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  1. New Vegas is by far the most enjoyable Fallout game. Great story, great choices and an amazing atmosphere.
  2. After multiple failed attempts using other methods, this worked on the first try. This should be the go-to solution for anyone experiencing issues with this trophy.
  3. Just watch a TV show while grinding the crimes. It's a little tedious but there is so much worse out there.
  4. It's been confirmed that it's for the Netflix thing. TWD S4 is dead.
  5. Tidux has been teasing name changes since 2013 and has always been wrong.
  6. Diablo has a 90 on Metacritic and Nioh has an 88. But yes, this would be a shit month 🙄. Jfc some of you will never be happy.
  7. Velocity 2X was an exercise in frustration. So worth it though. Felt amazing to 100% it.
  8. Super Stardust Delta and Lumines Electronic Symphony
  9. I prefer this to the Arkham series. Only Arkham game I really liked was Asylum. The rest felt too bloated for their own good.
  10. It's not quite at the same level as GoW as it can be a tad repetitive at times. Spider-Man is still fantastic but I have a feeling GoW will stick with me longer.
  11. Spec Ops the line is one of my favorite games of all-time and that had a lowish metacritic. Read the reviews and dissect them. Every reviewer is different and what one person dislikes, another person will enjoy. Enjoying reviews is all about being able to read them right and not just look at the score. Understand WHY someone liked something so you can better understand if it applies for yourself.
  12. I strongly doubt that. There are 400+ plat achievers and I'd wager the majority of them pre-ordered the game. I wouldn't worry.
  13. You can always try to remote play from PC and report back yourself. I don't see why it wouldn't work though. EDIT: Ohhhh you don't have the game yet. I've never seen a game that couldn't be played via remote play though. you should be safe.
  14. What kind of developer breaks their own game 3 years after it came out??? This isn't even an online game. This is so dumb.
  15. Final Fantasy X HD, Persona 4 Golden and Cosmic Star Heroine are all excellent choices. Especially Cosmic Star Heroine if you're looking for a sub 20 hour game. The two others are 100 hours+