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  1. Maybe 10ish hours? The leveling can take quite some time unless you have a turbo controller. In that case, you can afk the levelling and it requires maybe 1 hour of active play to get the other trophies. You understood everything the 25 medals can be done in private with 2 controllers
  2. Ok good just want to make sure people have the right information here and don't waste their time. Thanks
  3. All except for Accolades and winning a bet. Accolades can be done in a private match with anyone but winning a bet for the first time has to be matchmaking. That's it though.
  4. This is blatantly wrong. I got the accolades trophy in private match using a second ps3. it does NOT need to be done in matchmaking. I tested this. 2x can be done in private match but win a bet needs to be done in online matchmaking. What I did is plug a second controller and just bet on that. That way i just had to beat my afk second controller in a online match to get the trophy.
  5. This is non-issue. You won't ever be disconnected if you set times to the lowest possible in the settings. I just left my controller plugged. No rubber band or anything.
  6. The ONLY trophy that you can't get solo using two controllers is the one for 50 accolades. But even then, you can do it in private match with 2 people or accounts. If you do the same trick of playing elimination and setting the times to the lowest, it takes about 15 minutes to get 50 accolades, as you will be getting 5-6 per match. Each match only lasting 30-40 seconds, including setup. Hope this helps someone.
  7. I'll get this if I can easily turbo the 1000 mp matches. If not, this is a hard pass.
  8. I skipped Origins but may very well get this. It looks so colourful!
  9. Downloading and uploading are still broken. Plat is still unobtainable if you don't have those trophies.
  10. EDIT: nvm looked it up. I am not skilled enough to do that
  11. This is fine. Many people like to plan in advance to get trophies for games. I will only buy certain games if I can guarantee that I can boost the online stuff, for example.
  12. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. It's been on my list forever
  13. Interesting, I wonder if functionality will slowly be restored. Skate 3 wasn't downloading or uploading correctly for a while yesterday before it came fully on.
  14. I wonder if download/uploading works on Skate 2 as well. If someone could confirm, that would be awesome.
  15. Apparently the Skate 2 servers are online now. Would make sense if 4 is being announced soon.