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  1. I live in France, in Europe then (yeah Captain Obvious )
  2. Salut l'ami ! Add me on PSN if you wish I will be glad to join you and your friends. Hopfully we got a lot of games in common ! PS. Je suis Française de métropole.
  3. Same here, add me whenever you want^^ And I don't have mic sadly, hope I can buy one soon.
  4. This is the best multiplayer I have played so far. You need to stick together, to stand by your partners and to craft some weapons... It's juste amazing. And it's even better whan you play with friends of yours
  5. Hey yo !
  6. Damn yeah ! This is some badass boxart !
  7. Hey there ! Welcome to our community
  8. He is sarcastic I guess
  9. In France it is totally illegal and I definitly don't understand why this is legal in some countries... c'mon we are living in the 21st century not in Middle Age or Western movies... I mean guns are meant to kill and hurt so I don't see how it can be cool or clever... It is in video games and movies, but life is no game. By the way, America is one of the country with high ciminality rates although it allows its citizens to carry guns. Moreover, guns are for military not civilians. And civilians are not the police. Let the policemen do their job and stop playing heros with nice toy gun... RIP innocent children at school EDIT : I don't intend to be agressive or disrespectful, but when I hear at the news that children were killed and that Americans thinks that for this reason everyone should have a gun, it really makes me mad... I mean it's like cutting your foot so you won't you will never twist your ankle.... Stupid !
  10. Hello there ! Welcome to our community my child !
  11. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 because of the godamn impossible challenges ! I gave up and I was so close to the plat ! But these challenges are too.... Frustrating !
  12. You just made my day that's so funny Young innocent child ^^
  13. Busted ! That must be an awkward moment !
  14. I know them, but I support OM (Marseille). There is a WAR between PSG and OM so no I don't like them at all But Bordeaux and Lyon are good teams.
  15. I didn't know these clubs though I'm interested in soccer. Anyway, we french suck at this !