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  1. Hoping my 100k in dreamlight comes in handy lol and I got stock of everything waiting for more insane Minnie quests
  2. And if you continue to try to unlock everything and new realms are similar to what they been costing you can basically guarantee yourself to unlock it with very to little no effort
  3. I have not but you can still level them up doing other tasks, you just don't get any bonuses
  4. Unfortunately I already own that from plus along time ago. I basically kept going foward and backwards and going to different pages on store and it eventually worked. I dunno if that's luck or what.
  5. Yea I had to go to ps5 and mess with it a few times and eventually it worked
  6. I'm now needing the luck of the gaming gods to be on my side. All I have left on Fat Princess piece of cake is to beat level 54. (Heard level 55 is a cake walk compared to it). Then I be done with this game. Hope my level 10s can pull it off so I don't have to grind more.
  7. Any reason hotline miami 2 says add to wishlist on mone and can't purchase?
  8. It says it's suppose to be included with the new ps plus catalog but when I click to add it, claims it's unavailable to purchase and just add to wishlist. This a mistake or something to do to fix it?
  9. I be interested as well
  10. I need to stop starting new games. My percentage would be so much better. I'm still positive but mostly can do vita playing while my daughter is 8n hospital
  11. Haven't been in much but still trucking thru gt7, and about mid way thru tiny tina and got all the grind money trophies done. But most games I don't rage on ever but this stupid level 54 and challenge 8 (challenge 9 was so much easier) on Fat Princess piece of cake can royally stick it. I been wondering what was so bad and now I know. I may be able to skate by if I level up a bit but the placement always sucks on the end bit of level 54. Might honestly call it quits on it.
  12. Need help from yall. My game buying is limited but can't decide between tiny tina or horizon forbidden west. What's yalls thoughts
  13. I gave up on this and I know I need to go back but I don't want to curse my game out
  14. No there's articles all over the internet about it
  15. When will the internet know to keep this stuff quiet. Everytime multiple places reveal an easy way the next patch always screws that up. I also don't get why people think a game should instantly be finished in a week or 2. Game like this is something should be enjoyed for a long time and not just for a couple weeks. Plus it's not like there isn't other games to play