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  1. Anyways, finally got all pasta boats! She really is way too cool to be a Rare. More onee-chan please! And your other sister must be drunk! That's one cool musket. Remember that Illustrious is straight so does spaghetti until it gets wet. HUGS!!!
  2. What's your name, server and UID? And please sign this. Lastly maybe show your fleets?
  3. Mama Mia, somebody toucha my spaghet! Low on coins but only 1 is missing from the construction. New Retrofit! Punches and Flares? New ships! Belli dura despicio *triggered More Kugimiya Rie and Tirpitz playmate please Now I have to wait for the next chapter and a 'drunk Italian heavy cruiser' to be in the game.
  4. Ugh... It's so expensive and so much resources but it was very worth it. The cult will be very happy and I'm gonna bring lots of memes. WATASHI WA NUMBA ONE!!!
  5. I thought I gave an update on the Popularity Poll. Btw, I heard the winner gets a wedding skin so vote wisely. Mamagi is still #1. Yup I'm still voting on the current #1. Anyways, got some Cruisers. Retrofit but I hope I won't regret using my gold Cruiser BP. Yup. I'm more blinded by romance. New Cruisers. Dido-class looks very good. I want more! More fluffs please.
  6. Even before the maintenance, we're having a Civil War for the Popularity Poll. Meh, too lazy to pick. I'll just vote on who's the current #1. And I tried my luck and only got one. Smug but not smug enough to beat Sims. Lastly... Soon...
  7. Gabriel Dropout
  8. Nope Gakuen Babysitters?
  9. Got my Kancolle Hamakaze today! Yes I would like some tea.
  10. Comrades! Grab your Во́дка and Советский медведь наш! You can now complete the New Dawn event if you did it in a row and we'll get our only Russian shipfu. Before that, a map drop ship. Ara! Dark Reimu is the best Reimu. Хорошо! Во́дка!
  11. I'm still figuring how the Meowficer and Festival works. Anyways, got some new stuffs. Who did you guys pick in the 1st Anniversary Invitation? I already got all and fully limit break them so there's only one option. New ships! Hmm... I still prefer KC Yuubari. Ara? Are you an onee-san? New retrofit! I'm only gonna use 1 spare Gold Cruiser BP. ⭐⭐👈 BANG! And I've used the Promise Ring Intern-kun gave us. I gave to someone and I might regret it later.
  12. I'm sorry Wallet-kun, the double gems reset... I wanna buy some dock space... and a ring. It keeps growing. What's better than a Senko-san wife? A battleship Senko-san wife! Non-event ship! Aruji-dono is here for you. And I got all event construction ships! She has the best Special Touch eagle-chan in the game. Notice her Enterprise-senpai!!! More Riichu please! Especially retrofits!
  13. Crap I need more dock space and so much is going. Anyways I only got 2 and it’s a funny pair. Oh god... SOMEONE HELP! Yes! Help actually came!
  14. I think I know what are you playing.
  15. 9 Pururut out of 10 fps