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  1. Love how people moan and complain about having certain types of trophies and when they are gone its gets bashed for no grinding and minimal online. Look past the trophies this will be a quality game even if the girls dont look like trashy slutty ninjas
  2. Cool I only have ps4, had me sweating there for a sec with the grind I'm doing this year on a few other games
  3. For ps3 version or remastered?
  4. Question was the power level from a fresh character or from a character you imported
  5. Did you have 2 controllers connected the whole time or just when you turned it in? That's the only reason I can think of
  6. Doubtful I'll even make it that far
  7. Now with this glitch are you able to go into rest mode? Or does your ps4 have to stay on till complete
  8. Thanks for verifying
  9. Can any one see if you can use ps3 controller on this game or vita?
  10. All I have is that trophy and completing the expeditions on level 3 before the plat. Didnt want to play thru those solo again for a 3rd time and that trophy I just dont wanna deal with right now lol
  11. This makes me wanna wait till that happens to start it up. All those extra bad ass weapons at my fingertips hehehehehehehe
  12. Am I just not responding quick enough on ps4 or can I adjust the sensitivity of it all?
  13. I'm having issues getting past the skeleton level on ps4 due to my controller not responding quick enough or whatever
  14. Yea ps4 version controls suck. I had no issue on the vita
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but towards the bottom doesnt it have like 3 or 4 trophies for collectibles?