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  1. Is it just me or Atelier Meruru plus trophy guide looks kind of broken with how the list of trophies is down below the guide instead of being on the right side for better navigation...

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      @Saionji How about now? Does the Guide Contents appear on the right side?

    3. Saionji


      Its fixed now, nice job :)

    4. Dragon-Archon
  2. Is it just me or Ashura lv50 isnt as op in FF15 Comrades as the guide says...

    1. Redgrave


      It might have been OP at one point but got nerfed after they wrote the guide. Honebani is supposed to be the best Katana now apparently so I just used that.

  3. Kingly Blessing Received a Royal Sigil.
  4. The Run screwed me up other than this I also ignored Undercover thinking I wont be able to do all NFS games anyways. I might play NFS Payback in the future , those 3 are the only ones I missing.
  5. I would say Yakuza 5, I m surprised its not UR seeing as how much time you need to spend on getting the plat and patience for some minigames.
  6. I was wondering why I couldnt summon any npcs for boss battles in Dark Souls 2 NG+ and I just realised I was in Champion Covanant this whole time... lol :facepalm: Ruin Sentinels were moping the floor with me and I thought NG+ is just that hard :D

  7. So I heard DE: Mankind Divided is unachevable due to broken servers...and Square Enix doesnt seem to fix the this lol man this catched me completely off guard lol I always thought this game is completely offline,

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    2. Lorajet


      Well, not that I was going to start the game tomorrow, but looks like that one is another one that will collect dust.

    3. Saionji


      hopefully they will do something eventually, players should make a petition or simply e-mail them about the issue.

    4. JadedDragos


      Well don't have that one sooo I'm good. 😀

  8. Nice try, I hope you guys will succeed.
  9. At first I thought Dark Souls 2 is a much weaker entry than DS1 in the series and I think its easier too but now that I made it past Drangleic Castle and reached Shrine of Amana I must say this game has some awesome and charming locations of its own.

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      All I remember about the Shrine of Amana was how rage-inducing it was. Such a cheap area... But yeah, DS2 has some really nice looking locations at the very least. It's definitely my least favourite game in the series, but judged by itself, it's a good game.

    3. Saionji


      I understand you... some monsters want to murder you from below the water, mages shoting at you with Homing Soul Arrow, ogres who wants to chew on you then throw you into the ground, also you face those pilgrims guys which are very fast and deal a lot of damage and on top of that one wrong step and you can fall to your death. Ah the charms of Dark Souls :wub:

    4. MMDE


      I thought that water area was pretty easy, or rather, I got through it safely just fine. You do however have to be very careful and play safe in that area, else something will get you. Cheap? Meh, never felt it was cheap, just easy to die if you weren't careful enough.

  10. Not any I know of.
  11. Nope it hasnt been fixed unfortunately, I doubt it will ever be.
  12. Does anyone knows when FF15 servers are going down exactly? I remember reading about it some days ago but I cant find it now, I prefer to be safe than sorry and I going to play it :lol:

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    2. Saionji


      Same here, I was hoping to get this game once all of its content is accesible. It is indeed a frustrating situation as I heard some of those canceled DLCs many players were looking forward to.

    3. Shiki


      Hurry up because I'm going to finish it before you 


    4. ruffedgz


      yea just read the article here:


      sad to hear about this so soon but if the stand alone will still make the trophies work, then awesome but if not, oh well :P

  13. Reloading and picking weapons both on square button is really frustrating in Xcom Declassified because whenever you are near a weapon and you need to reload you pick a new weapon -_- this and really stupid teammates A.I. are 2 downsides in an overall a good game imo

  14. You mean "it does matter unless you are Hakoom..." Its sounds funny but it indeed is what is happening
  15. Sinner's Bonfire Light the primal bonfire in Sinner's Rise