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  1. I don't know if this is a good answer but after looking onto it, after the event they will not be added in the construction pool. But after like a few months or years, they will be added permanently. Take Atago or PoW for example, they were once event ships but they are now permanently in the Heavy Construction pool. So it's up to Yostar to announce when will they be permanent in the pool. I'm patient so I will not try to the last sub, U-101 unless I'm lucky. If you're not patient then maybe try to get the new subs. Your choice though.
  2. #219 初音ミク -Project DIVA- f トロフィーマスター 全てのトロフィーを獲得した Finally got all Hatsune Miku plat for now. Am I qualified to be at least a big Miku fan? A date with Miku.
  3. Got another new retrofit and 3 more subs but I'll stop using my cubes for now and wait if the Anniversary event is true. It's a shame that I don't see people memeing her face so I'll spread the word. Definitely not Portland. And you add glasses and it's complete... for me at least. Iroha is cute but she's the one who sank Hamamann and Yorkie... I love/hate her.
  4. I think this is one of those mini events which I'm fine with it. Used a lot of cubes in the Iris event. It gets new stuffs like a new Daily Mission, new subs equips and those lewd subs. But I may save up some cubes if those subs is gonna be permanent later. I heard that the next big event is an Anniversary event which it may be true. August 2 was CBT and August 16 was OBT. People keep saying a certain 'phoenix yandere' might come and kill everyone but that's something to consider when using your cubes. Anyways, I used all my coins for retrofit and I only got 1 new sub. YES TWINTAILS!!! She'll ram you if you lewd her.
  5. <?php echo "Hello"; ?>
  6. Got 3 retrofits done. Nicholas Cage has evolved. Hmm. Yup, that "place" hasn't changed. Warspite retrofit knockoff... Now to patiently wait that retrofit.
  7. I got all the event ships now. I like her... "side gun". Her design and VA is a beauty. And I'll go back to PR grind again and try to retrofit the new ones. Oh? What's going on here? That hat and she looks a little "developed" here. Is the order a torpedo?
  8. Yup Any Ratalaika Games?
  9. Fifa 18
  10. Finally got all the Limited Construction ships! My cubes can rest for now. I also wanna ask, I saw that Dunkerque and Massachusetts have face expressions, is that new? Alright. I'll add you to my busty Destroyer list. I got her on B2 btw. Hmm... I think Jean Bart has a little shorter shorts than you. I am looking at that very nice... skull on her belt. I thought there was dirt on my screen but nope. That's a mole on her armpits.
  11. Maintenance is over a few hours ago! Ready your baguette and french fries for the new event. I only got 2 for now since I forgot to stock up some coins... Oh well. Btw, this is my first French ship. Bless them full body stockings. Amen. Maybe I should go with Ibuki... Or may Roon? Anyways, now the event ships. As always, that's not how you wear a jacket. Yes! Gimme all them sweets you sweet girl.
  12. #218 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Platinum Platinum It's a platinum trophy with a platinum name and a platinum description... That's a triple platinum. A very nice treasures.
  13. Finally done with the event. Time to get some gem rewards while PR grinding. That's probably the shortest 'Receive' line is ever seen. I like her. Interesting. Another blond twintail that is not a tsundere. I am holding the glory of the Royal Navy.
  14. I was too excited for those loli voices(SAN DIEGO!!!)that I didn't realize that the Glorious event is only 6 days. I guess I'll just oil save instead of PR grind on SP3 since 60 times is a lot on a short event. Anyways, new ships! She's those non-tsundere blonde twintails despite her looks. A rare sight. Her VA is Kohara Konomi but no voice for some reason. I curious to hear it then I give my Kaguya-sama jokes on her.
  15. The Cursed Crusade