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  1. What I'll for sure do this time if this is true is I heard you can do the word or switch it 2 a traditional number puzzle. If that's the case vita will get it one way and the ps4 the other to not make it so boring as I'm having a hard time doing the stack for the word search
  2. I dunno but they already have this on the 3ds and our phones thru the app store if anyone is interested in trying it there first or watch YouTube videos
  3. Do we know release date?
  4. I'll enter my name in the pot Favorite horror film would be the original halloween
  5. Ty
  6. If anyone else has one send me a message
  7. Jack off jill
  8. Does any one know where to find this item in the new tutorial world? Or where the ocean monument is for the elder guardian? Trying to obtain these trophies on the vita and ps3
  9. Ok so I could just build a tower then and with the eggs just run up and place them as I go when i spawn the survival world
  10. So question I'm looking to make a shulker tower using the creative glitch that's mentioned in the guide. If I make it in creative mode and use the shulker eggs will they attack me in creative mode or are they dormant until you go into survival?
  11. Just picture this, you want plat then get 100%
  12. In order to get the evoker to spawn in latest tutorial world is yo do this Open new tutorial Immediately save and quit Open it back up in survival easy Get the trident food and boat and just go straight to the mansion Once in mansion just search If for whatever reason you ever select peaceful mode it negates evokes from ever spawning I have a save for proof. The only other option is if you want an easy way out on ps4 version is use creative glitch
  13. What could make this cooler is having a color page with numbers and based 9n what people provide you fill in bits and pieces
  14. Use Google doc spreadsheets Or are you wanting to do the image thing?
  15. So want to make sure I understand this concept, very tired while reading this. I pick up to 10 games based on the url id or you do?