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  1. I thinks it's probably safe to say the Iron Mode doesn't work at this point. I contacted the person that told me it worked and they never replied, leading me to believe they were mistaken (maybe thinking trophy Hardcore was Iron Mode).
  2. That's disappointing ☹️ Someone messaged me to say it worked for them, I couldn't test it myself, as I'd already done Iron Mode legit. I'll update the response. One thing worth trying, instead of loading up the finale, load up the last mission, check that the save is disabled (so you know you're playing in Iron Mode - and it didn't get turned off from shuffling saves), then if it is still on, finish the last mission.
  3. Just got confirmation that it works 👍
  4. [adding content to the top post]
  5. You mean the New Game+/Iron Mode? I've already beat the Iron Mode, so I can't test the trophy pops, but I've got an idea I'm just testing now.
  6. I already posted this at PSTrophies, so I'll copy and paste it for your enjoyment: -- I'll be honest, I didn't expect this to work, but it did! I read this post on the True Achievements site and noticed people were saying it was still working in 2021. So I figured, if it works on XBox, maybe it works on PlayStation too? And it did! Here's what you do: 1. Beat the game. 1b. Back up your save (seriously, back it up, this messes with the save slot assignments) 2. Start a new game in Slot 2 (not new game plus) 3. Play the first level until the watchman jumps out at you, then you kill another watchman and it triggers the autosave. 4. Quit to Main Menu 5. Choose 'Load Game', and choose your original completed save slot, select the Finale save. 6. Once it's finished loading and the cut scene starts to play, hit the PS button, and then kill the game from the dashboard (options button). 7. Start the game again. 8. Load the slot 2 Ranger Hardcore save. 9. Once loaded, hold square to start, and then quit to Main Menu again. 10. Go to Load Chapter, select Finale, watch the cut scene, and when the credits roll you'll get your trophy/trophies Unlocking New Game+/Iron Mode Enough people have told this didn't work for them for me to decide it doesn't work, I'll leave it here in case you want to try, or gives you an idea to try something different. I think there might be a way to get it to work, but I've deleted the game now (and I already had Iron Mode anyway, so I couldn't verify that the trophy popped). New Game+ overwrites your save, and the above method needs your original save slot to be able to load the finale, so here's what you do: 1. Follow the steps outlined above. 2. Now you have two completed save slots. 3. From the menu, select New Game, select Slot 2 (hardcore ranger slot), select New Game+ and Iron Mode, reader difficulty. 4. Complete the first chapter until you reach Winter chapter and you see it autosaving. (It only saves at the start of chapters in Iron Mode, and the save from the start of Moscow doesn't work). 5. Quit to main menu. 6. Select Slot 1 (original complete game), and choose Finale save. 7. Once it's loaded and the cinematic starts to play, hit the PS button and kill the game. 8. Start the game again. load Slot 2 NG+ Winter save, hold square to start, and then exit to Main Menu. 9. Go to Chapters, select Finale, watch cinematic, when the credits roll your trophies will pop.
  7. Thank you! I got the Damir trophy by: - Not killing any thugs on the way to the lighthouse to meet Guel (or whatever her name is) - screen flashed white when she came down in the lift - Sneaked through the last area without meleeing anyone - Saved the man beaten (didn't do this the first time and no Damir) - Saved the woman being beaten - Killed no slaves I completely forgot about the boat of slaves, and I didn't rescue any other slaves the whole chapter. I was a bit worried that there were dead slaves in a couple of locations after I killed the thugs, but that seems to not have mattered!
  8. As for skills, I ended up dropping Decoy Totem. I had Arc, Lightning Trap, Storm Brand and Flame Dash on page 1, and Enfeeble, Wrath, Discipline and Lightning Golem on second. However, I had the same issue as @andreofgyn, I couldn't get Arc past level 84. So I ended up changing to a Storm Brand Elementalist build, as they share a lot of the same skills/passives, and it's working much better now.
  9. There are three passives on the tree that you need, each gives a 4% reduction in mana reservation. Two are in the top left, and one top right.
  10. I think the problem was that it says right in the description of the achievement "10,000 kills". I'm not sure if trophy descriptions have been changed after they've been published but I don't believe Microsoft allow it, so they couldn't change them. If there'd been a 10,000 kill assignment and it said "Earn the assignment" I think they probably would have just changed the assignment in game.
  11. Initially, I thought, this will never happen. But I might just keep working on it in between other games. There are 40+ guns in the game that have gun licenses attached, which require 1250 kills each to unlock. 8 licenses = 10,000 kills. So I'm thinking I might try and get 1-2 licenses in between playing other games. Admittedly, I've been playing for a week and only have 500ish kills, so it might take me the rest of my life
  12. I bought the £10.99 digital version from the store a week or two ago (I had the single player version from PSPlus, but the MP version was more expensive than the full package.) I was glad to see that no online pass was required to access the MP -- I was also able to install it on my second PS3 and thus able to solo boost all the MP trophies. Which was handy (albeit tedious). And yes, playing legit is often impossible. I tried at first, I had games where the enemy just kept killing me before I could even get out of the pod. It's not much fun to die 12 times in a row...