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  1. Well said, Velvet. Love the idea and hope something like this gets implemented.
  2. There hasn't been a significant change to this website in a long time. This is a great idea but like all the others, it won't get implemented
  3. Anyone who answers "No" to this should re-evaluate their life choices. At that point you're not playing games. You're doing chores to get trophy rewards.
  4. You started off by insinuating his code was malicious and now you're on about saying his script is written the wrong way. You're arguing about something nobody cares about. Hell, if you think you can do a better code, maybe try writing a better script and help get it implemented for the site.
  5. Some of the feedback you've been receiving from a staff member is extremely innapropriate and I truly wish they had DM'd you instead of airing this publicly and derailing this entire thread. That being said, this is awesome and I can't wait to try it
  6. Imo, grinding as a term has nothing to do with length as you can have short grinds or long grinds. Anything that you're doing repeatedly that you're not enjoying is a grind.
  7. DLC

    Yeah that's my thought as well. A Charles or Sadie standalone DLC in another part of the world would be amazing. I figure Charles would be in Canada and Sadie could be down south in Mexico
  8. Just as a heads up to anyone starting this game, there are 3 mislabeled trophies that have different requirements to what is indicated on the trophy descriptions. The game is a really great Puzzle Fighter clone. I hope more people play it and I hope this info helps someone get the platinum Win Streak unlocks after winning only 2 ranked matches in a row instead of the 5 listed in the description Pro Status unlocks after winning 5 ranked matches in a row instead of the 10 listed in the description I Have The Power is the really weird one. This one is supposed to unlock for using 10 different burst abilities but in reality, will only unlock by winning 10 ranked matches in a row online
  9. Awesome. I didn't even have to sync a new trophy and this still worked thanks.
  10. Here's hoping it's soon I mentioned it in the other thread as well but this can likely be solved by simply wiping the trophy cabinet of everyone who changed psn IDs. We can add new stuff fine. It's just removing the old stuff that we can't do.
  11. I just bought a third ps3 because in the past year, the disc drive on my two other ones shit the bed. Seems to be a common issue that just comes with old ps3s.
  12. This is a known issue that @BlindMango has flagged to @Sly Ripper a few days ago. It affects anyone who made a psn name change. I'm also unable to remove anything from my cabinet pre-name change.
  13. https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/network/onlineid/change/ Might be a good place to start
  14. Alright so I looked into the trophy cabinet glitch further. All the games that I put in my trophy cabinet before I changed my ID are still there. The problem is that I can't remove them because when I click on the trophy, I still get the "add to cabinet" option. When I click on that, nothing happens. I can add games to my trophy cabinet just fine. In fact, it lets me keep adding them way past the cap of 10. Just check my profile and you'll see that I somehow have 20 trophies in the trophy cabinet. Despite this I still can't remove any of the trophies that were put in there prior to the ID change. I think the issue can easily be solved if someone from psnp can manually wipe my trophy cabinet and allow me to refill it.
  15. I'm not able to make any modifications to it. Every time I click on edit it brings me to a broken link.