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  1. Hope he sees this
  2. Another thing that's pretty funny is that a lot of these custom server revivals have "no boosting" rules. Which means that, arguably, playing on the custom server is a more legitimate experience than boosting on the regular servers lol.
  3. Honestly, what does the open source requirement even achieve here? You're CRT team member, not a game developer. You'd have no idea what you're looking at. Why don't you simply talk to the groups that open the custom servers? Engage in a discussion, see what's what and make an informed decision with the community. CRT isn't asking game developers for the source code update every time they patch a game. Custom servers are different, but not really. As long as the experience is close to the original game, that's as far as the CRT needs to be involved. The open source requirement is a shield that the CRT is using to ensure that none of these ps3 server revivals are considered valid. Server revivals that will keep happening more and more frequently in the coming years. Ideally, the CRT would assess each server revival individually and judge it based on it's own merits and how it alters the game experience. But you're not doing that. You set a blanket rule that means nothing to any of you. The community is asking the CRT to use some degree of discretionary ability to make these decisions, and you want none of it. At what point is the CRT just a brick wall refusing to adapt.
  4. God forbid you play a game for fun. Trophies are cool and fun but are you so addicted that you can't find it in yourself to play a single game that doesn't have them????
  5. CRT is already spread thin and there are constantly silly flags that take a lot of time before they get lifted. Spending time flagging anyone for this OS glitch is a big waste of time for every party involved.
  6. This site is functionally the exact same as it was 6 years ago. Unless it's the bare minimum, it won't happen.
  7. holding my hypothetical trans child hostage to own the libs
  8. Yeah i got heated up for sure and need to chill. It just fucks me up when we're in 2022 and we're still out here "debating" LGBT shit 😭
  9. If someone started being mean to me, I don't think i'd suddenly stop supporting marginalized groups. But you do you!
  10. If you're threatening to no longer support a cause because someone was mean to you. Some people might suggest that you were never an earnest ally.
  11. Have you considered that most people fighting to keep a character white are usually absolute losers?
  12. Ok Transphobe Dante
  13. Just a few rights off the top of my head (there are so so many more) To this day, gay couples in most states are still unable to easily adopt children due to rampant institutionalized homophobia. In 2020, the US government literally banned trans members from joining the military Most states still don't have any laws covering hate crimes that were made on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. Which happens very frequently btw especially towards trans women of colour, who are frequently murder victims. Not to mention that trans folks are constantly harassed for simply existing. My overall point is mainly that these threads constantly downplay any kind of struggles that LGBT people or other marginalized groups face and it's exhausting.
  14. To anyone reading this garbage and thinking to themselves "yeah fuck the wokes, they're asking for too much", this is a reminder that LGBT youth are twice as likely to contemplate suicide. Kindness and compassion to marginalized groups is more important being unhappy about "too much" diversity.
  15. The funny part is that this whole thread is filled with apologists who "advocate for tolerance of a difference of opinion". A difference of opinion is fine when it's something like which colour your prefer. Not when it's about weather or not you think trans people should exist lmao It's hilarious that for 40 years we get games made mostly by white men for white men. And the moment we see games being made by and for people outside of that group, there's this screeching whining about "keeping politics out of games". Bunch of absolute toddlers.