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  1. If anyone needs help with this fight just start the fight run back to the previous room that has enemies, get up stairs on the right qnd his idiot self runs up and down the hall way and rarley hits you. There is like a wall that falls back a little, whixh shows up like a c shape on map if you need to heal or whatever
  2. I just wish the xp text was a little bigger and stayed on maybe a second or 2 longer before go8ng away
  3. Can you tell us if it was a designated drop or a world drop then?
  4. People probably havent even unlocked them yet. Its only been out for 2 days
  5. I cant remember exactly where i seen this but if i recall you can get level 50 in normal but tvhm gives you awesome augments from the annointed ones . So in essence tvhm is like uvhm with weapon quality
  6. Its a nice concept for the days you just want to be a homebody. Good idea to add excercise to still keep up fitness. Wont work for me since i have a kid and work and value my sleep lol
  7. Why not just do a rain day parade instead. You play games up till last tropgy before platinum and when you got to where you want just pop all same day.
  8. Technically its 3, origins isnt associated with it since it was made by wb
  9. It didnt get released on ps3 due to sony allows so much memory before nothing else can be added and that's why it didnt get it
  10. I'm just waiting for for when VR version gets all the dlc
  11. I'll try again later, between this and trip to I given up in the game. I get to irritated with the cheap ass mechanics
  12. I think the ribbon should be displayed kinda like the trophy cabinet and its where you can expand it to show which ribbons you're proud of and add more ribbons to the mix
  13. Any sure way to get the 15 before hunter does? Everytime it seems I'm about to win he goes to beast mode and I lose.
  14. Can u use phones and controllers or is it one of the other?
  15. If you are going for the plat and do everything you will be hitting level 50 no problem. If you use this glitch you run into not having the money to upgrade your stats to the level you currently are which will hurt you in the long run. Just have fun with the game. This glitch will shave a ton of time but I see it more geared towards end game for mastery points and what not