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  1. Really happy you shared this so that OCD people like me have a clear record of their yearly progress 😁
  2. I didn't see this posted anywhere, but there's a really easy exploit in the game that allows you to skip to the final boss very early in the game. This makes the sub 2 hour speedrun trivial. I've seen other videos posted but they usually involve playing through the whole game. This is much more efficient. Here's the video Hopefully this helps someone clean up the trophies they need. Once you get the speedrun stuff out of the way, the game is very easy to 100%
  3. Driveclub. I hate the dlc for the game and I'm so bad at it. But it's the game that's bringing my completion percentage down the most.
  4. Git gud. Practice and you'll get used to it. A little jarring at first, I'll admit.
  5. This is clearly a speedrunning setup. Speedrunning games and trophies is something that's becoming popular. It's work but he clearly mapped out the fasted road to platinum.
  6. You can quick travel to any level at any point. The hungry idol challenge is at the very beginning of Idol Springs. This is definitely doable. You only need to use a portal the first time you enter a level. Never again after that.
  7. Gateway error whenever I click on Games and the search on my profile isn't working correctly.
  8. Transcedence in Wipeout HD (1.07%)
  9. If I were to sum up this thread in one sentence
  10. lol this is what you call a controversy? For real? You are cherry picking uncommon reactions from a very small number of outlets and pretending like they are a majority. I swear, the only thing more annoying than "SJWs" are the "anti-SJW" folk. They paint a picture of this non-existant culture by exaggerating everything. It's exhausting and serves only to deceive people. It's like these anti-sjw people like looking for things to get angry about. They've become the exact thing they critique.
  11. I can certainly confirm what @TheYuriG said. You can get about 75% of all the trophies in the game in about 3 hours if you're organized and know what to do. That includes every single DLC trophy. Getting a high % in Warhawk is easy. Only a handful of trophies make the platinum difficult.
  12. Count me in! Here are my game picks for the event. I may change some of these prior to the start date, but I'm sticking with these ones for now. 12 Drummers Drumming: Thumper - Really fun rhythm game that requires pretty quick reflexes. I'll be doing this is VR. 11 Pipers Piping: Spyro the Dragon - Stewart Copeland's soundtrack is phenomenal in all three games but it stands out in this one. Completed on November 17 10 Lords A-Leaping: Crysis 3 - You get to jump real high in the Crysis games. Completed on November 29 9 Ladies Dancing: Heavy Rain - Press X to dance 8 Maids A-Milking: Red Dead Redemption 2 - Ok so this is a major stretch but I may as well try to go for the plat. I'll be robbing tons of farmers of their hard earned $$$ 7 Swans A-Swimming: Spyro: Year of The Dragon - It's the game in the series with the most underwater sections. Completed on November 22 6 Geese A-Laying: Final Fantasy X HD - Tidus has major Daddy issues. His strained relationship with his father is the overarching theme of the game. 5 Gold Rings: Sonic the Hedgehog - Gotta go fast for this one. Pretty glad I was able to go for a literal fit. 4 Colly Birds: RAGE - Apocalypses are still depressing, I think. 3 French Hens: Battlefield 1 - The entire game is set on the European front of WW1 2 Turtle Doves: Spyro 2 - Dragons are reptiles. Change my mind. Completed on November 20 And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: Overcooked 2 - I'm using up my bonus game for the game I'll be playing with my significant other. Accomplishing this will depend on her, but I'm confident we'll be able to get through the game before the deadline. Completed on November 26
  13. Yeah I was able to afk the online using a rubberband and XP exploit custom games
  14. Weird. GTA V took about 80-90 hours to plat for me.
  15. I currently have 27 Ultra Rare plats out of 211 total. 1.07% 1.13% 1.22% 1.29% 1.29% 1.34% 1.49% 1.50% 1.88% 1.92% 2.02% 2.03% 2.14% 2.29% 2.48% 2.51% 2.53% 2.5% (JP) 2.60% 3.10% 3.63% 4.00% 4.08% 4.23% 4.27% 4.37% 4.67%