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  1. I didnt had any issues with Serious difficulty trophy but Top Secret glitched on me too, I collected every secret in the game and it didnt popped. The only solution I know of is to collect them all over again unfortunately.
  2. Hey Reimi, could you add me on psn please? It's gemini

    1. Saionji


      I dont think you are :P Gemini was much more serious, collected and didnt acted so recklesly. Anyways I dont think I will be of any use to you because I only have one game left to boost on PS3.

    2. Genghis


      Love you

      It's actually me, Reimi ...

      we boosted twisted metal together?

    3. Genghis


      Reimi, it's seriously Gemini. I swear.

  3. I wouldnt mind doing this glitch, I saw on youtube you have to find some npc lying on the ground and shot them in the head but no matter how long I searched I couldnt find a single npc like this. The fastest method I found out is 650-700xp in 1-1.5 minute by replaying Twin Rocks hideout. I would prefer this glitch but I guess its all been patched by Rockstar...
  4. I think it will be too much work to implement this as the status of servers for many games is changing constantly, I m researching information a lot about server shutdown so I got used to this and its no problem for me. To be honest its rather fun to research this info yourself.
  5. Is there a way to use Wake Up Club app on psvita without adding the trophy list to your profile? I was just wondering because I could use this app and dont want these trophies -_-

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    2. Kittet3


      You can stay offline, but then you'll have to wipe the vita to delete the trophy. Maybe you could use it and delete the save data every day? I think all the info is saved offline.


      You have to let the vita go to sleep on the alarm screen. 

    3. Saionji


      Indeed, good idea with deleting save data I will try that.

    4. SaltyCatRemi


      I've been signed out and only using the normal alarm and haven't got a trophy.

  6. I remember this bs, I had to pratcice this a bit before I could pull it off. You have to jump at the right angle, heres the video of all secrets. Skip to 00:36
  7. I think this is a bit wrong, you may be as you said "f*cked" because you simply gave up trying to win those prestige events in NFS 2015 but by no means are they impossible. In my opinion a perfect profile doesnt have to be 100% completion but maintaning at least 95%+ is awesome as well as playing mainly good games. Games like Lost Planet 2, Persona 4 Arena or Star Ocean 4 are very good games and people who were able to play them all the way until they accomplished 100% is impressive in my book. At the end of the day trophy hunting is a hobby and you should only play games on your profile as you yourself enjoy most.
  8. I would say god bless Capcom because despite how many games they released with multiplayer trophies not a single one that I know of has become unachievable (well except LP2 but I think thats rather a unique case isnt it).
  9. @Shiki
  10. Heres my top 3 this year, I think it would be best to ask such question at the end of the year but here goes Tales of Symphonia Dead or Alive 5 Assassins Creed 3 Those 3 I liked going for several reasons, I havent played any AC games in awhile so I enjoyed AC3 a lot even though it was one of the weaker AC games imo. Dead or Alive is one of my favourite fighting games and Tales of Symphonia was a beautifull game during PS2 era, its still just as enjoyable nowadays.
  11. Assassination Classroom After watching the first 3-4 episodes the story sounded a bit crazy and I thought it will be just an average anime but after like 10 episodes I realised its a pretty fun and good anime. Its hilarious at some points and there are also some very sad moments. After watching both seasons I must say its one of the best animes I watched and the finale was so sad it was hard to stop tears in my eyes 😢 it was really touching. Koro sensei is certainly the best teacher anyone could wish for
  12. Best achievement ever! :awesome:


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    2. PooPooBlast


      @Pichu hogtie a SJW from the 1900s and put her on the tracks 😂

    3. er_campanario


      Rockstar, the company which their productions are the most useless thing in this field. Pick someone unable to defend him/herself, then do whatever you want, because you have free will and power to do so. It is just a prostitute in a saloon, but that was the only thing that most of them could do to survive in that time.


      Very good one Rockstar, letting this to happen in your puking productions that are no more than "cool graphics" and a "tragic story"


      Sigh... gore fan-service for you people, in a fair way.



    4. PooPooBlast
  13. No Dice Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die.
  14. I m only interested in Mafia 3 but nice line up nonetheless, I may also check out Draw Slasher out of curiosity. I guess we cant expect any great titles for PS3 anymore I was quietly hoping for Trials of Cold Steel II.
  15. Just my opinion but I think the rarities are perfectly fine as they currently are, its better to keep it simple rather than overload our profiles with too much stats.