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  1. It has been awhile since I last visited the thread but I got a platinum starting with X if you can update it pls, thanks X - Xcom Enemy Unknown Plus
  2. I m currently playing this game too and honestly its boring me to death, I already completed it around 8-10 times on xbox 360 so I m taking a lot of breaks especially with how tedious it is because of all the backtracking, not to mention I think they just shoved these new chars there to make more money of this game even though their storylines are almost identical to Nero/Dante. Playing as Vergil is cool but Lady/Trish gameplay is crap, just my opinion. As for Dante SSS trophy I think you can do it in mission 11 too where he has more health so he doesnt die as easily as in mission 1. I have yet to attempt it but I plan using this strategy... just charge shot pistol lv3 Dante whenever he attacks, once your reach SSS spam Holy water to finish him off not to risk getting hit. I did that for other SSS too when I reached this rank during fight. For S rank trophies I would recommend Lady/Trish, since Trish doesn't have super costume you will have to learn her playstyle sooner or later for Bloody Palace anyways. I m halfway through SOS with S rank progress and its pretty easy if you learn a few tricks with Trish. Her R1+cirlce and then spam triangle is useful especially for crowds of enemies and with Lady I use Bazooka lv3 only for slow enemies otherwise I recommend using shotgun lv3 for pretty much everything, even bosses die fast from it and I usually have SSS throughout the fight if I dont get hit too. I have yet to do the hardest stuff so I cant really say much about overall difficulty but keep it up and you can do it. Good Luck!
  3. Just finished watching Fate/stay night Heavens Feel route since the 3rd movie got released in better quality a few days ago and honestly... WHAT A PEACE OF ART! It has one of the best soundtracks in anime imo and the fight between Alter Saber and Rider was a bit too EPIC! It will stay in my memory for a long time. I really recommend Heavens Feel movie trilogy if you are into Fate.

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I was already planning on watching the Heaven's Feel movies soon, but I'm glad to hear you think so highly of them. Makes me even more excited. I love the anime adaptations for the other routes too, even the one by Studio Deen. The Fate series is so good!

    2. Saionji


      Same with me :) I recently found out Kara no Kyoukai is actually happening in the same universe as Fate series. Also realised theres a spin off anime from Fate/zero called Lord El-Malloi Case Files, guess I m still green when it comes to Type Moon productions.

      but I hope you will enjoy Heavens Feel :) some moments send shiver down my spine, I saw my share of epic fights so its rare for me to feel this.

  4. Good news, Mary Skelter Finale is getting localised :) hopefully MS2 will follow suit, its weird to localise only the first and 3rd game on PlayStation but oh well, still great news nonetheless

    1. NERVergoproxy


      What?? didn't expected this since MS2 didn't happen. I really hope they rethink and bring MS2 too. How you one play 3 if not 2...preposterous!!

    2. mako-heart


      @NERVergoproxy 2 is on the Switch.

  5. Another week, another episode of Redo of Healer... not sure if I will be watching this hen... ahem! anime but I sure am enjoying all the controversy surrounding it :awesome:

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I'm enjoying the controversy too. It's upsetting all the right people. 😆

  6. Does anyone has a character thats almost at 64k glory? I tried going for this trophy by adopting the char from the trophy guide but he is useless for it as he has more than 64k glory and the trophy doesn't pop as stated above.
  7. Apparently Disgaea 6 wont be releasing in the west due to Sony censorship, I feel like all Disgaea fans has been spit in the face lol it will be available for Switch in the west. I m thinking of buying Switch instead of PS5 in the future as this situation is ridiculous. Disgaea is one of my favorite series since ps2 era.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I think it'd be a perplexing move to just release it for the switch in the west from a business standpoint (pretty much turning away free money), but who knows? 


      Regardless, there will be a lot of outrage and pressure from PlayStation fans if it ultimately gets turned away.

    3. JadedDragos


      When it comes to censorship for us we are always spit on, I always want the original, how supposed to be viewed versions.

    4. Saionji


      It certainly isnt a free money to release D6 on ps4 if they have to censor it as censoring a game actually cost money. 

