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  1. I should be there also from the same time
  2. I'd love to have access to this I'll add you on psn
  3. Inb4 the thread title is changed to "Top Trophy Hunters get Banned?"
  4. Haha. We have the exact same gripes with Rapture. I wanted to love Rapture but the slow pace really turned me off. It's why I disliked Dear Esther as well. There is a certain pace that I like to have in these kinds of games. I really hope Giant Sparrow get to make another of these. I still think about The Unfinished Swan a lot, especially it's phenomenal soundtrack. I'm always looking for more to play in this "genre"
  5. wow. lol My two year old thread is getting some more attention due to psplus 😅 Really glad people get to try this wonderful game out for themselves. Even if it's not your cup of tea, the game is only about 2 hours, so it's not a huge investment.
  6. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  7. That could work but what i'm saying is that the exploit works best if you start from scratch, do the exploit level before touching anything else and then mop up the remaining bubbles. It's what I and a half-dozen others did and it worked fine.
  8. That's a really long time but I'm actually happy to hear it. It gives them the time to make the episodes all as good as they can be
  9. I would pay up to 9.99 for a good app. I've had many friends express similar thoughts.
  10. I was hoping that the double xp on the last week of March would be a yearly event but I guess not. I logged in every day last weekend to test it out. Hopefully there's more double xp soon.
  11. Pin progress only gets updated once you get a "legit" bubble. This is normal. For all DLC packs, I started with 0 bubbles and before even touching any DLC story levels, I completed the time saver pack. You're right, once you do the level, the pin progress does not get updated...But as soon as I get a "legit" bubble in a DLC level, the pin pops in the bottom corner and I'm immediately at 95-96%. I'm not sure if this is making sense but I can guarantee you that the time saver levels work. A good half-dozen players I know did it with no issues.
  12. Yes. This is Sony support. How can we help you?
  13. This is awesome. I've learned to love how Nintendo Directs have been presented. Hopefully Sony sticks with a similar and regular format.
  14. I named mine Ellie as TLOU is my favorite game.
  15. I mean, Share-Play sessions shouldn't be against the rules but I definitely think there have been a lot of low-effort shareplay requests recently. I feel like many of these people should simply be asking for advice on how to beat a section in a forum post rather than just asking strangers for a carry.