though. Oh?... Anyways, I like the new features. New ships! I already got the others before. Even more Riichu's daughteru please! Can I sleep on your thighs! 🚔
  8. #235 Life is Weird: BTS Bring on the Storm Complete all other trophies #236 Batman(PS4) I'm Batman Complete Batman Ah yes, even when I get the plat, I still get technical issues. #237 Reverie Tai of New Zealand Collect all other trophies. I'm alright eating a pizza with pineapples on it.
  9. #234 Dad and Boi Obtain all other trophies Well said Mimir.
  10. It's either hold Volume Down + Power Button or hold Home Button + Power Button as far as I know. Anyways, new stuffs before the maintenance. I'm also caught up in thinking about how large your... uh... armament us. I also cleared Challenge Mode again. It start off with the hard one, my Yukikaze almost lucked out but at Stage 5, my Vanguards are at 90%+ health but my subs didn't survive. Too lazy to level them up. And this is what I got. It just change to "IV".
  11. #233 4 Goddesses Online Master Proof you finished playing 4 Goddesses Online. Thank you for playing this far! You know I wish we have an actual Nep MMO. We can create our own character with Nep graphics, that would be awesome.
  12. #232 To Earthend! Unlock all trophies. First of all, a fantastic game but terrible port just like the first "remastered" game. Second, when I got to hear the main menu music, the nostalgia quickly hits me. When I finished the game and see the ending and end credits, I shed a tear as this is still one of best PSP and best game I've ever played.
  13. Well I got busy... playing other games. New retrofit! Retrofit puberty hits hard again. New ships! I love her personality plus that Mola mola hairpin is cute. More fluffs please. Even more fluffs please. More shirokitsune arts please. Now with more cuteness and density. Lastly... Soon.
  14. Soup