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  1. Oh no! Such a brutal beat down! I may NEVER hunt trophies again! In fact, I may never turn on a video game console ever again! Why did you go all out against me like that @Wdjat Prinny Doods?
  2. Honestly, no. As I have previously said, my goal is to get back to Bronze League. I am just playing at my normal pace, and hoping it is enough to remain active and still get sent back to my home at some point.
  3. I am honestly not trying to do well. I am trying to get back to my home in the Bronze League. As the king of Bronze League, it is time I end my foreign relations tour and compete on home soil once again.
  4. Sadly, I wasn't able to find the motivation to play during this match. Being sick with the flu, and then having to work when I wasn't sick just drained me.
  5. Good to know, as I am your opponent at this time, my friend.
  6. It will be good to try and play games again. I am in!
  7. As the self-proclaimed King of the Bronze League, I would also be quite interested in competing once more!
  8. If you include next season, it will be 11. Yes, that is correct. I am here to announce my return to the League! See you all in Season 23!
  9. I do understand why the requirements were put in place, having competed since before they were a thing (Season 3 seems like such a long time!). But he even said that the point of the new account is to get a better completion percentage due to not being able to complete games with closed servers. And as I am sure a lot of us know, one way to do that is to replay the games you have already completed once before. There is no way to know what games will be played until they actually get played. And after having looked through the 600+ pages, I have noticed a couple people switching accounts without having the Platinum amount, so I will back down from this debate that I started. But before I do, I will say that switching accounts only started within the last five seasons, it seems (Please correct me if I am wrong). And I would prefer to see an official ruling on this before everyone decides they want a fresh start with a new account. I mean, I know that my own scores would increase if I were to request an account switch. Of course, I wouldn't, because my extreme sense of justice and fairness in all things would forbid me from requesting such a thing. I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach whenever a friend of mine wants to play at my house, because I am always afraid that he'll earn a trophy accidentally during a season. Thankfully, that hasn't happened during a fixture. I have been extremely lucky that it has only happened during breaks within the season, or after a season has ended.
  10. Now, I know that this doesn't affect me directly, as he isn't in my League, so I don't really have a place to complain; but something about x9zachattack5x switching accounts to Trophy_Prodigy screams "UNFAIR!" to me. The fact that he will be able to play games he has already Platinumed seems like an unfair advantage that the others in his League will not have. If anything, the new account should be forced to abide by the same Platinum requirement as any competitor entering the competition for the first time. Or maybe even a higher one to make up for the Post Count requirement not needed in this case. Now, before anyone comes out and says, "Well, Michael, you don't meet the Platinum requirement either, and yet you're here," the reason for that is I was here before the Platinum requirement was a thing, and the rule is not retroactive. Also, in terms of accounts, I am more active as me7lingual (for Overwatch) and me12lingual (for playing with my South American friends) when I play and leave me3lingual strictly for trophy hunting, but you don't see me asking to switch to me1-, me4-, me5-, me6-, me7-, me9-, me11-, me12-, or any of the other me#lingual accounts I have whenever I feel like a change for this League. I would expect any account I play as to fit the requirements for entering the League, should I ever want to switch. I get that this may be too late to really come up with a viable solution, with the League starting so soon, but I figure better late than ever. I just happened to only log on today after working so hard these last couple weeks and finally getting a moment to play.
  11. As the only person in the competition that was promoted despite not having earned a single Platinum trophy, it is an honor to visit my vacation Home in Silver League next season.
  12. Well, you could always ask for the scores to be switched. I will gladly take the win for you, since it would give me a better chance at being promoted.
  13. Oh, but you see, Bronze is my home. Silver, and that one time in Season 4 where I was promoted to Gold from Bronze, are my vacation spots. I will get in the mood to see the sights, and take in the culture of the other Leagues; but at the end of the day, I prefer my safe and warm bubble of Bronze. It is where I spend most of my time, and I like it there. I am like the official welcoming committee to the League for new members. The initial boss in a RPG. The new members have to get through me in order to take on the big shots. In other words, I think I hold the record for being in Bronze League the most amount of seasons. Also, I think I am also the only current participant who wouldn't be allowed to join per the current rules (I don't fulfill the Platinum requirement). But the rule is not retro-active, so you all are stuck with me (hee hee). Also also, I am one of the few members to have their name featured as a "thing". My thing is popping only Bronze trophies in a fixture, repeatedly. History class is now over! Anyway, I don't dream of reaching Platinum. In fact, I think I have said before that the only way I would ever win a League is if I was the only one in it. I am perfectly content with my current accolades. Actually, I have even requested to stay in Bronze because I knew I didn't have the skill to compete at the higher ranks. I was denied (I think this was Season 5) of course, but it is a good thing. The occasional frolic through the Silver fields is fun!