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  1. Having the same issue. Any word?
  2. Spaz, my man! That was it! Of all the tips... watch Kramer die, leave Kramer, kid must die, kid must live, Madison dies at doc etc etc... this is one I never saw. I can not thank you enough! I stand by what Ive said though... this trophy is bugged. Thank you all for your time. I was not ready for a 5th run!
  3. Perfect Crime: The trophy where the killer must get away with the crime whilst also meeting other requirements listed on the trophy. So I've been trying and trying to get this trophy and keep failing. I am well aware of the fact that this trophy can be finicky, but the internet keeeps assuring me "it''s not glitched, you just have to do it thiiiiis way". This seems to be the consenus... im just doing it wrong. After 4 full playthroughs, start to finish, and countless chapter loads, following every bit of conflicting advice I can find to the dot and still nothing. I would ask for more advice but Ive likely already tried it, however any help is still appreciated. So I suppose this is more of a PSA anyway. Due to such a vast difference in what players had to trigger to get it, I say the trophy really IS glitched. If you got it, then consider yourself lucky.
  4. Is the PS4 version of Fallout Shelter now the only one without some way to save-edit for infinite resources? The usual save editors don't seem to work with PS4 saves likely due to encryption. I've heard Switch users have not had a problem with it.
  5. I love how things can get to the point where we refer to them the same way as a mild health issue. "They went away after a few days". That aside, it's worse than like in CoD because it appears whenever you open the damn inventory/map etc.
  6. Very new as of writing this, and thus there seems to be zero talks on the game's trophies. I've managed to get all but 3 and I thought I'd throw the task out to folks... How to we get some of these cryptic things? Post what you know and maybe we can throw a guide together.