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  1. Well that's your choose. Unicorn can health your Vanguard while providing good damages or Enty just obliterates enemies. Do keep in mind that Lucky E is rng based skill(70% chance) while Unicorn's heal skill is 100% guaranteed on every airstrike. Plus Unicorn is a little cheaper when it comes to oil than Enty. Also you keep talking about the Main fleet. How about your Vanguard? The ships that you can move around and takes the most damages.
  2. Well if you are keep getting destroyed in a stage, sure you can use Akashi but remember that there's alternative healers. I think these 3 are the only healers that can heal both Main and Vanguard fleet. IJN Akashi Akashi is 1 of 2 repair ships. She heals the entire fleet 3% of her max HP every 35 seconds. Repair ships also give you 3 Emergency Repair instead of 1. The biggest drawback of repair ships is that they cannot attack ships, only planes. USS Vestal Vestal is the other repair ship. She can only heal 20%(50% when it's Enterprise) to any ship who's below 20% health once per battle. HMS Little Bel(event ship) When the battle begins, recovers HP of entire fleet 3.5% of Little Bel's max HP. Her other skill is increase own speed by 8 and evasion by 25%. She's alright but her adult version is much better to me. These next one's only heals Vanguard fleet. HMS Unicorn and IJN Shouhou(retrofit) These 2 is what I believe the best ships that can heal and attack. These 2 are almost similar with some difference: Similarities: -Both are light carriers -Both have the 1st skill that will heal the Vanguard fleet of 8% of their max HP on every airstrike. -Both are cute. Difference: Unicorn: -Her 2nd skill will get the Vanguard fleet a 15% passive reload increase. -Her planes and Fighters and Torpedo Bombers where she's good at attacking planes. Shouhou(retrofit): -Her 2nd skill, the CV/CVL will increase air power by 15% for 8 seconds on every airstrike. -Her planes and Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bombers where she's good at attacking ships. -She's 1 oil less than Unicorn. There's also some difference in their stats but overall very good healers. HMS Illustrious Not technically a healer but I like to mention her skill. The Vanguard will get a shield of 10% of her max HP for 5 secs on every airstrike. She's good at destroying planes but not that good at ships. My biggest problem to her is her HP. Sure she may have Heavy armor but her HP is not very impressive. USS Arizona Unreliable healer. When firing main gun, 50% chance to heal the Vanguard Fleet for 10% of their max Health. So yeah her healing skill is rng based. She's a pretty decent BB though. There might be other healers I'm missing out there but that pretty much I known. Have you watched the anime?
  3. And now I got a Hololive ships! Btw, she has a AL song a week ago if anyone's interested. loli She's cute But I like this better. Crap I haven't even finished the PR1 ships. I might have to skip my last PR1 ship.
  4. Of course. Radar Scan is one of the best in the game. Here's here the level 10 skill. It's a proc skill. You still need to activate it. 60% still a pretty good chance of her proccing her skill. So the enemy on screen is that Tracker Siren and the Radar Scan proc. See that circle. The Radar Scan applies to the Tracker so you'll get +40% damage increase for 10 secs to that Tracker. So imagine like Enty's Lucky E or a BB's barrage with +40% damage increase. Onscreen enemies only during the Radar Scan's proc. That ship appears a few seconds after the Radar Scan proc so it didn't applied to it. So her skill takes some luck and timing to get a huge damage potential. Idk if that explains it and yeah, Helena is awesome.
  5. I wish the skin re-run would last a little longer for me to buy a L2D but alas, I only brought one skin. I'm a little bored so I have something to say to Helena and why I brought this skin:
  6. Im. Scatman YES! Grandma looks even more badass than before. *lewd I want to... touch... those horns. Another maid for the collection. FUBUKI FUBUKI FUBUKI!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I didn't play much but so far so good. 2 Kawakaze in my fleet is one of the best things to happen in AL.
  7. So am I the only one who's excited on the Hololive event here? While I sometimes watch Fubuki's stream and Sora's music(I actually just found out that Tokino Sora is a part of Hololive.), I wanna get all of them. Besides the music licensing, my guess is that we're getting the Polaris event after getting the PR2 ships since Gascogne is part of Muse and we need the original first.
