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  1. Looks like a lot of people are willing to help out and manually add info 🤔 The community is willing to help make the site better.
  2. I still find it hilarious that the majority of "censorship" discussion on this site is about the amount of fucking titties you see in your games lmao. It's frankly embarassing. Meanwhile, I've seen nobody talk about this recent instance of *actual* bonafide censorship.
  3. ResetEra for about 60% of it and then Twitter for the other 40% OH and a healthy dose of Giant Bomb because those guys are amazing
  4. seconded. Life is Strange is great
  5. that's awesome Hope it goes smoothly I definitely recommend you going for it then! As with the speedruns out of the way, the game is quite easy
  6. it's only about 3 hours of grinding. It didn't bother me as I just had a TV show on that I was watching while grinding.
  7. If trophies are ever added, they will show up as DLC under the base game's trophy list. If this isn't the case, then it's safe to assume that trophies haven't been added.
  8. Ezpz's are a problem in the trophy community. But then again, UR elitism is also a problem. I think the sub 75% ribbons are a great compromise.
  9. I'm a huge fan. I hope this gets implemented soon. 👍
  10. Thing is. He's not even a trophy hunter. Look at his profile. He legit did it to help. He ended up with a backlog of 300+ people asking for his help. I think that overhwelmed him. Then the negative reaction to him in the thread was too much. People just needed to chill and not crucify the person trying to help them. I also second what @Demon--Prototype said. Guccipant was one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of playing with on this site. I think that's what bothers me the most. So many people don't realize that he actually did care.
  11. That's not what happened at all. He just explained it poorly in the last thread. He genuinely wanted to just help people. The donations was always just for people that wanted to. He spent so much time working on this only to get pilled on by people in a reactionary manner. He helped me entirely for free and couldnt have been nicer about it. I talked to him for a bit and realized how passionate he was about making this world easy to use and helpful for everyone. I donated to him after he helped me because I really felt he was doing a great thing for the community here. I'm so saddened by the reaction people had. It's really unfortunate.
  12. I appreciate the effort that you put into this and I know how much it meant to you. I'm sorry the community responded the way they did. It's a shame as you I know you just wanted to help people out. I wish more people on this forum would have been more patient and understanding with this whole thing. Goes to show how toxic the internet can be sometimes. I wish you the very best dude.
  13. You can still complete your backlog to the best of your ability Those online trophies will never be on your profile and you'll need to come to terms with that if you want to remain on the leaderboards.
  14. They've literally given bonus discounts to psplus subscribers since 2010. lmao are people finding this out now?
  15. This is great news I'm hoping this will help the site become a more positive environment again as the past few years have had increasing bouts of toxicity.