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  1. All the trophies for platinum can be obtained with the standard Hitman 3 (now World of Assassination). But for 100% you need the bonus maps for Hitman 2 (New York, Haven Island, and I think one of the sniper maps) that were included in Hitman 2 Gold/Season Pass. These are now included in the World of Assassination Deluxe Pack. Alternatively - I think you can actually just buy the Hitman 2 Gold through the ingame store, which is currently only £8.99/$10, I believe. The Deluxe Pack also included the Hitman 3 deluxe content (some deluxe escalations, soundtrack, etc.) and the 7 Deadly Sins escalations. None of these have trophies attached. See if you can access New York. If you can't, then see if you can buy the Hitman 2 Gold content through the ingame store (it'll be cheaper than buying the full WoA Deluxe Pack).
  2. All the Hitman 3 trophies are obtainable, yes. Although I think you might need the Deluxe Pack for a couple of trophies.
  3. Although thinking about, if you can claim the Hitman 1 legacy pack with a Hitman 1 physical edition, you could do that. And then buy a Hitman 2 Gold Ediiton physical.
  4. If you haven't bought anything yet, you might be out of luck, most of the stuff has already been removed from the store. The legacy packs and expansion pass have been removed, so there's no way to get the extra content. The best you could do is 100% the base game and any included missions..
  5. It's the same Hitman 3 trophy list. It's the same Hitman 3 client, just with a new name and the legacy packs included as standard.
  6. If you've got all the trophies between both machines, when you eventually sync them, you'll be awarded the plat on Sony's side. It won't "pop", you just wait a little while and sync trophies again and the plat will appear on your list. It's happened to me a couple of times, as I have multiple PS3s and PS4s, and I sometimes start a game on one machine and finish on another.
  7. Someone else will have to answer this one, as it took me a month at launch, but that was before bots. It's considerably less now. It's hard to say, because it depends how long it takes you to finish a match. 12.5 hrs is 15 minute matches x 50 wins. But that doesn't account for any matches you lose, but likewise, doesn't account for being able to do them faster. Once I upgraded my weapons I was able to solo a match in 8 minutes. I used the map DMZ, I found it to be best. It took me 12 hours. However, you should pair it up with the main game. One of the insurgent abilities is steal, so you can, for example, steal the turret ability, and then you can work on turret kills. What I did was: Start an online match with all bots. Limit each team to one weapon (each of which you need to work on), that way they're be lots of ammo lying around. Limit each team to one class (+ insurgent, the bots never play insurgent), and limit abilities to the ones you need to work on. Play capture point on The Penthouse. Wait for the enemy to capture a point, the bots then hang around it which makes them easy pickings (they also seem to often ignore turrets and drones). Actually, what you can do, is start a match with the weapon you need, immediately commit suicide, switch to insurgent and the weapon will still be on the ground, so you can pick it up.
  8. Maybe we should all leave pivots in easily accessible places. I removed all my pivots after i was done, but later today I'm going to re-place them. If we leave even 20 epsilon pivots in good places then the last person has only a 1 in 21 chance of getting the bad pivot (actually less than that, because we know there's at least another place in Boston and one in the Frontier). If Epsilon is the last pivot most people collect, then they probably don't place it again, it probably has less spawns that the others..
  9. So it was my turn, I got it yesterday. I didn't want to deal with it, so I left it. I waited 24 hours (until Epsilon said 'Last scanned 1 day ago'), then put 5 pivots around it at the correct height, signed out in the XMB, counted to 10, signed in, pivot had moved to Frontier 👍. I feel sorry for whoever gets it on August 31st... (BTW, I think I know how they did it. When I was running from some enemies in New York, an NPC opened a window in front of me, creating a shortcut. It was the first time I'd seen that happen in the game, so quite random. The pivot is on the second floor, between two windows, I suspect there's a small possibility of an NPC opening a short cut there.)
  10. I currently only have the comrades trophies, and that's 10% completion. So the highest without would be 90%.
  11. Yeah, I've got it too. I don't know a fix, I've just got used to waiting at the entrance of each new area to see what spawns, and then hoping for the best.
  12. I'm playing on a release day PS4, I've only played for about 20 hours so far but I haven't had any crashes or bugs. So hopefully it's all fixed up.
  13. Just FYI: At first I chose Classic Warzone, it always seemed to be empty, and I was able to find 4-5 collectibles before someone else showed up. Then, when I had around 12, I realized that Extended Warzone (found on the Browse Warzones page) is not listed on the main multiplayer screen. I was able to get the last 13 in a couple of hours without interruption (although, I was also playing in the morning in the UK, when the US was still asleep).
  14. I've been stuck on it for months, I don't see how it's possible to beat on version 2.0. Today, I used the post on these forums to revert my version to 1.0, and I beat it first attempt. I would really love to see a video of someone beating it on v2.0, because after hundreds of attempts I honestly feel like its impossible. I tried every strategy I could find, but the sheer number of enemies v2.0 NG+ sends at you just tears all those strategies to shreds.
  15. I thinks it's probably safe to say the Iron Mode doesn't work at this point. I contacted the person that told me it worked and they never replied, leading me to believe they were mistaken (maybe thinking trophy Hardcore was Iron Mode).