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  1. Haven't made barley any progress on my games but at least been clearing out backlog of other games. Addicted to mom vita again
  2. Where did you preorder this from?
  3. Agreed. They probably realized they cant compete with the likes of Nintendo or don't want to invest the time in knocking ot out of the park. Been fantastic being able to play all the games I bought years ago and finish them. And glad i kept getting the plus games the whole time.
  4. Yay once this is out I'll go back and clean it up all dlc. Hope to somewhat enjoy them.
  5. I recently got one back after selling it for a switch. I have had more fun with the vita past month than I did with the switch since it came out
  6. Seems complicated and un lazy
  7. Yea I can't remember the last game that took me longer than 30 hours to do.
  8. I dunno where to start I got one whole trophy from my vita game before the event but looking at the daunting grind I gave myself. But be fun to work them in as I get my vita backlog lower
  9. Over 8400, trying to get to 50% for once and I'll start refocusing. This also doesn't include what's not loaded
  10. Going to be q long year getting some of these longer games. Hopefully I can do it
  11. Lol I'm trying to get 1300 points on Sony rewards so I can get my 50psn card then its picking between spiderman and tomb raider
  12. Nice for someone that did ezpz for 2 weeks I like where I stand lol
  13. Entirely, with me earning plays quick lately I don't wanna ruin my 100 plat milestone with a silly game like i did for my 50th lol
  14. I'll embark on this 1. Mortal kombat 9 - (46/51) my kung fu is stronger and ladder master can go to hell lol. 2. Dragon age inquisition-(2/51) stupid nightmare mode or do long play thrus 3. The witcher 3 - (1/53) stupid death March or do 2 long playthrus 4. Batman Arkham knight- (4/65) depending on challenge rooms and new game plus 5. Dokuro -(5/31) sometimes platformers get the best of ya 6. Watch dogs 1 - (29/40) damn drinking games 7. Call of duty modern warfare 2 - (40/51) damn missions and running the training course 8. Sound shapes -(79/89) I hate the death mode levels that are left and want to throw my controller 9. Rise of the tomb raider -(54/60) damn challenge maps. 10. Puyo puyo tetris- (4/43) bad at adventure mode
  15. I'm going to withdraw to play it safe