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  1. Its nice we will finally get this feature, I only hope that our trophy progress carry over. I read somewhere theres a problem with that.
  2. Almighty father please forgive me as I have sinned in many games as well... OP I think boosting isnt cheating because you are fullfiling every trophy requirements within the game parameters, you arent tempering with the game using any 3rd party software.
  3. I have a feeling like OP really havent cheated or thats what I would like to think because his trophy list definitely looks very good, I think he was just really unlucky with some glitches because using save just for this game out of the blue when he could use them for several harder games he did legit doesnt makes sense to me. I tried to help @Spectral_Shadow but thats as far as I can go, you will have to bring some stronger evidence than the video you posted. Still its just 2 trophies glitched, I think Shadow Vigilante is unlikely but possible to pop in 19.13 mins after First Riddler and 1.59 mins before Enigma if the game froze as he stated.
  4. Party On, Axel Defeat Axel in the Post-Game and make him an ally.
  5. Did anyone else had issues with unlocking Emizel epilogue in Disgaea 4? I met the requirements for his cute cutscene but nothing unlocked in Camp HQ

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    2. Shiki


      So your problem is solved?

    3. Saionji


      Yep it is, btw I m still waiting until you unhide your trophies already :P

    4. Shiki


      I'm too lazy Reimi2butt

  6. @Shiki no BAKAAAAAAA!
  7. Floriiss once again climbed to the hights of a true artist and delivered! the ultimate signature I could wish for xD



    Thanks a bunch! this guy rulez :awesome:

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    2. Saionji


      You will have to satisfy yourself with that little part of panties :P

    3. Shiki


      There is a mistake on the name, it's "ReimiSaionji2Butt9742", otherwise I love the signature of the super badass trophy hunter.


    4. ee28max


      Looking good! 👍

  8. Hardcore Unlock Hardcore Mode
  9. Its going to be Levi vs Kenny in today's episode of Attack on Titan... damn I CANT WAIT! xD

  10. Reimi, would you please add me? It's Gemini. We boosted twisted metal together a year ago. Love you.

  11. I would say go for it! If spent enough time with this game anyone can do it I think and besides some people did Crushing survival solo actually so how can this not be possible.
  12. Educated Used a tome to improve the main character's attributes, talents, spells, or skills
  13. I didnt had any issues with Serious difficulty trophy but Top Secret glitched on me too, I collected every secret in the game and it didnt popped. The only solution I know of is to collect them all over again unfortunately.
  14. Hey Reimi, could you add me on psn please? It's gemini

    1. Saionji


      I dont think you are :P Gemini was much more serious, collected and didnt acted so recklesly. Anyways I dont think I will be of any use to you because I only have one game left to boost on PS3.

    2. Genghis


      Love you

      It's actually me, Reimi ...

      we boosted twisted metal together?

    3. Genghis


      Reimi, it's seriously Gemini. I swear.

  15. I wouldnt mind doing this glitch, I saw on youtube you have to find some npc lying on the ground and shot them in the head but no matter how long I searched I couldnt find a single npc like this. The fastest method I found out is 650-700xp in 1-1.5 minute by replaying Twin Rocks hideout. I would prefer this glitch but I guess its all been patched by Rockstar...