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  1. Nice feature but I think something is wrong because some games are shown as 0,00% EDIT. It will show correctly in 24h, I see
  2. The end of youth Complete sequence 2
  3. Its highly unlikely in my opinion, BFBC servers are still up to this day. EA wouldnt do this, Battlefield franchise is way too popular.
  4. Ayrton Senna Tribute Stage 4 is a real pain in the a$$ :rolleyes: I m trying to shave off 3 seconds to get gold with driving assists all to off, TCS 1 and ABS 1, also steering sensivity -2. I feel like this is going to take some practice.

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    2. Aurvandils_ta


      I've plated the Game 3 Times and in this Moment I install the Game again (that is a real Pain in the @$$!). Every Trophy is easy for me (I'm an old GT-Nerd). So, enough with the Story. I have never got the second Senna Trophy. I'll try it again. If you find a Way or share Tips with me, I would be very grateful.

    3. Saionji


      I just did this today but after practising for 2 days. Hardest gold is 2nd and 4th Senna stage imo, 1st and 3rd can be done with little practice. I can recomend you to turn all assists off, set TCS to 1, ABS1 and steering sensivity to 0. I heard different settings works for various people but this was best for me and just keep practicing. You need to do your best to minimal the wheel spin while maintaing as much speed as possible.

      You can try to watch videos how people do it but practicing is still better as you learn on your own mistakes, sorry for such a general reply but it just takes patience. There is no trick to this.

    4. Aurvandils_ta


      It's OK, nevertheless Thanks. I'll give it a Try with the Setting-Tips. ^_^

  5. Reimi Saionji in full HD! a must buy for me I wonder if the trophy list will be the same
  6. I used Firefox screenshot tool for this.
  7. Here is my list, may look a bit crazy. SMB isnt there yet
  8. Who's Laughing Now? Go into the final round of a championship in third place or lower, and emerge as overall champion. Yep I know, trophies from Gran Turismo 6 look very innovative
  9. I think you should try Raiden IV Overkill especially on Ultimate difficulty, you will like it
  10. Radio Enthusiast Listened to all the radios before doing anything else
  11. It was quite easy until the point where "Square Enix" rolled down in the credits. It was a bit annoying so I also asked for help and I think few people lost their data thanks to me suddenly 6 small of those things spawned to help me shoot so it was extremely easy from that point on. Whenever one of those smaller things died I had a notification someone lost their data or something so I assume those were the unlucky guys who just wanted to be helpful, well it was their choice. Thank god I was aware of this whole loosing data process
  12. As far as I know the dlc for this game is free so thats another plus.
  13. In psstore this dlc is called Retro dlc, at least in mine so it might be kinda confusing for some people.
  14. I actually like quite a few options in this update... notification colour black is cool, you can finally check the hour by just pressing quick menu instead of going to console menu, you can also see notifications in quick menu and also I like the option to send music via pm.
  15. OST from Nier is beautiful ;) especially Amusement Park theme  



    1. starcrunch061


      I haven't played the new one, but the original one had a great soundtrack.