  8. Nope. It's the Special Warrior Training event is one with the Warspite retrofit item. It's a x-number of days event with a minigame I think. Memories is like it gives a personal story on a specific ship. You can look at the Memento->Memories->Ships to see who has one. To see all of a ship's story, the main goal is Lvl. 100 + Love affinity. Well that's truth but I still love the art. Btw, we did get a Vtuber Event before. Which in my opinion, one of the best event in Azur Lane. I only know Fubuki in Hololive but we'll see how the event will turn out.
  9. This is from Just3C. Just like San Diego retrofit, A LOT of resources and an event item is needed. Are you talking about Polaris event? That's only CN/JP event only and it has already ended a few days ago I think. EN though I'm not sure. Maybe after a year then we'll get this event.
  10. 44/170 in common: Assassin's Creed II Tekken 6 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Grand Theft Auto V Fallout 3 The Darkness II Resident Evil 5 Just Cause 2 Far Cry 3 Mafia II inFamous Second Son Saints Row IV The Order: 1886 Far Cry 4 inFamous First Light The Wolf Amoung Us inFamous 2 Rocket League Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Sound Shapes(Vita) Teslagrad Goat Simulator Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Game of Thrones Final Fantasy Type-0 Tales from the Borderlands Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Ether One Table Top Racing: World Tour Super Exploding Zoo Minecraft(PS4) Tearaway Gravity Rush Grim Fandango Remastered Saturday Morning RPG Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man Transistor Strider Life is Strange L.A. Noire Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Sword Art Online: Lost Song Burly Men At Sea Rime Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Alice: Madness Returns
  11. 8/10 Lots of great games and plats you have.
  12. 7/10 The one on your signature is better.
  13. Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
  14. Ah yes. Another title screen art that really I like. Belfast feeding idol Laffey. Unicorn stealing a Pocky. Georgia made me excited for the PR 2 ships. So yeah the Multiple Secretary just randomly selects secretaries to appear in the main menu. I like that new feature. I'm semi-poor. Those 3 are the only Premium skins I've brought. And the new Hot Maid Ship(HMS). More Lpip's art and maids please!
  15. I wanna see how that multiple SECCretary works. My leftmost one will be the one who's getting the affinity which is the one who's not in the Love affinity yet. The rest will be the shipfus with skins, especially the L2D one's I have. I'll probably buy some L2D skins soon since I only have 2.
  16. #223 Dead or Alive 6 DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Master Unlocked all trophies. Warning: NSFW!!!
  17. Got all event ships! Now back to the Roon grind. I will commit Scapa Flow for the sake of Special Touch. We are here to have fun, not to suffer. This tomboyish girl can't be this cute. Looks like her rear torpedo bulges she got upgraded.
  18. Yup. I already have her but I never got the chance to use her. I'm too busy using the Big 4 Carrier. please don't kill me though As far as I know, she is not a permanent pool yet.
  19. That's FDG.
  20. Oh boy those Halloween loading screen... Anyways, Divergent Chessboard Rerun!!! Non-event ship! Well there goes my PR grind level. The daily mission shipfu. Got all and want more Cleve-bro class. I didn't get her at first. Hopefully I will get all event ships for now on. Marry her and give her a name.
  21. #221 God Eater 3 It's All Coming Together Collect all trophies. Why would you nerf the bullets?
  22. I'm too lazy to do SP3 now that I luckily got U-110 on the Special Construction but since @Helmet_time said SP3 is around the same level as 8-4, I could easily destroy them. Btw, have some Takao-chan because why not? Anyways, episode 4 is up and the Sakura Empire and Takao has made its appearance. Secondly, my loli week continues. Well you're still gonna shout even when I find you if you know what I mean. *tsun tsun* Lastly, on the Popularity Poll, choose wisely. Yes Mamagi is #1!
  23. How come we can't rent Gneisenau's L2D skin? I'm curious on her new L2D... That's all. Nothing else. Anyways, a lucky loli week for me. I didn't even use a lot of cubes. Another month, another new loli. *insert Jaws music* The chains of fate! The sounds of destruction!... Wait wrong game.
  24. And now episode 3 is up. There's not a lot of battles though but at least we do get that scene.
  25. Well there goes the Wishing Well... sigh... Anyways, more mini-events means a big event coming in later right? Non-event ship. Jeez, I've been looking for you in the Heavy Construction... You're definitely getting a spanking from Auntie Hood. Got all event ships! More ninja boats please! This is my new favorite face. I prefer the KC version. Mikasa Obasan! A beautiful lady and more Kitamura Eri please!