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Welcome to my profile!

   I finally decided to write something here ^_^ Sorry if my english isnt perfect but its on a high level. As I m a part of this community for some time now I wanted to introduce a few of my favourite members (random order) before I start "bragging" about myself as some likes to say...



Iris Heart




Satoshi Ookami

and also Hertz-onichan  :D


     My greatest hobby is gaming, after that is watching anime and listening to music. I m a trophy hunter but I prefer some more interesting trophies like...

  10S2b2998.png The Shadows Rushed Me
Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore


  49S0aec00.png I am Bad Company!

(Online) Achieve all the awards


27S4374b2.png    Cleared the PATH OF THE MASTER NINJA.
Clear the game on the PATH OF THE MASTER NINJA.


    18S710488.png You Want Me To WHAT?
'In single-player arcade mode, on a difficulty higher than NORMAL, survive Deathbringer's Apocalypse Flame attack and win the round with full health.


   47Se58e74.png   Hard to the Core
Complete the game on Hard Core setting


    11S99c3b3.png Elite Campaign Legend
Obtain a gold medal for every cell in the original Wipeout HD Race Campaign on Elite difficulty.


    46Sbef2f4.png A God is Born!
Conquer the final stage of Babel.


   4S0ab8c0.png   Ultimate Battler
Complete Battle Mode


    12Sc164c0.png Heroic Survivor
Complete all missions on Elite difficulty level


  7Sb720a5.png   C'est Magnifique!
You completed Score Attack Mode with all characters.


   Mirage  Mirage
Find the hidden desert flower.


...now those are "trophys" my friends  ^_^ not finish chapter 6, kill this boss or finish tutorial without dying. I think trying as hard as you can is more fun than just getting it on a silver plate (umm ignore that last trophy, I added it becuase it looked cool lol :awesome:)

:platinum:   :gold:   :silver:   :bronze:   :triangle:   :cross:   :circle:   :square:


Previously I played on PS1, PS2, PSP and Xbox 360. The addition of trophies/achievements in previous console generation was a very good idea, some people may say its evil (lol) or waste of time but in my opinion its a very positive thing. Trophies lets you enjoy games beyond simply playing through story and also let games last longer to enjoy. Its also a motivation to play through higher difficulties or collect collectibles to understand story more accurately. The main thing I love about games is of course story, I also like multiplayer but to be honest I enjoy boosting more than playing normally :P I like about any genre that is fun to play... rpg, hack 'n slash, platformers, racing, fighting or shooters. Sport games arent really for me thou. My gaming skills arent really that great I m not even comparing myself to those people from top of leaderboards but I m decent enough, I like playing a lot... and I mean A LOT! (sometimes too much :lol: ).


I played many games over the years and one thing I know for sure... there is no way to tell my favourite game or even my top 10 because they were all awesome so the best I can say about game I really liked is, it was "one of the best". My first console was PSone with a game GTA2, it was fun until I found out about what is Final Fantasy and all rpg games ^_^ second console PS2 with FFX-2 as first game and this was also my first jrpg game which got me into this wonderful genre...




...then PSP with FFVII Crisis Core, X360 with FF13 and PS3 with Metal Gear Solid 4.


 About my trophy goals I honestly dont have anything particular in mind, I dont really care much about psn lv, platinum number or ultra rare trophies, I simply like to finish all games that interest me on PlayStation, I may also buy Xbox in the future for a few exclusive games that arent available on Sony console.
Gaming is my passion, I like hunt trophies for myself and my own enjoyment only so you will never see me with any new coments about newest plat or whatever  :P  that doesnt change the fact that I m very proud of them and I got every single trophy by myself, also I will do my best to play games whenever time allows me to and as long as I can (until the end of days probably  :lol:) I dont like speedrunning games at all although it may not look like it I m actually taking it slow exploring every nook and cranny, I m just playing a lot thats why I complete games so fast.

   Also the idea of playing same game over and over with separate trophy lists just to get more trophies doesnt interest me while I can just keep playing that game after getting all trophies on it. The exception are upgraded games like DoA5 Last Round. I dont care about graphics much as long as game is fun to play, also I love when game have a good soundtrack.

   Idea about dlc is fun as long as those are new story missions, racing tracks or new characaters in fighting games thats always good, new multiplayer maps arent really for me but things like new weapons or cars should be free in my opinion lol

If anyone also need help in game Journey with online trophies or just want to play through it in coop for fun, feel free to msg me and I will try to find time for you. That game is truly magnificent  <3 so I will be happy to help. I completed this game like 10+ times already  ^_^ but do note that I only have ps3 version of Journey and I dont know if ps3 can play with ps4 in that game...

   I like to be nice to others so feel free to ask me about anything, if you need some tips in games I already played I will be happy to help if I still remember it, my backlog of games is also quite large so dont ask me some absurd questions if I can help you boost games that take 50 hours to do lol  :lol: many people asked me something like this so do note I dont have so much time.



Favourite Anime Characters


Sheele (Akame ga Kill)



Yagami Light (Death Note)



Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden)



Proudest platinums/100%


  Lost Planet 2  Lost Planet 2


Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena  Persona 4 Arena



Favourite anime


Attack on Titan (10/10)
Akame ga Kill (10/10)
Sword Art Online (10/10)
Death Note (10/10)
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (9/10)
Noragami (9/10)

Puella Magica Madoka (9/10)

Date A Live (9/10)

Sankarea (9/10)

Danmachi (9/10)

Shokugeki no Souma (9/10)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (9/10)
Fairy Tail (9/10)
Boku no Hero Academia (9/10)
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (8/10)
No game no life (8/10)
Choujigen Game Neptune (8/10)
Erased (8/10)

Renai Boukun (8/10)
Naruto Shipuden (8/10)

Mob Psycho (8/10)
Kill la Kill (8/10)

Eromanga Sensei (8/10)

Cupid's Chocolates (8/10)
One Punch Man (8/10)

Re: Creators (8/10)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (8/10)
Hunter x Hunter (8/10)
GATE (8/10)
Kono Subarashi Sekai no Shukufuku (8/10)
Plastic Memories (8/10)
Persona 4 The Animation (7/10)
Mirai Nikki (7/10)
Guilty Crown (7/10)
The Irregular at Magic High School (7/10)
Tokyo Ghoul (7/10)
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (7/10)
Log Horizon (7/10)
Owari no Seraph (7/10)

Yuki Yuna is the Hero (7/10)


My favourite game intro Final Fantasy VIII



... and thats about it, thanks for visiting my profile! ^_^


Here is a funny pic for you as a reward for reading through all that favourite stuff of mine, I know you accidentally clicked on my profile so at least it wasnt a complete waste of time :awesome:




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