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  1. Severed is a fantastic game and you might already have it if you were a plus subscriber when it was free
  2. Here's my list Anyone could probably tell that I'm a huge fan of storytelling in games. 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Fallout New Vegas 3. TLOU 4. Bioshock 5. Jak and Daxter 6. Red Dead Redemption 7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 8. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage 9. Danganronpa 2 10. Portal 2 11. Overwatch 12. Uncharted 4 13. Life is Strange 14. Transistor 15. Spec Ops: The Line 16. The Witness 17. Witcher 3 18. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time 19. Hotline Miami 20. Max Payne 3
  3. Your grammar sucks and you offer literally 0 constructive criticism.
  4. People still buy physical games? lol
  5. Guacamelee 1 was an ezpz >10 hour platinum. This looks similar.
  6. Pretty insignificant drop imo.
  7. Superhot VR is the absolute must play VR game. Played it for the first time with a friend yesterday and it was just so much fun. Thumper is also pretty good.
  8. I'll try to have a permadeath save ready for sunday
  9. People here are just as bad. Acting like a name change is some herculean task. It's not. Sony is just not committing the needed resources.
  10. These are meaningless concerns. Xbox allows you to name change and their tracking sites haven't burned to the ground. JFC some of you are so sensationalist. If Sony literally just tries a little bit, then they will allow for easy name changes with no problems.
  11. Oh I can definitely understand that. I had to re--buy over 40 ps3 games in the past year to catch up on games I played once and then never touched lol Myself, I tend to switch moods between catching up on trophies and then playing something I actually want. I try to switch every game or two to make things fresh whatever works for you!
  12. You only have 84 games. If you work on it, you can easily boost your percentage within less than 6 months. I have 430 games. I've raised my percentage from 35% to 63.5% in about 15 months. If I can do it with 5 times the amount of games then so can you Don't give up!
  13. It would be very unhealthy if I stopped simply because I have unobtainable. Going for a 100% profile is a pointless and futile endeavor.
  14. Binary Domain. Just don't do it.
  15. Yeah I definitely would not recommend that one nowadays due to the server closer I had lots of fun with it but then again, I love arcade racers.