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  1. In my opinion share play is a nice option if lets say you want to check out a game before purchasing it and a friend will let you play it for a while through share play so you can decide if it really interest you or not, the most stupid thing about this is however that it lets you unlock trophies for others.
  2. Dont want to sound rude but this could have been a status update.
  3. Welcome in console gaming and good luck on your backlog fellow from the same country You should finish Ranko Tsukigime btw I liked this game a lot.
  4. Hey Big Spender! Purchase all Upgrades. This game definitely is amazing, a hidden gem among ps3 games.
  5. Exe
  6. Wulfpack
  7. I see no problem, you may be right. Maybe its just my point of view, there are indeed games that can be platted in 1-2 hours. When I see 2-4/10 difficulty and 15-20h time to plat I think of it like its an easy plat.
  8. It indeed looks like a draw with both games on 42 votes btw by relatively long games I though I will see some plats that take minimum 100 hours
  9. Voted on Time and Eternity, good luck on the race
  10. sup dood... :lol: I see you are still draging yourslef through various Disney worlds with Sora and his friends... @jem12345 asked me recently if I want to boost Blazblue CS so I m doing it with him now, I will do 100 ranked matches with you so no worries and we can still leave on turbo for rank50. Also we can do Spectator trophy together when you guys are both available.

    1. Hertz


      It's all good. @jem12345 needed it anyway. I'll just PM you whenever I am available. 

    2. Shiki


      Be careful, @Hertz@Saionji uses this controller. 297072233531047946.png (:LolFace:)





      It also works on PS3. :P


  11. Nice one, @Dav9834 Based on your current profile pic I would go with this...
  12. great
  13. Baka hentai also known as @Hertz
  14. Who wouldnt want to merry this sexbomb