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  1. I only used auto transmission in career whilst going for the Platinum, manual is good just for the fun of it. I used the Suter for the superbike TT, loved the game, really satisfying getting the Platinum.
  2. Got the same problem, assault lvl 16, support lvl 20, medic and recon both lvl 11, no trophy popped yet.
  3. Thanks for the advice Warlord.
  4. Its been a grind but I’ve managed to win both supersport and superbike races, I received the trophy for completing the TT and the trophy for winning the TT, but the win in three seasons didn’t unlock. Only just done it so these don’t show on profile until it next updates, should I restart my career or continue and see if it unlocks later?
  5. Ok, thanks for that information Warlord. Finding the super bikes difficult, gonna need a lot of practice, I’ve put all my effort into super sport so far.
  6. I’ve won the super sport TT twice, both times during season 3, trophies for completing the race, winning the race and for winning in 3 seasons DID NOT UNLOCK, anyone else had this problem?
  7. $500k will get you a top apartment with 10 car garage if you've not got one already, it's very easy to blow that amount and more on upgrading a car, if you've levelled up and unlocked the upgrades of course, $500k is not a huge amount in GTAV. I didn't lose much with the early problems, only got to rank 7, so I'm not as annoyed as those who lost much more. Despite the early problems,so far so good with the game online, I can't put it down to be honest, get yourself in a crew with friends and time will fly, I've not laughed so much during a game before. $500k in game sounds good, some free DLC would've sounded better.
  8. My brother in law does custom paint jobs, it's my favourite bike helmet that he's done check his work out at if you're not too freaked out
  9. Welcome, enjoy
  10. lol, if only i worked for Rockstar, gaming discount's would be more than welcome. I agree with you ANTIOX_, that patience is needed, if the trailer is anything to go by, it's gonna be well worth waiting for.
  11. Nothing new here, there is no excuse other than the profit comes first and we gamers come second
  12. Aston Martin's for me, driving a V8 Vantage at Brands Hatch this Thursday, birthday present from my other half
  13. Welcome onboard, enjoy!!
  14. hi

    Hi mate, just checked out the link to your arcade machine, that's quality man, brings back memories of spending all my pocket money in the arcades at the seaside on games such as Asteroids & Defender etc. What's your fave game on it?