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  1. A much better spot is in chapter 1. You go on top of the structure where it indicates you to go up. Do an aerial combo on first and kill the 2nd that has talking to immediately
  2. Yea it's all I have left to do now is get 100% sync. Hoping the 5 i have left dont take long
  3. So I haven't touched this game in almost a decade and decided to clean it up. When going for 100% do you need to complete all the objectives one one go or can I just do what I missed and it counts as full sync?
  4. So for the legendary challenges that has 100 mp completed, it's for certain local or online?
  5. PSA If you want the plat you need to play 100mp matches for part of one of the legendary challenges. I dunno if its local or online though
  6. Still works with 1.07 of reloading the checkpoint
  7. The gameplay was great, didn't care for the collectibles since it didn't add anything but annoyance
  8. Yea I counted and noticed I did 13 games from them. I'm not ashamed since I just finished up my last ezpz cheap platinum with attack of the toy tanks ( which at first pushed me off so i put it away for almost a year). Can say when I went back it was a breeze funny enough. I applaud them for making simple and somewhat enjoyable games at lightening speed. But I'll move onto my backlog so I can clear it away.
  9. For people wanting 30 second completions then yea it is
  10. Be funny if you trolled the trophy hunters and didnt make the next category appear till the previous is completed
  11. If anyone needs help with this fight just start the fight run back to the previous room that has enemies, get up stairs on the right qnd his idiot self runs up and down the hall way and rarley hits you. There is like a wall that falls back a little, whixh shows up like a c shape on map if you need to heal or whatever
  12. I just wish the xp text was a little bigger and stayed on maybe a second or 2 longer before go8ng away
  13. Can you tell us if it was a designated drop or a world drop then?
  14. People probably havent even unlocked them yet. Its only been out for 2 days