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  1. Yea it does suck and this site has had plenty of discussions about what to do about this game in general but it always comes down to if you want to back on leaderboards you will need to hide the game in question. Also if you feel someone is guilty you can flag them your self or have one of the mods investigate it.
  2. Yes everyone understands this wasnt your fault. You just got screwed. No matter how hard you plead your case this flag will stand. You unfortunately got screwed like everyone else that had to hide this game for this exact reason
  3. Everytime I "commit" i play everything but the games I pick. Wish I had yalls dedication
  4. Yea if you can do it without jumping and keep from spray shooting which i tend to do lol
  5. Only if your comfortable getting super close to enemy to take advantage 9f the damage it does
  6. I never get these emails
  7. Find it odd right after you got member of the month, it crashed. Imma laugh if only your post count gets deleted. Lol
  8. As of now legend of the first blade was broken into 3 episodes and then 3 more episode will be tied to tales of Atlantis, and additionally they gave 10 free quest trophies that have been slowly releasing for the past couple months and so forth
  9. I think they have that set up. I know you can donate which Grant's certain privileges, just dont know about if it takes ads away
  10. Everyone all has made good choices but I would add beat saber if you like rhythm games and tetris effect
  11. Good catch, didnt see that
  12. For whoever cares if you check your trophies on the ps app they have 2 more of the free quest trophies showing as well as episode 3 dlc
  13. Ss as well kudos
  14. That's a tall order you got there and wish you the best. Got alot of good titles that will keep you occupied
  15. Well worth it especially if you dont rush. So much to do and its fun