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  1. I... I still have a lot of anime and games that I haven't finished. College, please at least let me finish some!
  2. Should tell me what's a Samurai Edge?
  3. Death end re;Quest
  4. You already rate the avatar above you so I'll just rate the two of you to be fair I guess. For IceSoul21, 7/10 Small bonus points because it's a gif. For Melty, 9/10 I like the art.
  5. Tsukimonogatari Yay! The stories gets more interesting for me... And I said that, with a posed look.
  6. 😂😄😀😆 That's 5 laughter in a day for you.
  7. More retrofit! Y'all C-class should be idols. Just saying. And I finally got all event ships. That face tho. Looks like Hood is getting replace in my PvP team. Gonna get into it! But first, give her some water or something.
  8. The Force is an indispensable thing. But one mustn't lose control over the Force.
  9. No new ships but my harem keeps growing. I suddenly forgot to take a screenshot of the wedding. I got distracted of her dress... and her winking. But disappointingly, as with some other wedding skins, no new voice lines. Looks like I'm stuck with her somewhat yandere Love voice line. She's no longer Cleve-aniki. Her wedding dress is beautiful and her new voice lines is pretty cute.
  10. The event is now out. I don't have much Wisdom Cubes but I'm somewhat lucky in this event. Before that, I manage to get the fourth wall Raiden before the event. Nano de- wait! Wrong one. Naruhodo ne! At least this one has her own catchphrase. And there's only 2 event ship I didn't get. Megane! Naka-chan will become an idol someday. I was supposed to make a Jojo reference but I stopped myself Her voice actress is excellent.
  11. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4GO
  12. Looks like I got 3 new ships before the event. I like this Bucky. Sweetie! 🍭🍦 O-Oujo-sama!!! Btw, I've been meaning to ask but who's the user Delphinium? Is that someone in PSNP?