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  1. #339 Apex Predator Obtain all the Trophies. I climb high place. I jump. I am alive and very shiny thing have no painting? (confused unga bunga)
  2. #337 Father and Son The Bear and the Wolf Collect all Trophies I'm gonna miss you, friend.
  3. #336 This Is What We Do Win every trophy. WARNING! BIG BIG SPOILERS!!!
  4. #333 Goosebumps: The Game You Can't Scare Me! Earn every Trophy. Just a black screen for a plat screenshot. Are you afraid of the d- #334 The End Now go outside The secretary's jelly is delicious. #335 Platinum Garden Collect all other The Gardens Between Trophies. Who would have thought that rewinding and forwarding time could make a beautiful puzzle game? I'd kill for a cassette player.
  5. #331 End of the World View each and every possible outcome. "Round and cute"
  6. #330 Cris Tales Ultimate Time Mage Achieve true mastery of the game! "It's rewind time!" - Zas probably
  7. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition
  8. Marvel's Iron Man VR
  9. Kanojo mo Kanojo Two-timing... What?... Tbh, I have mixed feelings about this. I was a little entertained at first, but it gets progressively boring imo. Incognito my friend. Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta That title though... I also have mixed feelings about this. Get some clothes on. No amount of fan service can get me entertained or invested in this anime. Gotoubun no Hanayome Movie This is still the most wholesome harem anime I've ever seen. I love it, Futarou actually chose 1 of the 5 and the rest are supportive of his choice.
  10. A continuation of my horror movie nights. A fun movie especially since it's an early example of the 'zombie' we know and love or hate. 'David, kill the Queen!' 'What!?' 'The jukebox!' I thought of watching this as a joke but it was a mistake. I lasted like half of the movie so the slogan is right, I didn't last the night.
  11. #329 The Whole Picture Do everything you can do
  12. Since Halloween is near, I thought about watching some horror movies. Don't question me, I'm not a big movie or horror fan but after watching this, it's definitely one of the best horror movies I've ever watched. I mean the first part of the movie has some suspense in it but other than that, it's a pretty awesome action sci-fi but personally not as good as Alien.
  13. #328 Lost Words: Beyond the Page Platinum Guardian Collect all trophies Colours are the music of nature.
  14. #327 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Leave Everything to Me! Collect all the trophies. "Pretend it's a taco." "Yes, sir!"
  15. #325 Platinum Obtain all other trophies O-oh here she comes. Watch out she'll chew you up. O-oh here she comes. She's a Maneater.