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  1. You can live thru me if you want and I'll tell ya how it is
  2. But I dont see you doing that if you have a vr. Since you're a borderlands fanatic/legend
  3. I stopped watching when they make the raw championship useless and keep going back to brock and making Braun look like a pansy. Hope they start changing but doubtful
  4. I can never spend all of of mine even with getting all the neccessary 8n game items
  5. With each ubisoft game I just get mostly all rewards they have available since I'll just earn that xp right back 9nce I'm done with the game basically. Lol
  6. Made the trailer 100x better in my opinion
  7. Why I avoid online free roam sessions in games now
  8. Wonder if this is more geared for controller use or move or even possibly aim gun.....
  9. Depending how the story completion is, could determine the grind factor. But looks doable
  10. Ok thought so thanks
  11. Which one and how many are online required?
  12. I'm trying the first song and I keep messing up on the end speed run on hard lol I'm jealous, I cant progress unless i do 12b or 12c and I cant evwn get close. Do we need to hold them close to chest or what?
  13. What is full combo? I'm new to this so still needing to learn the ropes. Side note first day my bicep area started to hurt, I guess its telling me I need to work out more lol
  14. I know I wont get the platinum but as long as motion sickness is minimal this will be a fun workout party game
  15. Gotta get the other 2 done then I will