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  1. Might be a good place to start
  2. Alright so I looked into the trophy cabinet glitch further. All the games that I put in my trophy cabinet before I changed my ID are still there. The problem is that I can't remove them because when I click on the trophy, I still get the "add to cabinet" option. When I click on that, nothing happens. I can add games to my trophy cabinet just fine. In fact, it lets me keep adding them way past the cap of 10. Just check my profile and you'll see that I somehow have 20 trophies in the trophy cabinet. Despite this I still can't remove any of the trophies that were put in there prior to the ID change. I think the issue can easily be solved if someone from psnp can manually wipe my trophy cabinet and allow me to refill it.
  3. I'm not able to make any modifications to it. Every time I click on edit it brings me to a broken link.
  4. Yeah. The trophy cabinet is completely broken since I've changed psn names. Any news on a fix?
  5. Sony is a platform holder and they have a right to moderate what is on their platform. Just like you have a right to complain. Just like I have a right to point out how the main people complaining (weebs) always complain about boobs (tiddies) and how hilarious that is. Ah yes. Because female sexuality and problematic boob groping games are the same thing. you genius
  6. Imagine if your whole life was affected because of the presence of animated tiddies in a video game. And then you got mad about it and posted it on a forum and pretended it was a part of a larger censorship movement. When in reality, it's a pretty good practice for Sony to not publish boob groping games because no one gives a fuck other than a bunch of weebs.
  7. I hope they censor more tiddies so you can't have them. 😇,
  8. OH noooo. You can't play with some tiddies in your game Can we get a gofundme up for OP?
  9. With this logic, you should be able to hack any game you want because "it's there for everyone if you chose to do it" nonsense
  10. I've got 17 unobtainable games on my profile. Sucks but you have to learn to either live with it or create a new profile. I don't feel bad for you or anyone really. Learn to live with your choices.
  11. Looks like a lot of people are willing to help out and manually add info 🤔 The community is willing to help make the site better.
  12. I still find it hilarious that the majority of "censorship" discussion on this site is about the amount of fucking titties you see in your games lmao. It's frankly embarassing. Meanwhile, I've seen nobody talk about this recent instance of *actual* bonafide censorship.
  13. ResetEra for about 60% of it and then Twitter for the other 40% OH and a healthy dose of Giant Bomb because those guys are amazing
  14. seconded. Life is Strange is great
  15. that's awesome Hope it goes smoothly I definitely recommend you going for it then! As with the speedruns out of the way, the game is quite easy