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  1. Fallout 3 Weaponsmith Made one of every custom weapon
  2. Phantoms of Time Mastered BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma.
  3. I m from hospital, I was born there...
  4. DOOM II: A Really Big Gun Find a BFG in DOOM II single player
  5. This solution may have worked for NFS HP but I doubt it will make any difference with NFS The Run "King for a day" trophy...
  6. How did you duplicated Maiden in black demon soul which you get after beating the game? also you get the last spell for handing over this soul to Sage Freke on you new game plus yet you somehow got trophy for obtaining all spells before beating the last boss My bad, you hand this soul over to Yuria which you need to save again in NG+
  7. Also its impossible to get all Spells trophy on your first playthrough AFAIK.
  8. Arte Tuning Adept Perform Rowen's Arte Tuning a set number of times. Awarded to those who've mastered Rowen in battle.
  9. 2048 Speed Pads Hit a total of 2048 Speed Pads
  10. 100% completion, 300+ plats and 1300 UR trophies is my goal for this year
  11. The Sum of Truth Complete Sequence 12.
  12. It looks fun, oldschool and the rarity doesnt really say its a hard game, also its 5/10 difficulty on .org. Heres a video review if anyone wants to check it out. The annoying thing is it has 9 DLCs with trophies
  13. UPDATE. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed completed, it was a much beter game than the previous one imo since your vehicle could transform, whenever you aproached a water it changed into a boat and the race continued as well as aproaching the flying sections your vehicle would change into a plane which is a pretty interesting concept. Although if playing this game without a patch and utilising glitches this platinum is like 5/10 difficulty. Especially with Yokuzuna glitch and many track glitches in Time attack which this game has. Overall it as a very fun karting game. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max also finished, thanks a lot to @Shiki for boosting online trophies with me. It was an upgraded version of Arcana Heart 3 but they didnt added any new characters which was a bit of a disapointment, they added however several new stages and new modes such as Trial mode which is different from the other fighters trial modes. It a pretty fun game with a good fighting system but graphics arent the strong point of this game. I heard theres a 3rd version of this game, I havent saw any news about it coming to consoles but honestly if they upgrade their games as poorly as they did with AH3 Love max I wont interest myself in it, I mean I think I wouldnt miss much to be honest if I only played AH3 vanilla. If someone havent played the vanilla version then this game is superrior and I recommend playing it. Next I will be focusing on AC3 and after it or half way through it on Wipeout 2048...
  14. Thanks for info, this game looks kinda fun and there seem to be one simple online trophy. Luckily we have 4 months for this.
  15. Was anyone else disapointed by RWBY 4th and 5th season... I liked 1st, 2nd and an epic ending of the 3rd season a lot by then it only got worse and in the edning of the 5th season they pretty much cut off all battles except one. 6th volume is suppose to be in October but I m not even looking forward to it -_-