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  1. Have you increase her actually level? You need to increase Saint Louis' Level to increase her Dev Level and then continue giving her Blueprint.
  2. Killing Floor 2
  3. Fifa 16
  4. 28 out of 291 in common: The Walking Dead Assassin's Creed II inFamous 2 The Wolf Among Us(PS4) Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Life is Strange RiME Life is Strange: Before the Storm Goat Simulator Undertale inFamous First Light Transistor Burly Men at Sea The Sims 4 Conan Exiles Reverie Minecraft(PS4) Dreamals: Dream Quest Game of Thrones Batman: The Telltale Series Rainbow Moon Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor War Theatre: Blood of Winter Nights of Azure Day of the Tentacle Remastered Teslagrad Grim Fandango Remastered Tales from the Borderlands
  5. Finally got all the new idols. When you don't need to exp grind for a hug. Soft landing while singing!? Beautimore!!! A cruel punishment! Lastly... A mop.
  6. Time to jam with the new idol shipfus! Just do your best. *headpats Hardbass!? Uh oh. The very thicc yandere has appeared again. Help! Help comes again... Nice fang and tummy btw.
  7. No. Only the PSP version.
  8. 8/10 Cool girl
  9. All of them are good. There's a reason why they require a lot of stuff to develop them. I guess it's just a matter of what situation you're in. I give my reasons on why you should use them: PR1 HMS Neptune: A great but high oil cost zombie Light Cruiser. It's like Phoenix and Edinburgh combined but I still prefer Phoenix for oil efficiency. HMS Monarch: One of the best PR Battleships. She has the barrage of Hood and the speed reduction when hit of Duke of York IJN Ibuki: Best manual torpedo Heavy Cruiser. IJN Izumo: The weakest of all PR ships. I'm sorry Izumo. KMS Roon: Tanky and versatile at fighting Heavy Cruiser. Able to switch HE and AP shells. FFNF Saint Loius: A Heavy Cruiser that is speedy and packing those HE shells a flaming punch. PR2 USS Seattle: Tanky and a airplane cleaner Light Cruiser. USS Georgia: Best single barrage Battleship. IJN Kitakaze: Machine Gun Destroyer. IJN Azuma: A Large Cruiser for a reason but high oil cost. KMS FDG: Do I need to tell why she's the best PR and one of the best Battleship? Also high oil cost. MNF Gascogne: A Battleship that has a 🇫🇷 AOE barrage and able to 2 base guns. PR3 HMS Cheshire: Seattle but better(?) HMS Drake: Overall powerful Heavy Cruiser. Also high oil cost. KMS Mainz: Just a solid Light Cruiser? KMS Odin: Has 3 unique things Number 1: She will be in front of the flagship plus she's tanky. Number 2: A Battlecruiser that can equip torpedoes and it's powerful. Number 3: Has 2 built-in aux gun. First aux is like Bismarck but longer range and very high DPS. Second one functions like a normal aux gun. FFNF Champagne: A Battleship with a pre-loaded and powerful main gun plus fast reload but very reliant on Richelieu.
  10. #69 Virtuoso Unlock All Trophies I typed Rocket League 69 on Google and this is what I get. Warning: NSFW
  11. Excited for the new Polaris event and new ships for me! :3 👍 Admiral Hipper's other "bigger" imouto and coffee is love. Oof! So much time and exp but I finally got all the PR ships.
  12. Hmmm... my vote right now is for Lisa as best waifu.  I'm a sucker for being called "cutie" every 10 lines of dialogue.  😁

    1. Revvie


      Understandable, have a good climbing day!

    2. DoctorGameGeek


      *happily climbs mountains in Liyue* ohhh... wait... i can't climb... maintenance right now 😅

  13. Oh deery me, probably likes antelope.