  8. It has been 2.5 years since the release of Mary skelter 2 and there is still no information about any localisation plans, this is bad. Mary skelter nightmares is one of the best vita games and the best first person dungeon crawler rpg I ever played. If IFI ever localise it, I dont mind preordering the game to support it. I read new privacy policy from Sony is stoping them from releasing it in the west as they would rather not localise at all than censor some parts of the game. The ecchi themes are very light in MS1 but I dont know about MS2 or MS Finale which released very recently in jp.

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    2. DioTheRoadroIler


      I find it pretty stupid that Sony allows sex scenes in "grown up" video games, but anime tiddies cross the line

    3. Saionji


      Agreed, murder and nudity are ok in games like Cyberpunk 2077 but purification mini game in Mary skelter 2 is bad.

    4. JadedDragos


      Maybe because anime always looks like children a majority of the time and so may be seen as child porn? I personally hate censorship, but that's just me. I think people just need to deal with it and then teach thier children the right way of things and what not, don't depend on anyone else to censor it for you, be capable to do it yourself. =-)

  9. When I looked on the Games tab on this site today I thought this is some kind of glitch with new ps5 trophy list not properly showing yet but if this is how its going to look then I might as well track my trophy progress on exophase. I vote for the old rectangles or even better if theres an option to switch between rectangles and squares in settings.
  10. Well here is a psvita fan I honestly never expected to see... and her knowledge about jrpg's on this system is superior to mine I must admit. Its pretty interesting.

    1. eigen-space


      I want a Vita t-shirt :o

    2. Saionji


      I want the t shirt from Trials of Cold Steel she shows in one of the vids :D

  11. I think someone put the new trophy list from Ao no Kiseki in the wrong section in the series, it should be in stage 5 not 4 where all lists are from the game Zero no Kiseki.英雄伝説-碧の軌跡改
  12. Hello


    In the beginning i would like sorry for my english because is not perfect. I don't know even know that is on high level or not but got hope that will understand. Also will translate in our language since we both come from the same country but also got rule that a lot people use english language so would maybe someone read this. Firstable you are very good trophyhunter in my opinion the best in our contry. Got the most hardest platiniums from all. I also read about yourself and You are like. Try help other players if of course remember game.Don't know how many people helped but alot. Also both us like anime. Also like Sword Art Online and right now still waiting for final season Acilization. Keep doing great work like player because as trophyhunter you propably achieved all :)




    Witam na wstępie chciałbym przeprosić za mój angielski, ponieważ nie jest perfekcyjny. Nawet nie wiem, czy jest na wysokim poziomie, ale mam nadzieję, że zrozumiesz. Przetłumaczę to na nasz język, ponieważ oboje pochodzimy z tego samego kraju, ale mam zasadę, że jeśli na forum używa się języka angielskiego to staram się go też używać, ponieważ może go ktoś przeczytać, a nie chcę sprawiać komuś kłopotu, że jeszcze tłumaczyć musi. Zacznijmy od tego, że jesteś moim zdaniem najlepszym trophyhunterem i najmocniejszą personą jeśli chodzi o platyny w naszym kraju. Nie chodzi mi tutaj o ilość, a jakoś. Masz najwięcej zrobionych z nas wszystkich bardzo trudnych platyn. Czytałem również Twój opis o Tobie. Jesteśmy podobni ja również staram się pomagać innym oczywiście jeśli pamiętasz grę. Oboje lubimy anime np Sword Art Online, gdzie czekam na finałowy sezon Acilization. Trzymam kciuki za ciebie jako gracz, ponieważ jako trophyhunter moim zdaniem osiągnąłeś wszystko, co dało się osiągnąć.



