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  1. Master Ninja Cleared the game on Master Ninja difficulty
  2. Luckily I got these trophies done long time ago, to anyone that wants to avoid frustration with setting up an 8 player boosting session theres actually a way to do the 8 players trophy solo. Heres the method... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSIx0ZVhDLM
  3. After trying to defeat Vamp on extreme for like 2h, I found this... 


    1. Dennis-nine-five


      If you struggle with anything, the Internet has alot of strategies to help out, especially with old games :) I saw the video some months ago and the video was already published 2008.

    2. ReimiSaionji9742


      I see, well I m finally done with this game and honestly Extreme playthrough wasnt that hard but those MGS1 vr missions certainly deserve their own special place in hell, especially Variety 1 sniping mission where you have to be deadly accurate or Zako survival is another annoying one and of course hold up missions, damn you have to press square very gently to not fire a bullet to hold up these guys.

      I noticed MGS2 plat isnt even UR while I think it was harder than many UR plats I already did lol :D

    3. Dennis-nine-five


      Great memories, I completely forgot some of that stuff. I loved to do the challenges 😛

  4. Halo 3 - I played it on x360 awhile ago and I dont understand what people see in this game, it was just an average fps for me. Burnout Revenge - I loved Dominator but didn't liked this one mainly due to the crashing events which aren't my cup of tea. It was much better done in Paradise God of War 1 - It was good but I never loved this game or anything, it was God of War 2 which was one of the most epic games imo and thats where this series started to be great for me.
  5. Getting the dog tag from the guy with shorts in MGS2 on easy is so annoying, the guy is surrounded by marines during the speech part. I tried to tranq everyone but once they sleep you cant touch them getting to the guy with shorts. Luckily you dont need all dog tags, just 76 from Tanker and 218 from Plant is necessary from what I read.

    1. Galadeur


      back when i was a dumb kid, i actually thought it would be a good idea to try and get ALL the dog tags. so i did. to this day it remains the dumbest thing i have ever done in games.

    2. ReimiSaionji9742


      Damn, I feel your pain especially if you did all on european extreme too :lol:

  6. Sony shutting down their games is nothing surprising to be honest, I was expecting this sooner or later. Luckily they gave a whole year notification so everyone should be able to do the trophies on time. Thanks for the info OP.
  7. I can confirm that Breach servers work perfectly fine as of the time of writing this post as I just managed to finish all online trophies for this game. Hopefully the servers will stay fixed.
  8. Yes, the servers are still up as far as I know. There have been no news about shutdown yet so you should be fine.
  9. Promised Neverland
  10. Just watched 12th episode of Promised Neverland and I must say its one of the best animes ever. During every minute I was at the edge of my seat :D

    1. Nitroman65


      Heard second season is confirmed in 2020

  11. So apparently ACTA 2 has been aproved in europe -_- I wonder if its going to affect psnp in any way

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Well, from my understanding, the EU countries have two years to put it into effect and they decide how they'll implement it, so nothing's going to change overnight. Still bites, though. 

    2. ShadowStar83x


      And there will be people still fighting it. 

      I mean, there are still people in the US trying to restore net neutrality, so the fight isn't over yet.

  12. I think its definitely possible for one trophy to glitch in this game as I read about Ghost Master being glitchy as well and as others have stated it doesn't make sense at all for him to hack this one single trophy. Its not my decision but I think it should be lifted, I saw many other disputes where flags were lifted even with 2 glitched trophies.
  13. I may be missing something but I think everything is ok with his Sonic Sega All Stars racing list, its very possible to get both of the mentioned trophies within seconds as I did that too by winning every race within the very first Grand Prix.
  14. I m ashamed for not playing the first Nier on ps3 yet as that was also a very good game, not as good as Automata but definitely worth playing nonetheless. Its on my radar but yes I played Automata 1.5 year ago and still listening to the amazing soundtrack to this day.
  15. I m on my last playthrough on Proud mode having done every other trophy and my time spent with the game is around 90h, I think it will take me around 100h total and I did wasted time exploring too so I think it could take 130h as the guide mentions if someone is incredibly unlucky with item drops other than this I think it can definitely be platted faster.