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  1. Thats nice to hear, I liked both Fear Effect games on ps1.
  2. My opinion is... "your profile your bussiness, do whatever you want with it".
  3. Damn, thats kinda stupid but good to know. Thanks for info.
  4. Does anyone found Xur this weekend? I need some Exotic shards from him
  5. If anyone is up for coop in Destiny to take down some taken champions feel free to hit me up. Its really annoying that there is a time limit to take down those guys or they dissapear -_-

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    2. Hemiak


      OK, I just have it on ps3. I generally just killed them whenever they spawned as I was farming on whichever world. 

      OK, I just have it on ps3. I generally just killed them whenever they spawned as I was farming on whichever world. 

    3. FilmFanatic


      If you're still looking for someone to co-op with add me, I've completed this quest so I know how annoying it can be without other people to help.

    4. Saionji


      Thanks @FilmFanatic but I already did it. I went to tower and started to fire invs to my fireteam asking for help. Took a few mins to find ppl :awesome: It can indeed be annoying solo

  6. I see someone was flagged for Payday 2 Crimewave edition... Am I missing something or ps4 games are flagable now?

    1. Avatar_Of_Battle


      Have been for a couple weeks I think, but in order to flag a game, you must have the game on your account too now.

    2. Saionji


      I see good to know, I wasnt following the forums recently.

    3. wuthg21


      the flag is kind of bullshit though

  7. A Friend Indeed Resurrect 5 fallen players.
  8. Tripod Take optional photo #10 in Episode 4: Dark Room
  9. I would definitely recommend it, its a great game. Still its just my opinion but C&C Red Alert 3 is better and also best RTS on ps3 I played.
  10. Mind's Eye Perform 10 Just Guards
  11. Docks nightmare Complete the nightmare in chapter 2
  12. SAO Hollow Fragment completed! Finally finished nothing was particularly difficult in this platinum imo just very time consuming... Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 It was a very good game overall, interesting story, fun gameplay, soundtrack was alright but nothing special. The only things that irritated me a bit were repetitive desing of dungeons and when it comes to trophies grinding implements. Here is my final time and a pic of the plat popping, my last trophy was for defeating 100 HNM's.
  13. 59/100 HNM's defeated :)

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    2. Shiki


      Keep it up :shakefist: 


      And let me again add a layer to your status. :ninja: 





      :ninja: :holy: 


    3. Saionji


      Thanks @Shiki :)

      I see you started SAO Re HF on ps4, good luck. This game isnt hard at all but lets be honest its loooooong...

    4. Shiki


      @Saionji Yes you are right, the game is very long and easy. I even managed to get lost in the forest maze, a real labyrinth :/   and  also I managed to fall into the void, as in dark soul. :lol: I do not remember the name of the dungeon but I hate it...

      Otherwise in the creation of the characters at the beginning of the game is funny. I tried to change the gender of my male character in feminine, his appearance does not change, it's just the position of his legs. :lol: 

  14. Ok, I made some decent progress so I wanted to post it here Right now I m maxing affection with heroines and I m 4/7 done. Also required implements and hollow missions completed, my lv is 150 which I was grinding in Discard area. I barely played the story in Aincrad and I m at 31/100 HNM defeated in Hollow area. Also I finished the story in Hollow Area and my trophy progress is 35% Defeating the rest of HNM, collecting all CG's and going through Aincrad left for the plat as well as max the remaining 3 heroines. P.S. I think it will take me 200h+ overall to complete this game as I was wasting a lot of time fighting monsters and exploring