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  1. You aren't entitled to have a game release on the PS Vita. Honestly they can just not put them there because they don't feel like it and it's a 100% justifiable answer.
  2. A lot of people really need to set boundaries between themselves and media. It's not ok to throw a tantrum every time a game/film/book disappoints you. If you find yourself getting upset to that level over a fucking video game, you need counseling and probably anger management. The amount of vitriolic garbage this game has been getting is unacceptable. There's this thing in nerd culture where a very loud bunch of losers feel vindicated by harassing and bullying the creators of media that they don't like. And somehow these assholes take calling them out as "censorship" or start saying shit like "stop forcing people to like it". You don't have to like a game but if you not liking it makes you have toddler rage tantrum, than you're toxic as shit.
  3. This is normal. Just back out and it will reset the game. That step of the glitch can be replaced by just restarting the game in any way you see fit. It's just quicker to do it from there.
  4. It's almost like entitled nerds aren't the majority of the game's audience and are disproportionately upset about a game they didn't finish 🤔
  5. Once you've successfully done the Warlord glitch and got to Rank 30, you can easily get the other rank trophies immediately by de-ranking through the game lobby. I didn't see this posted anywhere so I figured i would share. Once you get to level 30 using the glitch, host a lobby and go to the loadout section. Spend a diamond and immediately press triangle to reset. This will lower your level by 1. After doing this, go back to match options and cycle the game mode. Any mode is fine. Once you you do this, the game loads you up into a new lobby and you're able to spend another diamond and reset again. Keep doing this until you get the level 20, level 10 and level 5 trophies. When I did this, it didn't "register" my de-ranking in the stats, meaning that as soon as I stopped, I was back to 30. It's really strange but I figure I'd share in case anyone finds this useful.
  6. I agree with a lot of the sentiments here. I believe that it's up to the Cheater Removal Team to prove that a person cheated beyond any possible doubt. If there's a chance a person did it legitimately, they shouldn't be penalized. I would hate to get to the point where instead of playing games normally, people start filming themselves in order to provide "evidence" for potential flags. That's ridiculous.
  7. Oh that's perfect then! I calculated and I'm averaging 50XP per minute with the turbo method. So 3000XP per hour. Very decent.
  8. I tried this last night only to wake up to a screen saying i got disconnected and pit in a private lobby. Is there any way to force a private lobby before I start turboing?
  9. Great news! I've been waiting for a new exploit to finish my remaining 10 characters. Getting on that tonight
  10. Can you elaborate on PvZ? I thought that method no longer worked. If there's something new I'm not aware of, I'll try it right away
  11. The campaign is divided up into scenes. You can select any scene you'd like and the game tells you how many collectibles you're missing. Longest scene is maybe 10 minutes but they last maybe 5 minutes on average.
  12. Well said, Velvet. Love the idea and hope something like this gets implemented.
  13. There hasn't been a significant change to this website in a long time. This is a great idea but like all the others, it won't get implemented
  14. Anyone who answers "No" to this should re-evaluate their life choices. At that point you're not playing games. You're doing chores to get trophy rewards.
  15. You started off by insinuating his code was malicious and now you're on about saying his script is written the wrong way. You're arguing about something nobody cares about. Hell, if you think you can do a better code, maybe try writing a better script and help get it implemented for the site.