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  1. Bug catching and fishing simulator... and it's a lot of fun.
  2. My cubes... Not everyone has the greatest luck. A new thicc sisters? Sign me up! You guys have water? 'Cause this demon is quite thirsty. Got milk? More loli fluffs please. Uh oh... Her *** is coming off. She's asleep? Attac the fluffs!!!
  3. Don't forget her skills 1st skill: I'm just basing on the description but those debuffs on her airstrike is pretty good. Idk how powerful it is compared to Saratoga or Formidable's extra airstrike. 2nd skill: She has move AVI on the first 2 battles? That might mean she's best at boss fleet. 3rd skill: "If fleet has 3 or more Sakura Empire ships." When I saw this, I immediately think of that one BB that can benefit her and the fleet... So yeah, Shinano seems to be another big addition to the IJN meta.
  4. Why did I play this game?
  5. 20 out of 69 in common: Rocket League Table Top Racing: World Tour Grim Fandango Remastered inFamous Second Son The Deadly Tower of Monster Day of the Tentacles Remastered Color Guardians Severed Tales from the Borderlands PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Life is Strange Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Game of Thrones Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Batman: The Telltale Series Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness RiME Onrush Life is Strange: Before the Storm Goat Simulator
  6. 9/10 -1 because there's no pirate booty
  7. You know I wanna FaceTime you baba, but I have Redmi.
  8. #248 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master Unlock all other trophies. Glory with the Moon. Mercy on the Earth.
  9. Ahh this is very nostalgic. We'll be getting a new Sakura event and the 3rd JP Anniversary... There's a lot of stuffs. The grind ends and a new grind begins Lady Maria!? Spats shorts gang! Getting her is not that hard-y Nowa-chan, you used to call me on my cellphone.
  10. Amnesia Collection and eww... Thank you Google reverse image search
  11. Xenon Racer
  12. Yup Detroit: Become Human?
  13. 8/10 a cute avy of Remi
  14. I wasn't even planning on getting them but I manage to get them with just 1 pull per day. Ty RNGeesus Yes! More Wolf Pack! Smol Pink Spite Lastly, my harem is really getting bigger. Just don't break your javelin in half ok? And then I finally got them all
  15. 7.5/10 Almost a good amount of every rarity plats and your plats are good stuffs
  16. 7/10 It's an alright avy of Beatrice
  17. That's Orie but the game is BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.
  18. Here's an a for your username
  19. I'm on a retro roll, not just on plats! #246 Omega squad Unlock all trophies #247 Retro Gamer Earn all other trophies!
  20. That's blessing from RNGeesus my friend. Anyways, new stuffs! This is good... But I like this one better. New ship! Also I'm not gonna try to get those new subs to save some cubes for that DOA collab. Just Swiftsure Have you guys use the free Promise Ring? My harem just keeps growing! Only one left for me. Also, every wedding dress for the starters is the best. Nimi is the most mature and beautiful.
  21. Is this what you're talking about?
  22. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight