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  1. If you do/did the speedrun before playing madhouse you'll get the x-ray glasses which always show you where items are, kinda like a permanent version of the psychostimulants
  2. hopefully this will help you
  3. I'm pratically done with the game, my last trophy is getting all tech orbs. Hard isn't too bad esp. If you have all upgrades then it's doable just have to be careful in a few parts of the game. Here's the guide i'm using for all tech orbs: Some tech orbs are completely hidden from view and some backtracking needs to be done after dealing with mechs, etc. I will VERY happy to finally have this game plat since it's been in my backlog for like 2 years
  4. i'd like the season pass too.
  5. hopefully this will help you:
  6. hopefully this helps: there's only 5 data pads in that chapter.
  7. i can help just send me a FR
  8. just confirming the above, you must select "continue" to get it.
  9. do you complete edition? if so that is the latest version.i know because that is what i have.
  10.   me too. If anyone wants to boost the mp trophies add me on PSN
  11. Free this month for PS+ members. if anyone wants to boost MP trophies add me.
  12. for Nano Ninja i think you have to play on anything above easy, i got it on my delta playthrough. try playing on normal instead of easy, and you can easily get it on chapter 1.
  13. 3 hrs. 13 min.
  14. try to memorize where the little flying demons appear and focus on getting those the most. that was my last trophy before i got the platinum despite the fact that my darksider 1 trophies are all missing their timestamps