    Była sytuacja, że grałeś w Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus na vitę jakoś zaczynałeś napisałem ścianę tekstu autentycznie ścianę tekstu na psnie odnośnie UT odnośnie, co i jak robić, ale niestety nie mogłem pomóc, ponieważ miałeś zablokowane wiadomości od nieznajomych i w sumie się nie dziwię bo pewnie spam miałeś od ludzi nie raz :)  Jeszcze raz wszystkiego dobrego 



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    2. Zerathel


      O widzisz pomyliłem sezony masz rację .Mój nick to Zerathel więc chętnie dodam Cię i kiedyś bym chętnie pogadał :)  Jeśli kiedy zaczniesz Doa5 plus to daj mi znać bo akurat to jest trudniejsze niż to na ps3 ze względu na combosy i podam Ci maly trick z akumą :) Ten gość ma najtrudniejsze combosy w całej grze.Tylko problem jest tutaj z posiadania drugiej vity lub znalezienia kogoś kto ma. Ale wystarczy, że ma tylko wersję demo i już ten trofek z ad hoca można wbić :)


    3. Saionji


      Tak wiem czytalem duzo o DoA5 plus ale szczeze nie chce grac te gre po raz 4 zwlaszcza ze jest to gorsza wersja od DoA5 LR ktora juz dawno mam ograna.

    4. Zerathel


      Nie wiem czy gorsza dla mnie osobiście jest wyzwaniem :)To jest najtrudniejsza gra z wszystkich DoA ze względu na combo challenge. Generalnie na vicie ograłem mało gier bo killzone,którego masz, Wipeouta 2048 (dla tej gry kupiłem vitę bo w tej grze to ja jestem mocno zakochany i każdą grę ogram), Uncharteda i jeszcze kilka. Tak naprawdę szkoda,że na vicie tak mało gier dobrych, które mnie akurat interesowało wyszło.Natomiast często gram na PS4, a pozostałe to taka odskocznia. Aczkolwiek ostatnio grałem Sonica Unleashed i powiem szczerze, że bieganie po stageach jak się ogarnie trasę sprawia wiele radości. Naprawdę warto w to było zagrać i się sprawdzić. No mówię do Ciebie mi daleko bo osobiście uważam to, co napisałem wcześniej osobiście uważam, że jesteś legendą polskiego PSNa bo najwięcej hardcoorowych rzeczy masz,których osobiście nie wiem czy sam był podołał. Mam na celowniku tego kingdoma co odpaliłeś, ale widzę,że nadal wisi aczkolwiek na razie praca mi nie pozwala na to przysiąść no i wyszedł Final VII Remake i po prostu mnie wsiąknął totalnie i robię sobie wszystkie materie, jakie mam nie, żeby zrobić harda bo myślę, że już jestem w stanie to zrobić tylko taki ukłon w  stronę tej gry z mojej strony. Po prostu dobrze się bawię przy tej grze. Jeśli chodzi o Sao to standardowo poczekam kilka tygodni żeby potem serię sobie zarzucić oglądania odcinków bo jak teraz czekałem na dwa ostatnie odcinki to było to dla mnie masakrą jakąś :) Super Anime naprawdę. Polecam zobaczyć, co prawda jest sporo fillerów, ale warto obejrzeć też Twin Star Exorcist. Liczę cicho, że zrobią 2 sezon bo naprawdę warto to objerzeć no i Bleach jest ciekawy tylko szkoda tych fillerów. Mangę też czytałem tego 2 arca, ale momentami nie wiedziałem, co autor miał na myśli. Liczę na zrobienie anime tego bo mimo wszystko świetnie się to oglądało :) 




  13. I think this game is pretty good, never played NG on xbox or NGS on ps3 but overall I much preferred NGS2 which is the best NG game imo. There are a few annoying things from a trophy hunter perspective too, such as the karma meter display is turned off whenever you quit the game or die, when playing Ninja trials you have to equip your preferred costume every time you start the trial and if you want to reach a fiend challenge thats pretty far away prepare for like 10+ loading screens while getting there. Maybe the vita port is just not so well done but in the end its definitely worth it to check this game out if you havent already.
  14. I m confused so can anyone confirm pls if this dlc will work for the vita version to unlock trophies... even though the icon says lbp2, I m interested in this game and would like to go for 100% if possible.
  15. Alright, thanks for posting. I was waiting for this.