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  1. What do you guys think of the new UI? I just notice the AZURU LANE before going to the menu, it has different voices and it’s random. I need to look who are those voices. I'd say it looks even better. I will miss the older UI though. My exp is covering my PvP rank. Also Akagi-chan has a voice now. And the special touch is missing... again. Anyways, I'm gonna return to my PR grind and look at this UI more. Half way there. Also I got her while grinding before the update. Honolelewd
  2. #217 Zombie Driver HD Platinum Driver Collect all Trophies. Geez... Can I just kill some zombies? No racing please.
  3. A Social Mercenary that likes KFC... That's the best kind of mercenary.
  4. Got Sakura Miku in the mail.
  5. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited
  6. 8 foot massage out of 10 piggies
  7. The RNG gods has called upon me. I finally got all the Kizuna Ai and I'll skip Hiei—chan for now. I wanna save some cubes. Oh my gah! I hate Ark Royal. Amagi... What the heck happened to her?
  8. Hello there Revvie, thanks for the follow.

    Now I'll follow you back, nya! ^_^


  9. #216 Mortal Kombat 11 Elder God Komplete all trophies Ugh... I really need to get good on fighting games. Ow...
  10. I only need 1 Kizuna Ai but I have a feeling that I'm not gonna get her. Well at least I got some lolis. FAKKYU!!! Protect the kitsune! I can see Ark Royal from a mile away. Aww... Just... Aww...
  11. Nino huh? You got good taste.

    1. Revvie


      Of course I have taste and it’s Taketatsu Ayana. :P

  12. Gotoubun no Hanayome That pout tho. Date A Live III
  13. Geh... I’m not very early. I’m just a little early this time and I’m still tired but Kizuna Ai is still a priority! Anyways, I got some stuff before the event and there goes all of my cubes... This is fine... At least 2/4 Kizuna Ai for me. How come you don’t get a 3rd skill? I like her. Her chibi is unique and cute and her Special Touch is her tail. So much fluff. As yes, such an original joke. Fakkyu! Fakkyu Fakkyu!